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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Sidi Sweethearts

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Sidi Sweethearts

Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr, pick up his dog Sidi from the animal hospital in West Hollywood on Monday morning (July 6).

The 32-year-old British actor was later seen taking Sidi to an airline cargo drop-off before catching a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles.

Just yesterday, Kerrbloom shared a romantic lunch at Greek restaurant Taverna Tony.

FYI: Miranda is toting around the Louis Vuitton “Mahina” bag.

10+ pictures inside of Sidi sweethearts Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr sidi dog 13

Credit: Stefan; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Dog the Bunny hunter

    yup, he’s tappin that ‘gl’ass

  • Honey

    What a cute dog! And a cute couple!

  • ew

    Ew, he is totally revolting and sleazy and she is like a blah plain jane 14 year old. Who gives a shit about these two?

  • irish girl

    He’s a cutie. I’m glad he’s back making films. I think he has a magnificent jaw line. Ahhh… I love a man with a strong jaw (Johnny, Russell, Leo 5 years ago).

  • http://justjared ???????????

    A limo and Sidi with him not to mention Miranda is he off to film a movie ?

  • karenina

    not liking this couple

  • LadyL

    No matter how many pics they take together, I still think this is a bearding.

  • yes

    If they took Sidi to the vet before flying, they must be going to Australia, England, or another country with quarantine laws. Either that, or Sidi just needed to update his shots before going anywhere. I wonder if they are going for vacation, or if Orlando is going to start filming?
    They look gorgeous. All three of them. ;)
    Orlando looks especially hot in that first thumbnail.
    It is rare that Orlando and Miranda are actually flying together. Their schedules usually have one flying in later, to meet up. This is a nice change.
    Thanks for the pictures!

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww, what a nice couple =]
    not liking miranda’s outfit but ehh whatever
    lol @ the haters =p

  • @7

    Well, some people still believe that the world is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth. But that doesn’t make it true.
    When even Perez and Ted C admit that he is straight….the man is straight. Get over it, already.

  • @ 8

    I think other posters have already mentioned that Miranda is going to be doing a shoot in Australia soon. As far as him filming, well The Cross has been scheduled to start filming in September….but knowing him, and the way he is constantly flying, he could go there go back to England then fly back. Who knows with him.

  • LadyL

    @10- Of course they are gonna say he is straight. His PR people are breathing down their backs. Plus Ted hinted for years when he was with Kate that he is gay, even now but in more stuble ways.

  • @LadyL

    So it is only Orlando’s PR people that Ted C fears/obeys? He shows no mercy for other celebrities, who also happen to have PR teams.
    Yes Ted said that in the beginning, but he changed his mind and said he is straight. It’s not that he stopped saying/implying he’s gay, he directly said he’s straight.
    Face it, your fantasies come from reality, but reality doesn’t come from your fantasies

  • psychic moment

    just got a premonition and it was a strong one this time too.

    laugh if you want, but when I looked at the article just now, I could have sworn it said Miranda Bloom….very strong feeling I had just now.

    Maybe I’m just hoping so much that he will get taken off the market already so no one will care anymore who he is with.

    not trying to make anyone angry, but it was a very powerful feeling just now.

    am I allowed to have psychic moments about them being together without being considered crazy?

    Just wondering?

    It seems only the ‘haters’ get labled as being dillusional, when they are so convinced they know what is going on between them.

    I wanted to see how the other type of comment got treated.

  • LadyL

    You do know which PR company Orlando is under right? The founder was called Pitbull for a reason. Tom Cruise was under them too until 2004 and then left and the stuff about him all came out.

    If I want to believe he is gay, than I can. All because I don’t worship his relationship with this slut. Also where did Ted say he was straight?

  • inquiring minds

    i have heard rumblings of a sleazy and married LA lad she has been trysting with. is he in the dog crate for a trip?

  • @15

    So you are going to believe what you want to believe no matter what?
    Uhmmm, OK.
    I see that reality has no place in your life.
    As for #14
    Who knows? Maybe they are going to Australia to get married while each of them has some time open on their schedule. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. We won’t really know until they make an official announcement. And by official announcement, I don’t mean tabloid garbage.
    But if you think that only “haters” get labeled delusional, you haven’t visited here much. If a “shipper” says that they look happy, the haters jump on them for only seeing what they want to see, etc.
    I am curious to see where they turn up next. That will say a lot.

  • @15

    I’m sorry, but when Perez Hilton says that he is straight. I believe him.
    You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But it just makes you sound really desperate.

  • hmm

    They stopped at Whole Foods for on board munchies. To me that means that it is a long flight. Not just across the country, like to NY, but across an ocean.
    Should we take bets? Australia? England? China?
    And if he is taking Sidi, that means that wherever he is going, he will be there for a while. Long vacation? Returning to England for a bit? A wedding/honeymoon in Australia? Filming in China?
    Any takers?

  • @15

    nothing sounds more desperate than citing perez hilton as a source you believe.

  • psychic moment

    @ 17
    The girls on elf lady are talking about a company in Hong Kong that was suppose to look after Sidi. So there is speculation about The Red Circle being done.

    But who knows.

    Then of course Miranda is suppose to be doing a photo shoot in Australia soon.

    The reason why I wanted to see what sort of reaction my comment got, was because when the shippers attack they do so lately, much like a rabid dog. The haters don’t seem to be taking the bait as much anymore. At least to me.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone, I’m only giving my opinion of what I see in the posts. Did not know how else to describe the responses.

    Did not mean any offense, just trying to give a visual description of what the posts sound like to me.

  • Lila

    Why do you want to see gays everywhere? Only a few per cent of all the people is homosexual. That’s not much but for you almost every single actor is gay and his girlfriend, fiance or wife is just a beard. You argue about that all the time but why can’t you just believe that they can be straight and love these women as they say?

  • @LadyL

    Ted did say that and he “tried” to link him to Kiki and Keira.
    Orlando shares his PR team with many other celebrities that often become Ted’s victims. Nope he ain’t that special on that department.
    I believe that you want him to be gay and I don’t think that’s something bad…just too obvious ;)

  • strange…

    The paps ALWAYS know where OB and MK are. Very very strange for a “so private couple”. Bs!!!

  • namers

    Sidi huh?

    Try this:

  • riz

    kerrbloom is THE worst couple name ever. just like this is the worst couple. i can’t stand your shameless plugging for miranda. it’s so irritating. she’s never going to be the next super model so she should just let it go.

  • @@@

    Were you expecting them to leave with Sidi via hot air balloon from wherever they were staying? Many celebs get papped at LAX, but you don’t seem to know that. Strange…

    So you read, clicked, posted on this thread because you enjoy being irritated?

  • @24

    It is well established that the paps follow Orlando. They get him when he is alone, as often as they get him with Miranda. And there are ALWAYS paps at LAX. They stake out the terminals to get celebs coming and going. That’s why there are so many pics of celebs at the airport. But I know that makes too much sense to be accepted by a hater. I’m sorry.

  • ….

    I don’t want to be mean, but my observation is that Miranda is one of those VS angels who has the least fashion gigs outside of it, actually, she and Marisa are… maybe because they’re too commercial or they started out as being commercial models so the choices are limited.

    Also, i noticed that Miranda and Alessandra(just after giving birth) have more pap shots than actual pics of them working or attending fashion related events. I mean other models or other VS models usually get papped or have their pictures taken because they’re working, but with Miranda it’s never been like that! Just my observation.

  • @29

    Marissa and Miranda are more commercial, but they are both doing just fine. They are both very successful.
    And Miranda gets papped because her boyfriend is one of the most famous, popular and well liked actors out there. That’s just common sense.

  • @24

    The paps DO NOT ALWAYS know where Orlando and Miranda are.
    I have personally seen them out and there were no paps around.

  • cosi

    wow, wth happened to this girl – she used to be hot! her face’s like a full moon now, and there’s no jawline to speak of…

  • something is different……

    Orlando always looks happy with Miranda but lately he seems to have a big smile on his face and looks happier than usual……. I wonder if he’s about to get married?……who knows but he sure looks like he has a secret!!!

  • @14

    don’t worry about what anyone says, and hell we’re all a little crazy lol

  • snorzvilla

    cosi…Its obvious that all her professional photos are airbrushed to give her a stronger jawline and give that horrid profile of hers a lift. She has pretty eyecolor and a nice smile, so they work with all the other crap that is wayyyyyy off. When there are “pap” shots, we see the real deal. The only parts of her I find “hot” are her from the waist down (her upper body is scrawny and frail looking), as long as she is not walking because her signature walk makes her look like she’s got something up her butt. So nice legs, nice butt, nice eyecolor (not shape) and nice smile. Her fashion sense is normally atrocious as seen above. And wow……another ugly ass bag. Why am I not surprised?

  • snorzvilla

    Oh…..and before you go on about how obsessed I am with her bag and “Uh! Its a Louis Vuitton….how can it be ugly it cost more than your car”, just understand that I have a thing for handbags. I love purses and handbags so I certainly notice when someones bag is hidious. Am I an expert? Nope, but for someone who works in fashion, you would think that she would know a little better, and be able to buy bags that didnt look like that thing above. And yes, I pick on other celebs and their unbelievable choice in bags. i.e. Beyonce and that disasterous mess she purchased about a year or so ago that looked like Louis literally hurled chunks of all his worst designs over the last decade or so.

  • @35

    It’s all in the angles, not airbrushing. There are plenty of candid shots that show her jawline in a better light. She does have a very small chin, which looks great in pictures, but can give the impression of a weak jawline. And my goodness! Her skin is flawless!
    And you have to be kidding about her runway walk. She has a fantastic walk! Long smooth strides, with just enough hip motion and perfect posture. She is head and shoulders over models like Adriana and Doutzen. Adriana bounces (and points), and Doutzen lumbers. Miranda’s walk is smooth and graceful.
    And the purse!!!!!!!!
    It’s fine if you don’t like it. But if you bring it up again, I reserve the right to make fun of you.

  • x-tina

    they are so stupid……. go to helllll orlando and mirranda

  • @38

    Wow, nice.
    Are you proud of yourself now?
    If you hate them so much, why did you click on the thread? Just to share your intelligence, compassion and wisdom?

  • http://justjared @38

    Wow how old are you 11?

  • @37

    Call me exaggerated, but no one here is comparing Kerr to other models! So please stop making Kerr above every other model. You don’t need to brag in other model’s names just to make Kerr seem a lot better cause we all know(especially the pips who care about fashion) what Kerr is all about!

  • andy

    It must be really terrible food in the first class if you have to carry your own. And did they travel together? Article said that they took Sidi from the hospital, but “Orlando catch departing flight”. Why are you sure that they travell together?

  • Pokerface


    Why are you sure that they travell together?

    Good question…in fact she doesn’t seem to have any luggage with her, while he’s carrying his trolley.

  • @37

    Also, before demeaning other models who has no business or whatsoever with Kerr, try to ask these questions:

    1.does she have other big international contracts aside from VS
    2.does she have other big international campaigns aside from VS
    3.does she have other big international commercials aside from VS
    4.does/did she walk for big international HF designers
    5.does/did she win a coveted fashion award like Vogue Model of the Year
    6.does she have covers/editorials for HF magazines from major fashion cities/countries in the world
    7.does she work constantly with respected photographers like Testino, Meisel, Demarchelier, or Webber?
    8.does she have billboards in the streets of NewYork, Paris, Milan, HongKong, or Tokyo?
    9.does she attend or always gets invited to fashion events with a designer by her side, or prestigious events outside fashion just by herself
    10.lastly, does she have a good, honest, and unpretentious personality or attitude

    Again, no one here is denying Kerr’s work for VS or DJ! But to say Kerr is better or above her peers is ridiculous cause that aint the case!

    And even if a model did or does all those things(cause that’s what every model can ever dream of) it’s not right to say she’s more successful than everyone else! Actually, i know a model who did, does,had, and have all those things and she’s still very young and uncomplicated and there’s no need to mention her name cause it’s not good to compare.

  • psychic moment

    @ 43
    I agree with that. Plus there has already been a spotting in Canterbury.

    Doesn’t he have a Dinner Date with the one who won the auction when he auctioned himself off a while back. Also he could be there to help his mom move as well.

    She probably was flying home to Australia I’ll bet though. She does have a photo shoot coming up.

  • snorzvilla

    Oh 37 believe what you want about her professional pics. Must I go point out the obvious? Remember Page Six? Rightttt…..thats her nose, thats her chin…..uhhuh.

    And heres one of her best shots!

    Oh look its her ugly bag again! This time she is wearing with her best MaryKate and Ashley Olsen Bag Lady look! So look how versatile her fashion sense is! Gosh! She is so uber-cool cause she can wear anything! And on her way to David Jones, for whom she is the FASHION AMBASSADOR! Wow…..they must be so proud.

    Go ahead, make fun of me. Shows what YOUR real issues are in being able to deal with the TRUTH. Please, go ahead and defend this outfit. PLEASE…..I will only mock you right back.

  • @41 and 44

    Someone complained about her walk, so yes she was being compared to other models. No one said that she is more famous than Adriana or Doutzen, they said that her walk was better. Which is TRUE! If you deny that Adriana and Doutzen both have horrible walks, then you are blind.
    Adriana and Doutzen are far more successful than Miranda, but that doesn’t mean that Miranda isn’t successful in her own right.

  • @42 and 43

    Everything that I have read mentions that ‘they’ were flying out of LAX. And he may be toting around their carry-on, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t unload a ton of luggage curb side. And she wouldn’t be going into the airport if she wasn’t flying out, too. It’s not like she could go sit with him at the gate like we used to before they heightened security. If she wasn’t flying out, she would have stayed in the car, or said goodbye at home.

  • Pokerface

    Actually in this post it’s said “ The 32-year-old British actor was later seen taking Sidi to an airline cargo drop-off before catching a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles.
    She is not mentioned neither papped with me inside the airport, which is kinda strange, since the paparazzi were following them. I mean, everything is possibile,,,,maybe she was catching another flight to somewhere else, maybo to NY to go back to work or maybe she left with him.

  • @47


    Why is there always the need to compare Kerr to other models, especially those two models here at JJ? They’re names aren’t being called upon in any discussions/arguments here. So what’s the sense for doing so? Comparisons(which is stupid) won’t make Kerr a lot better or more successful! Period