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Kevin Jonas: Engagement Party With Danielle Deleasa!

Kevin Jonas: Engagement Party With Danielle Deleasa!

Kevin Jonas and fiancee Danielle Deleasa celebrate their engagement at their favorite pizza parlor in Los Angeles on Friday night (July 3).

The newly engaged couple was joined by 30 of their closest friends and family including the other Jonas Brothers, Joe and Nick.

On Wednesday, Kevin proposed to Danielle at her doorstep in New Jersey with a diamond ring (3-carat solitaire cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by 210 round brilliant-cut pave diamonds).

15+ pictures inside of Kevin Jonas‘ engagement party…

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kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 01
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 02
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 03
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 04
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 05
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 06
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 07
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 08
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 09
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 10
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 11
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 12
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 13
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 14
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 15
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 16
kevin jonas engagement party danielle deleasa 17

Credit: Rachpoot/Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • anon

    A pizza parlor? Shows how young these two are. Congrats. Is the wedding next week? things seem to be moving fast for these two.

  • sq

    i think the pizza parlor thing is cute, it shows they don’t wanna go overboard with celebrating this engagement thing. only close friends, pizza parlor, casual. and danielle’s legs are so long and pretty, i love her skirt as well! btw i cant take my eyes off that gorgeous ring, lmfao!

  • CaliWriter

    LOL We’ll see how long this one lasts before she gets jealous, controlling and down right possessive. I have to ask if the wedding is next week too, an engagement party the next day, how long have they already been living together LOL

  • shoe_freak

    wow he is engaged to someone who looks like a man in drag. so obvious he is only getting engaged so he can have sex *yawns*

  • fangbanger

    “A pizza parlor? Shows how young these two are. Congrats. Is the wedding next week? things seem to be moving fast for these two.”

    damn, i agree! duh?! pretty boring couple. get ready for those divorce papers

  • amy

    who the f— celebrates their engagement party at a pizza parlor????

    and from seeing him there’s like no way he’s still a virgin, so please please god let her be pregnant, cause I wanna laugh so hard when she gives birth to a little baby 8months after the wedding…and they will say it’s premature and I would say premature my ass..purity ring my ass…

  • 123

    engagement party at a pizza parlor? what are they, 10??? well pretty close to it lol

  • slambang

    He’s just a kid! Obviously he just doing it so he can take off the “purity ring” and get l@id.

  • Kiss_On_the_lips

    Poor guy, he just wanna have sex that’s the only reason for engagement… Seriously danielle is terrible… kevin deserves a prettier one…

  • Michelle

    “LOL We’ll see how long this one lasts before she gets jealous, controlling and down right possessive.”

    Exact the same thing I wanted to say, lol. But if they’re happy, let them be, alhough the Pizza Parlor.. wtf?

    But I have to say: I totally love the ring O.o

  • Jennifer

    Danielle Deleasa is a GOLD DIGGER Kevin. Get a Pre Nup.

  • what?

    the girl is quite ugly? And he is young why marry her? Is she pregnant already?

  • ?

    She is pregnant

  • ?

    She is pregnant

  • Bre

    So many negative comments! Lets all just be happy for them. She’s a New Jersey girl why would she want to go somewhere fancy? She’s not a real housewife. I am SO happy for them but in the words of Perez “I believe in love and all that stuff but please Kevin PRENUP.”
    I’m just saying.


  • dfjfj

    I bet she bought that bag with her own money. *LAUGHS*

  • ha

    she’s jersey 22, which looks like 32 in normal people years.

  • essie

    woah why the cruel comments… weren’t they dating since 2007.. its not like they just met a month ago… so what if its a pizza parlour, maybe its where they had their first date

  • Mandi

    Oh come on. Why can’t you just be happy for Kevin?
    He’s found someone who truly loves him, and that doesn’t happen every day. Believe me, they’re not going to be another statistic of a failed marriage.

  • bleh

    In truth he just want some A$$

  • Walt Disney

    What race is she? She claims to be Italian but I don’t think so. Perhaps she is a self-hater like the Jonas Bros who always claim they are not Jewish but they are.

  • Me!

    Engagement party at a pizza parlor??? Will the wedding be at Chuckee Cheese?

  • Magicha

    his trousers look so shiny he must have ironed them way too much

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  • charlie

    aww wow congrats to them!!!!

  • parityshopping

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  • izy

    i think they make a gd couple n she isnt ugly
    someones gonna get laid lmfao
    best wishes though

  • http://aol susan

    I don’t know who she is, but I agree, she is not very attractive. Well, at least she is not some size “0″ idiot. And, I imagine the guy could get sex anytime he wanted from any woman so I doubt that is why he is marrying her.

  • alexandra

    kevin i love you but please get a pre-nup just in case, i know you love her but you are very young!

  • mijita

    oh God. she’s SO showing off that ring.

  • shotgun wedding

    i think she is pregnant, otherwise why rush the marriage?

  • truth

    I know it’s mean but man, she’s so ugly.

  • kaygirl


    they are so Beautifuul together !
    especially this:

    ps: i lovee Kevys pants & jealous of Dani’s legs! (haha) Congrats!

  • Ckayed

    I see some nasty comments that were left before I wrote mine — like she is ugly, he deserves better, she is a gold digger! Whoa! I wonder how many of the folks leaving comments know Danielle personally? And, as far as beauty, she and Kevin are a perfect match in the “looks” department. He is no Brad Pitt! Remember this, HE ASKED HER to marry him!. So, he is over the moon for her! Life is so flippin; short, be happy for people who find love. Relationships are too often short lived so lets hope they can sustain all the ups and downs of life. BE HAPPY!

  • Meream

    Haha seems like this Jennifer commenter is not changing her tune.

  • mailey

    kev and joe seem gay to me. i dunno..

  • eew

    she looks like an uglier version of ashley tisdale
    look at that nose and horse mouth – horrible

  • Ashley

    This woman is ugly but none of the Jonas Brothers are handsome either so they make a wonderful ugly pair.

  • lovenfl!

    Wow! YOU all are so jealous of the engagement! Instead of congrats to the happy couple y’all are haters.. Crazy! Congrats Kevin and Danielle!!

  • Congrats Kevin and Danielle!

    Okayy seriously,
    what is with you people?

    If you dont like the Jonas Brothers.
    or if you dont like Danielle,
    then why read these threads about them.
    I mean cant you just be happy,
    and i understand that you guys have your own opinions
    but you dont know them personally!
    and your sayin all these things like..
    shes ugly,he just wants to get laid,blah blah blah.

    You people need to understand that if hes happy thats ALL that REALLY MATTERS!
    and she may not be pretty to you,
    but to him she might be the most beautiful girl in the world to him,
    or the prettiest girl hes ever met.

    I am really happy for him!
    i wish them the best of luck!

    And for the people that think shes showing off the ring,
    well did you maybe think it might look like that cause of how shes holding her purse.

    AND shytt,
    even if she is showing it off,
    can you blame her.

    i wish them the best of luck in their future together.
    Congrats Kevin & Danielle. <3333

  • s

    she’s okay to look at but they’re too young to be getting married..kevin jonas should think this through a little more n shouldnt just do this on a whim…

  • Natasha

    Uhh, he isn’t exactly great looking.. she is cute though. her body is great! You little tweeners need to get a life. First off, he chose her. NOT YOU HAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys are so jealous. Look at her ring losers, it shows how much he luuuuuuvs her. I’d show off that rock aswell! You can call her ugly and fat all you want but at the end of the day, she bagged a jonas. awww pity for you lil losers… :(


  • Natasha

    Also, their is nothing wrong with having an engagement party at a pizza parlor. It’s a small gathering. What’s the poin in being fancy?

  • Courtney

    I’m soo excited for them!

    I love JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Oh oh!

    If this is anything like Hanson they will fade into no where. Remember when Taylor H. got engaged or married or whatever and started popping out kids that was the end of them. Hope Kev knows what he’s doing. Career disaster waiting to happen.

  • Kaye

    The Jonas boys are self-hating Jews and ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are a bubble gum band and will disappear in a year or two they are not talented. His fugly girlfriend is smart to marry him now when he’s popular and rich. It won’t last.

  • Kristen

    ok well its obvs that you are all jealous:) im sooo happy for Kevin and that he found someone that made him happy! theyre growing up so fast…*TEAR* :)) ohh and btw…Kevin is such a better gentleman then all of you speak of him. and im sure that Danielle is a very nice girl. shes so lucky…and her ring is HUGE! lol. CONGRATS KEVIN AND DANIELLE! <3

  • karenina

    she is a gold diggger.. kevin you where the only jobro i liked and now ..omg=(

  • sweetnessa

    they are very young!!!.. have no idea where they are getting.

  • SUBsub

    His pants are way too tight.