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Elizabeth Taylor: I Cannot Be A Part Of The Public Whoopla

Elizabeth Taylor: I Cannot Be A Part Of The Public Whoopla
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  • T

    Bless Liz’s heart. I probably wouldn’t be able to speak either if my best friend passed.
    RIP MJ!!

  • NativeNYker

    Finally someone is demonstrating some respect to MJ’s passing.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • de mi

    Liz loved Michael like a son. R.I.P Michael we will see you on the other side.

  • Killroy

    No love of son.. true dignity in the funeral was planned., it’s for profits, publicity and another frenzied day in life of the money-grubbing Jacksons hurrying to get the spoils; spend or hide them before the tax man shows..!
    Janet or Rebbie or LaToya were not chosen to raise his children, and oddly they didn’t offer, heaven knows his brothers and mother would destroy these odd ball not blood children for as long their control lasted with no conscience, and then toss them onto Bad dad Joe to take the blame when things go wrong.., as they allow Joe to run the show anyway., and cared poop for protecting and nurturing michael his whole life.
    Name blame pop not us, works for them. There is a point when all these family members could have told him no.. get lost and gone out on their own, but they didn’t or won’t.
    The horrid ending of a story of the once talented, hopeful young man used and abused by his deviant, freaky family Dynasty of Crap. The name Jackson was smeared, driven to the mud, taken to hell and isn’t coming back restored to any glory.. that’s their religion for you.
    This family were his accusers, backstabbers, enablers, vain, jealous, wicked and evil to scheme and plot; switching sides with whom ever had the money.. so I don’t endorse these cold hearted-creeps is what Liz is saying.

  • anon

    Ms. Taylor may be from another era but an icon in her own right none the less…and one of a dying breed of true movie stars…class, grace and beauty and not an ounce of arrogance or crass so I say she has the right to do what she needs to for her and yes, I believe MJ would have supported her as a true friend to do that as anyone who loves you would. Hang Ms. Taylor.

  • geegeemite

    i agree with ms taylor he would not want her to see him lying there he would want her to remeber the good times that they shared over the many years that they spent together and ms taylor would want the same if she passed away she would want michael to remeber the good times that they shared not to go and grieve in a public place i guess they just gotta draw the line somewhere

  • respect

    Liz Taylor is a true movie star who was a dear friend of Michael Jackson. She is showing MJ the dignity he deserves. Certainly hope his memorial isn’t taken over by other peoples egos and agendas as we have been witnessing so far.


    Good for you Elizabeth Taylor! You truely loved Michael just for being Michael and I could tell that he loved you just for being you. Of all the people that have said they loved Michael very few have shown it. His dealth has become an event instead of a celebration of his life. Gossip shows are speculating and rehashing events in his life that were never proven and caused him a lot of anguish. He was a happy man/boy seeking the childhood denied him because he gave it to us–his fans. He was seeking acceptance from those that were innocent and had no bias or preconceived notions. Children love you because you treat them with love and care not because of what you have. They were the few people that was with him because of who he was and not for what they could get or how much money they could make from being with him. Think about how difficult life must have been for him not knowing who to trust and trusting the wrong people and being hurt and betrayed by those he thought loved him. So yes he loved being around children and adults that had experienced the same childhood and the same kind of isolating fame. Can you imagine what it is like to be watched and judged 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your entire life–to have no privacy. I believe if anyone had to live this way their behavior would seem “strange” and they would feel sad and lonely inside. Michael put on a brave face but there was always this little sad look deep in his eyes and a little sad tone hidden in his voice. He really did give up his life for us–his fans.
    “Take your wings Mr. Michael Jackson and fly away to eternal peace, love, and happiness. You will always have a special place in my heart.” Love, My real name

  • Miss u MJ

    Michael Jackson was the heart of that family. I feel sorry for those three children Hopefully they will be taken care of outside the jackson family dynamic that Michael was subjected to. That would be more of a memorial than what it seems to be turning into.

  • Dread not

    Liz can’t guarantee she’ll be coherent at Michael Jackson’s Whoopla. Doesn’t she mean that she can’t guarantee that she’ll be, alive? I’m not saying, Liz is old, but when she farts, it’s like quick squeezing a bottle of baby powder. Yeah, she’s old, but taking into consideration the way that celebrities have been dropping like flies, as of late, there’s no guarantees.

  • LuckyL

    Spoken like a true friend.

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly who is elizabeth taylor?
    ive heard of her name but was she an actress or something?
    tsk tsk tsk kate….that relationship is going nowhere, just leave
    demi…that guy is super ugly, look at his freaking face
    and then he tattoos his self like crazy, lmao
    he’s nothing but an ugly emo kid

  • suppress your appetite

    @NativeNYker: thanks