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Emma Watson To Attend Brown University, Says Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson To Attend Brown University, Says Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson will be attending The Ivy League college Brown University in Fall 2009, confirms her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

He tells UK’s Guardian, “[Emma's] very clever. Do you know her GCSE results? (bulges eyes) I was thrilled with mine – seven Bs, two As and an A*. I think Emma got three As and seven A*s – she’s incredibly academic, it’s frightening. Me and Rupert [Grint] to all intents and purposes dropped out of school. And she’s going to Brown.” (FYI: A*s are like A+s.)

Emma hoped to keep her college choice a secret: “I just want to keep it private [my college choice] for as long as I can. I probably sound like a paranoid nut, but I’m doing this because I want to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in, and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

Oops, Daniel spilled the beans!

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  • whortensia

    Amy Carter went to Brown. I think she flunked out, didn’t she?

  • whortensia
  • rigirl

    Brown University is in Providence, Rhode Island and you couldn’t find a place to be more anonymous. People in RI couldn’t care less about celebrity students. Just ask The Governator, his kid attends school here and has no problems.

  • amy

    Well, Daniel didn’t really spill it. It was posted on here a week ago…

  • cari

    She’s going to Columbia….she’s already in the directory.

    Daniel is as dumb as he looks.

  • LIz


    Um, out of all the people in the world I’m pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe knows where Emma is going…….

  • me

    This is a great interview! So HILARIOUS! I love the part about him iroining and getting to a button or a zipper and not knowing what to do next. Lmao. I’m exactly the same way. I cant iron to save my life. And it’s SO COOL that he’s publish poems. I’m totally going to try to find some of them. That’s so awesome! I can’t wait to see the Ron/Hermione kiss! Especially after hearing Dan talk about it! It was one of the best moments of the whole book series, so I know it will be even bigger on-screen!! I can’t wait to see him in the biopic, Journey. I know he will be brilliant! And it’s so cool he got to meet the Obamas.

  • whortensia

    You won’t find any of his poems on the internet. I don’t think he wants them seen. I suspect they are pretty amateurish and awful, in fact. Not publishing them would save him from being laughed at a lot. He can’t drive a car or swim because of lack of coordination. What he can do is drink. I am surprised he would talk about getting drunk on tequila. Not a good direction for a young star to be going in, Dan. Watch it or you’ll end up in rehab. Early. Too early. I give him more than a 50/50 chance of going off the rails before he is 25.

  • slickcat

    Now there is a girl with a good head on her shoulders…nice to hear…..

  • yoyo

    wait…i thought she was going to columbia.. ??

  • Courtney Salisbury

    so who really cares about were emily waston goes to school i mean most people on care about what or were daniel radcliffe does and i know this is one of the most dumbiest thing he has every said and i dont think he’ll get it throught his head that we dont care about emily waston

  • paris hilton

    now she can go to an online college since that harry “horse bleeper” potter cant keep his pie hole shut.

  • Blue

    Rich, talented and intelligent!
    I’m so jealous ;-)

  • http://justjared christina



  • JOe

    I have a feeling Dan’s just helping her out (i.e. her desire not to be greeted by news crews at her dorm) by throwing people off the scent… as in, she’s not really going to Brown… it will be interesting to see where she actually ends up come fall – I wouldnt rule out either Columbia or Yale (or any other school!) at this point

  • Kayla


    A party school?? A PARTY SCHOOL? You don’t know how wrong you are. It’s just as much of a party school (and a “rich kids” school) as any other Ivy League– that is to say, its a fair mixture.

    And as far as Brown not being academically challenging, you may be confusing its “no core requirements” as a lack of intellectual integrity.

  • friend

    hey, directly ask them harvard, yale, brown, etc…does she really get admission? why don’t they say anything even though she is famous?! hummm…. do u think she was an applicant? i don’t think so…!

  • Anna

    Does anyone know what her SAT score is ?

  • harry potter fan

    yay thank god emma wastson does not smoke she is my rolemodel!!!!!!!…

  • Ai~

    It’s funny that Dan spilled the beans, haha. Yay Emma!

  • Amber

    You’re kidding, right? She’s TERRIBLE at acting. But she is pretty and has a nice style so she should just stick to modeling.

  • Vicki

    OH MY GOSH EMmma has finallly came to MY TOWN~!~AHHH i always wantedt to meet her but i dont think i willl:(

  • suppress your appetite

    she is too gorgeous

  • prasant

    i love you emma watson