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Katie Holmes: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark!

Katie Holmes: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark!

Katie Holmes steps out in a pair of Maloles “Georges” ballet flats as she heads to the set of her new movie Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark on Friday (July 3) in Melbourne, Australia.

The thriller is is based on a 1973 ABC telepic about a young girl who moves in with her father and his girlfriend and discovers they are sharing the house with devilish creatures.

Earlier this week, Katie, husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri made a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium.

10+ pictures inside of not-afraid-of-the-dark Katie Holmes

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katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 01
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 02
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 03
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 04
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 05
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 06
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 07
katie holmes dont be afraid of the dark 08

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • whoa

    whoa! another alien in her tummy!
    btw, she is looking fugly!

  • joey potter

    That is probably the reason why she was seen going to the scientology church alone all the time not so long ago, she got impregnated again with the scientology guy who also got her pregnant with Suri.

  • sooooooooo Boring


  • jaty

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  • mertz

    lol at all the comments so far. so in a couple weeks she’s going to be back to do the stycd piece…gosh. i just wish she wouldn’t do this or anything else for that matter. bnoring. movie’s going to bomb. is there anyone else who’s good in it.

  • cece

    love her..didnt know she’s already in Australia

  • bugsy

    lol indeed trolls totally reaching. Everytime they say bomb on Cruise and Katie it reverses. Valkryie was a success and so was Katie’s All My Sons play.

  • anonymous

    Thanks JJ! She looks adorable.

  • Q

    Im sure her Judy Garland tribute will be Hollywoodified but nonetheless Im curious to see her.

  • rach

    since when was she in my hometown?
    lol we have the same jacket, it’s by hurley!

  • Megan
  • MatT
  • skates

    You bet Im watching this horror remake. It has Katie Holmes in it and Guy Pearce. Jared thank you. Happy 4th to you,the Cruise family,all our troops and America.

  • wow

    Now that’s a cute sweet lady!

  • sasha

    What has happened to katie’s look since she married Tom? I can understand her wanting to look more mature but she looks too old. She used to be so cute…

  • enough taxes

    The nonsense from the same ole haters are getting boring and flat out funny.

    Wake up from your lalaland and hateland.

  • 2009

    She actually looks young and pretty even with
    no makeup.

  • anniefannie

    That poor, poor baby, if Katie is pregnant again. One more child born into an evil and deadly cult.

  • Juno

    Looking good Katie. She’s one of my favorite actresses other than Ellen Page and Cate Blanchett. I wonder what they will do for Tom’s coming Birthday??????

  • p.sawyer

    sooooooooo cute girl ;3333

  • reality

    Not a fan of hers but I pity the trolls more.

  • tina

    the so you think you can dance piece is a taped segment and already finished.

  • beltway

    Such a lovely natural face. An actress who brings quality,versatility and whose career will have longevity.

  • *_*

    Katie Holmes = classy

  • mertz

    if that is cute then i must be crazy. you must mean what she’s wearing is cute and how she’s looking…cause she’s looking lol not hot. if you want cute go look at the alexis bledel pic or the violet affleck pic. she’s not it. katie holmes. i actually do like her, even when she bores me to death, but she is the original joey potter so i can’t hate on her. aside from that i hope she doesn’t mess up the tribute. she’s getting good choreo and support. if it bombs i will be hating big time as usual. also i like valkyrie and will be getting it on dvd…but it still bombed did it not and wasn’t buddy pushing it mad hard. w/e. she does not look cute. is that a hat or a beanie. what’s her face kelly cutrone said it best, PLAYED OUT.

  • regi

    what boring lives some of you have——-don’t worry about little katie her star is getting brighter and brighter——– where is is yours going ….exactly what I thought…….nowhere. Guy Pearce is her co star, quite a talented actor . Hope she is preggers and has another little girl exactly like Suri, wouldn’t that drive all of you in a frenzy.
    Lets see Katie is in STYCD, started up a foundation along with a few other people to give scholarships to underprivlidged talented dancers , she is in Australia with her husband and child, making a movie, driving 100 photogs crazy, staying in a flash apartment———-that must be so painful for you to watch, so keep on having a go at her , she is laughing at all of you . She is on the set, probably very early in the morning , on her way to makeup and dress for her role. Way to go Katie!

  • AH

    Nice Katie interview

  • mertz

    oh cool thanks tina. good. so this is something they already have then and can add post production magic to? cool. looking forward to it. that and the mj tribute, and then next sytycd season.

    you know why i said the movie will bomb, although scary movies alwasy do well at the box office (i don’t get it. not a fan of the genre), because while i was reading jared’s parced synopsis of the movie/plot/skeleton storyline of the film i was thinking “doesn’t this sound like all the other scary movies out there, that have already been made”…like what’s going to be good about this film. who else is in it. who’s producing. yadda yadda etc…bomb. lol. i say that about everything :P

  • chessa

    Thanks JJ. Katie is a doll.

  • mertz

    ahahahaa. i saw the dizzy feet segment yesterday like all the people who were watching last night…and i think the foundation is a good idea. lol at shankman in the piece, twitch, carrie ann. anyways but lol i was thinking some things about katie holmes doing the sit down with kat that would probably piss some of the delicately minded people off but w/e. and who cares if she’s preggs. that’s a good thing no? suri is mad cute…if a bit weird and overly baby’d but she is a princess so anything goes with her. w/e. saying it one more time. bomb. lol. good on pearce for getting a gig. congrats.

  • lol

    @ Mertz thanks for the good luck charm. Make fun all you want at this tribute and this movie under DelTorro. Do you even know who he is?
    Put away your tabloids and read real news like Variety,NY Times,Newsweek,Army Times,Hollywood Reporter,CNN and the DVD news because Valkyrie is a domestic and international hit.
    Even Katie’s play was embraced by critics and made lots of $$$$$ for a non musical play.

  • dennis

    Katie is pretty damn cute and not too shabby in the talent dept.either. I also think she has the nicest personalities out there.
    Tom is a lucky lucky guy.

  • MentoZ

    Excellent photos. Paparazzi are able to choose the moment! :D

  • iron chef

    You’re an inspiration Katie. Doing something right is always a good thing.

  • mertz

    ahahah for your information, as long as you and i are playing a game of assumptions, i don’t read tabloids (as if), and lol your list or “real” news is kinda funny, but i read those ALL THE FREAKING time, so get off my non existent d*ck b*tch. oh yeah forgot that jared already posted about this film. lol. there’s three or four things i like about this already and kh isn’t one of them. i wonder why. looking forward to this tribute. if she ruins it i will stop watching the show and i’ve been watching all the episodes every single season plus the other versions of the same series. gah. i’m relying on katie holmes. yeesh. i hope hope hope it’s good. maybe the movie will be good…until i see it lol i will say bomb.

  • lurking

    KH looks super cute with glasses.
    I think her baby is the most precious one in Hollywood.

  • mertz


  • mertz

    and let me say it one more time because i don’t actually say this out loud a lot. i like katie holmes, always have, always will. and so what if i also hate on her. it’s me perrogative. she does not look cute in the pics, but that is also subjective. i wouldn’t say that she does when she’s obviously having a down moment. lol. good on her for going bare faced though. she doesn’t need makeup. she’s actually good looking…especially when she dresses well.

  • eve

    Im lining up when her movie is out.

  • mertz

    I think her baby is the most precious one in Hollywood.
    used to think that. then violet affleck happened. that girl is super cute.

    like the flats and glasses.

  • mertz

    under DelTorro. Do you even know who he is?
    yeah i do. i like him a lot and have watched an ungodly amount of movies he’s produced. i like his new book!!!! and am waiting for rudo y cursi to hit my city still. the dude’s mind is on another level. i hope katie holmes does herself justice.

  • karen

    Looks like she’s decided to settle for a B movie career. Ha! I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Nothing like one of those horror B movies for a good laugh. She’s going backwards not forwards.

    Batman Begins
    Mad Money
    now, this cheesy horror flick

    At least it’s work! lol

  • Jennifer

    What the eFF happened to her?

  • SOphie

    She is in Melbourne, best city in the world!no doubt she is loving it :)

  • angie baby

    sorry to disappoint , but Violet aint pretty, sorry, she is cute , like any other kid, thats it. Poor little mite has to go to school everyday, at the age of 3 and her mother stays home, and as soon as JG sees the pap she whispers to Violet , smile Violet ,smile, you can actually see her doing it. best mother in hollywood….yuck!

  • regi

    I do realise that you would not be happy with the results #42 but if you took the time, you might discover that Mad Money did just as good as movies released at that time, starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jacksons movie with Michelle Williams, and a few others, and Katie was not the main star , with due respect to Diane Keaten, a brilliant actress but way past her due by date, the movie did quite well. So sorry to disappoint you ……again!

  • JOhn

    Good god she is one ugly homely pig.

  • Annie

    Another stink bomb at the box office. And as far as the “plot” goes, Lifetime has 3 of the exact same movies being shown this weekend. Wow, something special. I bet she gets about 45 seconds of screen time, which would be the only saving grace.

  • jess

    is she pregnant again????

  • regina

    she is sooooooooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1