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Megan Fox is Across the Pond Pretty

Megan Fox is Across the Pond Pretty

Transformers babe Megan Fox walks to her terminal at Heathrow Airport in London, UK on Monday (July 6).

The 23-year-old has been in a war of words with Transfomers director Michael Bay. After Megan said that “working with Michael Bay is not about an acting experience,” Michael responded with, “She says some very ridiculous things because she’s 23-years-old and she still has a lot of growing to do. Nobody in the world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in Transformers.”


DO YOU THINK we would’ve found out about Megan Fox’s acting without Transformers – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox across the pond pretty…

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  • irish girl

    Are you seriously using the nudity argument to disqualify her as an actress. Give me a break. I can think of no less than THREE female Oscar winners who have recently been naked in movies (one of which was using the kiss, grope in a major grab for attention).
    I’m not stating that Megan is an Oscar contender, but saying that she uses nudity as a draw is just banal and, sorry for saying this, very American in it’s sentiment.
    Who knows where Megan’s career will go in the future. She’s young and she has a lot of time to prove and improve herself as an actress.

  • m. Fox=hoe for sho

    @irish girl:

    oooo yes my grammatical errors show how lazy i am at life. F you! Do you really believe that M. Bay is threatened by M. Fox? I’m sure that he has accomplished and will accomplish more than M. Fox will ever in her entertainment career.
    Ok well, like you were saying The Island did bad but you didn’t read or hear M. Bay criticizing Johansson. Johansson is attractive but the story behind the movie didn’t catch ppls attention; proving that looks don’t always have a say if ppl are going to watch a movie or not.

    PS: I’m done w/ this…or else i’m gonna end up like you w/ no life and commenting on everyones opinions and checking for grammatical errors.

  • uglysexy

    I like her honesty…she knows bay blows

  • Lauren

    There’s a difference between being honest and being a bitch. Regardless of how truthful she was being, this guy put you on the map. like stfu and appreciate where you are. no one would care about you.

    she’s good looking and all but she’s kind of an asshole and not the good kind of asshole where you’re like “yes, someone who says it like it is”- the kind of asshole where you’re like “shut up, you dumb bitch. you’ll never be like marilyn monroe or angelina jolie.”

  • Mae

    Transformers is good, but it requires little acting, so she is not wrong but still she should be grateful, otherwise she should not have agreed to take the role. And YES I knew megan fox long before transformers, she used to be on Hope and Faith with Kelly Rippa. Her name was Sydney.

  • princessmischka

    From an appearance on CBS’ The Early Show Megan gives us this gem: “I’m in the movie and I read the script and I watched the movie and I still didn’t know what was happening,” she said. “If you haven’t read the script and you go and you see it and you understand it, you may be a genius. This is a movie for geniuses.”

    If that’s the case, then I must be a MENSA candidate because it was pretty clear what was going on when I watched it. Megan Fox is, sadly, the stereotype of pretty face, no brain. Her attempts at humor, irony, and sarcasm fall short and she ends up sounding extremely stupid and uneducated. Megan needs to take some time, enroll in some classes, get some life expirence, and grow up.

    You don’t insult the man who put you in a franchise film that has made well over $200 million in 2 weeks. By doing so you insult not only Michael Bay, but also Speilberg, the studio execs, he actors, and the writers of the film, all of which are far more established in this industry and have a longer shelf life than another pretty face (although she really needs to stop with the collegen in the lips). It’s LA – you can’t throw a rock without hitting some hot girl with long hair and big boobs that wants to be an actress.

    Her comments were not taken out of context – I’m sure her handlers would have made a huge fuss about that after all the backlash. She basically insulted every actor who worked hard on this film to try to make something enjoyable for the audience and fans. If she didn’t think SHE was “acting” then perhaps she should have qualified the statement and spoken for herself only. Just because the movie is a huge action, popcorn flick for the summer, does not mean the people working on it – from Bay to craft services – did not work hard to give the studio a profitable film and the audience a bit of entertainment.

    If Megan Fox believes that Michael Bay’s film does not utilize her “acting skills” or challenge her, or let her “explore her craft,” perhaps she should opt out of the next one – I’m sure Bay will be able to find some hot chick to take her place. Oh wait, I’m sure she’ll endure it for the paycheck – hypocrite.

  • jewett

    well, i saw her in confessions of teenage drama queen and her acting is not that remarkable. except for that time where she fall off the fountain. oh well… IF she didn’t get to be in transformers, she wouldnt get the same fame that she has now.!

  • hums

    whats she doing back in the UK jared??

  • vanessa

    yeah I knew who she was.
    confessions of a teenage drama queen was the only movie I think I’ve seen her in. But I’m no bigger of a fan of hers now than I was then.

  • LolaSvelt

    lol at Michael Bay acting like he has a purpose in life.

  • Honey

    ugh. not THAT hat AGAIN!

  • Mel

    i think both of them are right
    shia and megan are not absolutely needed in the movie but megan would probably still being unknown if michael dindt chose her for transformers
    but i dont think shes a good actress, i dont even think shes an actress
    she’s just her boobs and her body

  • pop

    princessmischka—————Relax l think you are making more of the situation than it is. She hasn’t insulted anyone. When she said that Transformers wasn’t a movie “about acting” she was right. It’s a movie for kids not for the Oscar’s. And l bet that if that journalist had read her full quote to Bay he would have laughed and agreed. As for her comment of geniuses you are making a mountain of nothing. She has said on numerous occasions that she credits Bay for her career.

  • i

    for someone who is so “honest” she sure has a lot of fakeness in her appearance….does anyone else find it amazing how different she looks from before? before she was just an average but cute girl…then she made herself pretty…but now, she’s starting to look fake and overtweaked, which makes me think of a tranny everytime i see her.

  • chelle

    she does look prettier with less makeup.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks totally hot
    honestly that’s old news and i think u made a post about it before jared
    once again in just her plain clothes she looks so amazing
    i dont understand why so many ppl hate her
    she talks shit but that’s pretty much it

  • princessmischka

    @pop: I had a rough night…my flight was delayed and then I was surrounded by screaming babies for the whole hour and 45 minute flight…I had to blow off steam somewhere! LOL

    regardless, i stand by my comment, by qualifying the WHOLE movie as not being about acting she basically bundles up everyone’s efforts and says they weren’t doing their job. was this Oscar material – absolutely not, but it doesn’t mean people didn’t care or put out an effort. that’s all, if she wants to say she didn’t think it was challenging her acting skills that one thing, but she should think before just blabbing away. it’s just rude…and that’s not pretty.

  • paris hilton


  • charlie

    i had no idea who this girl was until transformers and even after watching the movie like 3 times, her name meant nothing to me when i heard people mention her…so to me, its because of MB that shes on the map now.

  • selgomezfan

    DUDE, Megan is a whore and a slut. She would only be noticed because of her body. I seriously cannot stand her. She’s a terrible actress and the only reason she was put into Transformers was because of her body–its apparent through her audition (body + car = skank!). She knew that getting into the film–at least I hope so.
    :/ BUT again, look at how smart she is.She was with a man because of the sex. DUMB.

  • retrobanana

    does she really think she will ever be cast in anything that is an “acting experience”….she is wlays gonna be the pretty face in a movie…she is 23 and she should be thankful for that.

    when she was in that linday lohan movie it pretty much branded her….and if i was her id be happy. shes another jessica alba or jessica beil and they should be happy they cant act they are just pretty faces but they are still making money.

  • caty

    Look at her without make-up she isn’t pretty! Without Transformers she wouldn’t be anywhere! Hate it that the people compare her to baby v, vanessa is very pretty and talented and not arrogant like Megan!

  • Big Pimpin’

    if u watch her in the lindsay lohan movie she looks completely different and the way she looked she would never get her attention for her “looks”. she should kiss her surgeon’s a** everyday.

  • named

    #1…. I noticed that too! What is she injecting into her face to make it all puffy? Needles in her face everywhere! Maybe we should call her Mega Needle.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :)

  • wes

    they got a Japanese version of Megan Fox – Yoko Kumada who looks pretty yummy too