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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Poolside Pretty

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Poolside Pretty

Halle Berry and longtime love Gabriel Aubry relax poolside with their adorable daughter Nahla, 15 months, on Tuesday (July 7) in Miami, Fla.

The 42-year-old actress is teaming up with GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, the nation’s largest survivor-led organization serving American girls and young women who have experienced sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Today kicks off the Girls Are Not for Sale campaign.

10+ pictures inside of poolside pretty Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

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 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 01
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 02
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 03
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 04
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 05
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 06
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 07
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 08
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 09
 halle berry gabriel aubry poolside 10

Credit: Ralph Notaro; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lala

    omg, is Nahla the most beautiful baby ever or what?

  • Hey

    Gabriel hates the paparazzi look how he’s staring them down like ‘kiss my ass bitch!’

  • Rita


  • Coors Is My Lover

    I might be seeing things because I have been drunk since the 4th of July but is that a baby bump on Halle?

  • debra77

    I like Halle ok.. but she and Nicole K.. make me sick with their holy then Thou attitude about pictures of their children.. Now.. not a week has gone by when we have not seen both of their kids. They are in the tab mags and on blog sites all the time.. maybe they should have shut their mouths about putting their kids in the media… Some things can’t be helped. But Halle and Nicole have to understand.. there is not a big money price on pictures of their children.. so yeah you can stand on a mountain of being superior when you are the only one on it and no one else cares about the view..

    Funny we see them more then most other celeb babies.. I guess their stategy did not work.. but my thoughts. they each want people to see their kids after all..

  • ja

    @debra77: You dont have to be a celebrity to not want photos of your kids creeping around. Every parent is like that.

  • Did Halle Berry bleach her skin or what? Her skin looks almost WHITE.

  • Sally

    WOW! Amazing pics. The babe is so gorgeous. Beautiful family. All of them. I hope they’re happy, ’cause beauty they have enough. :)

    Thank you for the new pics, Jared.

  • lucas


    if you look at the photos it is possible that Halle and Gabriel aren’t aware they are being photographed. this is way different than dragging your kids to every event you can, encouraging folks to stalk you. putting a price on baby photos.

    and I disagree with the notion that we see them ‘every week’. i see a lot of reposting of stuff from other sites but hardly Halle and Nicole fresh in the news every few days. not like say Katie Holmes and company. there was a time there were fresh photos every day. and where was the “please respect that we want our daughter to have as normal a life as possible so stop running up and getting in her face with the cameras. can’t you see that you are scaring the heck out of her when you do that’ (which you could see in the photos)

  • Rachelsun

    They’re out in the bright sunlight. When you take pictures w/ a lot of light gives people who have color in their skin a lighter shade. Halle did not bleach her face!

    Nahla is beautiful. Wonder what is in Miami? I hope she does have another one.

  • Rachelsun

    OPPS! Reading is fundamental! LOL They are there for a charity event which is very important.

  • Donna

    I think she is pregnant again. Lots of loose fitting clothes lately.

  • Jennifer Garner

    No, it’s JLO who bleaches her skin. And it’s her children we never see because she hates what people will say. Paparazzi hides in the bushes and sell pictures to blogs, quite obvious which is why they are on this site.

  • Jayne

    Nahla is so beautiful and I just luv her. I cant believe even people likes more Suri Cruise than the others little famous, like Shiloh, Zahara, Violet, Nahla.. Of course I like Suri, but omfg, look at those little precious! I dont like more Suri Cruise, believe me.

  • Kristen

    Halle looks pale and peekish you know what that means? First trimester blues! You don’t feel well and you don’t look well, she is definitely preggers.

  • lakers fan in boston

    until she regrows that hair im not liking her at all
    i gotta say she really looks like a caring mom tho and once again her kid looks super cute =]

  • silly putty

    Nahla is gonna be a gem!

  • silly putty

    # 7- how can you say such an idiotic thing?

    Halle is part white and black.

  • LuckyL

    She should be a child model.

  • Christina Bledsoe

    The whole family is gorgeous.

  • anon

    Halle is a human who happened to be born to parents with different backgrounds. Nahla is the same. What matters is the child has a mom and dad who look like they love her very much. Good for Gabriel for looking like he’s protective of his family.

  • michelle

    The cutest baby ever!!! She has the prettiest eyes.

  • wow…

    I have to honestly admit… This baby is the pretties thing I’ve ever seen!

    She’ll grow up to be a killer beauty!

  • diva

    Im sorry to but Nahla is a beautiful baby ong she’s goregeous! and so young when she’s older watch out other celebs babies!

  • Daniela

    This family is the most beatuful family ever.

  • becca

    LOVE this family.
    they look great together.
    and happy!

  • Jane

    Nahla is not pretty, she is ugly and weird looking. Plus why the hell cant she just walk on her own instead of being carried everywhere.

  • Bran

    What did you look like when you were a baby/toddler ? As ulgy

    as your words ?

  • go sox

    Just a beautiful child, with beautiful parents. She couldn’t miss with those genes.

  • Savannah

    Halle = 50% black 50% white
    Gabrielle= 100% white
    Naha = 25% black and 75% white

  • Sency

    Halle is wearing a wedding ring in these pics and the other pics that were taken with Gabriel

  • maya

    @: No Halle does not bleach her skin, why would she? she has the most beautiful skin that allows her to look years younger because of all the menalin, she won’t need to do anything on her face until she is about 60 years old. Remember Black don’t crack so why would she want to bleach her georgeous color?

  • Reed Richards

    You’re sick, #27.

    Your point, #30?

  • Musicismylove

    Great to see them still together. Glad to see Halle is still supporting and being a part of worthwile causes

  • Tink

    She is absolutly gorgeous! She looks every bit of her dad. I don’t see much of mom in her.

  • elmo

    Oh come on, Tink, I can see Halle in Nahla. They are all beautiful. Halle needs to hang on to Gabriel, he’s way better looking then Pitt was in his younger years. I hope this family remains together (and grows) for a long time.

  • lala

    yeah, I noticed the ring, too. But I don’t think it’s supposed to be a wedding ring. Beautiful family, that little girl is a doll. You guys should check out the pics of them in the pool- so cute!!! and the one of nahla and her dad, love!!

  • don’t get it

    Don’t get it, why are they staying in a hotel? Doesn’t he still own a place in Miami?

  • G!NA

    i try to see the pretty in this baby but i don’t see it!

  • jaxon


    Right on. I couldn’t agree more. Halle and Gabriel both act like daggers are being shoved in their eyes when paps take pics of their kid. Get over it. The kid is gorgeous, people are interested.

    Halle is the worst though. Did you see the video where she refused to come outside when paps were waiting, just stood in the doorway bawling like a wounded calf, “There’s a CHIIIIIIIILD,” over and over? She completely spazzed out like the paps were going to kidnap her kid. She really embarrassed herself, not that she noticed.

  • Jolie hot chin not

    ridiculously stunning little girl. an angel. perfect face.

  • Lana

    I still can’t get over how georgous this baby is. She’ll break some hearts! Hope she will grow to be as beautiful inside as she is out.

  • LuckyL

    Jane @ 07/07/2009 at 7:31 pm

    Nahla is not pretty, she is ugly and weird looking. Plus why the hell cant she just walk on her own instead of being carried everywhere.
    Ethnic babies = ugly by default, right? You stupid b*tch, she’s 15 MONTHS old. TELL THAT TO THE CRUISES.

  • Asia

    Ummm…her looks are changing…and not for the better. Can’t she walk? She always looks so stoic…very strange for a child!

  • F_u

    She looks like many mixed race children I’ve seen, nothing all that unique about her. I swear some of you need to get out more.

  • LuckyL

    ^Same idiot poster. That’s STOIC? How about serene, thoughtful, and curious? Jesus Christ.

  • LuckyL

    F_u @ 07/07/2009 at 10:51 pm

    She looks like many mixed race children I’ve seen, nothing all that unique about her. I swear some of you need to get out more.
    But we can call her pretty, right? I mean, there’s millions of white babies all over this website and we can compliment then and not have to “get out more,” right?

  • Dragon Baby

    Emme Jlo’s skull face ugly ass daughter is the one and only truly ugly baby born to a celeb within the last two years and we all know it. Put a picture of Emme up against Nahla and lets see who wins. LOL

  • jaxon

    Nothing unique? Are you crazy? I think she is the most exotic, unusual, and gorgeous baby who will do nothing but get more stunning as she grows.

    And I get out plenty.

  • kinky


    Nope, you do need to get out more. I have to agree with the other poster. nothing exotic or unusual about this kid except maybe that her eyebrows are too high on her forehead lol and she looks like a 3 year old instead of 15 months lol