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Jon Gosselin's Commercial

Jon Gosselin's Commercial

Last month, Jon Gosselin announced that he and wife Kate would be getting a divorce.

Well, it seems the Jon & Kate Plus 8 papa is already on the prowl and registered on one of the most popular dating websites,

Check out the parody of Jon‘s ad below from Funny or Die.

DO YOU THINK Jon has a sense of humor about this and would laugh at this bit?

Jon Gosselin’s Commercial
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • cece

    that man is sooo unattractive. Plus i would never date a man with 8 kids


    still riding them, huh? lol rock on

  • Jon Gosselin

    Low class ball busters need not reply

  • elmo

    The Gosselins are over, Jared. I know they are your buds but they screwed America over when most of us were down. (Most of us could see through them but that’s a different story.) Stick a fork in ‘em, they are done. You betcha for the quitter too.

  • sexy mom

    He must be desperate for a mate to register at a dating service.

  • karenina

    simetrical haircut

  • karenina

    he made a real one? or there only this fake one?

  • Megan Rebekah

    That’s hilarious!

  • Iggles

    He has gorgeous eyes…

    But he needs to lose weight and dress his age!

  • Dog the Bunny hunter

    i heard he and kate are trying to get the Jackson kids so kate can expand her TLC paycheck lol

  • lola

    jared, why are you always the last person to post things, seriously!

  • kiddo

    I needed the laugh today. I got one.

    This was funny. I love the last part-I sit on this side of the couch.

  • anon

    I dont think he would find it funny if one of his older girls happen to go online and saw it or heard from another kid at school. There are young innocent kids caught in this who are adapting to a painful situation. There is nothing funny about this.

  • mertz

    ugh. didn’t even watch it. how can they be doing endorsements when they not even married. lol. don’t answer. it’s a rhet question and a total durrr one at that.

  • amara

    at first im liek wait that dnt sound like him…and not exact match in looks but wutever…cnt believe after having kids with the lady he already lukin

  • OMG

    I don’t think he would laugh about it. . .and the 8 half white babies remark . . .so not funny. Any joke that these sites make about kids, is not funny. I have a sense of humor, but the parady not funny. Lindsay Lohans on Funny or Die was funny.

  • amara

    but that lady wus weird.i mean she wus a control freak

  • bleh

    wow that was so dry

  • Sassy

    OMG Ed Hardy is soooooo yesterday. And the baseball hat turned around backwards makes me so hot baby, and I love that you have 8 kids so on the weekends you have them, I can disappear and have the best of both worlds! The PERFECT MAN. Yowza Yowza Yowza!

  • Sassy

    OMG Ed Hardy is soooooo yesterday. And the baseball hat turned around backwards makes me so hot baby, and I love that you have 8 kids so on the weekends you have them, I can disappear and have the best of both worlds! The PERFECT MAN. Yowza Yowza Yowza!

  • Brittny

    Jon has gotten FAT as hell! Hit the gym w/ your newly free time, Jon!!

  • katie

    Yes I agree that Jon has gained weight in the photo but that was not Jon in the video people!

  • Brittny

    @katie: Youre right. It’s not! I didn’t even watch it til you said that! LOL

  • http://justjared anonymous

    OMG! that is not Jon, it is a look-alike. It was made as a joke you weirdos!

  • dee

    is this guy reppin for ed hardy or something…..i means it all i effing see on him!

  • MEG

    Was he on the red-neck beer belly tour? Did he shower and shave last month or Valentine’s day ?

  • jaye

    That is not Jon, are you BLIND? You have a picture of him right there and then see the video and you can’t tell the difference? The voice is different too.

  • pafan

    And some were down on Kate? This jerk just gets worse and worse. Nuff said.

  • pafan

    OK. I hope this is not Jon. Why would someone do this? What a creep he must be.

  • princessmischka

    Hahahahaa! That was genius! And seriously, the whole “oh no, what if the kids see it” argument is inapplicable. If Kate and/or Jon had any reservations or protective instincts about their kids, they (a) wouldn’t have a camera crew follow them around everywhere, (b) wouldn’t air their lives on air – the kids are going to see it or hear about it at school, and (c) there is no reason why my amusement should be curtailed because of other people’s kids. Not my kids, not my problem. Keep the funny coming!

  • Honey


  • Virginia

    I think Jon would have a sense of humor about this parody of him. Always thought he had a sense of humor about everything — God knows that’s probably what kept him half sane during his 10 year voyage to hell and back with his disgusting wife.

    Don’t know if he’ll ever be able to live down the testicle removing Kate did on him for all TV viewers to see time after time even now that he apparently has decided he is a grown-up man. He allowed his kids to be bought and sold and he alone is responsible for allowing himself to be badly treated.

  • Denise

    I can’t believe you people don’t realize it’s a LOOK ALIKE!!

    Although I am amazed there are 2 people stupid enough to wear Ed Hardy. Looks like it’s made by one of those air-brush booths at a carnival.

  • Jamie

    That is hysterical!! Well Done!!

  • kate

    WOWWWWWWWWWW. Some people are just plain dumb.

    That’s NOT Jon! That’s a SPOOF. A joke made by the Funny or Die people…duh

  • stupid blog this is a blog that stold gosseline with out pittys name.

  • kim

    @stupid blog : iwhyawli is the owner shes trying to give aunt jodis address out and kevins my space page and there private reords on there house what a bunch of ass holes.

  • iwhyawli

    @kim: Thats my blog I love kate and will get the hater blogs shut down all of them. And I will give jodis info out and Kevins to and jodis sisters Julies blog will be next to be shut down I will not stop until I shut them all down.

  • Quiltart

    im from gwop we will get all the hate blogs shut down.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao that was hilarious
    totally captures jon’s douche side

  • smart

    @stupid blog: yeah there trying to give out julies info stupid ass people on that blog someone should report them to blog spot.

  • michelle

    This parody is really funny!!! But are you sure there’s an actual video of Jon himself for

  • princessmischka

    @iwhyawli: it’s called the first amendment. people can blog about how much they don’t like kate just as much as you can blog about how much you love her. regardless, giving the public people’s private information can only lead to trouble – if something happens to them you could be prosecuted as an accessory…is kate really worth becoming a criminal?? i think not…especially with that horrible hair.

  • paris hilton

    so what are his child support payments like? i could prolly afford him………

  • lee

    @princessmischka: that blog gives info out about jodi, kevin and jodis sister julie I agree someone needs to report them and tell Julie about them.

  • jj

    @stupid blog: jesusstillweeping said…
    Forgot to add: why are they afraid of lawyers? Everybody on GWOP speaks the truth.

    I’m sure the idiots who have written to that PO Box included their onsceen names. So, if there are lawyers involved, GWOP admins, along with Kevin, Jodi, and Julie, already have the idiots personal info.
    Hell, even if onscreen names were not included, there is no way in hell that the people holding the info wouldn’t hand it over.

    All the aboved named have to do is say this person told me the information. The GWOP admins probably never have to give over their names, but I’m sure kevin, Jodi, and Julie would be more than happy to hand that info over to save their own asses.

    Why the hell would GWOP allow that comment? It should rattle some cages.

    Have a happy fourth!

    July 3, 2009 10:42 PM

    sunshinemakesmehappy said…
    if you are not engaging in any criminal or shameful act, no one should be fearful of providing a photo or their real identity. Those above posts say alot, if they have to warn others, that tells me they KNOW they are or have, done some thing wrong or questionable.


  • jj

    that came from this stupid blog .

  • jj

    @jj: read this. Anonymous said…
    Kon better watch their backs. I can see Jodie and Kevin needing to pay off one of their other housing loans by knocking off John and Kate and holding a three-hour infommercial for an upcoming tour and memrobilia, just like the Jacksons did today.

    July 7, 2009 5:38 PM

  • ninas rich

    anon 7:28
    I think you might be right about the nina on lisa ks site. She pretends to be a regular person and she is a mcmansion person. I think she is the same artist person that lives by me and they got more money that evry person on that site put together. If them women knew how rich she was theyd be making fun of her instesd of kate. She wants people to think shes just regular but her and her man got houses all over the world and got a house by me that looks like a hotel it has to be worth 4 mil, at least. whole family is loaded. she is a fake person pretending to be regular. I wont say nothing more cause she never done wrong by me and they do a lot of stuff to help out the community but I still dont like people that rich making fun of other people. She needs to go polish up them forgin cars her and her man drives around in.they got there girl who just graduated a BMW. Thats how regular they are.Her and her twin arent no 50 either they dont look more than 30 or so. good surgons I think. Nina go mind the busness of that fancy art place you charge 10,000 for a stupid picture you painted. dont pretend to be like regular people cause you are NOT!

    June 21, 2009 4:15 AM

  • Carrub

    Greta Van Sustern reported this on her evening Fox report. She thought it was the REAL Jon Gosselin. What a laugh!

    Seriously, have ANY of the reporters ever watched any of the J&K+8 show?

    If they did, they might report more realistically.