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Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids: Snow Cone Sweet

Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids: Snow Cone Sweet

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin‘s kids — Apple, 5, and Moses, 3 — snack on a snow cone and other sweet treats at a park on Friday (July 3) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The pair was accompanied by Gwyneth‘s mom, 66-year-old actress Blythe Danner. Moses wore a matching Spider-Mam get-up, complete with matching shirt, hat, and shorts. Apple wore a cute pink flowery bucket hat.

20+ pictures inside of Blythe Danner and her grandkids…

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gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 01
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 02
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 03
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 04
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 05
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 06
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 07
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 08
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 09
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 10
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 11
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 12
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 13
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 14
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 15
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 16
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 17
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 18
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 19
gwyneth paltrow kids snow cones 20

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  • Cooh

    the boy is cute

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    I hope that now everyone are happy, they give the little boy his haircut!!
    and now leave that cute little boy alone please…….

  • sweetie

    So cute! Blythe looks great. :-)

  • chloe moely

    omg..I never say this but that lil’ girl is wonky fug.
    Wait till their snotty mother finds out they had “chemicals” from the snowcones (the dye in it) LOL
    I hope their mother stays inSpain, the US hater!!

  • frances westwood

    ugliest girl ever!

  • Mich

    You people are foul. Truly

  • samantha

    wtf is wrong with the girls eyes? she looks so freaky!

  • http://justjared lala

    go away Gwenyeth and take your children of the corn with you,they are SO NOT cute!

  • slambang

    I’m glad they finally cut the little boy’s hair! And the little girl is the spitting image of her daddy.

  • sills

    Celebs can enhance their looks with cosmetic surgery, make-up and fad diets, but when they have children the truth is apparent for all to see. No disrespect intended, but they have regular looking kids like the majority of the population. The boy is cute, the little girl is cute too, in her own way, but does look very fragile. I’m trying to decide on who looks like who.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @sills: You are so right!!! totaly agree with you…..

  • Jen

    Don’t forget to mention the nanny is there.

  • CJ

    all little kids are beautiful but……..jolie pitts’ kids all of them are so much prettier…….not to be petty but being real

  • cute

    Cute! The little ones really resemble their daddy.

  • sharon

    yeh they both look like their daddy! and the jolie pitt kids are cuter

  • Betsy

    Those kids are adorable. All of you are going to hell for saying otherwise. “Not trying to be petty?” Get a LIFE!

  • irish girl

    I’m surprised GOOP would allow her kids to have a snow cone. I thought refined sugar was beneath her majesty.

  • janet

    back off. whoever calls a CHILD ugly has to be pretty nasty themselves. you know that she’s going to grow up to be absolutely gorgeous, with no small self-esteem problems thanks to horrible people like you.

    and why on earth are the jen-bashers commenting on this link?

  • Infinite

    Apple looks like Chris Martin. I’m not sure how his looks will translate on a girl but I imagine she’ll be attractive. Just because she’s the offspring of a celeb doesn’t mean she’ll be gorgeous. Nothing wrong with that.

  • kiki

    They are cute. Their father’s genes have clearly dominated.

  • Cammie

    Didn’t realize Blythe Danner was that tall…any child who has a living and loving grandparent is truly blessed. Their snowcones are likely made with natural fruit juices and do not contain fructose that is proving unhealthy for all and, especially, those of us who have various allergies ~ corn, wheat, gluten, and soy. Stop comparing the children of actors as, just like their parents, there are no two who are the same even within one family.

  • asdf

    @irish girl: Goopy probably doesn’t know. I bet those kids adore Grandma Blythe!

  • JC

    All children are adorable but that’s a weird photo of Apple. She looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in the main image.

  • Noticias de famosos

    The boy is very handsome, is a darling.

  • Shar

    Actually those snowcones are probably loaded down with sugars, but a treat once in a while is not going to kill a child.
    Agree, Apple and Moses really do take after Chris.

  • m

    Apple looks like a cow.. Ugliest child EVER. Her brother is cute though.

  • B

    They’re so adorable!

  • jami

    these children are lovely, i hope apple’s eye can be fixed.

  • Amy

    They are cute looking kids. But I have seen way more beautiful kids out there. Including my own :-)

  • sheigh

    Those Kids are ugly ! Their mum is horrible too but she upgrades herself thanks to make up and fashion stuffs !
    Now i hope that i won’t have children as ugly as her because if it happens i will commit myself ! Of course i’m joking but the kids are very ugly as hell !

  • life


  • carrie

    I know it’s harsh, but it’s true, that’s a really weird looking little girl.

  • stellartes

    Apple looks just like Chris Martin and has a bit of his cookoo eye going on but she is adorable and little Moses is Gwyneth’s mini-me.
    The nanny looks like she is having a “fab time”….lol

  • karenina

    wtf with the girls eyes?

  • amanda

    Adorable children! Spitten-images of both their parents; great combinations!!!

    To the cruel and worthless idiots that feel the need to pick on children: you deserve nothing but ugly things in your lives. You must be the peopole who were picked on as children, or you were the bully yourselves. Really; get over yourselves.

  • booboobird

    i noticed in some older pics that Apple’s eyes were not straight. hopefully that can be fixed. she’s a cutie, moses too.
    it’s tough to be a child of famous semi good looking people and have some sort of problem.
    Goopy will probably have a heart attack seeing her child with blue lips. all those chemicals.

  • just me

    Is the brunette the nanny? I thought she was blonde. Apple does look a little strange in those photos. Her face looks very thin. When they were little, I saw some of Gwyn in the kids but now they really do favor Chris.

  • amanda

    I don’t see anything wrong with Apple’s eyes. She’s only five and is still growing into her face. Everyone is different.

    Shannon Doherty’s eyes are uneven; who the heck is perfect?

    Why the freakin’ need to compare them to Brad’s kids? That’s low and immature.

    Apple is all Gwyneth from the nose-up and Moses is a younger-version of Chris!

    Why the constant need to pick on Gwyneth and Chris’ children? Because you shallow-hals don’t like their parents you pick on the kids? How old are we?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? In your sick worlds you’d rather side with the two parents whom committed adultry rather than the innocent people in this world. Says SO MUCH about how vain you people are. REALLY!!!!

    This site makes me sick. I don’t understand why it isn’t moderated.

  • bonzo

    bout time she cut that kid’s hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reed

    @amanda: If you want a moderated site, go to celebrity baby blog. They censor everything there.
    I don’t know why people bring up the Jolie Pitts here. They have nothing to do with these kids and unless you know them personally, you have no idea if they committed adultery.
    Apple has her father’s eyes. Moses too though his face looks a bit more like his mom’s cause of the baby fat.

  • mailey

    theyre all very blonde and tall.

  • the incredible edward!

    Realx people,
    baby/ toddler doesn’t necessarily equal “cute”. Some children aren’t. That doesn’t mean they deserve any less…

  • TWPumpkin


  • TWPumpkin


  • heathen

    Too bad those kids got their looks from the dad. Chris is one ugly-ass man, no sugarcoating it. They have his wonky eyes.

    Also it seems there are two kinds of people, some who believe that all kids are adorable no matter if they are hideously deformed, and the other kind who believe the truth is the truth, some kids are not cute.

  • Chris

    Those kids look like spawns of the devil because they look like Gwyneth, not chris. You should see her the old hags face without make up, it’s a frightening thing to look at, just like apple.

  • Megan

    They definitely got Chris Martin’s genes. I’m not seeing too much Gwyneth Paltrow resemblance, so his genes must be very strong. They are cute kids.

  • irish girl

    @Cammie: Get real. They’re at a park and it’s unlikely that a concession stand would have the organic, macrobiotic food that GOOP would eat.
    Blythe Danner is cool. Great actress.

  • eliza

    Cute kids. Apple looks just like her dad.


    Honestly, these kids look like vampire kids – pale and blah like both parents. If they were not popular, nobody would even bother to take pictures of them. They are the only reason why Gwyneth is still a B-List celebrity for now. Pretty soon she’d be in the D-List with the famost D-Lister that we know Kathy G.