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Nicole Kidman Reviews Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman Reviews Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman begins filming scenes for her new movie Rabbit Hole, in Queens, New York on Wednesday (July 1).

The 42-year-old Aussie actress stars as Becca Corbett, husband of Howie Corbett (Aaron Eckhart). The happy couple’s life is suddenly turned upside down after their young son dies in an accident. The film also stars Sandra Oh and Dianne Wiest.

Nicole just appeared in a new ad for a new citrus-flavored Schweppes beverage.

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  • Carol

    Niiic is wonderful , god thanks for give her to us , she’s the best , and I LOVE YOU NICOLE MORE THAN EVER AND FOREVER

  • JOhn

    An amazing woman….looking forward to the movie.

  • zoe

    she looks good

  • http://love45 arlene

    ella esta embarazada por que con la ropa azul parece que hay un baby bump muy grande

  • Mousse

    Great actress!
    She has this special something around her that I see when women are preggies.
    Is she?

  • NativeNYker

    She rocks it out of the park.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Bella

    I love her

  • min

    Nicole and fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue are looking more alike by the day… and the ‘tight face’ look is not aesthetically pleasing (to me anyway). However, unlike Kylie Nicole is extremely bland.

  • mailey

    ew. look it, nicole and halle are the same age and halle looks 10 years younger while nicole looks ick.

  • kata Libria

    Hey Jared, I think you meant to say “wife of” not “husband of” :) Looking forward to the movie!

  • jenn

    She is beautiful but looks a little puffy faced in that first photo.
    I am looking forward to this movie.


    @ min and mailey..what are you talking about??!!
    first of all you can see clearely wrinkles ALL OVER HER FACE so stop with this story of plastic srugery because it’s ridiculous. second she was shooting a movie when she plays a 40 years normanl woman and mother who just lost her son for a car accydent. what do you pretend?? to see her in a glamour dress with perfect make-up!? don’t be ridiculous.

    if she is too young then it’s a problem, if she seems too old it’s a it possible you STUPID PEOPLE ARE SO IGNORANT TO JUDGE A GREAT ACTRESS LIKE NICOLE KIDMAN BASED ON HOW HER FACE LOOKS?!?!


  • Keithurbanfan2007

    Nicole is beautiful and talented.She is great.I love Her and Keith!!

  • lowezl

    It’s totally amazing to me that every picture of this lovely actress seems to inspire wrath and hate from some females on every message board. I can easily understand if people don’t like some of her movies and prefer other actresses but it doesn’t explain to me the sheer hate and vindictive remarks I see on here whenever Jared posts a photo of her. You people don’t know this woman and she certainly doesn’t know you, so where is the hate and wrath coming from–is it just a dark and unfulfilled corner of your soul that makes you so visibly resent a beautiful woman who works hard at her craft and makes money doing it? Jealousy and envy go hand in hand but they are just emotions that go nowhere and unnecessarily tie you into knots. Stop the hate against an innocent person–use this negative energy to improve yourselves and enjoy all the positive things in your own life. Life is short–why waste one minute of this precious time stirring yourself up and hating someone your opinion doesn’t even matter to because they don’t even know you exist. Good grief!

  • leahm65

    If she’s not pregnant I will be totally shocked. She has that thickness around her ribcage and waistline that is usually a sure sign of pregnancy.

  • irish girl

    @lowezl: I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Nicole is amazing and women can be cruel and vengeful out of jealousy. This is why Nicole, Jennifer, and Angelina get the most and the most vicious posts.

  • to Lowezl

    I agree totally with your comments.

    The ire directed towards Kidman is unbelievable. There are so many other actresses in Hollywood that are much more deserving for their lack of talent, their lack of character, their use of botox, plastic surgery, their drug use etc.
    Personally I think some of the hatred is from scientologists as they have a history of going after anyone that leaves the cult. Because of her fame they can’t do some of the truly underhanded harassment etc that they do with “regular” people, so I think some of this is orchestrated by them. It is not a cult that allows you to leave without a lot of grief.
    And Tom Cruise doesn’t help the situation with his snide ilttle remarks that seem so innocent.
    Nicole is beautiful, classy, and talented.

  • nii

    i was watching these senes being filmed=]

  • dianelll

    I feel sorry for Dianne West and Sahdra Oh with kidman in the movie it sure will be a flop

  • H.

    I probably would have preferred the stage production with Amy Ryan and Tate Donovan as the main characters. Nicole is a great actress but she always picks out these depressing movies to star in. I’d like to see her try something funny (that actually works) for a change,

  • Peter Parker

    What snide, little remarks, #17? Tom Cruise doesn’t even talk about Nicole Kidman. Actually, it’s the other way around. Kidman can’t ever shut up about her ex-husband.

  • min

    @to Lowezl:
    Another self-righteous one. People have the freedom here to praise as well as chastize. If you don’t like the tone then skip it.

    @jamie #12 Harp on all you want, NK is a crap actress imo.

  • Juthe

    @ min what do you think do get a life and stop to hate nicole kidman? she will never know you.
    if you think she is a crap you have to see a doctor soon.

    peter parker: probably she doesn’t stop to talk about cruise because journalists never stop to ask her about him??!?!?
    try to think sometimes…it’s not difficult…if you have a brain to use, don’t you think min!?

    meh! you don’t have a brain!

  • Howard

    Where were photos taken? i heard they had been filming a arestaaurant on bell Blvd. but saw noyhing on Wed. I saw asmall film crew a few blocks up but nothing major. tTey said they would be “in the area” today (7/2) but again I saw nothing and went all over Bayside. anybody know here they were?

  • mofo


  • beatrice

    Nicole is wonderful !

  • gigi

    She look so beautiful

  • Elegantly beautiful

    Nicole has always been an elegant, beautiful woman. She’s aging gracefully; in other words, she’s not afraid to actually LOOK her age (although she looks it BEAUTIFULLY) and isn’t all ‘plastic’ with a fake ‘manufactured’ youthfulness. Love her.

  • to peter parker

    No it isn’t a snide remark. He has made several remarks that have been really two-faced. However I know you are totally blind when it comes to the gay midget, so there is not point in referencing anything, pointing out the instances etc. because you only follow up on what you feel supports your idol’s image.

  • Peter Parker

    He’s made none, #29. He doesn’t talk about her,

    I doubt you won’t point out ant examples because you can’t rather than because you don’t think I’ll listen.

    And don’t call him a gay midget. It’s offensive.

  • ewww old granny

    Omg she is ugly, she looks like a granny what’s happend to her? even the botox is not saving her, and what’s that ugly outffits ewww, halle berry looks younger than her…

  • To Peter parker

    go back and look at his most current interview with Diane Sawyer I believe.
    Also he referenced her in an interview about two years ago.
    Do your home work, I’m not going to do it for you.

    Furthermore she IS one of the few ex-Scientologists that hasn’t been publically scorned and humiliated. Probably since she is so well known the cult didn’t want people to see the real nasty side they present those that leave.

    If you know anything about propaganda which you should since you spew it constantly on this site, you could see that some of the ire against Kidman does seem orchestrated. It is mean, cruel and worse than what is posted about your idols. A lot of it is much the same leading one to wonder if the Sci-Fi Xenu cult which the Gay Midget belongs to just might be behind it.

  • COgirl

    lowezl: You need to get over your obsession with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and get a LIFE. You’re EVERYWHERE spouting your love for these two irrelevant people.

  • Doris

    Is’nt it strange that all of these peope that knock Nicole Kidman seem to follow any story that is written about her. I wonder if it is because she is beautiful and FASCINATING?????

  • http://comcast Doris

    Nicole is beautiful and fascinating!!!!!

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :)