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Jackson Family: Public Memorial Service Confirmed

Jackson Family: Public Memorial Service Confirmed

The Jackson family said in a statement Friday morning that a public memorial service for Michael Jackson will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. About 11,000 free-of-charge tickets will be available via internet but officials are expecting to draw over 100,000 fans at the service.

Before suffering cardiac arrest on June 25, the King of Pop was seen rehearsing at the Staples Center two days before he died.

Plans for the legendary entertainer’s funeral are still underway, but will most likely be a private event after Tuesday’s ceremony.

Fans wishing to attend must register at where names will be later chosen at random. Another 6,500 tickets will be available at a nearby theater.

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  • alexandra

    he’s still got it, even after he’s gone.

  • Felicia

    I never use to listen to his music until a couple of years ago. It’s a great loss for the entertainment world. He seemed bigger than Elvis! He will be greatly missed.:-(

  • Marie

    RIP MICHAEL!!! I hate it how they haven’t laid him to rest yet! This should been done by now! What the hell is the Jackson family waiting for?
    My heart goes out to Michael’s children!(f)

  • love the jolie-pitt
  • tear drop

    i have a funny feeling alot of people will die at Michael jackson funeral… i hope i’m wrong but people are starting to kill themselves

  • Kenza

    I wish I could go to this!! The world is going to miss him so much, but his music will live on for many generations to come. We should all be happy that we were alive and able to witness many moments he had, good or bad. I hope his children are pulled in too many different directions and continue to have a stable childhood, hopefully with his mother. We miss you so much Michael!

  • michaela

    @tear drop: You’re right, I have heard of many suicides so far. That is so sad, but that just shows you how much of an icon he is. He will live on forever.

  • love the jolie-pitt
  • nitsara


  • NativeNYker

    We are goin to be hearing bout MJ for a while. I’m counting down till his folks release the rehearsal footage on a DVD…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • princess perfect

    he;s deaddddd!!!!!!!!!!
    get ova it many actors, actresses, singers die
    he’s the same

  • jaye

    Anyone who will kill themselves because of Michael’s death are selfish and delusional with serious mental health issues. It’s a waste of a life GOD gave you, not Michael Jackson. He’s dead and in reality the only lives that REALLY affects is his family and friends and of course those who leeched off of him. Nothing has changed in anyone’s life (except for the delusional ) because of his death.

  • baby huey

    Michael Jackson was the heart of that family. So very sad, will miss MJ but now he is at peace. Thank you Michael for sharing your God given talent with the world!

  • AmandaC

    I am way to far away to attend the memorial but does anyone know or think it might be televised?

    Michael Jackson will be and is missed in my household – I am a fan of his music:) i pray for those in his family and close to him.

  • anna
  • anna
  • deea

    i saw him at those reharsals…he still had it…he still was and will be the man.
    and to be honest…i remember when he was playing dirty diana…gosh…he was mega-hot beyound sexiiiiiiiinessssss…there is no sexier than that:| no wonder the girls colapsed:))
    ……..i am sorry though that people misjudged him..there is no way he was a child molester he doesn’t fit into the profile,he was a very kind childish and generous man and incredibly talented i love his personality …very sweet for a man.
    to bad he got surrounded by those awful vampires and MARTIN BASHIR…by the way….why is that man still alive?mj fans should have vanished him by now…eaten him alive…he was a bastard only interested in money…and he used michael’s trust to set up a plan full of lies and send mj into prison..and .take all his money..martin bashir…you will forever live in the shadow of celebrties..YOU ARE NOTHING!

  • Halli

    RIP Michael Jackson

    You were so cute when you were younger. Too bad you couldn’t see that.


    MJ was a huge talent. He influenced alot of musicians and his music which appeals to everybody of every age will live on.
    I hope his nephews (3T) get to perform in his tribute concert. They are so cute. I love them.So talented like their legendary uncle.

  • Marieme

    @deea: God, what is the point of being so accusatory and resentful now that he’s dead?? What’s the point!? What’s done is done. He was a FLAWED man. But whereever he is he is at peace now and no longer hurting – and you can be sure he is not wasting any energy being angry at anyone. Move the fcuk on already! Send him love and affection, certainly, but stop clouding it with all your anger. Seems pretty g/damn unproductive.

    Now putting that aside – whether you want to believe it or not – there’s a woman who claims to have “seen” Michael on the other side. She gets visions. Yeah, yeah I know it sounds crazy, but if you knew her background and what’s she’s been through you just might believe in her psychic abilities. I do. But she has her own website and a little piece on her blog about what she experienced. Happy and good stuff for MJ.

  • vicki

    I want to buy an $80 ticket from his concert. Its for the kids, don’t ask for a refund because that will be stealing from his kids. Help pay back mike’s debt!

  • Marieme

    My original MO was to write a comment about how sweet and handsome Michael looks here. I also wish he could have seen himself honestly and clearly.


    vicki @ 07/03/2009 at 8:44 pm

    MJ was not poor. He was just cash strapped. He has assets worth over 500 million dollars and only about 700,000 in cash.
    As for not asking for a refund, gesture seems noble but doing that will not mean that his kids get any money. The company which organized MJ’s comeback concert will probably keep all of the money. So please get your refund and buy his albums instead. That money from the ablum sales will be going to his kids when they are old enough to receive it.

  • cutie pie

    My heart goes out to the Jackson family , they are his reral realtives and by blood also, RIP MJ , you will always be loved, fuc8 the folks who want to call you a child molester, you are the greatest and i never once believed you molested those 2 stupid boys, they were after money, that jordan boy even said his father made it up because they were poor, what a loser, but God will bring karma to them in the end, too bad you couldnt have embraced your blacknes and left that other devil alone!!! that is a lesson to all black people who lend to that other side , you see how they do you> that pervert molested a 4 year old child in the news that old man and sodomized her and made her 5 year old brother watch and all they do is lie on a man after he was aquitted and talk mess about him after hes dead.. kiss my as–!!

  • brina

    that’s a beautiful picture of michael…sigh i’ll watch on tv cause there no way i can make it across the country, i hope everything goes well

  • deea

    @Marieme:dear…marieme…resentful to what? you see….mj is dead…ok..he was he was supposed to die one day,but i truly think this could have been avoided if he wasn’t forced to go trough so many problems by some incredibly evil people like the one i already mentioned above……..mj had 3 children…who definetly needed him longer than that!
    somebody should keep an eye open on those who hurt him and indirectly cause his death(mj had very low tolerance for emotional and physical pain) at least to prevent them and people like them from striking again and cause pain to others.
    and my opinion about m.bashir will still remain the way it is,i am not resentful towards him …he just makes me feel sick:|….partially because i didn’t know about him until 2-3 days ago when i watched the “living with michael jackson”interviews he made and he gave me the it’s quite recent in my mind,how on earth can you accuse somebody who is a global humanitarian,who loves children who is a “man of honour” ,who is such a sweet-hearted man and artist…of such a terrible thing?
    I am sorry that although we call ourselves humans we couldn’t provide mj with a better place to live,maybe this is why god decided it was he’s time to go,i’m sure he is better up in heaven.
    RIP MJ

  • Bunny

    It won’t be the same without him. RIP

  • Javiera


  • Savanna

    i live in london and i’m prepared to fly out hehe