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Marion Cotillard: Platform Wedges Wonderful

Marion Cotillard: Platform Wedges Wonderful

Marion Cotillard rocks out a fierce pair of John Galliano platform wedges at the premiere of her new movie, Public Enemies, at Cinema Gaumont Marignan on Thursday (July 2) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old French actress, who posed with her mother Niseema Theillaud, complemented her shoes with a Christian Dior dress and Chopard jewelry.

On Tuesday (June 30), Marion wore a stylish black Lanvin dress to the 25th edition of ‘La fete du cinema’ at Ministere de la Culture in Paris.

15+ pictures inside of platform wedges wonderful Marion Cotillard

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Photos: Julien Hekimian/WireImage, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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# 1

Nice shoes, how much you paid for them? lmao

# 2

ooooooooooh love her. love thise whole look. what happened to the mullet. lol. i love the dior and the lanvin. the lanvin black is kinda like a gray black right. either way great looks, great dresses, great acessories. she’s hot.

# 3

she looks breathtakingly beautiful as always =D
that pink dress looks amazing on her, showing off those lovely legs =]
altho in some pics she reminds me of katy perry because of the color of the dress and the hairstyle
je t’aime marion!!

# 4

Wow, those are some serious shoes. . .they also look like they will kill your feet.

# 5

oh and i hear this movie sucks…anyone seen it yet. is it worth my money…it’s a recession, and i don’t need to be spending money on crap.

# 6

yeah with the katy perry thing. they definately share similarities but their face shape/bone structures is different. she has a v face and katy has more of a u face. marion has actial cheekbones and her face is a little bit more wide across her nose. anyways she’s still hot and still funny.

# 7
swaggerjackers @ 07/02/2009 at 7:31 pm

I love her. Jared, I’m really glad you’re posting more pics of Marion, keep the pics coming. Public Enemies was really good.

# 8

I looooove her!! She’s so beautiful!
I love both of her dresses, but I prefer the Dior one!! Gorgeous! Her mother is very beautiful too!

So happy you post some pics of her, Jared!! :D thanks

# 9

I loooooove those shoes!

I saw the movie—and it was alright—not as good as I was expecting. She remids me of a movie star from the past. She has that old Hollywood glamour feel to her.

to be honest… these shoes look rediculous. too big with such a soft elegant dress. plus she towers over the people around her.

a big miss for me

truly beautiful and fashionable.

Those shoes are RIDICULOUS. I don’t know what fashion house decided giant clunky platforms were the “in” thing this year but it was a stupid idea. This chick, whoever the hell she is, would have looked absolutely stunning without the clown shoes. I wish one of these Hollywood robots would try living life OFF the bandwagon for once.

She is the Anti- American idiot who claimed Sep. 11 didn’t happen and that the US government faked the landing on the moon.

Her mom is really pretty, too!

@YES: If you understood French and watched the interview and not just believed EVERYTHING the media told you, you would know that her comments were taken COMPLETELY out of context.

She’s really cute!

bad actress and a Penelope Cruz wonnabee
she trash talks America like smug and fug Paltrow

i think she looks great in both outfits. wedges looks killer but looks amazing. #19, how is she a penelope wAnnabe? penelope’s spanish, marion’s french…they both won oscars last year too….

7,8,9,12,13 and 18 are all the same sock puppet advocating this French actress who’s nothing. She’s all over the Marion site who’s a witch. America should never have save France from Hitler.
Marion and the new young stupid ungrateful French generation forgot that.

is it just me she looks like a lizard?

omg thanks for making my heart skip a beat JJ! marion is amazingly talented and more ppl should know about this beauty. she’s also got such an awesome style!!!!!!!!!!

Those are the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. I would break a leg in about 2 seconds in those shoes.

Who cares about the shoes? Forget the shoes! I want what she’s got draped on her arm!

Where are Depp & Bale? They don’t seem to be attending the European premieres.

based on the two comments i decided i won’t see this film. will save it for something i like. also puhlease stop the marion hating. that comment was taken completely out of context.

I agree: Ridiculous.

She likes her feet heavily encased Herman Munster style?!!

lousy actress and was the sour spot in PE especially her laughable accent. She’s not smart either and makes the most despicable comments like Megan Fox.
Hey JJ do you have the latest stupid comment from Megan Fox vs Transformers director Michael Bay?

Hating on Moron Cotillard and the French should be on the U.S. Constitution kinda like hating Perez Hilton.

anniefannie @ 07/03/2009 at 2:49 am

There are some really stupid comments here. Cotillard only said something regarding 9/11 and that is her opinion. She has a right to express it. It’s ppl like bdj who make Americans look bad.

BTW, Cotillard looks beautiful but those shoes are wacky. Mmmm…Johnny looks delicious as always.

Her performance in La Vie en rose was amazing and she is a very beautiful, talented woman and you haters can STFU

It was not at the gaumont marignan. I know all the movie theaters on the camps Elysees, and it was definitely at the UGC Normandy. I saw her and she was really nice… and Jonny too. Plus he was hot!

Love both dreses, especially the Lanvin, altough the hem of the dress looks unfinished. The average French woman tends to look effortlessly chic imo. I haven’t seen any of MC’s movies, or rather none that I can recall, but I suspect that she is a pretty good actress.

If you hate her & french why post here? Seriously, French Hater need a brain transplantation ! There CANNOT forget about how Americans help save against Germany beacause THEY study it in HighSchool ! Also they do not learn only about their history, Russia, China, Arabia or America histories are in their book ! And it’s an OBLIGATION ! Is it the case in America? Racists & haters shouldn’t have the right to live in the US, they are the one who vote Bush & give the world such a bad image of our country ! F.U.C.K !
Otherwise, she is absolutely gorgeous but don’t like the shoes !

French Girl @ 07/03/2009 at 6:21 am

You’re so stupid!!! If you think that, you can say that france should never help America to be independant in the 18th century!! Go Learn history before speaking!!

French Girl @ 07/03/2009 at 6:25 am

@green: My comment was for you!

#21 : What’s wrong with you ?
I guess I’m among the “new young stupid ungrateful French generation”, and I can tell you that nobody in France forgot what happened as #36 said.
Did YOU forget La Fayette ? Or at least, do you know him ?
I can’t understand why Americans hate the French so much !

Love Marion and her dress, not sure about the shoes though

Love Marion and her dress, not sure about the shoes though

Wow! Those shoes! It’s a wonder those celebrities don’t have alot of broken hips and/or legs!

horrible shoes.. I don’t see the fuss about her, she is really boring on screen

What a stunning necklace !

“O peixe morre pela boca”

Many have made fun of, the Big, Carmen Miranda…
She invented that kind of footwear…

If you can step in one of those, and walk, remenber Carmen:)))

“shoe me”

9/11 is not a matter of opinion. Same goes to landing on the moon.
The earth is round. Those are facts, not opinions, and if she is stupid enough to believe America faked all these things, she should get her head checked.

Stupid Marion haters. get a life!@bdj:
go back to your Brad Pitt post.

here I go again @ 07/03/2009 at 8:21 pm

No sutch thang as ridiculous shoes. The more ridiculous the better. I got some sorta the same but leopard print. One of my favorites.

Xavi Rodriguez @ 07/03/2009 at 10:15 pm

First: around 9/11 comments, all the haters need to learn French before. Her comments were take out of context. It’s like Johnny Depp’s German Interview in 2003. This polemic is so one year ago…
Second: If she’s hated, why many directors and actors from Hollywood (johnny depp, michael mann, daniel day-lewis and nicole kidman) want to work with her?.
Third: Who’s more stupid: Marion for saying “stupid comments” or the people (marion haters) who follow the “stupid comments”?
Four: The onyl true thing abound Marion haters is that: She never rerturn to Hollywood… Why? Because Hollywood is the WORST place for real actresses (They care more a wannabe **** like megan fox). Right now, the best female driven roles are in Europe. Marion should stay in Europe with real actresses like Vanessa Redgrave, Kristin Scott Thomas, Nathalie Baye, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Maribel Verdu…

She’s beautiful and classy!

please anyone, can you tell me what shoes she has and where i can get them, online or in retail?I want to buy them for my gf for her birthday next week, contact me at or respond here asap please!

doppelganger @ 12/10/2009 at 3:31 am

I know her agent in the states: This girl is the modern day Audrey Hepburn, and boy can she act. (Just wait till you see her in “Nine” this holiday season.)

And those 9/11 and Moon landing comments? Taken COMPLETELY out of context. The interview is in French, and much of what she told the reporter was muddled in translation. All she said was that she doesn’t always believe what the government tells her, and cites common conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Moon landings. She doesn’t condemn 9/11 or call out NASA — she just acknowledges that these theories exist. Plain and simple.

If you’re gonna hate on the girl, make deadly sure u know what you’re talking about …

Read more:

Omggggg i lovvvvve those sparkly wedges!!!!!! Pllease tell me where to get them!!! Come see my fave wedges for spring 2011!!! Http://

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