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Matt Damon: Happy Fourth of July!

Matt Damon: Happy Fourth of July!

Matt Damon, his lovely wife Luciana and their cute 10-month-old daughter Gia check out of the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday morning (July 4th).

The trio was seen heading to the home of Matt‘s BFF, Ben Affleck (and his wife Jennifer Garner), for a special Fourth of July party.

Just a few days ago, Matt and Ben played in the Ante Up for Africa celebrity poker tournament in Las Vegas.

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  • yajaira

    where’s the 3 year old daughter? i only see the second one who’s just a baby

  • Jaz

    that’s a good looking family

  • mina

    so sweet childhood friends still get together.

  • mm

    What a great family. I can’t wait to see Matt’s movie The Informant.

  • mattie

    They look nice. It is good he married a nobody. She is always under him he can do whatever he wants.

  • latina

    Wow he married a woman of color, that’s great.

  • latina

    Wow he married a woman of color, that’s great.

  • irish girl

    @mattie: Please write a comment that people can understand. What are you trying to say? Baffling.

  • irish girl

    Nice looking family. He seems quite happy to be a husband and dad. He’s lucky to have found a wonderful woman who is his EQUAL (mattie=retard) and they share the goal of keeping their children out of the limelight.

  • Gatúbela

    @mattie: What a stupid comment. Why do you assume that she’s “under him” and that he can do whatever he wants? What a simplistic view of relationships.

  • Gatúbela

    @latina: Another stupid comment, though not as stupid as Mattie’s. A woman “of color”? What century are you living in?!! Why is it necessarily “nice” that he married a latin woman? They look like a very happy couple, but I don’t see what color, nationality, ethnicity or race has to do with that.

  • Gatúbela

    How wonderful that Ben and Matt are still friends! He looks really good. He seems to have lost the weight he gained for his new movie.

  • mattie

    Their body language says it all. They look look nice btw.

  • funny

    they share the goal of keeping their children out of the limelight.
    Unlike his friend .

  • sam


    their body language????? please get a brain

    so funny he is wearing a dublin t-shirt and it’s the 4th of july, I have a cousin living in the states and all their pics of yesterday are extreamily usa lovers

  • Mattie thanks jjb

    Where is the Affleck clan seeing how awful Ben looks like he hasn’t slept in days.. and if they did they usually have a photo of the bbf’s.

    As for Latina .. a woman of colour you mean like Jlo who is totally
    a woman of colour…

  • mattie

    No you get a brain. A blind Can tell the fact that she is under him.

  • kate

    Jared – Sunday (today) is July 5. Seriously – if you had to rely on a boss for a job and a paycheck you’d be in big trouble. You make A LOT of mistakes dude…………

  • Ladams

    The dress is terrible. It looks like something Angelina Jolie wears in black.

  • Flo

    What a truly ingnorant remark that anyone’s partner is under them.
    All it shows is how inadequate you feel about your own self,

  • RMW

    @ sam

    never ceases to amaze me how ridiculously patriotic Americans can get! Last time I checked, he could wear whatever the he wants to wear!!

    Agreed on the other two retarded comments about the “woman of color” and “under him”!!

  • latina

    #16, yeah and like Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Eva Langoria, Eva Mendez, they are all women of color.

  • TWPumpkin

    Hey people! “This woman of color” is gold as in gold digger! She was a waitress. He just wanted a baby machine. I can’t stand him or his big mouth friend Ben. They both talk shit about people and then when someone says something about them they jump all over it. They both have fugly wives and kids!

  • sarahC

    Will people stop bringing up the woman’s ethnicity this is 2009 already you don’t have to keep pointing things like that out. Yeah it is good that Matt and Ben are able to maintain their bromance in an industry full of backstabbers and jealous peers. Good for them.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn his wife looks like jlo in these pics and thats not a complement
    matt….dude..u should have spent the 4th of july here in boston
    the fireworks were great as always =D

  • lurker

    Matt is gonna be at the Mandela Concert with these other celebs

    Mandela Day
    July 18, 2009 at Radio City Music Hall
    A 46664 Celebration


    A Special Concert to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 91st Birthday
    Radio City Music Hall – Saturday, July 18


    STEVIE WONDER, ALICIA KEYS, WILL.I.AM, T-PAIN, JESSE CLEGG, GLORIA GAYNOR AND EMCEE WHOOPI GOLDBERG TO JOIN THE MANDELA DAY CONCERT LINEUP Additional performers will join Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, Forest Whitaker, Aretha Franklin, Wyclef Jean, Queen Latifah, Dave Stewart, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Josh Groban, Angelique Kidjo, Baaba Maal, Jesse McCartney, Zucchero, the Soweto Gospel Choir and a host of African artists to help kick-off the first Mandela Day Celebration

  • NativeNYker
  • Love Matt

    Thanks Jared! :D There’s absolutely nothing I don’t love about Matt Damon. He’s got everything I esteem in a man. ;)

  • Reed Richards

    I think he meant Independence Day weekend, #18.

    You’re so ignorant, #23.

  • mary

    matt and ben are great. matt’s wife is sweet and awesome. Ben needs to get rid of his fame whore Jen Garner though.

  • sare

    Maybe Matt’s wife can give Ben’s wife some pointers on how to dress. I would think that Ben gets embarrassed with the way Jen dresses. Matt’s wife looks casual, yet put together, and she has 3 kids! Jennifer Garner looks like she dresses herself with the lights off. Having kids is no excuse to look like a slob, a manly slob at that, especially when you have nannies, gardeners, personal assistants, etc. It’s not like she actually does what a real mom does.

  • Kathy

    it is typed that the pic is taken on sunday july 4th.. however, sunday is july 5th.. soo.. is this from saturday the 4th or sunday the 5th?

  • mary

    not a fan

  • gary

    If Ben has wanted an over top dressing high maintenance wife, he would have married JHo. He married a low maintenance woman (who is much prettier) and is very proud of her and delighted to be with her. Poor sare, (and all of your other aliases ) you must be the only one who is so jealous of the woman he chose over the one you wanted for him. Thank God, he met Jen G before he married that Jenny whose been with everybody on the block. (memba Diddy)

  • sare


    No aliases, I don’t need to hide behind many names to say exactly what I think. I don’t care who Ben choses to be with, he wants to f*ck a fug, all the power to him. Jennifer Garner is more of a man then Ben is. The only reason I comment on Jennifer Garner is because you obsessed fans of hers are fun to piss off.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Matt should come out of the closet and champion gay rights.
    Stop being such a coward, Matt!

  • cally

    Matt’s wife dresses like an ugly hooker (which is approporiate). She is also a lousy mother who has completely abandonded that other kid she popped out as a teenager.

  • Alexa

    Yeah, aggreed

  • sHAWNA P

    #23s gettin warmer!

    child #1 clearly looks like her father
    child #2 clearly looks like her father, Matt Damon
    child #3 clearly looks like her father, George Clooney

  • Lida

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    really ? i don’t think so guys check this url and change your mind.
    Lida Thanks. Have a nice day !

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!