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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Jersey Boys Down Under

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Jersey Boys Down Under

Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri watch the the stage production of Jersey Boys: The Story Of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons at Princess Theatre on Sunday (July 5) in Melbourne, Australia.

The Australian production of the Tony Award-winning musical officially opened the day before (July 4). To watch the Jersey Boys down under, visit the musical’s official website.

10+ pictures inside of Tom, Katie and Suri checking out Jersey Boys

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Photos: Robert Prezioso/Getty
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  • LuckyL

    Does she want to be held by her father, or what…?

  • LuckyL

    Please Katie, stop looking so solemn.

  • rainbow

    Suri is so cute, but she obviously hates the paps, poor girl. She’s looking more and more like Tom everyday. I think Katie and Tom both look nice here.

  • TEDS

    I cant imagen a 3year old sitting through Jersey Boys.

  • raena

    katie’s face looks really sweaty/oily. but i don’t blame her for looking grim. imagine being followed by cameras every second you’re out of your house.

  • emmaa

    Haha I’m going to that next week. Wonder if they were seperated from the rest of the audience?

  • Rose

    lol…i just saw this story on the news :p

    Suri is so cute. I hope they come to Sydney :)

  • Mousse

    Oh come on can she look any worse.. Katie gives me the creeps with her weird half dead expressions.

  • elizabeth

    She look so old and haggard. Too much cream/oil on her face. Can she atleast look presentable.

  • jacky

    suri is so cute
    tom is so handsome

  • tina

    someone needs to take a shower and degrease herself.

  • huh?!

    wt’s up with kate’s face?!…ughh…oily with blemishes…the girl’s gotta take care of her skin…

  • jj fan

    MY CITY! weird to have them here. Katie’s career ,…well…what can I say? I love Melbourne but it will never be Hollywood!

  • LisaJane

    Is it cold in Australia or is she hiding something?

  • Lippy Lou

    to LisaJane – It’s winter in Oz

    I must say it looks as though she has just had a facial, a lot of places put on a oil based cream after a facial – still she never looks very happy these days

  • laura

    I’m ashamed to be in the same country as them

  • lmb

    I havent seen a smile on Katies face since they arrived. Tom and Suri seem to be enjoying themselves though!

  • chaz

    Here comes the circus! Complete with midget, scared child, and oily face girl!

  • AP

    Stupid freaks run around NY in the winter without coats, now they wear wool when its warm……and what the hell is wrong with her face? Aside from the fact that she’s a walking robot that is…….

  • Star

    @AP: Its actually winter down here in Melbourne, it was pretty cold today

  • BRian

    Tom must of told her that if she puts WD40 on her face it keeps away the SP’s.

  • BRian

    LOL #16!!!!

  • Jazz

    I guess $cientologists in Oz are pissing themselves with glee now that Tomkat and The Chosen One are here.

  • zoe

    #23, the chosen one? seriously lame.

    anyways, suri looks cute as usual. katie’s face looks oily but it might be just a bad photo…..

  • Linda

    Children under 12 are not even allowed in the Broadway Production…there are gunshots, violence, and a lot of the F word. I wouldn’t bring my child to see it.

  • Dread not

    LuckyL @ 07/05/2009 at 3:39 am

    Please Katie, stop looking so solemn.


    Dn: Katie can’t help it. See how, Tom is holding on to, Suri. He’s not doing that out of love. It’s his way of reminding, Katie, about the ultimate Scientology oath of allegiance. He’s telling Katie, “if you even think about leaving me, THIS goes on the secret sacrificial altar that I told you about. Then I, Tom Cruise, and I alone, will ascend to The Supreme Star God Grand Pooba throne, by the blood of my first born!” Or maybe, Suri is just gassy, and a little cranky, so Tom’s comforting her. Either way, Katie looks like she needs to catch up on some sleep. Maybe the horror movie she’s shooting has got her mind in a bad place. Yeah, yeah, it must be THAT. No, it’s not, Tom constantly asserting is mind control over her, which is sucking her very life force dry.

  • Karon

    Aussie’s, can you please, please keep them there?

  • Letitbe

    Katie looks totally ticked! Maybe she’s mad at him for being so over the hill……maybe she’s rethinking her whole situation with that pintsized egomaniac.

  • natalie

    jj why did you cut the part from the picture where the paparazzi sticking the camera in suri face and the security guard trying to get him away maybe dont suit you to show all everywhere they show picture except you

  • LA Lady

    UGH. Katie should try taking a shower and washing her face. She’s greasy. Suri’s adorable. I feel sorry for the poor kid having a freak for a father and a nutjob money grubbing D lister for a mom. I can’t believe how sick and sad Katie looks yet there’s Crazy Cruise smiling away.

    I agree with the person above. Can u please keep them in Austrailia. We don’t want them in the states. YUCK.

  • Jeanette

    Stupid AP, not to know that it is winter in Australia and it is pretty cold and that is why everyone is rugged up!!!

    Certainly showing your ignorance.

  • I’m from Melbourne

    This is totally a PR setup. I’m from Melbourne and work as a dealer at the Crown. There are private entrances and exits at the Crown to keep famous people away from the paps. They are underground so these two PR Wh*res didnt need to face the paps. THEY WANT TO BE SEEN or they would just use the underground garage. They have only been here a couple of days and the entire city is sick of them already. Everyone here at the Crown hates their guts already. Katie thinks shes the freakin queen and is so nasty to everyone. Shes nothing more than a has been biotch and her husband is a total freak. Please take them back America. They are your problem, not ours.

  • liz

    I for one find it hilarious that during winter in NY they run around in summer gear, yet wear winter gear in Melbourne. NY winters are wayy more colder than Melbourne ones!

  • mailey

    i like her headband. but yah, her face is all oily or something.. i dunno what, but she needs a treatment.

  • !!!!!!

    WASH YOUR FACE KATIE AND TAKE A SHOWER WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. It’s bad enough to look 10 years older than you are and miserable. The least you could do is be clean. Your husband is a loon but atleast he looks clean.

  • silly putty

    silly oily faced bimbo.

    she has adopted the idiotic “Victoria Beckham” “pose”. Always looking down the ground.

    waste of air !

  • dido

    you stupid haters it is winter in Oz so where the hell are your teachers doing at schools?

  • Pandora

    Katie needs some sleep and a little less Oil of Olay.

  • Megan

    God, is Katie crying out for help or what? I can’t believe Tom doesn’t see it or does something about it. She will be dead within 10 years if they don’t divorce.

  • rosadimaggio63

    Ma la kate, dove và a farsi il make up e dove và a comperarsi quesi ridicoli vestiti ?

  • slambang

    I really wish they’d stop dragging that little girl around. It’s clear that she does NOT want to be there. Stop using her as a photo op!

  • irish girl

    I think Katie looks good here. Her skin is a bit shiny, but she looks well rested and the headband is cite on her.
    I feel really bad for Suri. She hates all the attention and does so many things to shield herself from the paps cameras.
    These people are hounded wherever they go. I would HATE that myself.

  • lghlih

    what wonderful pictures of a beautiful loving family.
    these are amazing pictures.
    Tom and Kate are so awe-inspiring.
    to think that they are in Australia is just over-whelming.
    just seeing this family together is so thrilling.
    we are so lucky that these wonderful, down to earth, dynamic individuals actually walk amongst us.

  • Kia

    She’s probably pregnant- hence the oversized coat and the oily complexion which can happen in the 1st. trimester… Yippee! Another Scientolo-Tot to tote around… How “special” for them… *Yawn*

  • Cammie

    Notice how Katie has totally immersed herself in work since she’s been in New York. Most of us have learned throughout the years, it’s a good way of “escaping”…she has appeared so unhappy for such a very long time.

  • NativeNYker
  • Elaine

    wow. Katie looks so happy all the time! *sarcasm cup overfloweth*

  • #43 is a moron

    what wonderful pictures of a beautiful loving family.
    these are amazing pictures.
    Tom and Kate are so awe-inspiring.
    to think that they are in Australia is just over-whelming.
    just seeing this family together is so thrilling.
    we are so lucky that these wonderful, down to earth, dynamic individuals actually walk amongst us.

    Seriously….GET A F*CKING LIFE!! Really. You need to find someone worth admiring. What’s so “awe-inspiring”, “over”whelming” and “thrilling” about a couple of idiot freaks pimping their kid all around the world to try to get more PR? What have they ever done to contribute to humanity. NOT A THING! The only thing Cruise has ever done is jump up and down on a couch about his fake relationship, insult every woman who has ever had PPD, and talk about how an entire medical science is crap. What a total moron. He’s almost as stupid as you are. Holmes is a gold digger who had a baby for money and fame and is now letting Cruise control her life and her kids life. She looks as sick and miserable as her life has become. Obviously the girl doesn’t even care enough about her life to wash herself. Now that’s depression!

    Seriously…..these FANATICS need to get some sort of a life. They’re pathetic. Why don’t you admire people who really give something to the world. Not a couple of C list actors who use their kid to keep themselves in the newpaper.

  • TWPumpkin


  • Jill

    Poor woman looks miserable in every photo.