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Emma Watson To Attend Brown University, Says Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson To Attend Brown University, Says Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson will be attending The Ivy League college Brown University in Fall 2009, confirms her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

He tells UK’s Guardian, “[Emma's] very clever. Do you know her GCSE results? (bulges eyes) I was thrilled with mine – seven Bs, two As and an A*. I think Emma got three As and seven A*s – she’s incredibly academic, it’s frightening. Me and Rupert [Grint] to all intents and purposes dropped out of school. And she’s going to Brown.” (FYI: A*s are like A+s.)

Emma hoped to keep her college choice a secret: “I just want to keep it private [my college choice] for as long as I can. I probably sound like a paranoid nut, but I’m doing this because I want to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in, and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

Oops, Daniel spilled the beans!

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# 2

GOD this two kids are so riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich!!!!!! $$$

# 4

i thought she chose columbia..either way – damn, i would have quit school!

# 5

You can’t get A-’s in GCSE’s. She prob got 3 A’s and 7 A*’s (you call them A stars).

# 6

Can’t go wrong with continuing her education. Good for her!

# 7

Can’t go wrong with continuing her education. Good for her!

# 8

It’s abit annoying cause she kept on changing her mind from Yale to brown blablabla. Who cares? But whateves, she’s good in acting and also academically so that’s awesome!

# 9

smarty pants.

weird i thought she was going to columbia
this is one of the reasons i love emma
this chick is way smart =]
give me a smart and beautiful chick over a hot and dumb chick any time =]

And so did you Jared.

Brown really isn’t all that tough academically!! It’s mostly known for the children of rich people, royalty, etc. who go there. It’s a party school!! Emma won’t be the only well known student there.

She’s a good example. Then you read about Lindsay L. ……..oh well.

good for her that she’s continuing her education, but her name probably also played an important factor in getting herself into an ivy league school…plus she has the extra money to spend…

brown is a party school?????????? You probably don’t know anyone from there to say that

Nice job Dan! What a way to keep a secret. Does he ever shut up? Ever. I can only hope she hasn’t told him any other secrets and good luck Emma with your first week of college now that the paparazzi will be stalking you.

bahaha daniel radcliffe. i bet emma just loves him right now!

she’s gorgeous!
love her!!

lesson learned…if you want to keep something a secret….dont tell dan :)

scorpius07 @ 07/04/2009 at 9:00 pm

@eva: I’m wondering the same thing. Wasn’t there something that popped up during the hubbub of the fifth movie where Rupert Grint apparently said that Emma was thinking of not reprising her role for the last two (now three) films? So yeah, I guess both of her guy costars have spilled the beans on her at least once.

fresh @ 07/04/2009 at 7:41 pm

smarty pants.

1. When people go to college, they sometimes do that a lot. People want to be sure they go to the RIGHT college.
2. Those were rumours.

a slew of celebs have gone to college (danes, portman, etc) and there werent really pix of them when they went. this is cause the paps are not permitted on campus, theyll get thrown out by campus police. so she needs to get over herself. itll be fine.

WOW, IVY LEAGUE? Geez Emma, way to go! So freakin g smart!

marainsconset @ 07/04/2009 at 9:48 pm

I look forward to it. I’m glad she chose Brown. It’s very low key. Has one of the best medical school. Hope to run into her if she’s going to be on that wing.

“As long as I don’t walk in, and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

Poor girl. She’ll be known as Hermione Granger till the day she dies!

Wow Emma!! You go girl!! I wish her the best of luck! I can’t believe she got all those A’s and A* while she was also filming a huge blockbuster film. Now that takes some serious brains, hard work, and dedication!

I can’t believe Dan just completely told her business like that. Oh well, it was bound to get out soon and it’s not like it’s bad news. Go Emma! She’s so freakin’ smart…it’s scary.

LOL like no ones gonna notice her walking round the uni….but im sure the ”excitment” will cool down after a week or so..! good for her!

ihavenolife @ 07/04/2009 at 10:26 pm

beautiful and intelligent! rare in the entertainment industry.

yay !! So excited for her… this is a great opportunity .. love Emma .. she’s fabulous.

@Matt: Her choice has been known for weeks now. Where have you been? Dan didn’t betray any secrets here.

So cool! I would freak if Hermione Granger was in my class. lol. But I’m so happy for her and I hope she has a great college experience. And I really hope she continues acting!

Fevertree @ 07/05/2009 at 1:54 am

@ihavenolife: Rarer than hen’s teeth. You only got to look at the sad dumb b****** in the industry to realise that. Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simspon, The freakson twins, Misha Barton, Rachel Bilson to see that the average IQ is about that of a potato chip. Good for Emma, least she’ll be able to have an intelligent conversation. But not with the above.

I just finished the last book of Harry Potter – creid my eyes out!
These kids seem pretty well-rounded for hte most part – if they continue there education or not – they are set for life:)

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 3:03 am

The interview makes him appear plenty “kooky.” He talks about the pleasure of getting drunk on tequila. Before this he said he drank vodka with diet coke. I’ll tell you what will prove he is all “growd up”. A picture of him lying sprawled on top of his own vomit in some London gutter after a typical British night out of drinking tequila and other stuff. Then we will know our little Danny has gone off the rails and is really “growd up.” I can’t wait. LOL

sorry for all the typos – it’s late here and I’m beat:) cried, the, their:)

really wish i had her brains n her scores..

That’s awesome news for her and Daniel. Happy for them.

Daniel Radcliffe said she is going to Brown but not when. I doubt she will go this Autumn as filming for the final Harry Potters films doesn’t finish until April ’10.

She’s going this year. She will pretty much be filming by then.

Never trust Dan with your secrets Emma!! Lesson learned.

And nobody knew she was going, it was rumored, but everybody recently thought it was Columbia thanks to Jared here. It was all over the news.

Didn’t Emma announce that she was going to Columbia>

retrobanana @ 07/05/2009 at 11:56 am

wow awesome for her!!!! i know this sounds dumb…but its so cool that her and her chracter are both genuises!!!! way to go Emma….some pics of her i have seen her a little wasted but she clearly has a brain.

i like that she is going to college…..i like when stars go to college it seems like the right choice if you can make it happen.

also she is blowing up i mean she has burberry ads too…she clearly is the new ittttt thing.

and im happy she picked brown…located in Providence RI in thesame state as me…..i might just have to spend more time on thayer st. trying to find her….lol
out of the ivy leagues brown is a party school????or in general its a party school??….i do say this pretty much everyone there is a non RIer

@evalynn: you’re probably right; i went to a harvard college seminar a few years ago, and the admissions representative directly said ~3% of the admitted class is termed “automatic admit”
she listed examples like musicians who are already world-famous by the time they’re in high school and, of course, natalie portman

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 12:11 pm


No she didn’t.

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 12:15 pm

That’s awesome news for her and Daniel. Happy for them.

Why awesome for Dan? He isn’t going along with her. He is too dumb for university. Said so himself. He had to be tutored on set to learn much. When he was in school he always “got distracted” he said. The kid WAS sweet, but not bright. But sometimes his conversations sparkles. Seems in danger of drink. I hope not.

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 12:19 pm

“Me and Rupert….” No No No, Dan, It is “Rupert and I….” Me is not a subject pronoun. Your bad grammar would keep you out of any decent university. Your bad grammar is very bad indeed. Bad Bad Bad. Bad little boy.

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 12:24 pm

Brown IS one of the Ivy League Universities. There are eight. Brown is one of them.

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 12:26 pm

Amy Carter went to Brown. I think she flunked out, didn’t she?

Brown University is in Providence, Rhode Island and you couldn’t find a place to be more anonymous. People in RI couldn’t care less about celebrity students. Just ask The Governator, his kid attends school here and has no problems.

Well, Daniel didn’t really spill it. It was posted on here a week ago…

She’s going to Columbia….she’s already in the directory.

Daniel is as dumb as he looks.


Um, out of all the people in the world I’m pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe knows where Emma is going…….

This is a great interview! So HILARIOUS! I love the part about him iroining and getting to a button or a zipper and not knowing what to do next. Lmao. I’m exactly the same way. I cant iron to save my life. And it’s SO COOL that he’s publish poems. I’m totally going to try to find some of them. That’s so awesome! I can’t wait to see the Ron/Hermione kiss! Especially after hearing Dan talk about it! It was one of the best moments of the whole book series, so I know it will be even bigger on-screen!! I can’t wait to see him in the biopic, Journey. I know he will be brilliant! And it’s so cool he got to meet the Obamas.

whortensia @ 07/05/2009 at 4:34 pm

You won’t find any of his poems on the internet. I don’t think he wants them seen. I suspect they are pretty amateurish and awful, in fact. Not publishing them would save him from being laughed at a lot. He can’t drive a car or swim because of lack of coordination. What he can do is drink. I am surprised he would talk about getting drunk on tequila. Not a good direction for a young star to be going in, Dan. Watch it or you’ll end up in rehab. Early. Too early. I give him more than a 50/50 chance of going off the rails before he is 25.

Now there is a girl with a good head on her shoulders…nice to hear…..

wait…i thought she was going to columbia.. ??

so who really cares about were emily waston goes to school i mean most people on care about what or were daniel radcliffe does and i know this is one of the most dumbiest thing he has every said and i dont think he’ll get it throught his head that we dont care about emily waston

paris hilton @ 07/07/2009 at 7:47 pm

now she can go to an online college since that harry “horse bleeper” potter cant keep his pie hole shut.

Rich, talented and intelligent!
I’m so jealous ;-)



I have a feeling Dan’s just helping her out (i.e. her desire not to be greeted by news crews at her dorm) by throwing people off the scent… as in, she’s not really going to Brown… it will be interesting to see where she actually ends up come fall – I wouldnt rule out either Columbia or Yale (or any other school!) at this point


A party school?? A PARTY SCHOOL? You don’t know how wrong you are. It’s just as much of a party school (and a “rich kids” school) as any other Ivy League– that is to say, its a fair mixture.

And as far as Brown not being academically challenging, you may be confusing its “no core requirements” as a lack of intellectual integrity.

hey, directly ask them harvard, yale, brown, etc…does she really get admission? why don’t they say anything even though she is famous?! hummm…. do u think she was an applicant? i don’t think so…!

Does anyone know what her SAT score is ?

yay thank god emma wastson does not smoke she is my rolemodel!!!!!!!…

It’s funny that Dan spilled the beans, haha. Yay Emma!

You’re kidding, right? She’s TERRIBLE at acting. But she is pretty and has a nice style so she should just stick to modeling.

OH MY GOSH EMmma has finallly came to MY TOWN~!~AHHH i always wantedt to meet her but i dont think i willl:(

i love you emma watson

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