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Tom Cruise: Birthday Boy Football

Tom Cruise: Birthday Boy Football

Tom Cruise celebrates his birthday with wife Katie Holmes by watching an AFL football game between Collingwood and Essendon in Melbourne, Australia on Friday (July 3).

During the game, the 47-year-old Born on the Fourth of July actor was joined by Memento‘s Guy Pearce.

Tom is in Australia to support Katie, who is shooting a new movie, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark with Guy and director Guillermo Del Toro. The movie is expected to be released in 2011.


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Credit: Scope Features; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • daniela

    Happy b-day Tom!

  • karenina

    happy birthday tom=)

  • germangirl

    oh my god what happen to katie holmes?

  • V.(Russia)

    Happy Birthday to dear Mr. Tom Cruise! I thank him for his help and contribution to mankind! And wish him to continue as well as further success in this hard and great work!

  • Kelly


  • to germangirl

    nothing has happened to katie holmes

  • alex violet

    happy birthday you,the man,who makes happy all the world by the perfect roles and films!Thank you very much!!!be successful forever!:)

  • Katie Holmes

    Circuts are f-a-d-i-n-g_must p-o-w-e-r d-o-w-n Mas-ter Tom….must re–charge need ________________

  • irish girl

    He’s so handsome, but he needs to put on a little weight. I like him a little bit heavier, plus, it’ll fit out his face and make him look younger and less gaunt.

  • anon

    HappyBirthday Baby!!!!!

  • zxc

    He looks so old. It’s time to retired.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Happy Birthday to the guy that chose a gold digger for a wife.
    Let’s hope wife number 4 will actually be love, and not a career move.

  • Katie Holmes

    I just love Aussie footba……zzzzzz….. and electroshock therapy

  • silly putty

    of course there is plenty that happened to Katie!

    changed personality……no taste whatsoever in clothes, etc…

    no talent at all

    can’t seem to raise Suri right.

    is a bimbo

    could go on and on

  • dido

    happy birthday to devoted father of three and lovely husband of katie,my favourite actor tom

  • mertz

    omg omg omg tom freaking cruise is almost 50. i feel so young and dated. frick. she looks better here in this grainy pic than in the other one. lol. and thanks for posting all the movie info in this one. happy b day to the one and only d*ck tom cruise. i can’t believe he’s almost 50. everyone’s so old now :(

  • lisajane

    HAHA, could Katie be any less interested?

  • lol

    tom is looking good but katie sure does lookin like a zombie

  • dabu

    Neither one of them is aging well. Katie looks 47 too.

  • # 2 from Russia is INSANE

    I thank him for his help and contribution to mankind!

    YOU MUST BE TOTALLY INSANE!!! What has this little twirp of an actor ever done for “mankind”. Has he made great charitable contributions? NO. He’s worthless and discussing his “contribution” as anything more than a cult shill is a joke.

    All he’s ever done is act in movies and promote a cult that is responsible for lives lost, families ruined, and money stolen. He insulted every woman who’s ever had PPD and called a medical science (Psychiatry) at “Nazi Science”. He’s as ignorant as a rock.

    I’m not a bigot, but all one has to do is read about all the abuses within Scientology to know that Cruise is promoting something harmful and sick. Thousands of people have come forward to tell about the abuses, there are legal cases pending and Scientology is about to be outlawed in several countries. Cruise has a right to believe in whatever he chooses, but he does not have the right to promote a dangerous cult by using the media. Thats dangerous.

    Go away Tom Cruise and get a grip # 2.

  • jj


  • will

    Those two are disgusting sheep.
    They look haggerd
    just to see Tom makes my skin crawl

  • Paranel

    Katie does not look her best in these photo. She looks a lot better in person.

  • lanlan8452

    Happy Birthday tom~
    Tom is so handsomeļ¼

  • Christina

    Tom looks like he would be a psycho jerk! He has this look about him that I don’t trust.
    I sure would not like to be alone in a room with him….eeek!

  • LuLu

    Tom Cruise is Creepy! eww

  • Vanna

    Ever since i saw that “crazy” look in Tom’s eyes during his interview with Matt Lauer I havent been able to see him the same……I just see that……..Tom is scarry crazy

  • Xenu rules

    I love picture 3 where Katie is falling asleep and Tom looks like Hitler getting ready to screw over the masses with his Xenu propaganda.

  • sam

    OMG!!! Katie looks so old here and so scary.

  • q

    Poor Kate even a million miles away HE still pops up to “look after her”
    she looks miserable and sedated

  • deraj tsuj

    Happy B-Day Tommy…We Love You

  • Laurie

    Katie looks like she’s on her death bed.

  • athena


    Yeah, Katie looks like she’s trying to avoid making eye contact with the cameras…she’s looking a bit thin in the cheekbone area.

  • yada

    Tom Cruise is a very smart actor. I wish them the best of luck. Kate is a loving and devoted mother

  • chloe moely

    Tom thumb is not aging well
    and Katie looks like a fug librarian

  • Helen, Russia

    Dear Tom,
    Happy Birthday!
    I would like to wish you I wish you to have power of life and Spiritual education and young soul.

  • Noticias de famosos

    What the makeup, that Katie has to face in the photo, two kilos
    makeup and period!

  • mertz

    i was going to say katie looks gaunt…but apprently i can’t say that because it insults the delicately minded as i’ve learned from the prior katie holmes thread where she looks kinda like a mess. but as i am told with all these celebs and models looking gaunt nowadays and usually under the influence of substances, i guess i have to say looking like this is the new chic. i mean it’s great if she has definition and cheekbones…but remember when she didn’t. lol. maybe being a mother does this to you. gosh. katie holmes. i miss old katie holmes. i would rewind her atleast 10 years or something…but then there’d be no suri. lol. katie holmes. smh.

  • mertz

    oh yeah and she dresses a little better now/has some fashion sense. gosh. she’s such a miss or hit girl. why can’t she always be a hit. she has money.

  • helen CHINA

    tom is so handsome
    I love you forever
    happy birthday tom

  • amara

    thats kool…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Reed Richards

    He does have a right, #20. It’s called freedom of speech and he’s promoted no such atrocities. Why don’t you go away?

    It’s his birthday, #30…

  • Jake

    Man, they both look like trash!! What the heck happened to them??? Aliens I suspect? And Christina, I would tend to agree, he is a psycho jerk. Cult man ready to rip u off and steal your mind, body and soul. Whatever is necessary, isnt that was psycho jerk has said??

  • Sal

    Yah, I bet he’s interested in watching the game alright…..hmmmm nice butts huh Tiny? He must also feel like an idiot showing up in Austrailia with THAT by his side….,After gorgeous classy Nicole. What a Hollywood joke these two are.

  • missme

    Katie looks a little worn out/miserable, eh?

  • pr person

    Crazy is just ……. crazy!

    Mrs. Crazy looks craptastic as usual… she never seems to dissapoint in that area. Has the woman heard of under eye concealer?

  • Peter morphs again

    Gee our little Peter Pecker has morphed into Reed Richards…gee how fantastic. Hahahaha

  • rainbow

    Sal, Why should Tom feel like an idiot? The Australian press has been drooling over Tom and Katie ever since they arrived…referring to them as “Hollywood Royalty”. So, apparently not everyone sees them as a joke.

  • j

    LOL Katie looks like shes in agony! poor thing.. the things we dont know about their marriage!

  • m

    Happy Bday…