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Rihanna Takes To Tattoos

Rihanna Takes To Tattoos

Rihanna takes a tattooing lesson at East Side Ink on Wednesday (July 1) in the East Village of New York City.

The 21-year-old singer’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown is now denying claims he was scheduled to perform at the BET Awards on Sunday and was dumped because of his recent assault case. Jay-Z was reportedly very vocal about pulling Chris’ performance due to the recent court’s ruling on his assault case.

A rep for Brown told the NY Post, “That’s not true — he was never confirmed to perform.”

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  • pout

    for once her hair looks quite normal n she looks quite normal!

  • pout

    FIRST :D

  • Cooh

    that’s the exact same thing I wanted to say,she looks normal,unlike the other pictures where she looks clownish

  • aqua

    She does look normal here, but Jesus Chris, stay inside your house instead of partying every goddamn night!

  • dancer

    The outfit is nice, but that hairstyle makes her look like Moe from the Three Stooges.

  • matt

    That is a woman?

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She looks nice.

  • Santos

    Rihanna looks very happy to have her picture taken.
    What does she do these days besides shop and party?

  • well

    well she does look normal looking but remember makeup can do wonders beyonce for example in her broken hearted girl video everyone was complimenting her for wearing no makeup in the video but they are professional makeup artist that knows how to apply makeup and make it look natural i’m not bashing anyone i’m just sayin’

    riri looks happy thats a good sign now all she needs is time from the streets

  • T

    She looks pretty and happy

  • RJ

    Still looking like a tranny.

  • Yas

    Y’all always hate on this fabulous chick. But enough already with the tatts! Damn.

  • Pepsi

    She is not pretty at all despite the thick weave she’s got glued to her head. At least she doesn’t have that clown makeup slathered all over her face.

  • rabbit

    Girl is fugulous not fabulous.
    Shame she is inking up her body like that. Those tats are going to look silly once she’s 50.

  • NativeNYker

    She needs to do some volunteer work! Candy stripper perhaps.

    But what else would Brown’s PR say? Dumbass.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Vartan

    Finally the bitch covered up that scary high forehead.

  • babe_luv_ya


  • enoughalready

    Instead of walking around trying to be seen, she needs to let people hear she is taking singing lessons, dancing lessons, just plain ole entertaining lessons or something! Not learning how to do tattoos unless that’s what her profession is going to be, which I believe would suit her just fine..

    This girl will go down in Music History as being one of the most hyped up No Talent Entertainers in the World, she has now surpassed Millie Vanillie. People are going to shake their heads at their stupidity of ever buying into the Rihanna hype when it’s all said in done. What a waste! How come she never reps her parents or family. Did anyone every hear about the movie Imatation of Life, where the girl denied her family until it was too late and her mother died and that’s when she wanted to claim her, well, Rihanna reminds me so much of that heffa in the movie. Rihanna is all about Rihanna unless it is something to shine the light on her. Point in question the little bone marrow girl. They used her for Rihanna’s good… Fake! Michael Jackson’s death only makes me want to get rid of all these no talent young artist coming out and the ones that have been out. So we can go back to the good ole days of real singers dong real music…. Beyonce, Pink, Mary J, Christina A, and more can not do it all by them selves. These young artists are giving the music industry a bad name and Rihanna is leading the pac…

  • asdf

    What is that on her head?
    A reverse mullet?

  • jessie

    Agree with # 15, she needs to do something productive with her time instead of the constant photo-ops and shopping. Rihanna is becoming the new Paris Hilton of the blogs and you know how her career ended up.

  • riri fan

    RiRi looks beautiful…
    *love her*

  • pisces girl

    This is a little better than the Prince look, but now she looks like she’s swagger jackin Adam Lambert with the thick wig and heavy eyeliner. When is she going to develop her own style? And why is she grinning at the paps? Are her people calling them to take her pics?

  • becca

    she is STUNNING!

  • littlekitty89

    Looks like she had a great time at the tatoo studio. The dress is cute… it looks very stylish. Rihanna is sooo adorable :)

  • delish

    Rihanna was pretty when she first started out.
    Now she just looks weird to me all the time.

  • Super Nova

    Where did this bitch find a black duck’s ass to put on her head?

  • wft

    ha ha jj, thats funny because being dumped just savd him..BET awards were a disaster including Jayz ‘s performance..

    she is one photograph from being irrelevant, if not there already!!!!!!

  • wft

    ha ha, Jayz just saved chris, BET awards were the worst including Jayz performance..

    she is one photograph from being irrelevant if not already.. ha ha

  • anonimo

    I hate rihannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she’s so fat and prepotent , arg…

    and she sings horribleee , all songs are playback.

  • anonimo
  • sistah


    You are so right….Why is Rihanna famous anyway? Because of her connection to Jay Z? Please Jay Z was good when he first came out and that was a loooong time ago.even Jay Z is overhyped epecially now as he comes across as an old hoodrat. People buy too much into the marketing and not talent. Ironically Chris Brown has real talent and was the supposed heir to Michael Jackson. I will never forget the VMA’s two years ago with his dance tribute to MJ. Almost as good .But the dummy had to mess up his life right off the bat! What is it with young people?

    Yes that BET show was one flaming mess. No one could sing correctly and Jamie was messier than usual oh and that audience. You get more enthusiasm in a cemetary than those stoned people there. Only a few like Diddy, Debra Lee and others had any life. You would think that the entire audience was under sedation. Maybe it was the shock of MJ passing but I don’t think so. The BET shows are known to have people scheming to get in. They want tickets for themselves and their “posses”. When they are in, all they do is talk on their cellphones and tell people “yo, guess where I’m at?” When they are there they’ve got the after party in their heads. So they get tired of the show and sometimes while there’s a performance going on, they decide to get up and walk out. Sometimes it’s entire rows of people. Nasty and rude. BET should rebrand themselves and make it a place for up and coming film makers, tv shows, reality, sports and lifestyle shows and drop the music like MTV has done. The music industry is in shambles.

  • irish girl

    Nice to see her smile again.

  • KinsleyKate

    She looks nice for once, I just have to say why do people assume she’s wearing a weave? Her fathers father was white and if you see old pictures of her as a kid she always had long thick hair, I belive she cut it, but if anyone has info that I don’t please share.

  • always

    @ 33 – Just the other week she looked like she was going bald. Now she suddenly has a full head of hair. There is no way hair grows that fast plus it’s substantially thicker on top — probably at least twice as thick. You can’t accomplish that with just a combover. She is either wearing a wig or a weave.
    My guess is Rihanna has some sort of female pattern baldness. Not entirely loving the new do’ but it’s 10x better than the Prince look.

  • grace

    she’s looking firece as usual!
    go girl your the best!
    love you!

  • lex382

    #18: I completely agree with you. When Rihanna first came out, I honestly thought she was going to be a one hit wonder. Still to this day, I don’t get the big deal about her music. But Jay-Z made sure she wasn’t going to fade out too soon. After seeing her laughable performance at the 2007 MTV VMAs, she just proved that artists like her don’t need much talent to get in the industry. All you need is catchy songs and a good body to go with it.

  • karenina

    omg normal for once,.. great but still not liking the hair

  • Pining for Chris

    Why does this no talented tranny keep getting posts?! I swear she has more than anyone else. Enough already!

  • enoughalready

    @33 It’s called weave, everyone wears it now in the Business (wink, wink). Alos I have some swamp land if you wish to buy it..

    You know good an darn well that’s weave in that girls head!

  • http://khristi07/02/2009@1:09pm Khristi

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again. You musn’t get on a site and state something negative about someone. It’s just downright disgusting-why don’t you all stop judging people on what they look because I’m sure that there is no one on this post including myself that could pass for a supermodel. Good day

  • Meream

    She looks normal here. I like. :D She looks happy, too.

  • IvyMades

    Riri looks good.

    I don’t understand all the hate. She’s good at what she does. She doesn’t need to be musical genius. She’s a pop star, she’s not Beethoven!

    Anyway, Riri has so many hit songs. She is a big deal.

    Chris Brown does have a lot of talent. Unfortunately he’s an a**hole so he deserves fall into obscurity. He did it to himself. He wrecked his career when he decided to slap his gf around.

    Team Rhianna!

  • TC

    # 40 – We’re not on a fan site. We don’t have to like her or only write positive comments. If that’s what you want, check out a Rihanna fan site. They’ll censor your to your heart’s content there. Agree, no one here including Rihanna looks like a supermodel.
    This chick is not good at what she does but her label is very good at what they do…they market her well but she cannot sing. Her songs are only enjoyable on a pop level for their beats and lyrics. That ugly GaGag chick can actually sing but you won’t see her featured here nearly as often cause her label doesn’t pay certain blogs to post about her like Rihanna’s.
    Team Bring Back the Real Artists!

  • Cammie

    Another day, another parading around in free designer clothes, while trying to act edgy. She is so empty and fake. Halle looks beautiful in casual wear, this cute has to have a new hairdo and expensive clothes, yet she isn’t as striking or goodlooking. Sit down Robot Fenty

  • Dina p

    yall check this out a couple of mouths aog i find something out about the sextape sorry i post this before it just wouldn’t let me

    Rihanna and Chris Brown have a sex tape scandal sizzling in reports which is stated that the two may have video taped themselves having wild and kinky sexcapades on camera.According to reports, the tapes may show a side of Rihanna that many would not believe. In a statement to Star, sources say Rihanna would dress-up and play the role of a dominatrix during Rihanna and Chris Brown’s most “intimate moments” and now she’s worried that these “racy tapes” could ruin her image.
    The source goes on to state that Rihanna is “already traumatized” at how “terribly humiliating” the alleged assault news of her being assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown has been and fears the racy tapes of her and Chris Brown’s sexcapades would only make matters far worst even though the source claims Rihanna has “no issues” with her sexuality.
    The rumors now have fans and the public highly anticipating evidence of the supposed Rihanna and Chris Brown sex tape which may or may not exist.

    you heard it from me Dina P yall
    Dina P

  • pincessf

    @RJ: bitch u just jealous

  • suppress your appetite

    I love her