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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: London Lovers

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: London Lovers

Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell get caught in the pouring rain as they leave their London home on Tuesday (July 7).

In related James Bond news, Daniel‘s Quantum Of Solace costar Gemma Arterton is engaged to the British actor’s Italian stunt double, Stefano.

“They are really loved up and it’s great to see Gemma looking so happy,” a source close to the actress revealed. “He was Daniel‘s body double and there was clearly chemistry from the start. They’ve been together for a few months now and it’s going really well.”

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  • Jenny

    Daniel has got major ass! Seriously, I just wanna spank that thing!!!

  • debra77

    Great looking man.. but please. the jeans are just too tight…

    Love his ass.. but the jeans need to let the important stuff breathe.. especially if he wants more kids.. Let the boys have some elbow room.

  • Phew

    He really does fill those jeans. What a sexy sight!!

  • @ debra77

    LOL!!! You’re right – he needs to let some elbow room in down there, but what an tush! Yummy!

  • ..

    I think his girlfriend is pretty; honestly I don’t get why people say she’s ugly

  • Pout!

    OMG. Can that man’s pout get any sexier!

  • Mini me

    Theres a lot of leg and shoulder muscle going on there. Maybe be bulking up already for the next Bond? Hope so.

  • crushondc

    I see two rings on Sats finger, big hunkin’ diamond and what appears to be a diamond band with it. Looks like they may have gotten married.

  • anon

    I love my man for all it’s worth but oh how I wish he filled out jeans like this. I also think Satsuki is attractive and obviously DC loves and adores her so she can snub her nose at all who think she isnt.

  • Ugly GF

    The GIRLFRIEND looks even uglier all wet. I guess it’s raining cats and DOGS!!

  • @crushondc

    Yup, and good luck to them :-))

    Here’s hoping they’re well happy.

  • Sourpuss

    Once again,a sourpuss on the fugly gf. Hope they’re not married-he deserves a gorgeous woman.

  • to #5

    Yeah, she’s pretty ugly!!!

  • Girlfriend

    The gf has been wearing the same ring for years so I don’t think they’re married-he’s too smart to make it legal. I wonder-do they have prenups in the UK?

  • Gorgeous

    He looks sexy and gorgeous; she looks umm….unattractive and has the same scowl on her face. If I were with him I would be smiling 24/7!!!!!!

  • No ring

    He does not have a ring on his left hand and she has had that ring for years. JJ reports on Gemma’s engagement-I guess status quo in Daniel’s marital status?

  • MARAN66


  • @ No ring

    most married men in england dont wear wedding bands. its not the fashion. look closer, she has 2 rings on, its obviouss look at the bigger photo

  • Bleh

    I’ve never gotten the hoopla about this guy. Yeah, he’s got a pretty good body but his face is so…plain. There are lots of sexier-looking actors out there who would have made much better Bonds IMO. For starters he’s too ‘light.’ I’ve always visualized Bond as tall, DARK and handsome.

  • Noticias de famosos

    They make a beautiful couple together, even in the rain.

  • Unhappy

    These two never look happy together. She’s been wearing that ring forever-maybe she’s unhappy he won’t get married. He looks sexy even though he rarely smiles.

  • Jen

    She is ugly there is no denying that. He is not handsome either but he does make an awesome Bond. There is something about his attitude which really makes him a great Bond.

  • Scowl

    @Gorgeous: Agree, I hate that scowl she always has on her face. I would be happy just to squeeze that tush just once!

  • crushondc

    Yes she has been wearing the engagement ring for awhile, BUT the diamond band is new. Many men don’t wear a wedding ring.

  • Great Bond

    @Jen: I think he is sexy and handsome-he has it all for Bond-looks, attitude and is a good actor. The gf is not attractive but who looks at her anyway.

  • mare


  • Called you?

    @crushondc: Did they call you up and tell you it was new? Can’t see anything that detailed in these pix.

  • who cares?

    Who cares what his woman looks like!

    It’s him we pay to go and see.

    She’s all of his business, and none of ours!!

  • Ring

    If i were him i wouldn’t want to acknowledge her as my wife-she is not a good looking woman/man?

  • Business

    If she is his business he should hide her so we don’t have to look at her ugliness. Remember this is a gossip site-people do have different opinions than yours.@who cares?:

  • chim**plee

    fugly as usual

  • Lisa

    @Jenny: Daniel is so handsome. I think he fills the jeans out nicely!!!

  • Boring

    These two have to be the most uninteresting and unhappy couple I have ever seen. At least he is nice to look at and has some talent. The gf is way out of her league.

  • @business

    Yes and I have a right to my opinion the same as you – you don’t get to tell me to not air my opinion!

  • Oh Henry!

    Henry Cavill would have made a much better Bond. DC is not attractive.

  • @who cares

    youre right. Dc is the one not his gf.

    @business. why should he hide her? you don’t have to look unless yoiu want to

  • Mother

    OMG-the gf looks old enough to be his mother. Bond needs some glasses.

  • need a better Bond

    I saw almost all the Bond movies except the ones with Craig. To me he doesn’t personify Bond imagewise. He is cold and robot-like while Bond is supposed to be witty and agile.
    Sure he can kick asses but Bond is more than kicking asses. His portrait of Bond is like that of a cold-blooded assassin while the ideal Bond should be warm, vulerable, sly, witty, flexible, muti-dmentional, playful, sexy, attractive as well as ass-kicking. To me Craig doesn’t evoke any of these characteristics other than ass kicking.
    Sorry but Craig should be replaced IMO. Besides, his cold stare is getting old. His box office results have more to do with the famous Bond franchise than his portrait of Bond.

  • IcKe

    rain and sunglasses – What nonsense!

  • League

    @Boring: Yes she is way out of her league but maybe he likes that as he will never be upstaged. Some people date others who are not good looking so their partner will never leave them. Could be he doesn’t like to share the spotlight. I picture him with some beautiful European actress like the one in CR.

  • oooo

    His attractiveness is diminished by her manly plain looks

  • Rainy day

    Another rainy day in London; another pic of sexy Daniel ruined by the fugly gf next to him. Is this man gay or have his past gfs been this unattractive?

  • European

    @League: He would look great with the actress Marion Cotillard-she is gorgeous.

  • Tight

    Love his tight a*s*s. His gf always looks constipated-Yuck!

  • Lucky gemma

    If she is engaged to Daniel Craig’s body double-lucky girl!! Too bad she didn’t hook up with Daniel-they would make a cute couple.

  • http://google guinnessandmendeltosteadyrain

    okay! those thighs are amazing. I would still love to be his tailor! He has got to be painting these on and thank god–the crap men are wearing these days–either plaid or down to their knees. yikes. I am a 1980′s tight Levi jean woman!! they look so unhappy again. whatever. HaPPyness is the key to a long life morons! what are you doing with each other….Damn Dan, hook her up with one of your friends–girl or boy for that matter!!

    And lookie lookie, Sats is carrying her own umbrella and Big Dan is getting his $800 shirt-that-matches-his-eyes wet!!! I knew they wouldn’ t melt on the red carpet. Man, Laura must be steaming mad.

    I would like to mention that this is a new thread, and Mendel and I would like to see Steady Rain….we would blog it here for JJ to bring the site more hits and therefor creating more revenue for the adverts advertising here. So, JJ, when will you be contacting us for those tickets that may not be sold to the general public…you can show that you have access to the industry by getting me and mendel tickets and i promise my grammar will be better!!

  • to crushondc

    Yes she has been wearing the engagement ring for awhile, BUT the diamond band is new. Many men don’t wear a wedding ring.
    sorry, i’ve talked to people who have seen satsuki up close and personal.several times over the past year. according to them, she has worn this diamond band on and off for quite some time now. it’s nothing new for these people.

    whether daniel and satsuki are now legally married is the question. a marriage liscence is required by law just about every where. you cannot get one under false pretenses; giving a false name for example. it is also public domain. people have been searching; to my knowledge no marriage liscence has been found in britain, italy, the united states or anywhere else. if it had been, the press would have reported on it.

  • http://google guinnessandmendeltosteadyrain

    WTF is she wearing on her feet? and the vest? ok. I have to stop there or I will completely crush her…that is for someone else to do. I think jj wanted to get a story in about Gemma really.

    His sunglasses, in the rain, sits right on his bridge where he had that mark in the other photos….maybe something hit his sunglasses while he was walking and made a red didn’t look like an infected hair folicle to me ever. And the mid brow area–he has a lot of funky face marks that I would love to lufta or rub into my …..umm. nevermind. He will always light my fire.

  • paris hilton

    how could Daniel cheat on me with THAT???
    she looks like Lyle Lovett. oh boo hoo hoo……

  • Insult

    @paris hilton: Please don’t insult Lyle Lovett-she looks like MJ without a smile.