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Keri Russell & River Deary: Park Play

Keri Russell & River Deary: Park Play

Keri Russell heads to the park with her 2-year-old son River Russell Deary to play some soccer on Friday (July 3) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress will star in two movies set to be released next year.

The first movie, Leaves of Grass, costars Edward Norton where he plays dual roles as an Ivy League Professor and his twin druggie brother who sets out to take down a local drug lord. The other movie, Crowley, is based on a true story of a mother and father that raises $100 million to find a cure for their two children’s rare genetic disorder.

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  • Lola

    ugly mother and even uglier son. ewwwwwwwwww!


    Keri looks like she is a real bitch in person.

  • Reed Richards

    How can you say such a thing, #1?

  • Liv

    Keri is so 90′s, she’s done already and never became a A-lister.
    BTW, does her boy have down syndrome?

  • I wouldn’t hit that

    Her body is becoming senile, yuck.

  • omg

    if you cannot say something nice then say nothing at all.
    So in saying that . . .no comment.

  • white fuc ktard

    fuc ktard keri should tan her ugly albino monster

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Cut your son’s hair!

  • Ali

    Are you guys serious? You’re critiquing her social status, her body and her child? Are you for real? Are you guys the same people who post “I love you Miley” and “Megan Fox is so hot”? Keri Russell stays out of the spotlight; she’s not a fame hungry leech like half of Hollywood. She lives in New York, she’s a single parent and she’s raising her child while acting in movies because she loves to do it and it provides for her child and herself. It’s not like she’s making a movie and then goes… “Okay I’m done, now I think I’ll try and get money for being seen shopping or at a party… no wait… better idea… reality show!”

    She’s not fat, she may be a bit thin but whatever… maybe her body doesn’t bounce back like other celebrities after having a child or MAYBE she cared more about taking care of her child then running to the gym to stay “hot”. Her kid probably doesn’t have a haircut for the same reason Cindy Crawford’s son didn’t when he was that age (or even now for that matter) or Kate Hudson’s. Maybe he’s afraid and she’s waiting until he’s older…or maybe they’ll donate to Locks of Love.

    PAPARAZZI took pictures of her out with her son, she didn’t go looking for them and she didn’t call them up to photograph her so what does being “A-list” have to do with getting her photo taken. She’s not to blame. Leave her alone.

  • e

    That is the most adorable little boy. Keri is nothing but class. Elegant effortless american style.

  • Ali

    To the comment about her being “so 90′s”…. is she supposed to disappear off the face of the earlier because a new decade came around? She’s still alive and she’s living in New York… it’s not like she’s trying to be “so 2009″. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’d rather people not take photos of her and her child just the same.

  • bonzo

    another one with the stupid hair. cut it!!!! SJP finally got the memo.

  • Elnick

    Why all the smack talk on Keri? I don’t get it! People should just stop talking crap!

  • anne

    @Liv: I was wondering the same thing.

  • anne

    @Ali: i think she married her son’s father. i’m not 100% sure, but I am 95% sure she definitely did.

  • vaaacaaaaayyyy

    her son looks like shiloh pitt, the little boy version. cute.

  • winter

    I couldn’t of said it better Ali. I also agree with you # 16. good points.

  • becca

    adorable kid!
    they look cute together!

  • booboobird

    she’s not a single mother. has a ring on her finger.
    the kid is cute and she’s ok too. she ain’t skinny. normal body. that’s what you get running after 2year old and carrying him around. at least the kid can have a more or less normal childhood. not like suri cruise or jolie pitts always surrounded by paps.

  • mailey

    keri always looks great. she’s in alot of stuff. she got critical acclaim for her movie Waitress, was in Mission Impossible with Cruise and Bedtime Stories with Sandler etc etc etc

  • nicole

    the kid looks weird

  • karenina

    omg i thought he was shiloh! LOL

  • lisa

    She is perfect. A chic, effortless mom. Her boy is adorable! Brangelina needs to set up a playdate!!!!

    She is married to a hottie carpenter!! Rent Waitress!!!!!!!!!!

  • caro

    there is a lot of Embittered people in this site that ,but I don’t think that spreading your bitterness with kids help you so please go with that to another place .

  • Reed Richards

    You’re an idiot, #1.

    She’s not a single parent, #9.

  • Alison

    Oh great… another little boy who needs a hair cut and looks like a little girl.

  • piper

    cute baby but the mom looks anorexic

  • http://WWW.WHITETIDELINEDESIGNS.COM JULIE whitetidelinedesigns

    Keri is one of the stronger talents in Hollywood and like another stellar actress, Kate Winslet, Keri maintains a realness in life and is a total class act. I have always admired her and look forward to these two films.


    i had no idea she had a child!

  • dolly

    many said on ABC studio she is very mean to work with

  • sf

    her kid is so cute! and she always looks great

  • sf

    her kid is so cute! and she always looks great… natural beauty

  • Ali

    I apologize for the single parent comment, I guess I had her mixed up with another actress. Yes, she’s married… but I still stick to everything else I say. I absolutely think this woman did nothing but take her son out for the day and she’s getting attacked on a comment board about the dumbest things.

  • jane

    karenina @ 07/03/2009 at 11:42 pm

    omg i thought he was shiloh! LOL

    Me too! :o)

  • liverwurst

    Only grow their hair out longer if they have nice hair to begin with…

  • star

    At least he didnt inherit her curly hair………….or was the hair fictional? I like Keri. She’s a classy, smooth actress. Her last movie, about cakes and pies , was cute.

  • rocky

    What is with some of these Hollywood moms who feel that a barber shop is off limits to their sons? Her son is a cutie, but needs a damn haircut!!

  • ellie’

    They are both a beautiful family…

  • choo

    Whats the deal with all the little boys with LONG hair? YUCK!

  • Meream

    Oh wow, some people here are mean. I, for one, like Keri. She has great style.


    My boy was scared to have his hair cut so rather than going to a salon I had someone from the salon come round the house. She was really good, got to know him first and showed him what she was going to do. When he fidgeted she took a break and when he was ready to go again I sat him on my lap and read his fav book. It took time but stopped him from being so afraid. She should try it coz her boy would be a really cute looking young man with his hair a little shorter.

  • Neil

    I don’t know which is worse, trolls or people pretending they don’t know what a troll is.

  • sonietta

    she’s married with Shane Deary, a carpenter

  • Rachel

    @Ali: bravo! Well said. These people are haters and I like how you put that. good job, more people should voice their opinions well (like you) or learn when to keep them to themselves (like everyone above you). I liked Felicity and Keri Russell! She is one celebrity mother who I’d want as a next door neighbor.

  • trisha

    Why do so many celebrity moms want their little boys to look like girls with long hair? Celebrities are so weird.

  • del

    so picture-perfect

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks good

  • elisabeth

    Dear keri, River e Shane.
    Con un sincero abbraccio dal cuore auguro a Voi un gioioso Natele e un felicissimo Anno Nuovo 2010