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Megan Fox is Across the Pond Pretty

Megan Fox is Across the Pond Pretty

Transformers babe Megan Fox walks to her terminal at Heathrow Airport in London, UK on Monday (July 6).

The 23-year-old has been in a war of words with Transfomers director Michael Bay. After Megan said that “working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience,” Michael responded with, “She says some very ridiculous things because she’s 23-years-old and she still has a lot of growing to do. Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in Transformers.”


DO YOU THINK we would’ve found out about Megan Fox’s acting without Transformers – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox across the pond pretty…

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  • mela

    she is a bit arrogant. In the scene where she emerges from the water in the Jennifer’s Body trailer, her face looks puffy and plastic..

  • Raquel

    Well to be honest, what she said is THE TRUTH!!

    I’m sorry but not she nor Shia are required to act in his movie, and Bay who is older has a record for saying stupid things as well!

  • LuckyL

    Of course Jared, WTF’s wrong with you?

  • LuckyL

    She should go manufacture herself as a line of blow up dolls by the way.

  • fresh

    The trailer for her new movie looks horrendous. She should really drop acting and become a full time model.

  • okie dokie


  • Kelvin

    LOL… she’s really been all over the world now… where do you think she’s heading???… the last time they saw her with brian austin during 4th of july

  • me

    She was totally correct with what she said…Transformers is definitely not a movie about acting. Still love the movies though.

  • jamie

    I doubt she would have had as much success as she has now if michael bay hadn’t put her in transformers.

    of course transformers isn’t about acting….but it sure did put her on the map. before no one knew her name…they just knew her as that snot from that lindsay lohan movie.

  • mn

    i think she’s completely right. besides why should michael bay get offended what does it matter? if transformers was more about acting than why would he hire abercrombie and fitch models to ‘act’? all of the college scenes in the movie were models, completely unrealistic.

  • b

    no she would be a stripper

  • anthony

    I was a fan of her before Transformers, But I think she was just being honest and referring to her acting skills and saying she isn’t known for her acting, and lets face it that movie isn’t about acting but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. Bay should relax he made his money

  • wendy

    she’s a complete idiot.
    need some brains.
    at least respect those with more experience…especially the ones that put you where you are now.
    what a fruit tart.

  • L


    She was in a Lindsey Lohan movie?

  • me


    In that same interview where she said the stuff about Transformers not being about acting, she said she can’t say anything bad about the movie because it made her be where she is today.

  • ja

    OMG they are twisting her words. She never said that! They probably switched her words to piss of Bay..

  • ja

    @me: You’re right. And she said everyone needs to stfu and take it for what it is, a movie about robots!

  • go sox

    Just find this chick totally arrogant. Some people like her “honesty” but she has no tact, NO class, and is beyond fake. She needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut, and not “bite the hand that feeds you”. I don’t find her to be attractive because of her stupid attitude and personality. Beauty is more than fake lips, boobs, etc. It’s what comes from within as well, and she’s TOTALLY missing that.

  • bell

    she played lindsay’s rival in “confessions of a teenage drama queen”.

    and although what she said may be true, she’s still biting that hand that feeds her. transformers gave her that boost she needed to become famous and she should learn to censor what she says a bit- eventually she’ll get herself in trouble with that mouth.

  • L


    Come to think of it, I remember an interview like that. I think she said something like how she went in every day and she just had fun because she was running and screaming and just enjoying herself. It wasn’t about the acting.

    Can anyone confirm that I’m at least on the right track? Also, I knew her from Hope & Faith and when I watched Transformers, I was like, “Hey, it’s Sydney from Hope & Faith.”

  • karenina

    JARED, you should post the whole opinion and the complete answer michael geve to her..
    yeah she should stfu she should be thankful!
    she is nothing but boobs and a nice body, she has no brain or talent.

  • Pining for Chris


  • eden

    i’m sorry but even if that comment was taken out of context, it still stems from inexperience and stupidity…like a lot of her comments. wasn’t she about the stardom versus acting anyway? her marilyn manson tattoo says it all. you have fame now, know how to handle the media in hollywood, ’cause you’re gonna sink or swim grasshopper!

  • umm

    this article is so old……you need to catch up jj

  • dundies

    transformers gave her that boost she needed to become famous


    LOL a boost? really. more like a catapult

  • fan

    Her agency should teach her how to answer media’s questions and how to give public speeches. You could still answer questions truthfully but use tactful wordings and phrases that will not offend anyone.

  • medic

    Yay on Bay
    nay on Fox

  • gapeach

    her career will decline when the franchise is done

  • Kenzie

    too bad she’s right. look at her role in the movie. bay obviously didn’t cast her for her acting skills…

  • dee

    i think shes right … nuff said ….and megan fox is sexy as hell she was bound to be discovered no questions asked!!!

  • irish girl

    I think she would have eventually become famous without Bay. Lets face facts, for many actresses their looks play a key role in getting them on the screen. Eventually, if they have the skill, their talent will shine. She would have had to do a lot more small roles rather than jumping right into a large role like she has with Transformers.
    I think that MF is a realist. She knows that she’s trading on her looks. Michael Bay wanted a female actress with the looks to help pull in audiences and he found her. He tried it before with Scarlett Johansson, but The Island fizzled at the box office and Scarlett was blamed because she didn’t have any “box office draw.”
    Megan isn’t dumb. She knows that Bay would take the credit if it went well or feed her to the dogs if it didn’t. I find it funny that he got offended by any statement she made (even one that was misconstrued). Where was he when his “producers” where slamming Scarlett’s skills as an actress and professional? Did he jump in and say that perhaps the writing was off or his directorial interpretation of the script was not quite visionary enough? No.
    If anything, I find it funny that Bay had to respond at all. Is he threatened by this little 23 year old upstart? Perhaps. It’s so hard to keep females down now-a-days.

  • m. Fox=hoe for sho


    It’s not the point that bay was complaining about money he was defending his work of art. If she didn’t sign a contract saying she was going to be in the sequel she must’ve read the script and known what she was getting herself into…it’s transformers which are robots; hence more computer graphics.
    I don’t like Megan Fox she’s arrogant that doesn’t know what she’s talking about =dumbass that needs to stop talking.

  • m. Fox=hoe for sho


    how do you know what she said? were you there?

  • MEG

    Drop the acting and find a new line of work, sweetheart. It is never to late, to be something different. While your at it, drop that silly and stupid looking man-hat, into the nearest garbage dump. It would make a great nest for the finches this coming winter.
    Whatever or whoever made women think that they can wear those ugly, fugly things, ought to be skinned.

  • m. Fox=hoe for sho

    @irish girl:

    your just as dumb as m. fox. Have you read her interviews? They don’t make sense at all. I bet you that if he would’ve picked any other girl he would’ve done just as well as he did. Looks don’t always play the big part of movies…it’s the story of the movie that intrigues people.

  • ja

    @m. Fox=hoe for sho: It was a part of an interview, dumbass.

  • mertz

    does she actually do any kind of acting in transformers…is her green screen acting any good. anyways despite what michael bay says, even if he is right, isn’t really all true…she’s not a complete newbie in acting/the business even if she’s had small parts and nothing as blockbuster as this. we would have found out about megan fox anyways but not because of her acting. it would be for the same thing it is now, and that’s her hotness…however manufactured that my be. that girl is no actor or actress.

  • Nancy

    Honesty is good, but she needs to learn how to be tactful. She’s right; Transformers isn’t about acting. However, her remarks are pretty offensive and disrespectful to someone who more or less brought her out of teen movie obscurity and catapulted her into super stardom.

    Of course, her fake nose, lips, and possibly breasts also helped.

    Moral of the story is: just because something is true doesn’t always mean you should say it. It’s like looking right into your grandparents’ eyes and saying, “You know, you’re really really old and you’re going to die soon.” Yeah it’s true, but who the f says that?

  • TEDS

    She is an ungrateful cow!!! And I hope all her movies bomb big time!!
    Has any-one seen how much surgery she has had done at only 23, in one shot you can see scars in the boo b area and the changes to her face is just stupid. And that STUPID tattoo on the back shoulder is the WORST celeb tatoo I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clara

    Megan’s definitely gorgeous. However, I like her a lot more when she does not open her mouth. The things that come out of it are so ridiculous and sometimes really trashy! And, has anyone noticed that when she talks her throat comes alive like there’s an adams apple in it or something? I just noticed it when she was on a talk show the other day, and it was disturbing! LOL. Either way though, I like her.

  • lol

    irish girl @ 07/06/2009 at 10:44 pm I think she would have eventually become famous without Bay


    don’t think so. she made a movie with lohan and nobody can even remember it was her. transformers transformed her career from nobody to this hot chic in HW. the least thing she could do was to be grateful and appreciative of the role bay gave her because honestly, who would megan fox be without transformers? and no, i hope they won’t make a blow up doll of her face, she’s got a lot of acne pot on her face so gross.

  • sade

    guess Megan has never heard that you “dont bite the hand that feeds you!”

    Even if Transformers didnt require much acting… neither did TombRaider or a variety of other action films that brought superstardom to celebrities.

    But, the key is that while the acting wasnt a big need, the movie itself allowed recognition which allows for future opportunities that they might not have otherwise had.

  • she can act?



  • m. Fox=hoe for sho


    JA: “OMG they are twisting her words. She never said that! They probably switched her words to piss of Bay..”
    hey retard…i know it’s from an interview. But how can you say they twisted up her words if you weren’t at the interview (They PROBABLY switched her words to piss OFF Bay…)

  • irish girl

    @m. Fox=hoe for sho:

    You started an argumentative analysis, so carry it on. Calling me dumb (while you use incorrect grammar by the way) hardly qualifies as legitimate reasoning. Qualify your opinions with sound, logical statements and examples, and I may read further.
    You don’t expect to go through life this lazy, do you?

  • blah

    Michael Bay is spot on. And wtf is up with that hat and those glasses? They don’t even look good and yet she wears them every freaking day.

  • Joker Bitch

    Did I lost you…….again? Aww, sorry! hahaha! B*tch!

  • seriously

    DO YOU THINK we would’ve found out about Megan Fox’s acting without Transformers – YAY or NAY?

    - She already had a break in a movie with Lindsay Lohan and she was forgotten so it’s definitely a big NAY!!! She wouldn’t get her role in Jennifer’s Body if Bay didn’t cast and made her known in Transformers. I bet her new movie will bomb because she cannot act. The only reason people will watch her show because she is getting naked on that movie. It may be harsh, but it’s the reality, truth.

  • Bitch Gal

    If I tell you……..go f*ck yourself!

  • Bitch Gal