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Whitney Houston: I Didn't Know My Own Strength

Whitney Houston: I Didn't Know My Own Strength

Check out Whitney Houston‘s new song “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” off her highly-anticipated new album, I Look To You, out September 1. Download here!

Here’s the lyrics to the chorus: “I didn’t know my own strength/ And I crashed down and I tumbled/ But I did not crumble/ I got through all the pain/ I didn’t know my own strength/ Survived my darkest hour/ My faith kept me alive/ I picked myself back up/ Hold my head up high/ I was not built to break/ I didn’t know my own strength.”

FYI: Whitney, 45, will kick-off Good Morning America‘s fall concert series in September!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Whitney’s comeback song — HOT or NOT?

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  • Whitneyfan

    OMG!! This song is amazing!!! I am so glad Whitney is back, I cannot wait for her new album!!

  • Gino

    Damn Whitneys back. Songs amazing.

  • plez

    Sounds great. Her voice is not as smooth as it use to be but it is fantastic to have her back.

  • 123

    she’ll be next to OD on drugs. No matter- she’s so 1991 anyway

  • wow

    Amazing!! Welcome back, Whitney!

  • jamie

    this is going to be such a big year for her and Mariah. Maybe they’ll do another collaboration because that would be so awesome! it would have been an even bigger year if MJ was still alive, but he is with the angels now and in no more pain. God Bless you MJ and whitney!

  • liza

    She’s going to win a GRAMMY for this! It really grows on you. Once there’s a Video and live performances, this song will be a major hit single. Watch.

  • sinage

    Her voice sounds huskier but still quality. The song itself is good, although I would have preferred a more up tempo first release. I hope things go really well for her.

  • Eve

    Whitney’s so pretty. This song is almost necessary to make a comeback with. It’s not my favorite but it’s good to hear she’s back. Her voice is very raw here. I am going to buy this when it comes out.

  • Mike smith

    omg!, this song is a number one hit, it is AWESOME!, Whitney is definitely back, and I cannot wait for the Album to hit stores Sept 1st!!, lol I will be first in line. This song is for the perfect time in her career and she will do WELL on her comeback. Good job Whitney, We are all proud of you. :^)

  • DEvin bing

    I think whitney is back…i love the song and can’t wait to hear her sing the song r kelly wrote for ya Whiney Baby

  • someone

    I loved the song, almost sounds like the old Whitney..welcome back!


    lol. love you jared. hahahaha. i love her. thanks for posting my request!!!!! i’ve listened to it 10 times straight and will listen to it everyday from now on. lol. i cannnot wait for this record. GO WHITNEY!!!!!

  • will fleming

    The Diva has finally come back to us! we welcome you with open arms. The song is great. Step Aside Mariah….I am obsessed with Whitney Houston!


    i don’t need dance records or her trying too hard, or whatever. i just want her back. is that asking too much. i don’t want her on crack and all that shit. gosh. thanks again jared. thanks whitney.

  • Moni

    one word: Horrible

    What is it? She’s over.

  • irish girl

    Our girl’s back! She sounds great – huskier, as another post said – but good. She’ll retrain those pipes to hit those high notes.
    Glad you’re back, Miss Whitney.

  • jeffrey Watson

    this song is a whitney version of Mariahs Through the Rain, song, in ’02 when she came back, unfortunetely the song and album flopped due to the fact that no one really cares for sappy songs about overcoming adversity anymore, the song is good, but not “Whitney POW, I’m BACK”, but thats not what matters and as long as Whitney is happy, thats really matters!!!!

  • Whitney

    im surprised clive davis approved the song as a single..definitely a NOT.

  • orbitgumgirl

    wow that is really bad …


    i don’t even think i’m being analytical about this song…but if i was i would say some of the same things other’s are saying. i’m just happy she’s back/alive at all. i say nostalgia will sell her records. love her so much. go whitney. go new record. can’t wait for it to drop yeaaaaaah mami!!!

  • latinnippy24

    Simply amazing!!! “The Voice” is back ya’ll. I absolutely love the track. Bless you Whitney.

  • mims


  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    I like it.

  • Lordy

    One big mess, that’s how I describe it. I feel so sorry for her fans. They must be really disappointed. :roll:

    Crack is whack, crack is cheap…. crack destroys your voice!

  • amerie

    @latinnippy24: seems like she’s lost “The Voice”… too bad.

  • Brewthepoet

    OUTSTANDING!!!! Way to go Whitney! The confessional nature of the lyrics combined with the poignantly understated vocal is a fabulous combination.

  • dixie


  • roger

    feel happy for her that she’s back, still a great performer

  • Jason

    She still sounds awesome despite being out of the spotlight, despite the drugs, despite a terrible marriage. She’s not in her 20′s or 30′s anymore, this isn’t 1992. She still sounds better the all the other divas. Wait for her to sing live (since she ALWAYS sings live unlike many of her peers) she’ll prove why people call her the greatest singer of all time!


    omg. they took it down. what the hell. i was playing it for like the 30th plus time. screw them. why can’t i listen to this. why why why. why was it on youtube if they didn’t want people to hear it. maybe it was a fake…i doubt it. who leaked it. it’s not a single. it’s a leak.


    lol. first it says the video has been removed do to infringment or whatever by the record companies. now it says video removed by user. gosh. w/e. i guess i have to wait a couple weeks before they drop a single if this record is actually going to come out this year. whackness.

  • Kambuib

    WOW her skin is perfect!!! I hope she uses organic products!

  • gina

    For a long time, I thought she would OD. Welcome back, Whitney, and good luck!

  • Adri

    I didn’t get to listen to the song because it’s been removed, but she looks really pretty. I’ve always loved her voice. Hope she is successful in her new music.

  • john

    her 12th number one

  • Jeff Reaves

    She still sounds great!!

  • carlos huskey

    I am a huge Whitney fan. All I have to say is “It’s Done”…Whatever GOD has planned is what it’s gonna be! If he can allow man to travel to the moon and return safely…He can allow Whitney to go through a storm and return Victoriously! Peace and Blessings

  • nataha

    Song is great but her voice is destroyed, little bit, , is not so clear anymore :( but I love it. I think this can be really successful comeback. Hope she’ll make!!!

  • Freddie

    LOL. U Need new speakers.

  • TWPumpkin


  • John

    It’s not Whitney at her peak but I’m actually impressed with the vocals. The song itself is touching but a bit bland.

  • what

    Don’t like her.

  • tj

    WITH all due respect, REAL singing is never SO 1990 anything…autotune will go out, and real singing is back…class and beauty and emotion NEVER go out of style…how old are you?

  • jill

    Looking good White!

  • Sheila21

    Her next # 1 !!!!!!!!

    wow. no auto-tune?!?! thaaaank you god!!


    wow.. finally !
    … one of my favourite singers.. God Bless Her .

  • Jeremy

    Definitely Hot! She sounds great. I forgot how much I missed her voice. Nice to see her singing since nobody seems to be doing that on the radio much anymore. Classy song.

  • liverwurst


  • ayot

    She’s a mature woman and this song is perfect for her even though it’s not the same voice she had. Anyway, I love this song. She should perform it at Michael Jacksons funeral, seriously!! :P