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Gerard Butler Covers 'Esquire' August 2009

Gerard Butler Covers 'Esquire' August 2009

Gerard Butler shares 300 things we didn’t know about him in the August 2009 issue of Esquire. Clever movie reference, we know.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud is promoting his new movie, The Ugly Truth. The romantic comedy costars Katherine Heigl and opens on Friday, July 24th.

Last month, Sports Illustrated cover model Bar Refaeli went naked for the the July 2009 cover of Esquire. The should have continued with a naked trend with Gerry!

Stay tuned for more bits and pieces from the Esquire cover piece!

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  • anon annoy

    It’s amazing what make up and lighting can do. lol

  • hag

    fug bloat face. great match for manny.

  • bailey

    I can’t wait for the 9th when it goes on sale.

    Thanks for posting Jared.


  • Swansong

    Thanks, Jared! It’s great to see him on a cover. Such a handsome man!

    Really looking forward to The Ugly Truth!


  • Karen

    Gerard looks really great.

  • mailey

    i used to like him but then ive seen video of him being a total a-hole so nevermind.

  • Sally

    He is hot! And he is so great actor. I’m looking forward to see him and Jennifer Aniston together on the screens. What a couple! Beautiful cover, by the way. Very sofisticated.

  • nyob

    He looks hot! But I agree with the first post – makeup and lighting do wonders.

  • Ina

    HOT! but I dont like the hair do…

  • pafan

    A great cover. GB is a handsome man whether he’s duded up in a suit or just kicking back in jeans and a T-shirt. I can’t wait to see the pictures of him inside Esquire. I’ll be buying this for sure.

  • turanga

    Damn! He used to be so fine. But hard living is a bad mutha f_cker!
    We won’t even mention his age, cause there are actors out there older than him that don’t look as haggard (Patrick Dempsey, Dylan McDermott, Johnny Depp). Not sure how long he can keep up the hunky image without it becoming utterly ridiculous.

  • monster in law

    Exactly who at JustJared is this lame, hack sucking off?

  • PAT

    He looks good to me. In my opinion…he doesn’t need makeup…or good lighting!!! He looks good without either of them. Can’t wait to read 300 things about him that we didn’t know!


    douchbag with non-stop trash movies since 300.

  • ines


  • JJ is Gerard’s b/tch

    @monster in law:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.

    He is spiraling downward into stupid rom com hell.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @JJ is Gerard’s b/tch: Starring with Jen Aniston is definitely a step in career suicide. Her last movie bombed and Love Happens is getting really cr*p reviews. Not a good career decision on Gerard’s team.

  • pitt-iful

    Delish! I bet this guy wouldn’t leave his girlfriend and six kids.

  • breathinliveout

    @ManLESSton, I likely: HJNTITU wasn’t a bomb and she only had a supporting role..doesn’t qualify as “her” movie. The one before that beat Brad’ and Angie’s ass at the box office though. And before you say “it was a dog movie” just STFU because it only shows that loons are as shallow as their idols morals.

  • Sally

    @ManLESSton, I likely: You’re always so busy writing bad things about Jen here in Jared’s. I wonder how much of your time you waste by thinking and talking about her. Did you notice that? It seems something is wrong, spend so much time and effort with somebody you obvious don’t like. You can don’t like her, that’s OK. Really. But why you bothered yourself so much?

  • Lolita

    He is hot…but he needs to stay way from those chessy romantic movies..stay with the action baby

  • Samaya

    Gayness personified. Just come out the closet already!

  • de mi

    I like him in action movies.


    Sorry but this man is a ass and totally full of himself. Gosh Jared keep putting up his pic cause you care………….. a lot.

  • de mi

    I do not think a mother of six children would want him.

  • de mi

    What happened to him?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @breathinliveout: Management was a bomb. Love Happens is getting bad reviews. I wasn’t referring to whatever you were talking about. AND the dog acted better than Jen did in Marley. The dog showed more emotion and was more believable. As for idols, NOT a Jen fan and not an Angelina fan. Just debating Jen’s bad acting skills and her box office poison of late…
    Sally, why are you so worried what I do with my spare time? Do you think I care what you do in your spare time? Get over it. I love a good debate and these threads are a gold mine. Because facts do speak louder than jens can crow, it makes for interesting sport for me when the hubby is out of town. Too bad for you, lots of fun for me though!

  • de mi

    I guess you were told Sally,straight up.

  • http://netzero YEP

    He looks hot and I agree with #21 stay with the action/drama, but I will go see TUT and Bounty Hunter.

  • Adri

    He looks really good. I hope his movie The Ugly Truth and also this one with Jen does well. Good acting can’t make a bad movie be great. Bad acting can’t make a good movie be awful. So I don’t think Jen’s movies have failed just because of her. She appeals to alot of people. The success depends on many factors. His movies have the potential to do well and don’t solely rely on Jen. It will come down to the script, the directing, the acting, the chemistry, and many other reasons. I really like him and would like to see him succeed.

  • oy

    Not handsome. Doesn’t even look clean. What’s the deal with Hollywood actors all looking unbathed? Eww.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Adri: I agree with you. like the guy and want him to do well. I just think that Bounty Hunter is iffy. Andy Tentant’s last movie was the bomb Fool’s Gold. I am hoping the great Scot can bring some magic to this. I do believe it will be his performance that will be critical to making this movie good. We’ll see.

  • jaye

    Classy cover; NOT! You’d think they’d have a better picture than one that looks he just came from a business meeting at a bar.

  • bonnie

    I SOOOOO agree with you that Esquire should have kept going with the nekkid cover thing …most especially when THE man with the hottest body on the planet happens to be the cover. The least they could have done for us women would be to have him shirtless! Oh well, I guess everything he does won’t be R rated. Hopefully at least one of the 4 movies he has either filmed or is filming will show us some of that amazing body nekkid. One can hope!

  • Friar Laurence

    -300 things we didn’t know about him – yikes!
    Fear comes upon me;
    Oh, much I fear some ill unluckly thing!!

  • stacie

    He maybe an ass but he is BEAUTIFUL to look at . I can’t wait to get the new mag..

  • yvette

    Handsome as ever. You are hot Gerard.

  • pafan

    I’m having a hard time to stop looking at the Esquire cover. He is so much sexier than today’s other actors. Yes, there may be prettier and younger actors out there, but they just don’t have the ‘it’ factor that GB has. Guess he was born with that charisma. Glad he’s getting the attention out there in the real world that he deserves.

  • he looks sexy

    because he’s easy. All sl*ts have great sex appeal.

  • skeevy

    In that photo he looks like a creepy old dude sitting in a bar on a stool eyeing young girls……..kind of like he does in real life with all his clubbing.

  • josephine

    It is next to impossible reading anything with that “Unborn “-demon-boy advert staring at me all the time. C’mon, Jared….spare a thought for me!

  • Just my bit

    You know. the nay sayers can say what they want, obviously. The best thing to do is ignore them. They’re just looking for attention with all their nasty garbage. Talk about bored housewives. If making nasty comments about actors they don’t even know is entertainment and fun for them, then they must be very sad human beings and are much to be pitied.

  • just me

    @ # 12 & 16…he’s sucking off of people like you!! LOL! Really? People who claim to not like this dude, but just happen to come across this thread and ask stupid questions like “who is he sucking off?” You are your own worst enemy! JJ knows that fans or “not so much” fans of Gerry are always giving their two cents on this site. So, thanks for playing along and acting “not interested” in GB.
    Please continue to support the cause…lmao.

  • just me


  • pathetic

    @just me:

    Just me, you sound like a tw/at who is too easily upset by anonymous posters on the internet.

  • malibusunrise


  • save your pity

    @Just my bit:

    Talk about bored housewives. If making nasty comments about actors they don’t even know is entertainment and fun for them, then they must be very sad human beings and are much to be pitied.

    If defending an actor that you don’t even know, acting like an internet board mommy (as well as Gerry’s mommy) is entertainment and fun for you, then you must be a very sad human being yourself. So save your pity and look in the mirror.

  • just me

    lol….really? I’m easily upset??? OH NO!! Now I might have to resort to using the word t/wat?
    congrats for representing jackass

  • just me

    O! that was for “pathetic” Pathetic is as pathetic does ummm hmmm

  • just me

    @ Pathetic, all I’m saying is, don’t get your granny pants all up in a bunch…I’m commenting just as you are…..hypocrit