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Diddy's Twins: White Party Princesses

Diddy's Twins: White Party Princesses

Sean “Diddy” Combs‘s 2-year-old twin girls — D’Lila Star and Jessie James — indulge in some tasty Starbucks Ice Cream at the annual White Party at a private residence on Saturday (July 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The event was hosted by Diddy and Ashton Kutcher to help raise awareness for Malaria No More, which is an organization that is determined to end malaria deaths.

Also pictured below: The ex and mother of Diddy‘s twins, Kim Porter.

15+ pictures inside of White Party Princesses D’Lila Star and Jessie James

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diddy twins white party 01
diddy twins white party 02
diddy twins white party 03
diddy twins white party 04
diddy twins white party 05
diddy twins white party 06
diddy twins white party 07
diddy twins white party 08
diddy twins white party 09
diddy twins white party 10
diddy twins white party 11
diddy twins white party 12
diddy twins white party 13
diddy twins white party 14
diddy twins white party 15

Photos: Jesse Grant/Getty, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • ALexanderina


  • Me!

    Wow! Those girls are pretty homely, but then again so are the parents.
    PDiddy has such an ugly lower face—sort of like a gorilla and the mom—-don’t even know where to begin.
    Anyway, we are looking at black trash with money—not pretty!!!

  • Me!

    Jared—stop with the censorship for crying out loud!!!

  • Me!

    Freedom of speech, right brother?

  • Me!

    It feels like some communist country where the “leader”—Jared—-needs to approve of your comments before they are posted!
    So un-American, Jared!

  • Me!

    Yeah for Jared! You posted my first comments!! Not so bad right?

  • peaches

    Wow, ew look at her toes.


    i want starbucks ice cream! demi moore posted a bunch of pics from the white party on her twitter.

  • Tands

    I don’t want to judge, but it’s so funny how some women have the job title of “baby mama of a rich dude.” Seriously, can’t they find something else to do with their lives???

  • Tands

    Well, apparently Kim does something, so maybe I was a bit harsh.

  • yoyo

    they look like 45yr old crack heads in a 2 year old’s body

  • Yas

    They’re so cute…and that party was poppin! Like serious fun…poppin!

  • me

    Is it me, or do they look more like Kanye West?

  • cuties

    those little girls are adorable…

  • Fergie Fan !

    rap singer always say they have the hottest girls ! but when they get married they marry the ugliest girl in the planet, like Kim !

  • deee

    hahaha look kim porter photo,it is fourth in gallery :D look better under the left armpit hahahhaha

  • m

    Kim needs to swich to roll on.

  • asdfghjkl;

    why do some celebs insist on wearing heels that are too small?
    her ugly toes are pratically stick out. get some bigger heels. and wtf is that on her head. not cute

  • you must be joking….

    Someone needs to inform these ladies that “less is more” and to go around with all that blingy shit all over yourself just to get noticed makes you look like exactly that…..someone who is trying way too hard to get noticed. Kim looks almost as bad as Rhianna in the other thread except she isn’t showing off her lady bits. Are these ladies so desperate for attention that they must wear the equivilant of a flashing sign on them when they leave the house?? Kim would have looked just fine without that chandelier hanging from her forehead. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who said before you leave your house take one last look in the mirror and take one article of jewelry off? Less is more!

  • JAY

    What’s strange is that Diddy has about 10 other kids with several different baby mamas. Why trot out just these twins. Hopefully his other kids are better looking. Uuugh, what do you say when you see such ugly kids, “Oh they look so smart”.

  • mina

    Hey, what’s with all the baby bashing? They are babies for Christ sakes!

    And if Jared is censoring, monitoring, whatever this site than he’s not doing a good enough job. Someone on her has the SAME name as I do.

  • mina

    As of yet I have not seen one cute celeb baby lmao.

  • jamdown from btown

    wow, lots of professional haters in the room! Who taught you all to do your job so well???Bitterness should be a sin! Making fun of the man’s innocent children, yall should be ashamed of yourself. See what happens when jealousy get in you, you can’t see other people have, and be happy for them. Sucks doesn’t it? Middle finger haterz!!
    Diddy do your thing, good looking out, donating money from your party to charity.

  • jamdown from btown

    @yoyo: u disgust me….

  • irish girl

    Classic example of money not being able to buy you class or taste.

  • irish girl

    @Me!: Get over yourself. If you don’t like the comment approval or lag then go to another site.

  • OK….

    Those twins are so ugly! And their mother, OMG….fugly as hell.

  • E

    They look identical, a couple of cuties!

  • e

    wow. they make me think of Jennifer Aniston.

  • janice

    @yoyo: how can u say that of two babies?!? you are a mean person yoyo!

  • anna


  • KinsLEYkATE

    I’d like to see what all of the people who are bashing the twins look like, They are kids for goodness sake. I hope that none of your kids of future kids are labeled ugly.

    What the hell is on Kim’s head, that is the ugliest piece of Jewellry I have ever seen, she really should know better. Or maybe not, who told her that was cute?

  • julie

    @Fergie Fan !: that’s because when it really matter, like marriage, looks don’t matter..what matters is waht;s inside…but she really IS ugly!

  • mina

    How long have you had this name “mina’? I’ve not seen it before.

  • TWPumpkin

    Why is it if you have money and kids out of wedlock that is “Cool today”? But if you are poor and have kids out of wedlock then you are trailor trash.

  • TWPumpkin


  • twifanatic Amanda

    they are so adorable

  • youallneedjesus

    Clear deodorant is bullshit it doesn’t work for some of us. Dummy should have just smoothed out those pits, before she put on deodorant. I use white deodorant as well *checks pits* and I don’t have that problem.

    You all need to leave those babies alone.

  • lakers fan in boston

    heard the party sucked
    all c-listers lol
    when i saw the pics and i saw ciroc in the background i started 2 listen to ciroc star, diddy is terrible but chester french sounds nice
    maybe next yr ull snatch up a b-lister

  • hrhkat

    Did anyone notice her armpits!?!? ew nasty! she should have used a speed stick….

  • ROSE

    My goodness, are all of you guys haters much? Talking about his kids, his childrens Mother? I guess you guys are so perfect that you can talk about other people like this.

  • tonton

    Kids have hairy lips

  • france

    Black trash? you just jealous he had the money the fame everything and all you have are you insults now that’s trashy .

  • france

    Black trash? you just jealous he has the money the fame everything and all you have are you insults now that’s trashy .

  • blueangel

    The twins look EXACTLY like him. I’ve read that his annual White Party is nothing more than a huge orgy. Last year all his kids were there for awhile but at least he had enough sense to send them home before the real party started. IMO few celebs have any morals or values and Diddy isn’t any different.

  • stacy

    Ugly parents = ugly kids

  • UhOh?

    Diddy must have had his nose done as these girls otherwise don’t look like either him or their mother.

  • tabitha shaun

    gosh! the twins are so glies!!! yuck!
    they look like whoressssss already!

  • http://AOL SUSAN

    What’s with the head gear Kim has on? Was she being crowned as Queen of England? lol
    And, yes the kids are VERY unattractive.

  • black

    Hahaha———-so people can call someone “white trash” and get away with it, but as soon as it´s “black trash”, you get bashed?

    ——————grow up————————————–