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Madonna Performs Michael Jackson Tribute

Madonna Performs Michael Jackson Tribute

Madonna pays tribute to Michael Jackson during her “Sticky and Sweet” concert tour held at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday (July 4).

It’s the same venue where Michael was to stage his comeback. During the concert, an impersonator doing Michael‘s moonwalk hit the stage.

Madonna told the crowd, “Let’s give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known.” And the crowd went wild!

30+ pictures inside of Madonna‘s tribute to Michael Jackson

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madonna michael jackson tribute 01
madonna michael jackson tribute 02
madonna michael jackson tribute 03
madonna michael jackson tribute 04
madonna michael jackson tribute 05
madonna michael jackson tribute 06
madonna michael jackson tribute 07
madonna michael jackson tribute 08
madonna michael jackson tribute 09
madonna michael jackson tribute 10
madonna michael jackson tribute 11
madonna michael jackson tribute 12
madonna michael jackson tribute 13
madonna michael jackson tribute 14
madonna michael jackson tribute 15
madonna michael jackson tribute 16
madonna michael jackson tribute 17
madonna michael jackson tribute 18
madonna michael jackson tribute 19
madonna michael jackson tribute 20
madonna michael jackson tribute 21
madonna michael jackson tribute 22
madonna michael jackson tribute 23
madonna michael jackson tribute 24
madonna michael jackson tribute 25
madonna michael jackson tribute 26
madonna michael jackson tribute 27
madonna michael jackson tribute 28
madonna michael jackson tribute 29
madonna michael jackson tribute 30

Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • dddjjj333


  • gigi00

    dam shes ripped…wish i had a body like that at 50

  • bert

    oh my god….
    ironman 2009?

  • Kelli

    Steriod arms!

  • dundies

    #1 took the words right out of mouth lol

  • KJ

    what happened to her ARMS?


  • sam

    bow down bitches

  • LuckyL

    I love Madonna

  • dylan

    are those real

  • emily

    that’s not sexy!

  • nicole

    What’s going on with her arms???

  • E

    I bet she could kick Jared’s ass. How old is Madonna? 51? 52? She puts us all to shame.

  • mel

    how come celebrities can never see how absurd they are becoming? I know madonna probably fears death because of her mom dying young, but damn, her body has crossed over to grotesque and I bet she thinks she looks great. michael jackson , the same thing. he never thought he looked good and he ended up looking like a frankenstein. tragic and twisted.

  • eekomeeter

    nightmare material……she’s morphed into a Stretch Armstrong Doll of the 70′s…most of you are too young to remember it though.

  • E

    Pray for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq this Independence day.

  • amy

    well it was about time someone started to ca$$$$hing from his death…ohh wait his family did it first by selling tickets for his funeral

    (I got front row how about you???)

  • yoyo

    all that working out made her look DISGUSTING

  • Helen

    Why are there only shots from the beginning of the show? Her face looks great.

  • road

    Wow She looks Amazing. She looks better than ever!

  • observer

    Without Michael Jackson there would have been no Madonna. Mainstream music in the 80′s only played hard rock. So Madonna and so many others might not have gotten a chance at MTV if not for MJ.

  • Helen

    She is not cashing in from anyone’s death, her show was sold out MONTHS ago and they added the small MJ tribute at the last minute.

  • g.b

    her face,hair and all look better than last year!not a fan but i’ve t give that t her!she looks amazin

  • E

    Stop telling lies, amy. The tickets are free and done by lottery.

  • Ilia

    I can’t wait until the DVD hits the stores. She is the BEST!

  • brina

    that’s ncie of her

    she needs to stay away from the gym for a lil while tho

  • oy

    Her arms are gross.

  • CJ

    the same as michael……………….lots of plastic surgery………………she should be careful about her prescriptions as well…………………maybe steriods use…………….her many injuries from falls off her horse……………….workout too much……………..i would not be shocked if it was revealed thAT She had a drug problem…………… shameful how no one wants to grow old gracefully……………….at 50 years old you just can’t do and be as you were at age 25………………..accept your age don’t fight it…………………michael’s problem was he hated his natural look………….i think he was handsome before the massive plastic surgery……………even quincy jones adimtted that michael didn’t want to be black……………how sad is that…………..he was born a beautiful black child……..grew to be a handsome black teenage……………..but all he saw in the mirror was ugliness…………so sad………….and now he died a sad mutilated white skinned sad and in so much pain…………….

  • sd

    @CJ: plastic surgery??shut up.she made one.just one.its all about work out and eat good.thas why she has so much energy for 50.amazing legs.amazing boobs

  • mm

    @E: she is almost 51.what a body and her eyes are amazing

  • Heather ♥

    she has the scariest arms i have ever seen. those are just gross!!

  • Heather ♥

    she has the scariest arms i have ever seen. those are just gross!!

  • Helen


    No. That is for the memorial. It has nothing to do with this show. This is Madonna’s concert from her tour. She did a small tribute to MJ during the middle of a song. The show has long been sold out and the MJ part was added just this past week.

  • Lalique

    @E: :-) Thank you for the reminder.

  • Lalique

    @CJ: Michael Jackson had vitiligo, a skin disease. Vitiligo sufferers lose skin pigmentation. Whatever their original skin color, it becomes a yellowish white. Michael Jackson did not bleach his skin; it lost its color due to vitiligo.

  • Lalique

    Sticky and Sweet Tour. Sticky as in sweaty, yes. Sweet? That is so NOT Madonna.

  • CJ

    @Lalique: yeah and santa claus is real………….and the tooth fairy…………you believe what you want but he’s dead from some many drugs because of so many operations…………….chemical skin peels and nose jobs

  • Jen

    she’s starting to look a bit weird

  • CJ

    don’t be naieve

  • CJ

    this is life in the real world

  • mailey

    i think she looks kind of gross. i mean, im sure she is totally fit, but bec she’s old or something it makes the veins all pop out or whatever. ick.

  • iron chef

    she needs to retire

    she is evil and has no morals and values in society

  • a realist

    Amy #16 ..YOU ARE AN EFFING LIAR. The tickets to Michael’s memorial are free.

  • mm

    @iron chef: shut one does it better.she sold out all her tickets faster than anyone.when she retire the music dies

  • Lyla

    I want her dvd live from Argentina =)

  • Marth


  • Ladams

    Madonna please add a little body fat so your vascular system isn’t the largest thing on you. Those veins are horrid, it looks like your about to blow a vessel.

  • bedtimeboy

    She looks amazing!!!
    Some people just come here to trash her.
    She hasn’t hurt anybody. She is an inspiration,
    “She’s not your bitch, don’t hang your shit on her”

  • hot girl 18

    holy! fking awesomw.

  • kitty

    ARMS! Scary!

  • eloise

    w hore