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Jon & Kate Gosselin Spend Fourth of July Together

Jon & Kate Gosselin Spend Fourth of July Together

Jon & Kate Gosselin seemingly work on their marriage and throw a picnic for their kids — Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel — on Independence Day (Sunday, July 4th) at their home in Reading. Penn.

The kids were seen picking blueberries for Kate‘s famous Fourth of July cake (the blueberries are the stars, strawberries are the red stripes). Alexis was seen fighting over a volleyball with Colin. Jon was spotted lighting a sparkler.

10+ pictures inside of Jon & Kate Gosselin celebrating the Fourth of July together…

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  • Letitbe

    Kate looks like she’s losing weight. Maybe cuz of the divorce and all.

  • LolaSvelt

    Please stop posting this ugly fat hag. She needs a stylist, too.

    He’s hideous, too. Please keep those children away from them. They are desperate wannabes, nothing more.

  • mailey

    not sure they’re “working on it”. prolly just chillin for the kids. they seem to really hate each other to me, i dunno.. god, john is huge.

  • Anonymous

    It was so nice to come here and NOT see anything about this family for a few days. They were having their family time and nothing was shown or said but that’s over now. I think they spent the 4th in the same location because it was a tradition for them to do something special as a family for the 4th. But could they both get off the cell phones and BE with their kids. They are there with them but are they THERE with them????????

  • Karen

    I think Kate is in shock cause her book has been “delayed” ( mostly due to rumblings that she copied others’ recipies, some as simple as from the back of boxes of cake mixes) and her input of children’s clothing designs has not been included in the fall line and, of course, the show is on “hiatus” and may not come back. Gosh, they both may actually have to get a real job to support their children and cut down on their lavish lifestyle–maybe she should have socked the money away while she had it good. Others in today’s economy are giving up a lot of luxuries… not Kate. Her children have to wear all matching outfits, all new, and she needs her spa treatments. I do NOT feel sorry for KATE at all. At least Jon stopped taking her crap. Time for TLC to portray a new and real family.


  • escrow mama

    Alexis and Collin are fighting over the tether ball and good god, could someone buy that man a new pair of shorts? Surely those kids have made enough enough money to afford it.

  • Pandora

    Kate & Jon seemingly work on their meal ticket — the TLC show.

  • yoyo

    i wonder what scheme they will make up next to attract ratings when their show comes back in August?

  • yoyo

    i wonder what scheme they will make up next to attract ratings when their show comes back in August?

  • blackfriday78

    Another stunt pulled by Jon and Kate to save their fame and $$

  • bella

    @Letitbe: Agree and Jon look like he has gained.

  • wowweewhippyforme

    the man standing with kate is not jon, is it? jon has’nt seen a gym in months. but not this man. all you see is his back, his tight thick and fit back. He’s a freakin thorough-bred! (moisture).

    New body-guardian we’ve been hearing about? Cuddly smile, too. Keep up the good work, Kate. For all of jon’s shortcomings and your continued commitment to your family you deserve a little spoils of the labors. Didnt notice a ring on the new body-guards hand either. Can someone find out his name please.

  • wowweewhippyforme


    Jon looks a little tired. I think the term is “frumpy?
    I’ve seen some really cute pictures of him before. On a few shows I could see his charm. He’s down I guess, and the wears & tears of cheating is catching up.

  • Kroometoo

    why are only the 6 kids mentioned?
    what about the other 2?

  • Jen

    Kate’s famous cake? Not unless she invented it in utero….that cake has been made by thousands of people, millions of times. It’s on the front of at least one woman’s magazine every summer. Gag.

  • liverwurst

    Doesn’t look very “together” to me. Jon os obviously a stress eater…

  • http://justjared lala

    jon and kate…..WHO?how bout showing a functioning,real, family like the Duggers,please less(or maybe NO) jon&kate,boring!

  • Amy

    Tether ball, NOT volley ball. How stupid can you be?
    I am glad they spent the day together for the kids.

  • Amy

    Tether ball, NOT volley ball. How stupid can you be?
    I am glad they spent the day together for the kids.

  • Noticias de famosos

    That pair ….

  • shamwow

    Ok, they were ALL seen getting their passports and it’s reported that Carla’s daughter has confirmed that they are ALL going to Korea. Also some one wrote before the “divorce” news broke that this all was going to happen, the apartment, the trip and a surprise August reconciliation….. Come on people we are being duped. Then.. her book comes out in October and “love will be in the mix”.

    You guys, they are playing everyone. Look into it and you will see.

  • Sassy fan

    FINALLY pictures of the fam! I was missing them not being posted everyday! Seriously loooove the Gosselins! :) Especially Alexis!

  • sassy fan

    Wait, and where is this “sparkler” that Jon is lighting? Do not see that anywhere. Hope there are more pics soon!

  • sassy fan

    @shamwow: ummm they aren’t going to Korea anymore…at least not together they aren’t. Also her book has been delayed. So get off and stop peddling your bitter bike.. okay?

  • NativeNYker

    Why do folks think we care bout these two? Seriously.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Tazina

    They are just together for the kids’ sake. I doubt they’re calling off the divorce. It is nice to see that they’re working together to raise those 8 children and hopefully they will be friends.

  • shamwow

    Are you freaking kidding me.? I have no “bitter bike” whatever that is.. What is that by the way?

    You need to quit looking at pictures of little kids and go get help. Your weird “love” of the Gosselins has helped to bring their demise.
    If anyone should get sued when those children are older it should be the ones that refused to let it die out. You are just as guilty of exploiting those children so you can get what you want and watch little children on tv.. Nasty and Creepy!!! Pedal that!

  • olivia fallows

    this couple renewed their vows in Hawaii last august and Kate told those children THEY WOULD ALWAYS BE TOGETHER.
    i cannot believe these children are still be showing on TLC.
    that is not kate gosselins recipe for the stars and stripes cake.
    olivia uk

  • Lisa

    Jon started this wholle negative media meltdown of this family. He really destroyed all that the family worked for within the last few years. They would never, ever have the security for their kids future if not for the careless actions that he made. I believe he still has a chance to save his family from all this mess. He should realize what he has and what he will lose, for what? He’s gotta grow up one of these days, hopefully.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    she is atrocious but he is soooooo unattractive! ugh!

  • Jan

    @Anonymous: They said they would always spend holidays TOGETHER with the kids but I agree with you. GET OFF THE CELL PHONES JON AND KATE!!! FOR ONCE LEAVE THEM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

  • Not fooled

    Do NOT be fooled by these pics. NOT just a “picnic together for the kids”. THEY WERE FILMING. AKA WORKING!!!!!! They look “So surprised” in the pics that paparazzi “caught them having a fun family picnic”. Lies. The kids had to get in their matching 4th of July outfits & film. No hiatis from filming to work on things. Just no new episodes until Aug. DO NOT WATCH!!! Stop the show!!!

  • woot!

    Ummm…Kate’s famous cake…NOT!! That ugly 4th of July cake has been made for decades now. When I was a little girl in the late 70′s my mom made it with me. There is nothing original about that skank…she lies, cheats and steals her way through life. I’m glad all her bad Karma is finally catching up with her!

  • Jan

    @lala:Jon and Kate are more functional than the Duggers. The Duggers USE their older children to care of the younger children. They are not exposed to public schools. The girls are not allowed to wear jeans. There church attendance in at their HOUSE. Once a year they go to a weekly retreat of only same type people or eat out with on same time people and beliefs. This is not functional. Even if Jon and Kate are divorced their children are exposed to the real world by the trips they take, going to public school. Kate Gosselin admitted herself she has been hard on Jon but she has worked her butt off to support those kids. Jon should have sat her down years ago and said. I do not like how bossy you are. Jon has put Kate down many times on the shows also. It seemed to be the way they communicated but now all we see is Kate’s faults. Kate wrote the books, secured the speaking engagements, and got the clothes lines contracts. Now due to Jon’s behavior Kate his losing her contracts and means of support of the children. Jon was so jealous when the motorcycle guys gave Kate the little scooter. Jon said, “i FINALLY GOT TO RIDE MY NEW BIKE”. Jon could not stand the attention Kate was receiving from the motorcycle guys. That was one of the best shows and KATE AND THE MOTORCYCLE GUYS WERE THE STARS. Jon is so jealous of Kate’s success. Jon finally became the man “as I know I am” and is “excited about his new chapter in life” AND who ruined his soon to be X wife’s businesses. Good for Jon. Bad for Kate AND THEIR CHILDREN.

  • Jan


  • Not fooled

    NOT Aunt Jodie. I am just SAD for the kids!!! PERIOD.

  • Vicki

    Not this whore again

  • Cindy


    Ha ha ha! I was just thinking the same thing. I made that cake one 4th of July about 10 years ago. Saw it in Good Housekeeping. Under “Classic Recipes”.

  • Carol

    @Vicki: That’s what the kids are thinking too!

  • E

    I thought the Gosselins aren’t talking to the paps, per Kate? What gives, Jared. Does Kate need attention?

    Her and Jon’s 15 minutes are OVER. They need to quit EXPLOITING their kids for MONEY and ATTENTION.

  • brooklyn

    July 4th was a Saturday…might wanna fix that.

  • Flo

    They did not spend the day together, this was nothing more than a staged event to garner interest in themsleves. The angle to wangle viewers is that they are working it out for the kids, hence the photos of them both their for the holiday, notice the kids for once in their lives are wearing different colors and styles, plud J & K just happened to wear complimentary colors.
    Kate arranged this becasue they are on hiatus, her book is delayed and her clothing line on hold so how else does she get medua coverage?

  • AUGHHH!!!!!!

    @Flo: TLC was there FILMING a new episode!!! And the kids DID have on matching outfits earlier & HAD to work. I know, I live by them!!! So frustrating!! I’m sure you will all see the “episode” for yourselves soon as proof. Then you will figure it all out as I did. I will not be watching tho. It’s out of control & needs to STOP!

  • acidlite

    I hope she steps on a BEE! She’s always barefoot. LOL

  • Sharon

    @acidlite: Or steps in dog poop!!!!

  • sarah

    I’m glad MJ knocked them out of the headlines cause the they topped North Korea test firing missiles.

  • Kate Gosselin

    It IS my recipe and I resent you people talking so badly about me. I am perfect in EVERY way so just get over it and get a life.

  • jeffrey musial

    If this realy isKate Gosselin. whats up with you and the new boyguard?

  • jeffrey musial

    Actally i meant bodyguard, but why do you need a young one thats not married? Or is that the point?


    That so called “famous cake ” that Kate does for the fourth of July is “not her own”. My sisters and I use to do the same cake about 15 years ago, it’s been published in just about evey home magazine there is. I am glad to see they are staying out of trouble for a while and spending time with their kids. They need to stop the show and just do what is good for them little ones.