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Rihanna: Philippe Frenzy!

Rihanna: Philippe Frenzy!

Rihanna goes out for dinner with friends at upscale Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow on the Upper East Side of New York City on Thursday (July 2).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty must really love the food there, she just ate there on Monday with Santigold!

Rihanna recently made headlines after tattooing three people at New York City’s East Side Ink last night without a license.

RiRi is wearing a very similar pair of Chanel sunglasses as Kanye West‘s girlfriend, Amber Rose, which she wore in March. (They share the same stylist.)

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna causing a frenzy at Philippe Chow…

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rihanna philippe chow 01
rihanna philippe chow 02
rihanna philippe chow 03
rihanna philippe chow 04
rihanna philippe chow 05
rihanna philippe chow 06
rihanna philippe chow 07
rihanna philippe chow 08
rihanna philippe chow 09
rihanna philippe chow 10
rihanna philippe chow 11
rihanna philippe chow 12
rihanna philippe chow 13

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  • mertz

    it’s one of the better foodie places in NY!! who made the pants. glad her hair isn’t in the bouffant anymore.

  • awt

    She looks like an alien.

  • AC

    Has nothing to do with the food. She’s just trolling for another photo-op.

  • curious

    Who is the stylist that makes these girls look like men?

  • Dr. Who

    She’s got to be the most useless celeb of 2009.
    Does she even sing anymore?
    Time to vote her off the island.

  • blackberry

    This chick needs therapy.

  • H.

    She doesn’t seem to do anything but shop and party. She’s Paris Hilton 2.0. Both look like trannies.

  • Nick

    Now I know why she’s always rushing to get back to NY. She gets 10 times the press in NYC. When she’s in Los Angeles, there isn’t a huge amount of paparazzi covering her. If she wanted privacy, she’d stay in LA. She seems to be deliberately courting the attention here in NY.

  • cute

    cute but the daily photos are getting boring.

  • Cooh

    someone wants some free attention,she used to be different,in a good way

  • matt

    shroom headed ho.

  • salma

    Rihanna is way too overexposed. I can’t think of any celebrity who’s out every night like this. She never seems to stay home. Something is wrong.

  • zygotes4lunch

    btw those aren’t Chanel they’re A-Morir by Kerin Rose, she hand makes those and they’re awesome

  • fresh

    Is Rihanna a singer or a model?
    Hard to tell these days.
    She models for the paps a lot.

  • lololol

    she’s uggrific!

  • cryss

    I usd to love her looks. Now she does nothing for me.

  • fashionista

    The pants are familiar. Didn’t she just wear this same outfit the other day?

  • Oh No She Didn’t

    The label finally sprung for a thicker weave or the girl’s got a serious case of miracle growth.

  • jjj

    I could understand seeing Rihanna each day if she were actually promoting something but she isn’t, plus she’s taking spots away from celebs who are. Her mgmt must pay very well for certain blogs to focus on her when she’s doing absolutely nothing.

  • delvin

    This young man is enjoying a night out on the town…

  • loves it

    don’t like the pants

  • Katie

    Her hair looks good this time. Face not so much.





  • lady g

    I had no idea Rihanna used the same stylist as Kanye West’s girlfriend.
    That explains A LOT.

  • dali

    isn’t she the one who’s famous for her scandals and for making herself look like suchh a victim!!!!! the b:tch doesn’t look like an alien she is one! she’s too ugly for words and as talentless as her ugly glasses, she needs to be in jail for wearing that

  • Roel

    Hmm, tattooing without a license, how HOT.. haha

  • Jen

    she needs a stylist or something, her clothes are always so trashy, she is a pretty girl, she could do way better and those glasses are horrendous, she tried to hard.

  • I love her

    she’s 21 !
    what is she supposed to do??
    stay at home and watch TV like you losers

  • yes

    @lady g: i highly doubt rihanna uses the same stylist as Kanye West’s girlfriend… just jared is a blog that gets paid to take rihbugger annoying photos daily…if JJ is being paid the blog HAVE to say something good about stupidhanna… if jj did not say that they both shared the same stylist to my guess ppl might notice the similarity and say that she swagger jacking the girl… i think the pathetic daily photo op queen just borrow amber’s clothes… it wouldn’t be hard if she’s that “close” to kanye ewww

  • blitz

    @I love her: Is she really only 21? She looks older. I thought she was at least 30. She does seem to be partying every night. Regardless of her age, that’s a pretty shallow lifestyle.

  • Forever Kenny

    She has more money than any of ya’ll JJ b*tchers. Stop hating on her and worry about you guys OWN life.

  • jess

    The girl rents and depends on freebies from designers. Plus, she covers the costs of her own vids. That’s how she got broke before. Hope she saves her $$$ this time cause the endorsement deals will not last forever.

  • Gabriella

    Riri Is Beautiful *—-*

  • Magnolia

    Beautiful, no. Cute, yes.
    Sometimes she tries too hard. Glad to see she’s toning it down a bit. Now if only she would stop with the constant photo opportunities.

  • becca

    i LOVE this girl.
    she always looks flawless.

  • karenina

    @curious: LOL i know

    and why isn’t she working? she is a singer SING , MAKE CD’S DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE

  • wft

    @yes, you are right.. she does NOT share the same stylist as Amber rose..Amber rose DOES NOT have a stlyist.. she dresses herself..JJ is trying ot cover for her.. she copies anything walking wether hot or not..i think JJ thinks people who visit his site dnt know..

    anyways with all the lies and good words from jj, people still just dnt like her anymore period!!!!! i guess he posts what he is paid to do…

  • asdf

    This lady is THE sharpest dressing and looking celeb on the planet. And for you wacko’s on here that call her a tranny – not everyone thinks that the anorexic looking, thin features of Megan Fox are the epitome of beauty..Rihanna is flawless and she’s in New York to take acting lessons and work on business deals – like her perfume line. And yeah, there’s a lot wrong with her – she and Chris were demonized in the media – for doing the same thing Jack Nicholson did, Charlie Sheen did, Sean Penn did, Mickey Rourke and nameless other A-List white celebs. But did you even hear about their cases? Did the D.A> even pick up their charges when the women didn’t press charges?Were their mates MADE to leave their mates in order to hold on to their careers?SO sick of htis hypocritical society – the girl is miserable most likely. And there is not one reason she had to be singled out to stand up for all women who were ever hit by a man. First off, Rihanna certainly would have fought Chris, she’s even stated that she slapped him before and then why does she have to chose between LOVE or a CAREER – when none of the other a list celebs had to. It’s not like Chris Brown is a hardened criminal – the kid is one of the most fun loving, silly and decent young celebs out. They could have easily gotten over this issue – had it not been for the whole world judging them. You’re all hypocrits with very limited taste in beauty and fashion.

  • Wings

    This chick is one of the worst dressed celebs around. That getup she wore to H&M was something you see trashy, wannabe celebs like Phoebe Price and Bai Ling wear. She does often look like a tranny though her new wig disguises it somewhat better. Just check out al those airport pics for proof. Nothing flawless about this fashion trainwreck though I’ll give her credit for dressing slightly less trashy today. Time to give up the crazy clothes and let a good stylist show you how to mix and match so you actually look good. If she were working on deals, we’d see her going to business meetings instead of shopping and going out to eat every single day..
    Those deals are also handled by managers and agents so no need for her to be out in NY all the time. She is very obviously working the press and knows she will get more coverage on the East Coast than in LA. I’ve never seen a celeb try so hard to be photographed and go to known paparazzi hangouts. Even stars promoting their films and shows are not out this much. There is definitely something wrong with a girl who doesn’t seem to know how to cook or when she’s becoming tiresome to the public.
    If Nicholson, Penn, Rourke and Sheen had pulled their crap today, the results would probably been different as the public is not as tolerant to domestic abuse as they were even 5-10 years ago. Brown beat this woman and left her battered and bruised on a dark road. What if she had died from her injuries? He needs serious counseling and she does too for not standing up for her rights. There is definitely something wrong with a woman who immediately takes back her abuser and tries to sneak around about it. Thankfully, the judge realizes these two need distance despite their efforts to try to get the protective order thrown out. She is going to be judged as long as she holds herself up as a role model by continuing to accept millions of dollars in edorsement dealsl. If she doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to help herself, she can always retire from public life and go get the real education that she so obviously needs.

  • mertz

    gosh. there’s a good handfull of dumb comments on here. lol. shocking. amber rose does have a stylist…infact she has a couple even if she does dress herself, obviously, but someone pics out her stuff for her, and and and they do share a stylist, so eat it all the way to the sh*t hole.

  • sheesh


    i think you are stupid

  • Jayjay

    Thank god. her hair is back to normal.. her high hair has landed back to it’s roots !

  • joshj


  • monica

    Oh God!! Another ‘Katie Holmes’ sighting! Why do we have to know everything this woman is doing. Getting real boring!!!

  • http://http. cornelia

    who relly are intresting this? she is beayty i think!! i love her =person<33

  • bird

    This dude finally upgraded his wig.

  • natt

    Eww. Whatever Rihanna, your image is totally damage when you handled Chris Brown drama wrongly. Move on, you think by posing some fashion-forward photos can get you back to the spotlight? Dream on~

  • natt


  • toonces

    She looks much better now. She is a cute girl but the previous hairstyle made her look fug. Sometimes she does look like a tranny though. Now if she would only get a really good stylist…