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Britney Spears: New Candie's Ads!

Britney Spears: New Candie's Ads!

Check out these super cute new Britney Spears pics, which will appear in Candie’s fall 2009 television, print, online and in-store advertising campaign.

Commenting on her “Radar” video, Britney shared, “I was so excited to wear Candie’s in my ‘Radar’ video. I especially loved their jeans and cute dresses which were perfect for the theme of my video.”

Candie’s apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories will be available exclusively at Kohl’s Department Stores.

Britney Spears – “Candie’s” Sizzle Reel

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britney spears candies ads 02
britney spears candies ads 03
britney spears candies ads 04
britney spears candies ads 05
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britney spears candies ads 07

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  • karl

    HOT =) =) =)

  • LUCY

    Britney needs to be airbrushed before each concert because she looks nothing even close to these pictures.

  • justLikeapill

    LUCY—LOL–the sad thing is she COULD look like these pictures, but she comes across like she doesnt want to. She would much rather be living in a trailer eating junk food. Pathetic.

    & I HATE the Radar Video. Its terrible, boring and totally sucks.

    Britney doesnt deserve her fans. I hope everything she does flops until she puts some REAL effort in. Look at Lady Gaga–she actually WANTS her fans.

    Oh & did I mentioned i was a HUGE britney fan. She is now a joke to me. I dont like being disrespected.

  • *******

    Don’t care for Britney, but I’m happy she’s getting her life straight. Her boys need their mom.

  • ll

    photoshop much? lol

  • TR

    Outside of the free PR, why would Candies hire this mentally unstable mess to rep its brand? She is still a mess, held together by meds and a hillbilly father who survives by pimping out his money maker.

    Isn’t Candies sold at Kohl’s? That is WORSE than KMart!!!

  • Honey

    The ads look great… like Britney when she was 16 again.
    However, she’s not 16 and I doubt she really looks like this =(
    Poor Brit

  • mary

    So cute *–*

  • Camila B.

    I´m so frightened, Britney is terrible, and this clothes….UGH!!!!!! I´m really scared

  • karenina

    wow she looks so cute=)

  • britney is amazing

    SHE LOOKS GREAT! There is only so much airbrushing/photoshop/etc can do, she’s just amazing. Best to you Brit :)

  • Amanda

    linda e poderosa como sempre
    um beijo pro haters

  • irish girl

    These photos look great. I’m glad that she’s getting endorsements again, and I agree with the other poster that it’s great that her life is on track again.
    Btw, Lindsay Lohan could take notes on how to make statements about companies you’re affiliated with.

  • tinaa
  • Sandra

    She looks nice.

  • Eco Ethics

    Cheap shoes are made by children in developing countries, some nine years of age and younger, for less than a dollar a day, or twenty cents a shoe in truly terrible conditions. Often these shoes end up in landfill. If leather, the chemicals used in the tanning process can seriously damage the environment and pollute local water supplies. The cattle that have the misfortune to be the end product in this process are also horrifically treated themselves, sometimes even being skinned alive, victims of the slaughterhouse factory line where not every animal is effectively killed.
    If plastic, the environmental impact can be even worse.
    Child labour for a pittance a day, animal crueltry and ecological damage surely cannot be justified in order to supply our markets with lower priced consumer goods we don’t need and only throw away.
    The clothes industry is also open to these abuses and practices. We, as consumers, have allowed this to happen because of our gullibility and greed. Please buy ethically, for ourselves, the lives of others and this planet. Research any product before you buy it. Is it green? Is it ethically manufactured? Do the companies provide benefits to their workforce and local communities? If the stores we buy from cannot answer these three simple questions with an affirmative then we cannot, in all conscience, defend our purchases.

  • haa1988


    im having the same situation…the new number in her tour shes been hyping for a month was just the biggest punch in the face i ever took as a fan of hers she lost me too

  • boo

    what’s she sellin’? crazy in a bottle?

  • Beergoggles

    @justLikeapill: Poor thing! Sure she dint mean to dis you intentionally. Like she wakes up in the morning and thinks, man I just gotta dis that one.

  • natasha

    I love her, but too much photoshop work here :( I’m glad she’s coming back :)

  • dali


  • dali

    AS IF THE REST OF CELEBRITIES ARE REAL OR NEVER USE PHOTOSHOP, THEY’re all photoshoped but she’s gorgeous even without it

  • Fergie Fan !

    she looks like a man ! too much photoshop !

  • La

    Not The Biggest Britney Fan But She Looks Really Pretty There.

  • itstrueagain

    Apparently Kohls and Candies have no taste. They were inundated with messages from people who were not happy about the Britney endorsement last time, here we go again.

    Odd choice of role model for teens who wear Candies clothing. She’s not a teen, she’s mentally ill, needs a babysitter 24 hours a day, but I guess she can do commercials. This world is crazy, I don’t get it.

  • Andy


  • Lyla

    The princess looks great =)

  • Ryan

    there is not photoshop !!!! In the making off she is like in the shoots, so shut up.

  • lakers fan in boston

    talk about being photoshopped
    those look like brit back in the baby hit me 1 more time days
    she looks awful these days
    good job on altering the phots 2 whoever did that =]

  • blah

    These look great but they used sooo much photoshop….

  • Fergpret

    Yeah because young womens clothes are totally related to a video where Britney Spears is watching polo and committing adultery …

  • ****

    She don need thems eye glasses for readin and such

  • toxic

    If she really is ‘back’, then how come she hasnt done any magazine covers or talk shows?

  • dali

    to fergie fan, fergie is the one who looks like a man, and brit is gorgeous

  • scott


  • Blue

    I was at her concert in Paris last monday.
    She put on so much weight since this video was made!

  • brett your biggest fan always

    brittney dont listen to all them other ppl you are the best and always will be to me not everyone is perfect everyone makes mistakes so you remember tht and i cant wait til i get older to meet you

  • KIM

    yes, she’s photoshopped but who isn’t? it’s so funny that you people talk bad about her like you actually know her. you only know what you’ve read, and if what you see is ‘photoshopped’ than what makes you think everything you’ve read is 100% accurate?

  • p

    Lol, you Britney haters are such losers.
    First off, I think we can all see that Britney looks amazing, and I am quite sure the people who say all this crap about her are probably 5000 times uglier than her.
    You say all these things about her being pathetic and not deserving her fans. Do you know her? Do you really know what she’s like when she’s not in the spotlight? I think it’s lame that you judge her just by what you see. And if you hate her so much, why are you on this page? I think you’re slightly jealous.
    And lastly, no one gives a damn if you think her video’s rubbish, she’s had too much airbrushing done or that she looks terrible. Because that’s your opinion, and tbh, no one cares. Especially not Britney.

  • noname

    @p: ahhh You are my hero!

  • Jaclyn

    fuk u d*ckFace!! u don’t know what the fuk ur talking about….I’ll LoVe to have some 1 on 1 time w/ you so i can show u wtf is up. ur such a faggot :)

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks so beauty !!!