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Lourdes Leon Braces For Impact

Lourdes Leon Braces For Impact

Lourdes Leon, the 12-year-old daughter of Madonna, flashes a shy smile and reveals brand new braces on her teeth in London on Wednesday (July 1).

Madonna‘s official website just announced, “We’re now just 3 days away from the opening night of Madonna’s 2009 Sticky & Sweet Tour! The Material Girl and her whole band are busy rehearsing for the show, which will be played 29 times in 25 different cities all over Europe from July 4th to August 2nd. The 2009 leg of the tour is to feature some changes, including a couple of songs that were not performed last year, so get ready for what promises to be another amazing experience! If you’re still looking for tickets, please visit the Tours page now.”

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61 Responses to “Lourdes Leon Braces For Impact”

  1. 1
    LuckyL Says:

    She seems like a very nice young girl. She’s always so sweet with David.

  2. 2
    Me! Says:

    She looks just like her mom:-)

  3. 3
    pink Says:

    she finally plucked her eyebrow and had braces to fix her teeth. she’d be very pretty in the future.

  4. 4
    LolaSvelt Says:

    She is cute and knows how to dress. I just hope nepotism doesn’t get in the way.

  5. 5
    elle Says:

    I agree with 3 out of the 4 comments so far (#3 the exception). Very down to earth young lady, just like how her mama is raising her to be.

  6. 6
    Tom Says:

    Ugly kid

  7. 7
    Charlie Johnson Says:

    What happened to her unibrow?

  8. 8
    tea Says:

    Shes in puberty and so sweet

  9. 9
    nan Says:

    -just sit back, party and then collect the mother load kid, and don’t become Paris Hilton…that doesn’t sound too hard

  10. 10
    irish girl Says:

    Looks like a pretty, down to earth girl. She looks so grown up for 12, and I agree that her style is great – like mother like daughter. She’ll be replacing Kate Moss, Sienna, among others as the new trend setter, in her own time.

  11. 11
    Wrong Says:

    Down-to-earth? MAdonna’s daughter? You have no idea of the concept. She was one of the most elitist young women in all of London!! Now that they have more or less moved to New York, I figure things will change a litle, but not much!

  12. 12
    Wrong Says:

    Down-to-earth? MAdonna’s daughter? You have no idea of the concept. She was one of the most elitist young women in all of London!! Now that they have more or less moved to New York, I figure things will change a litle, but not much!

  13. 13
    min Says:


  14. 14
    elle Says:

    ^^ second that.

  15. 15
    xtina Says:

    i love the dress)
    it’s from Top Shop..i almost buy it but change my minds..

  16. 16
    Paranel Says:

    Ugly dork with a bad chin. Definitely Madonna’s daughter.

  17. 17
    pinkness Says:

    I just can’t believe Lourdes is just 12, she looks every bit of 16.

  18. 18
    Lourdes gets metal mouth Says:

    It is great that she has braces and now she is a lesbian too!! Madonna just got her daughter in time.. Now that she is busy
    back on tour …!! P.S there are clear braces we are not living
    in the 70′s anymore..

  19. 19
    Saudia Says:

    of course Madonna’s daughter will have such a unique style .. love Lourdes, glad to see she’s doing good after what her mom is going through :) .. love the braces!! They’re worth it.

  20. 20
    paula Says:

    I cant understand,didnt this tour rap up last year already?

  21. 21
    Jennifer Says:

    She is just as UGLY as her mother. A SLUTT in the making.

  22. 22
    ellie' Says:

    Lourdes is a sweet beautiful young lady. Mom Madonna & Guy is doing a great job with her children..

  23. 23
    mslewis Says:

    @ellie’: “Guy” isn’t doing any sort of job with Lourdes, good or bad!! Lourdes is very, very close to her father and she sees him everyday when in NY. He is her father and she adores him. I’m sure she likes him but Guy is her ex-stepfather.

    I think Lourdes is a very nice young lady. Yes, she is spoiled and yes, she most likely gets anything she wants (she has her own stylist to help her chose her clothes). Despite that, she seems like a nice girl and is being raised well. I doubt she will turn into a Paris or a dopey druggie when she grows up.

  24. 24
    Kelly Says:

    good thing Lardasz isn’t fat

  25. 25
    M Says:

    @mslewis: Do you know these people personally? How do you know Lourdes sees her dad every day when in NY? Do you have a copy of her schedule? Stop talking about them like you know anything about them personally.

    Also, didn’t this woman just purchase a new accessory from Malawi? You might think she would take some time off (and give the rest of the world a break from her obnoxiousness) to make sure her newest addition gets settled?

  26. 26
    Noticias de famosos Says:

    Well, that thing, you have one piece of staples, like any girl, fence news …

  27. 27
    Supah Says:

    Does the child have no waistline or is that the bulky cut of her dress?

  28. 28
    clarice Says:

    Sorry justjared but the fact that she’s Madonna’s daughter doesn’t mean you’re allowed to post pics of her ( a 12-year old) all over the internet. She is the daughter of a celebrity, NOT the celebrity, therefore she is entitled to privacy and might not like seeing her pics on display on a stalker site.

  29. 29
    julie Says:

    Remember people, you are writing about a 12 year old child. Stop all the negative/nasty comments. Better yet, look at yourself in the mirror. Said the last because I can’t believe any adult with children of there own would make some of the comments on this blog.

  30. 30
    Nancy Says:

    Whoa the unibrow finally disappeared!

    I love braces… I think they’re very cute.

  31. 31
    sherlock Says:

    Poor girl is so ugly she looks exactly like her chronically unemployed father.

  32. 32
    cassie Says:

    I hear Guy has nothing to do with her, she’s too fugly I suppose. Too bad madonna didn’t have a child with Sean Penn instead.

  33. 33
    zk Says:

    Didn’t Madonna just adopt a new child? So why is she going back out on tour so quickly?

    You would think the best interest of the child would come first…..but apparently not. What happened to family bonding with their new addition?!?!

  34. 34
    MR. MAGOO Says:


  35. 35
    what Says:

    Madonna going on tour? didn’t see just adopt a baby like 2-3 weeks ago and she’s going on tour..

  36. 36
    Amy Says:

    Julie I agree with you completely. Are some of the people with rude things to say aware that this is 12y old kid. If you are close to her age and that vicious shame on you!!Imagine strangers saying that kind of things about you.How would you feel?? If you are older, and being mean to a kid…go and get some help.
    And her braces are beautiful, whats with the comment that she should have “clear braces”??I’m dentist and metal ones are perfectly fine.

  37. 37
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol she reminds me of her old hag mom so much
    hopefully she wont turn out ugly as her tho
    i gotta say she does have a good sense of style tho, every time i see her she has something nice on

  38. 38
    Kat Says:

    I LOVE Lourdes. Seriously, if I have a daughter I hope she turns out half as great as the girlie!

  39. 39
    cece Says:

    L is the prettiest young girl ever!

  40. 40
    Guy Says:

    If this ugly little dogface half breed is the prettiest girl you have ever seen you need a seeing eye dog. This girl isn’t even cute she has a dogface.

  41. 41
    kris Says:

    I don’t think she looks like Madonna, she looks like her father.

  42. 42
    g.b Says:

    beautiful girl!and she looks exactly like Madonna

  43. 43
    Lazare Says:

    This girl has a strange looking face to me. Post pictures of Dakota Fanning, now that is a beautiful preteen girl. Perfect in every way.

  44. 44
    Jenn Says:

    Did Madonna adopt her too? She looks like she came out of a third world orphanage. I agree, she doesn’t look like Madonna. Madonna was more beautiful at that age.

  45. 45
    Marie Says:

    She and Rumor Willis have the same manly jawline. Not attractive on a female.

  46. 46
    kate Says:

    What is wrong with you Jenn?What kind of ignorant moron are you????I’m from a third world country??What are we aliens??And whats wrong with being orphan??

  47. 47
    Happy 4th of July Says:

    Lourdes is a regular looking girl. Maybe in time she’ll be pretty but for now she looks ordinary and you racists need to shut up and go do something constructive for a change. Keep your dirty yaps closed.

  48. 48
    Adri Says:

    She’s still a sweet little girl, but will be a woman soon. She’ll be a more exotic version of Madonna. She looks like her mom, but inherited the tall / dark from her dad.

  49. 49
    anil Says:

    Sorry, not pretty.

  50. 50
    g!na Says:

    poor Lourdes is fugly! she looks too much like her father with such hairy features! i saw a pic of her arms close up & there sooo damn hairy!

  51. 51
    Helen Says:

    Lourdes is gorgeous and far better looking than probably 99% of the posters spewing nasty comments about a 12 year-old child. She’s making a face and scrunching up her mouth because she’s shy about her new braces. There is nothing ugly about her but there’s plenty of vileness in these comments.

  52. 52
    attention ho Says:

    I bet madonna is happy with her up coming tour now that Micheal will not shadow her with her come back……that makes me feel sad

  53. 53
    tina Says:

    This little girl is cute but these pictures don’t do her justice. Maybe she was having an off day. Don’t understand why someone who has Madonna’s wealth wouldn’t get clear braces for her daughter? I would bet that they are more comfortable too.

  54. 54
    Tyra Says:

    Love, love, love her outfit. So age appropriate.

  55. 55
    me Says:

    She’s very cute and to those saying anything else, let’s see what you looked like at 12!

    Having said that, with all of Madonna’s money, she can’t buy the clear braces for her daughter?

  56. 56
    liverwurst Says:

    Thankfully they waxed her brows too.

  57. 57
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    parityshopping Says:

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  59. 59
    Sofiya Says:

    She has a good sense of style, well she will anyway cuz shes madonnad girl :) Shes looks pretty now that she removed her uni&mustashe

  60. 60
    Sofiya Says:

    She has a good sense of style, well she will anyway cuz shes madonnad girl :) Shes looks pretty now that she removed her uni&mustashe

  61. 61
    suppress your appetite Says:

    @Jennifer: ! ! !

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