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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Go Greek

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Go Greek

Orlando Bloom and his model girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr, share a romantic post-Independence Day dinner at Greek restaurant Taverna Tony on Sunday (July 6) in Malibu, Calif.

Last week, Orly, 32, and actor pal Olivier Martinez rode their motorcycles together. They continued their male bonding time by dining at L.A.’s Little Door Restaurant on West 3rd Street.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr going Greek…

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orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr greek restaurant 10

Photos: WENN
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  • nil

    so sweet..

  • deraj tsuj

    too happy, someone should piss on them

  • tan

    Miranda EATS??…i llike wt she’s wearing tho..

  • mayra

    ugly couple, she is not pretty e he is just a bit cute.

  • laura

    Cute couple ! Miranda is gorgeous : ]

  • sonjalucianforever

    I think Orlando looks beautiful and if Miranda makes him happy then good for him.

  • bulrush

    Nice to see a couple look so happy together, these days. They look like they’re really in lurve, and not faking it. Good for them, hope they be so happy in the future, too. She is very very beautiful.

  • awwww… sweet

    Orlando and Miranda look so happy and in love, they make such a
    gorgeous couple, Miranda is very beautiful.

  • yily

    I think they make a cute couple. Definitely an improvement over Kate Bosworth. Miranda Kerr is gorgeous and Orlando is a lucky guy.

  • andy

    She has ugly profile. Double chin, strange shaped cheeks. I like her skirt. One of the reasons for their happiness is that she had finally eat something. Greek food is very delicious.

  • lizzie

    Yes it is a good couple

  • http://justjared awwwwwwwww

    I want to say 3 things:
    1.I have fallen in love with Orlando all over again he looks so hoooooooooot I love the hair that the way he should always keep it.
    2.Miranda is looking pregnant since when does she have boobs?LOLOLOLOL .And the way she is looking at the baby wow.
    3.This is the longest time she is ever been with him in L.A it must be true they are thinking of moving in together if they aren’t living together already .

  • http://justjared awwwwwwwww

    I want to say 3 things:
    1.I have fallen in love with Orlando all over again he looks so hoooooooooot I love the hair that is the way he should always keep it.
    2.Miranda is looking pregnant since when does she have boobs?LOLOLOLOL .And the way she is looking at the baby wow.

    3.This is the longest time she is ever been with him in L.A it must be true they are thinking of moving in together if they aren’t living together already .

  • Pokerface


    2) They’re called ‘push up bra’…she seems to have big boobs even in VS catalogues. Since she’s an undewear model I think she has got a bungh of them from VS. And btw, you don’t have to be pregnant to look at kids that way!
    3) Maybe she’s off working now, it’s summer…and they were already living together. When he goes to NY he stays at her place and viceversa or did you think they lived in a hotel?

  • Jennifer

    Miranda Kerr is a hottie.
    To all those who are saying Orlando Bloom is cute. He is not. He is FUGLY. He does not deserve her. Hope she realizes that and she cheats on him.

  • hard to tell what to believe?

    Lots of articles coming out saying that Orlando has given Miranda an Ultimatum. They claim that she has twice turned down a marriage proposal from him. And he will ask her once more this summer and if she says no, then it will be over.

    Guess you can’t tell everything from a picture, although this is the first time I have seen her smile in a while, in just casual pics with him.

  • http://justjared @pokerface

    Honey calm down I was just joking (playing around) I knew you haters would be all over my post.
    I don’t believe Miranda is pregnant she is off to Australia next month for a fashion show and don’t forget the Victoria Secrets show in November I know we are in June but I would think the preparations for the show would start sooner and if she is pregnant how in hell would she be able to do the show .
    As for the all living together thing there is a big difference between having sleepovers at your partners place and moving in together having a house together to live together so I was wondering if Miranda is moving in L.A with Orlando if they will buy a house together like it was rumored a couple of weeks ago.

  • Ajumma

    “Orly” is terrible nickname. The press should call him “Lando”.

  • Pokerface


    I am calm and relxed and please, stop with this hater thing. I’m not a hater and I’m not an obsessed Bloom fan. I was just pointing out some observations in answer to awwwww enthusiastic post.
    I was polite and didn’t offend or insulte anyone, did I?

  • Elle

    Yeah, they are lovely couple.You can tell they really like eachother.

  • http://justjared @pokerface

    You were polite ? Well so was I tell me where did I offend you or called you names? lololol

  • Pokerface

    I knew you haters would be all over my post.

    Again, each opinion that is different from the majority comes from a hater. I’m not one, I’ve just answered to another post and made my observations, you can agree or not.

  • Honey

    Miranda Kerr is cute. She has that girl next door look

  • shelp

    their lives seem soo BOOORRRING!!

  • Noticias de famosos

    They make very nice couple and they seem very happy together.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Wow the man is perfection those pictures made my day because it has been a horrible week between Michael Jackson’s death and problems at work being a fan for 5 years now I am happy to see Orlando happy and in a relationship that clearly makes him happy hopefully later this month he is off to film The Red Circle and in September hopefully The Cross and if it wasn’t enough I saw a interview with the organizer of Venice Film Festival and he said the festival would have low budget American films not big ones so there is a real possibility he will be in Venice to promote Sympathy for Delicious and he already said the movie would be shown in Toronto so he definitely will make the festivals publicity rounds and hopefully we will have a lot of pictures of this beautiful man .

  • Jen

    he is not hot… I think he has a certain charismatic quality about him but not cute at all.. but hey they look happy together so good for them

  • joe

    They look cute and happy together…

    But can someone tell why most of the VS angels don’t have any ads, commercials, magazine covers (other than the usual semi/naked cover for men’s magz) outside VS

    I don’t get it, VS angels are far more popular than those borderline anorexic runway models and yet they’re the ones who always get those kind of jobs.

    I know VS pays well and gives job stability to a model, but damn it must be boring doing same stuff with bras and panties!

    I guess a model can’t have it both, give chance to other unknown and noncontracted models lol

  • deja vu2

    They sure seem to love those photogs, don’t they? All the Michael Jackson coverage must have been a real drag for them – having to wait a while before being seen and papped again. And ultimatums from Bloom? Seriously? What sane man, a celeb no less, would advertise that he’s been rejected/scorned TWICE by his GF? You don’t advertise or blab about that, and your so-called ‘friends’ don’t do that, either.

    At least he’s consistently fake. If there’s no marriage or engagement in that deal or contract, he has a way out and so does she. The next GF will have to be a model or actress; Bloom won’t get PR and publicity shots with her otherwise. ;)

  • Kelly

    They look cute together but they’re pretty much has beens. She tried but never came close to supermodel and he was hot stuff for a minute until everyone figured out he couldn’t act for S***.

  • @29

    Stop being bitter hun…

    If you don’t like him or her anymore, move on and find someone that will suit your taste! cause i did

    I used to adore/like Miranda, but after everything that’s been said and done by people or Miranda herself, i moved on to someone that suits my taste and deserves my adoration without being bitter or saying nasty things!


  • @Kelly

    Well, not every model will become a supermodel/topmodel and not every model will have the success of the other. But Miranda made it to be a VS angel. Regardless of what others say, being a contracted VS model gives stability to a model, you don’t need to worry about jobs every season, and i guess that’s what matters.

    Ever wonder why those HF models who have ads, magazine covers left and right can’t make it to Forbes list? Simple because HF ads pay peanuts compared to commercial contracts.

    Of course, it would be really nice if a VS model does other big things outside VS, but imo that’s very hard and very rare you can find a VS model like that and i don’t want to name names cause i don’t want to compare! Miranda seems happy with VS and for what she has a model, so i guess that what’s important.

  • HA

    As much as I think deja vu2 is kind of nuts, I don’t believe that story. Both of them have denied any marriage proposals, it’s ridiculous to admit two now. And that ultimatum part is something absurd to announce through press. “Journalists” don’t know what to do to fill in gaps.

  • D.

    I think their happiness is fairly apparent here. Don’t know (although I seriously doubt) those rumors about ‘ultimatums’ and his being ‘tuirned down’ are true. They can probably be filed in the same trash bin with 99% of the OTHER ‘hot scoops’ from ‘reliable sources’ about these two. Anyhow, cute pair

  • HA

    BTW Orlando looks gorgeous, beautiful tan

  • @joe

    Most fashion designers tend to shy away from VS models. They become so identified with that brand, it can detract attention from anything else. There are a few VS models that have been able to branch out, but they are usually the ones that were famous before they became Angels, like Doutzen.

  • @kelly

    Actually, her career is still on the upswing. I don’t think she will ever be a “supermodel”, very few reach that status. But she is a successful model.
    Just like he is a successful actor. He was “hot stuff” for a long time, and he is still extremely popular. He is now doing smaller movies, which is what he wanted to do. He can sit back and only do what he wants. 99% of other actors out there would kill to have his career.
    Oh, and if you had seen any of his smaller movies like Ned Kelly or Haven, you would know that the man can indeed act. He was very, very good in those films.

  • mailey

    k-bos is prettier (when she’s not scary-skinny..). orly downgraded.

  • @39

    Kate is more classically beautiful than Miranda, but Miranda is gorgeous in her own right.
    Kate had too many problems. Her weight was just one of them.

  • sara

    They both look gorgeous and happy.
    It looks like they were out having fun with a group of friends.

  • It shows

    I think Kate B. is very pretty (beautiful face and skin) but she just can’t seem to maintain a very healthy-looking body. She looked SO fit in her first big film ‘Blue Crush’ but I guess when she stopped exercising regularly she lost those ‘toned’ muscles for good. Miranda maintains a healthy lifestyle (eats healthy food, exercises and does yoga) and IMO it shows. She’s quite slim but she still looks healthy and strong.

  • fake


  • Not bizarre, just normal

    They only seem ‘boring’ because they’re just doing what ‘normal’ couples do when they go out together – nothing sensational or ‘off-the-wall.’ I think they’re a cute and very ‘natural-looking’ couple.

  • yes

    Love them!
    They look so beautiful and so happy.

  • don’t think so

    for once anyway.

    @ 43
    yeah right. NOT!

    Coordinating outfits with his friends. What’s with all the flip flops? What is that part of the establishments dress code? When was the last time we saw Orlando wearing flip flops with jeans?

  • lakers fan in boston

    u may not like them but u haters gotta admit they’re a cute couple
    im really starting 2 hate him tho, i actually think miranda is starting 2 look better
    she looks amazingly cute in that dress and her boobs actually look a bit bigger than usual =D
    i do wish em the best in their relationship tho =]

  • LadyL

    Oh please with those marriage stories. Like Miranda would give up the oppurtunity to marry someone famous. She loves the attention that she has been getting since they hookup.

  • @45

    It’s a casual restaurant in Malibu, so yes, flip flops and sandals are part of the dress code. ;)
    And we’ve seen him in flip flops before. He just doesn’t wear them that often.
    I think that they both look fantastic. Happy and gorgeous.

  • @42, 45

    No need to repeat your double standards again, we know them by heart.
    They don’t look like they just won the lottery= miserable. And not miserable for any reason, but for being in each other’s company.
    If they smile showing all their teeth= pretending.
    And this after you know without a shadow of a doubt that they were together in Broome for days without any pap pics. Strange behaviour for two people who can hardly stand each other and only get together for publicity, huh?
    But nothing proves a point better than what they wear so what should I know?…sigh

  • @49

    I always love your replies…. lol
    Keep up the good work, we’re counting on you.