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Miley Cyrus Covers 'Elle' August 2009

Miley Cyrus Covers 'Elle' August 2009

Miley Cyrus isn’t a kid anymore, taking the August 2009 cover of Elle. Here’s what the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star opens up about:

On her new clothing line with Max Azria for Wal-Mart: “The jeans are my favorite part of the entire line. Because, like, literally this is going to be good for, like, Middle America, and it will be great for kids that really want to be in fashion but that don’t have it available.”

On the difficulties of being a teen star and why she’s friends with other young performers: “It’s hard for all of us. There are so many people that could be using you. So me and Nick [Jonas] and Demi [Lovato], we don’t need anything from each other. We got our own thing going on.”

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Photos: Carter Smith/Elle
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  • Em

    Boob job?

  • Pixy

    Why is she on Elle?

  • fairycake

    Miley is looking good in Elle :)

  • Vickie

    She looks great GO Miley

  • Saudia

    here come the haters. .. sigh she looks gorgeous .. although I’m not a fan of Miley she looks great… love the shorter hair.. and outfits. Uhm also she doesn’t have anything to promote though.. why is she on Elle?

  • Vann

    i dont see any problem with her being on elle magazine, she was on glamour too, so i dont see this as a big deal… the pictures are nice

  • Nahla

    Am I the only one seeing a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD SHOWING OFF HER BOOBIES ??????!!!!!! Okay, I’m all modern, all for no old-fashioned way of thinking but this is over what I can stand. WHERE IS THIS WORLD GOING? What a nice future generation……What a superb role model young teengirls have. I’m only 3 years older than Miley but I think she acts like a total little wannabe sl*t, sorry. Talk about “outrageous” ! :/

  • Jaye

    The magazine business isn’t doing so well, so I’m sure they’d want ANYONE on the cover who can push them out the door.

  • silly putty

    are u a stupid 16 year old too like Miley?

    She has NO business showing all that boob. Even older girls that do that do for only one reason- show off,.

    therefore…..those types of slutty females equals bimbos

  • ali

    this girl has nothing to say. she is just a product. utterly meaningless.

  • Vann

    i dont see anything wrong with her in elle magazine, she was in glamour too, so i don’t see this as a big deal, anyways, miley looks great!

  • Fabienne

    I thought Elle targeted adults. Looks more like a tween mag this month. Not hating Miley just bummed that I paid for a subcription and I’m in my 20′s and they’re sending me a teeny bopper mag.

  • J

    As good as she looks, she is only 16. She IS still a KID! Thats ridiculous. I don’t understand how her parents allowed for that cover…but then again, look at everything else she has done. I don’t get it. The pictures are gorgeous granted, but she is only 16. Maybe when she is 18, fine, but really?

  • Dog the Bunny hunter

    I think Billy Ray has the Kate Gosselin disease…pimping out your child for the sake of your own career

  • rockangel

    i totally agree with u…

  • E

    LoL, Dog. I like the Chapmans now.

  • evalynn

    what’s wrong with her lips?

  • ladysdsandiego


    i agree with you. i’m the same age as miley and i think this is wrong for someone her age. maybe because i’m old fashioned too.

    i don’t know about her.
    love her hair though!

  • MileyFan1#

    Ok, somme poeple don’t
    even know what slutty is if you ask me
    this is slutty ->

    MILEY is no Slut it doesn’t even comme
    close to slutty !

  • slambang

    Like, did she get a b00b job or something? Like, she’s so, like, stupid.

  • f

    why is she on elle. she’s DISNEY are people forgetting that?

    and she’s not grown up. she isnt even going to get anywhere!

    time to put the disney kids where their place is. out of the buisness. im so tired of her. why would adults want to looks at her and read about some diseny whore?

    i would have boycotted if i had that magazine

  • anonymous

    @Em: can’t believe you would say that. how can you compare her body figure now to when she was like 12.. grow up, you idiot.

  • Honey

    I think she’s too young for Elle.
    Her body looks so grown up in this picture… but her face is so young. It doesn’t match.

  • Prih

    sh looks very well!!! perfect!

    love her!!

    xoxxo from Brazil

  • Edivic

    i love miley and i love the pictures aswell, she looks phenominal. I was reading the other comments and they are all pretty much “elle id an adult magazine and she’s 16 and the picture is too sexy.” I could say the same thing about the jonas brothers on the cover of Rolling Stone. Everyone was saying “oh my god they`re so hot” and the whole ”boys to men” thing is the same shit with miley. Doble standers are so sad

  • eva


  • KinsleyKate

    She looks pretty although I sort of agree with Dog the bounty hunter. She seems to be overly pimped out, like she would endorse anything for money.

  • irish girl

    Like you’re not, like, a grown-up, so, like, get the hell off my magazine cover.
    I have a letter to the editor to write if this little moron ends up in my mailbox.
    There are just too many celebs I want to die… seriously… the list is nearly endless.

  • paula marie

    Her family complains when someone makes a lewd comment about MIley, but here she is with her breasts hanging out on the cover of Elle…so, what do they expect? This girl is no role model for young children. In fact, I find it distrubing that we sometimes forget that she is only 16 because of the clothing she wears for photo shoots, red carpets, etc.

    I think it’s inappropriate for her to be presented as a sex figure when she is still a minor. In fact, why aren’t Miley’s parents actually parenting and refusing to allow her to present herself in this way?

    There are so many questions that come to mind when I see pics of her like this.

  • irish girl

    PS – That’s a wish list not a hit list. :)

  • LolaSvelt

    I liked how they quoted her precisely. How many times does she say like?

    She looks stupid.

  • kate the so-so

    she looks SO gorgeous! way to go miley. i think it is so awesome how far she has come and how successful she is becoming!

  • M

    she actually looks cute for once! they finally did her makeup age appropriately.

  • M

    but that one pic is WAY too sexy. come on now. she is a CHILD.

  • S.

    I’m not hating, but come on she is 16 years old?
    Don’t you think she’s a little young to be doing photos like this? I wouldn’t want my daughter looking up to her, and after watching her on the live chat, i have no respect for her. All it seemed to be about was her, yes fans were asking questions but still she just seems very up herself. The girl can’t even deal with the fact that people are more talented then she is. I’m sorry but i just don’t like her, never have and never will. I dont see nothing special about her, the girl is NOT pretty, talented and there are more deserving girls then this stuipd little girl.I’m sorry if you dont like what i say but its my opinion.

  • M

    and yeah, why are adult magazines putting disney kids on the cover? miley has never done anything non-disney! she has never done anything appealing to anyone over 13. i don’t get it.

  • mertz

    hey don’t bring rihanna into this. she’s 21 b*tches. lol. how old is mc again? thought so. she can do whatever she wants. she definately has the money to do whatever she wants. good for her i guess. elle sucks! jmho…but good on them trying to get some sales though. print is dead…even vogue is sufferring. lol. and when vogue is sufferring it means everyone is feeling the recession.

  • Anna

    damn she looks GORGEOUS.

  • .,.

    miley saurus

  • Taylor

    Miley looks fine. She’s growing up. It’s not her say what she wears or looks like on a magazine. It’s ELLE that offered Miley an article in their magazine. Don’t blame Miley. The whole point is that she can’t be a disney kid forever. Anyone saying opposite is just stupid if you don’t realize this by now. You guys need to grow up. If anyone blame Elle. So chill already.

  • samjones

    16 is still VERY much a KID!!!!

  • chloe

    Dominatrix outfit? Really?

    I mean…really?

    She looks better without the long-ass hair extensions. But that outfit bothers me.

  • joanne

    Jared, she is a KID!! i don’t get why these adult magazines fall for her. She has nothing to offer the readers, she belongs in teen magazines.

  • haha, wooow.

    this is stupid, miley looks GREAT here. she doesnt have a boob job, and shes not showing off her boobs. she has a tank or whatever is under the jacket to hide everything. teenage girls these days, (Hello, WAKE UP TO THE 21ST CENTURY) show a little cleavage, its natural. i mean, shes NOT trying to show off. you people just critize too much. and its stupid. your judging her on everything that she has done in the past. people, the past is over with. done, goodbye. it cant come back. i think she looks amazingly pretty, and that she is abosolutly stunning. i really like her hair, in how this looks. (: its really pretty. – but for the people who are going to put. ‘ ew, why in she in this magazine’ just please. stop. its not worth it. shes TURNING into an adult, thats why they put her in this magazine. i honestly, this, it looks amazing, and that you people, just need to stop. but anyway, you GO miley! ~sara.

  • elisaaaLjj

    @Nahla: totally agree with you, im older than she too

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she looks super skinny in some of the pics
    looks like the really photo shopped it bad
    even her face looks different

  • karenina

    miley virus is a hoe.. showing cleavege

  • wth?

    what the hell??
    seriously she’s 16
    she is goin to have boobs
    she is wearing a v-neck cami/tank
    alot of 16 yearold or even younger wear them
    so therefore you are goin to see some cleavage
    and most girls these days wear push-up bras
    so get over your selves
    it’s not a boob job
    why don’t you haters get over your insecurities and quit takin them out on celebrities that never did a thing to you

  • Lillianne

    And her figure is trimmed by photoshop as well. This is what gives young girls bad body images. Her lips aren’t that fat, her hair isn’t that lush, her boobs aren’t that big, her waist is not that tiny. And excuse me, Elle, she is 16 years old and SHE IS A KID.

  • jasmine

    She IS a a KID and sure looks like one on that cover!!!