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Matt Damon & Ben Affleck: Poker People

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck: Poker People

BFFs and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck throw their chips in for the Ante Up for Africa celebrity poker tournament at the Rio Hotel & Casino on Thursday (July 2) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Proceeds from the event were given to Enough Project and the International Rescue Committee, which aid hundreds of thousands of people uprooted by the Darfur crisis in Sudan.

Other poker players pictured below: Don Cheadle, Dean Cain and Jason Alexander.

When are Matt and Ben going to team up together for another movie??

20+ pictures inside of poker people Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

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matt damon ben affleck poker africa 01
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 02
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 03
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 04
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 05
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 06
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 07
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 08
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 09
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 10
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 11
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 12
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 13
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 14
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 15
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 16
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 17
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 18
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 19
matt damon ben affleck poker africa 20

Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty
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  • benthedick

    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are jumping on the bandwagon, they are “Johnny come lately”, they want to be like Bradd Pitt lol.

  • winter

    P-P-P-Poker face

  • Kar

    Doesnt affleck have a gambling problem??

  • mika


  • fresh

    To Poster: Benthedick—–Matt Damon is genuine. Ben Affleck im sure cares about the issues but its hard to take him seriously when you know a couple years ago–he spent over 2 million on an engagement ring for JLO–that money could have saved so many –but I shouldnt judge—-people change. Brad Pitt wasn’t always so active either in the past, I never knew he cared about anything or knew anything about the world, i just thought he was a dumbass with great abs- but Ive learned I shouldnt be so judgmental, as he’s changed for the better.

  • maggie

    ewwwwww! what the hell happened to ben, See that is what happens when you marry ugly, you start to look like azz too! wtf happened to his hair pretty soon ben will be bald. why the f_ck is he gambling he is most likely drinking too! Matt looks good thank god the fugly wifey didn’t rub on him yet.

  • mip

    @maggie: Yeah Maggie. When people “marry ugly” they start going bald. This certianly explain male pattern baldness.

  • lollipop

    Matt looks extremely confident and sexy. Refreshing. Ben, on the other hand has seen better days. He looks like he had the life sucked out of him, gaunt and sickly. Shame, I miss the Ben that’s gone for good. He’s toast now. It looks like Matt married a woman where he gets to wear the pants and call all the shots while Ben married a woman who definately wears the pants in the relationship.

  • comments? WTH!

    What is up with some of the comments. Don’t/can’t you people read? do you read?

    Ben and Matt have done Anti for A. for several years. So it isn’t a “bandwagon”, “brad pitt move”.

    You are aware that it is possible for people to play poker without being drunk, or drinking heavily, or drinking at all?

    Ben liked to gamble back in the day. However, he was never an “addict”. Just because you change your focus to your wife and family instead of poker, dating, and parties, you can never play poker again.

    Gosh some of you people serious need to get a life.

    BTW, more pics of Ben and Matt laughing, smiling, looking good on Getty.

  • Hotties

    Matt and Ben looking good. Check out the muscles in Ben’s arms.

  • Ladams

    Where’s Clooney and Pitt?????

  • manny

    What happened to Ben Affleck, man has he has gone downhill over the years, he use to be hot and good looking but now ewwww that hair and that butthead, he and his girl matt look like they have been hitting the bar.

  • lollipop

    Actually, I did a reading on Ben for fun so if its true, I kind of feel sorry for him. The three card reading was for past, present, future. His past, unsatisfied. His present, frustrated. His future, new relationships, or new beginnings. I should do one for Matt too just for the heck of it. lol

  • Sushi

    Ben went downhill after he got ball and chained and tricked by a pregnant rebound relationship called Jen Garner. She wears the pants in that family and tries to make him something he’s not. Sad Ben…so when’s the divorce? You know Rachel McAdams…Liv Tyler…all single!

  • Peter Parker

    They’ve supported charities before, #1. It’s silly to criticize and speculate why any celebrity is spending their time and energy and money helping a cause.

    DRINKING problem, #3.

    Brad Pitt spends money on frivolity too, #5! Actually, all celebrities spend THEIR HARD-EARNED money on excess things they don’t need. You shouldn’t judge how anyone spends their money and question their character based on it.

    And you know all that how exactly, #8?

  • Love Matt

    Hunkilicious Matt! :D He’s sooo hot.

  • lollipop

    Hmm, actually I got an interesting three card reading on Matt. I did his past, present, and future. His past, active and determined, commanding. His present, prudence, discretion, along with a tendency to withhold emotion and his future, attainment of goals and needs, a dominant personality. So Matt is doing quite well.

    Sounds like Matt with all the success he’s had in show biz compared to Ben’s many u-turns on and off the screen.

  • lollipop

    Shhh…I’m psychic Peter Parker. ;-)

  • mary

    Ben sure look unhappy, it show………….

  • Tazina

    mary – you need to attend some classes to learn English better.

  • BM

    They both look fine but Ben used to be so hot ,now he looks a bit dump sorry. They seems to have a good friendship. Anything to give to charity is fine for me.

  • Pete

    #15 suri out of town? ohhh .

  • hmmm

    @fresh: well, Brad was always generous but being with Angie makes him to be taken seriously. I never heard matt involvement in anything before the water project. He was just chatty dwarf. I don’t know much about Ben before that but after Gile and j.lo it will take me long to take him seriously in anything.

  • Once upon a time

    I miss the Ben, who despite his faults, was true to himself. Now, he just looks defeated. More often than not, he looks lifeless, unhappy even. It’s like someone turn the lights off inside of him.

  • mertz

    yay ante up!!!!!! yay onexone!!! and yay yele haiti. love these guys. do the good work. lol. make annie proud.

  • Don’t

    Don’t try to break people marriage? it is bad. They also have kids.


    they are adorable.

  • H.

    Neither of them is johnny-come-lately to charity work people. Matt was a co-founder of Not On Our Watch, which he helps with along with George Clooney, your beloved Brad Pitt, and Don Cheadle. And he’s been working with several other charities along the way.

    Ben has been going to Congo to bring attention to their crisis for quite a few years. Matter of fact, while everyone else was still just focusing on the crisis in Darfur Ben was one of the first in Hollywood to realize there was a problem in Congo and has done his part in the effort to bring it to the world’s attention.

  • blah

    Good to see them helping out people in need. They sure are aging, though!

  • Ben/jen fan

    Funny how these pics were selected out of the full range of those taken. Many show Ben and Matt laughing. Shown elsewhere.

    Why the shots of them looking so long in the face.

    Many other pictures of Ben taken a few weeks ago show he still has the stuff. Pictures of Ben watching the Celetics play. You could tell he had been working out.

    Again, very curious why these photos were chosen over others?????????????????????????????????????????????

  • mertz

    lol. annie posted about it and she’s keeping it up on the twitteratti and lots of poker people as well as celebs and everyday people helping out. hear that joan rivers, not all poker players are the scum of the earth. i mean she should know that being a comedienne. loser.

    i can’t wait to see it on espn or nbc or wherever for that matter as a part od wsop. love poker. i am the worst games player ever.

  • mertz

    ahahaha she has some real good pics from the event. lol. check out the poker players and also matt damon’s middle finger action. lol. does matt damon have a brother or a cute cusin. there is a really cute guy sitting by him

  • 911

    used to like Affleck but not anymore
    not digging Matt but I like Don Cheadle a lot
    cant wait for him in Iron Man

  • .,.

    they look fat..


    Can’t read my, can’t read my/No he can’t read my poker face

  • Mary

    .,. @ 07/03/2009 at 9:09 am they look fat..

    You have got to be kidding!

  • to Ben/jen fan

    Again, very curious why these photos were chosen over others?????????????????????????????????????????????
    Because JJ hates Ben.

  • Lalique

    I love Matt, Ben, AND Dean Cain!!!!!!

  • Denise

    Ben looks okay – he tried to be who he wasn’t with Jennifer Lopez, I think he’s much more himself now.

  • lollipop

    That must suck to be a celebrity when the worst pictures of a photo shoot are used. What’s with so few posts. They only generated 40 post hits.

    These two need to get back in the game and fast to generate interest or they will fade away. I don’t mean the dating game but perhaps the first hand they dealt to generate buzz….screenwriting….Good Will Hunting was a great movie.

  • carly

    to lollipop @ 07/03/2009 at 10:43 am

    Ben and Matt are popular.

    Because they only have 40 post from overnight til now is a problem?

  • Once upon a time

    Ben doesn’t look any happier in the pictures on Getty. I’m not for or against Jennifer Garner. I am a Ben fan, and as a fan for quite some time, I see the difference in him, and NOT in a good way. It’s like his inner spirit has flatlined.

  • lollipop

    Its not so much a problem but you’ll notice big stars like Brad, Angelina, etc. generate tons of posts because they have that BUZZ factor. Dare I say it? Ben and Matt just aren’t generating as much buzz as they used to. They are still great guys Im sure but you can’t be on top of your game forever. Its the law of the land in Hollyweird.

  • carly

    lollipop @ 07/03/2009 at 12:00 pm

    Ben and Matt just aren’t generating as much buzz as they used to.

    If Ben or Matt would show up at an airport with their family, I be it sure would! If Ben and Jen were on the red carpet, kissing, hugging, making out………..I bet there would be a lot of buzz.

    There was a ton of buzz over ONE, 1 picture of Ben and Jen kissing in a pet store. Imagine if there were at an event together kissing!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Gambling is just a fraud and an addiction. They should not promote it.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    and Matt should be honest about what he is and chanpion the cause of gay rights, instead of being such a coward.

  • Chris X

    I love these comments. For one thing – Matt was in Hawaii with his family and Ben was in Boston with his. So there is probably a really good reason why Matt looks tan and rested and Ben looks pale. And if Ben is so whipped, why is Jen in LA with the babies gettign their new house ready while he is off playing poker with his friends. Lopez never let him get farther tha the length of the choke chain. I love them both but someone needs to keep them away from getting those stupid haircuts.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh wish there were actual pics of them playing
    this is pretty boring
    matt come on man, ive been w8ing for ur next movie for a while
    ur a pretty consistent actor imo

  • lollipop

    If Ben and Matt are really lovers they should just come out and be proud at this point but they don’t want to risk losing their careers. So like if Ben really is gay, does that mean his wife is a lesbian perhaps? Maybe that explains the whole tomboy look she displays 24/7. Who knows? Matt on the other hand comes off as less gay but come to think of it, you never do see Matt swooning for any girl in any picture whatsoever. Can you think of just one?

  • not gay

    Really, are some of these posters like um……………like I don’t know, 12?

    Because, really you have to resort to the whole, Ben and Matt gay.

    Please, so guys can’t be friends w/o being gay, and woman can’t be friends w/o being a lesbian?

    Many times I think we have come so far as a society and then read comments on hear about guys being friends have to be gay, mean and cruel comments about a young child, and comments about skin color. Just sad.