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Jennifer Garner Picks A Pretty Violet

Jennifer Garner Picks A Pretty Violet

Jennifer Garner picks up her 3-year-old daughter, Violet Affleck, from school on Friday (July 3) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress, who will be joining a huge ensemble cast for the upcoming romantic flick Valentine’s Day, will have one more actress added to the mix: Emma Roberts.

The cast of the 2010 romantic comedy includes Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, and Topher Grace.

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Credit: Boaz1; Photos: Flynet
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  • Ivan

    por que ponen tantas fotos de esta mujer si ni siquiera es una actriz de cine de verdad?????

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad that the stalkers follow her child at school. Jennifer is pretty, and she’s a great actress.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so sad that the stalkers follow her child at school. Jennifer is pretty, and she’s a great actress.

  • Ivan

    that put so many pictures of this woman if she is not even a real movie actress

  • mailey

    wow, im so sick of these two jared. please stop. same with reese filming in dc. so over it.

  • Shannon

    So the school because of complaints from parents told them to use the back door and they’re getting shots. Is it so hard for them to change up their schedule so they don’t know when she’ll be picking her up and dropping her off?

  • stefano


    And Ivan, who said that?

  • stefano

    Watch Elektra!

  • NativeNYker

    Haven’t we seen enuf of them goin to & from school? Everyone needs a vacation.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Bekky

    Where is your baby Seraphina Affleck? Jennifer Garner is not responsible for taking care of her, always leaving her home with the nanny. Shame on Jennifer!

  • stefano

    You Better get informed and watch alias

  • just me

    I’m so sickof her and her daughter! What-do they alert the paps every time they walk out the door? And Jennifer always looks like she stinks of sweat and dirty hair. Ewwww!

  • baby huey

    kinda miss Jon + Kate + 8 – Jon. never thought i’d type those words.

  • lakers fan in boston

    another he’s just not that into you….
    jen change it up plz!!!
    im tired of those jeans everyday


    yay jennifer garner and bradley cooper working together again! i miss the alias days!

  • Tazina

    She doesn’t look sweaty or whatever those rude comments the asswipes on here are making. She’s just a busy mom. Now go crawl back to your hole carb face and careful you don’t break the chair sitting down..

  • vicki

    Wow, she is too cute and awesome. Keep up the good work Jenny!

  • LIat

    Jen Garner is a natural beauty, and Violet seems to be a happy, secure child. Why shouln’t Jen walk her daughter to school, like the rest of us Moms? Don’t know about you all, but I spend my mornings in a flurry of breakfast making, dressing my girls, packing snacks, making sure teeth get brushed and hair is neat. I have no time to attempt to look like a fashion model at 7:30 a.m.!!

    You would probably be all over her if she sent Violet to school in a limo with a nanny, while she slept in!

  • I see dorky people

    Give her a break. Her youngest kid is probably wearing her out. There is a stage between birth and 8 mo old where most women don’t even want to comb their hair. They feel like they are walking underwater most of the time, and they suffer from CRS. She’ll bounce back in about 4mo. By the time the little one is 18mo she’ll look like she did right before she got pregnant.

  • Lola

    She is dropping a lot of weight and that makes her look masculine,she looks cute with more meat on her face though.

  • johnny dipp

    She reminds me of that tv actor dillon something.

  • pi nk p u s y

    Wow!!! Ben really won the lottery with this one, NOT!, I feel sorry for that ladass.

  • K

    Doesn’t that poor kid get a summer vacation from school she’s not even old enough for kindergaretn geez.

  • Hmmm

    I feel sorry for Ben.

  • Violet

    Violet is just too adorable. She is always, always happy & full of spunk. Love her. I think Jen looks good.

  • Ugh

    Someone PLEASE teach Jennifer Garner how dress, if not for herself, for her kids sake. Violet’s to young to care right now but look at her! Socks and pink sports sandals, black velour sweatpants and a cinco de mayo blouse? Even Target sells matching skorts and t-shirts, in comfortable cotton no less. Nothing fancy but at least it doesn’t look like it came out of a goodwill donation bag. I’m not knocking Violet, she’s a child, but Jennifer should be embarrassed.

  • sarah

    That’s right. Why is she in school? It’s the summer and she has a bunch of nannies at home to take care of her? Is it b/c Garner is shooting new movies? She is like a single-mother without Ben around that much. It really makes you wonder what’s really going on with their hollywood marriage. Something doesn’t fit or make sense.

  • lollipop

    She is trying to be everything. Supermom, Superwife, Superstar….I think its finally catching up to her. She looks like she’s about to vomit all over the picture. Ben on the other hand is having fun in Vegas far away from his wife on yet another Holiday weekend. I think she got the short end of the stick in this Hallmark made for tv family.

  • ugh x 2


    LOL @ cinco de mayo blouse … and they are tube socks no less…

    Having your child look like a ragamuffin is not cool.

    It looks like she does it on purpose (not matching, etc) so that every one could say what a “down to earth mom” she is. I would rather run the risk of someone calling me and my entire family stuck up but still have a child that looks clean and well dressed.

    It looks like motherhood is kicking her a** right now, it shows on her face. She is trying too hard. When you let motherhood flow in the natural manner that it should, you will not end up looking so stressed in the face.

  • s.i

    Violet is a very cute child for sure, she is just adorable….I dont know why haters visit JJ’s posts about Jen (who is a very good actress and a natural beauty) and leave so many hate comments! Its so tiring and so sick. I am sure YES! will soon come to leave at least 3 malicious comments for a woman he doesnt really like….LOL….Jen is tryin’ to be a regular wife and mother. If Ben wants to leave her, that will be ok for her fans (like me) because he never really was a good husband. he is all over HIMSELF….Self centered….JEN ROCKS! Ben doesnt….

  • Violet’s daddy

    JLo gave her that cinco de mayo blouse.

  • WTF?

    Violet always looks cute no matter what she wears I see nothing wrong with her outfit, she is only a child BTW the blouse looks cute on her.

  • GOOP

    Ugh…He should have married Gwyneth Paltrow

  • singer

    whoa, Big Foot and Little Foot again, let me outtahere!!!!

  • so rude

    Posting on JJ should be reserved to those over the age of 9.

    Which it seems of late most of these post are, written by immature children.

    Most have not a clue what it is like to have a family, have a husband, have a life. So they have to post rude comments on here.

    Grow up already.

  • lol

    maybe she has postpartum? her controlling perfectionist ways have finally caught up? it seems like her marriage to ben is not that great but her fans will stick by her. I’m not into divorce and think once you say yes it should be forever, but how much longer will jen be unhappy trying to chase Ben as he goes about acting like he’s a bachelor still. He seems to not be as into her as she is into him. They both deserve better AND they can still be good parents in separate lives.

  • Pippi

    My favorite mom and baby duo. Good to see the Afflecks girls even if they are on Jared where a few immature jerks under cover of darkness post rude comments about the best family in LaLa land. Jen and Vi are looking adorable as ever and where is sweet baby girl Sera? Ben is one lucky guy surrounded by gorgeous gals that he adores and they adore him as well. Congrats Jen and Ben on your 4th wedding anniversary, hope you two have many more happy years together.

  • Pippi

    They look soooo cute. I LOVE these two.

  • Tazina

    Jennifer Garner is not reading your childish and immature attempts at literacy on Just Jared. She is too busy raising two beautiful girls to care about some asswipes and their lame comments about her.

  • u can’t always get what u want

    Geez, One would think Jared has a crush on the child.

    Why is oil prices so high when people do not have the money to drive anywhere for the 4th or a vacation for that matter? People continue to cut back where ever they can so I think it is a bunch of BS about supply and demand. Someone is getting rich, probably a banker along with the oil companies.
    Why are food prices still so high since the last time oil prices went up, the prices never came back down, what gives? It is breaking the backbone of the PEOPLE. Happy 4th! Something to think about on this INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  • jen

    Don’t blame her . She doesn’t have another thing to stay relvant. She got to use the kid. We never see her ” friend” Reece droping and picking her kids from school everday.

  • Pippi

    Why does she have to do what other people do Jen @ 41. Variety is the spice of life, imagine what the world would be like if everybody were the same and did the same sort of things?. Something to think about huh? Is that all you’ve got? Come on, I think you can do better than that. Try again.

  • Pippi


  • jen

    She said she look up to Reece eve though Reece is 5 years younger. It about doing the approprate thing. She is the only one out there who is like this.

  • ha

    Even Matt Damon’s wife who is a housewife never seen doing this. ..

  • Sally

    @mailey: Why just you ignore them? Why the pics bothered you so much? It’s sad to see Jen and Violet being persued by papz all the time, but they won’t do that if there aren’t people who are very interested even when they show us they are just normal people, living their lives. Oh, of course, she is a star too, and a pretty woman married with another star, but… most of all, they’re just humans. Simple like that.

  • Sally

    @LIat: Love your point.

  • Sally

    @Pippi: I agree with you: Ben is a lucky guy with 3 lovely ladies. :)

  • abc

    Resse (recce, whatever) is seen and photographed by the paps. Sucking face with Jake, shopping, out walking. She is photographed at her children’s softball (baseball) games all the time.

    And even Brad Pitt took a ride from paps.

    So it’s not like you can live in a box.

    ppl hate Ben and Jen because they don’t walk the red carpet together or there is no juicy story about them. Ben isn’t off running around, he is home with his family. So idiots make up crap to get a few minutes attention.

  • ellie’

    What a great family Ben & jen have…