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Jennifer Aniston Is The Hunted

Jennifer Aniston Is The Hunted

Jennifer Aniston continues to film with Gerard Butler
on the set of The Bounty in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY on Monday (July 6).

The 40-year-old actress was recently announced as the second top-earning actress in Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list.

Friends went off the air five years ago, but Aniston is still a draw in romantic comedies like last year’s Marley & Me, which earned $244 million at the worldwide box office. The actress also earns by pitching Glaceau’s SmartWater,” Forbes said of her income.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston as the hunted…

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  • Nadyana

    she looks good.. looking forward for the movie

  • pinkydoo

    I really like her glasses and I think she looks good too.

  • jerri

    Jen your such a liar!!!!!

  • vika

    @jerri: why?

  • vika

    @jerri: why?

  • el

    She looks nice.
    Love her.

  • john

    old hag

  • actors act

    could be a cool film !

  • liverwurst

    Looking good!

  • Alexandre

    Total class! Love her so much!

  • breathinliveout

    Man she gets a lot of jobs lately. Her career is in full throttle mode, good for her!

  • Americassweetie

    It’s a moot point on how she earned her money, just that she was a smart enough business women to do it. Brad earns most of his money doing commercials in Europe and Asia for crying out loud and he still couldn’t top Jen!!LOL!

  • the real lou

    She’s just a wonderful beautiful woman. I wish the very best for her always!

  • heonlymarriedjen

    Can’t wait to see this movie, loves her and loves me some Gerry…

  • jill

    Hot body! Some actresses wish they had this shape instead of a walking mummy figure I’m sure.

  • huh

    She has great arms doesn’t she? Very health looking and not veiny. I hate veiny arms : [

  • pitt-iful loons

    So nice over here on a Jen thread now that the loons are drooling over the pathetically few new Ange sighting abet without Brad…again. LOL

  • liverwurst

    @vika: Must you stutter?

  • aNDREW

    All I know is that her movies are total bore unless there is another actor to carry the film. Total bore money or no money I would never lay her unless she doesn’t open her mouth. The moment she opens her mouth to speak any guy would run.

  • notimpressedbyAJ


  • jenniferan

    So pretyy, I love her

  • La sigh.

    @aNDREW: What are you 12? Back to JJjr please.

  • jane

    cant wait for the movie..gotta love jen and her sense of humor :) gorgeous

  • just passing thru

    @aNDREW: This comment was sooo written by a woman. So I’m sure Jen is very relieved you don’t wish to bed because she doesn’t sleep with woman like some actresses we know.

  • lovealwaysjen

    What a class act! I love this girl and her humor about life. Such grace and humbleness cannot be matched.

  • mailey

    jenn comes tog nicely bec she has a nice body, she has nice hair, nice teeth, dresses well.. so she’s doing good. plus she is old but doesnt look her age. however i dont like her (fake?) tan and facially she is nothing special.


    Is that you, Jen, in your usual extreme delusion trying to convince yourself that you are not a serial dumpee?

    You and Brad NEVER spent a total of 5 years together, stop lying! I know you are a pathologica liar, but try and speak honestly for a change. Try very hard!

    As much time as you and Brad spent APART you can NEVER make the time amount to 5 years. Do the Math!

    And did you forget how thrilled you were when he went out of the country to do Troy….because…….your words, Ms Liar, not mine “If he were here, we would be hanging each other from those trees out there…..” Remember those words, you lying piece of trash?

    Remember also not thanking him in your 2003 acceptance speech? You thanked everyone in your little circle and conveniently passed over your “husband.” You drunken SOT!!! where was the “sweetheart ” in you then?

    Stop lying and tell the truth for a change … for once in your self-absorbed, narcissistic life!

    How can you even stand yourself?

    Every man who comes in contact with you DUMPS your lying behind and you cannot stop lying to this very moment. Always trying to pass yourself off as some sweet person.. If you were what you and Huvane try to make people think you are, you might still have a husband. But, happily, Brad saw through your lying charade and dumped you.

    When he met Angie and learned what a sweet, caring, loving woman really was like, he could not get away from you fast enough. He was even decent enough to let you know how very attracted to her he was. She did not steal him…..and you know it.

    He fell in love with her – and this YOU KNOW too. And out of his own mouth– “I never wanted kids UNTIL ANGIE!” He NEVER wanted children with you. That is why he insisted the breakup with you had absolutely NOTHING to do with your refusal to give him children.

    Across your forehead he has pronounced the words “DEAD END!” The same description every man who has met you also proclaim and run like bats out of hell to get away from you.

    You are a disgrace to every woman on this planet. Milking your divorce for 5 years and trying to place the blame on the breakup of your unhappy marriage (Unhappy FROM THE VERY BEGINNING) on an innocent, beautiful, loving, caring woman who never did anything to you.

    But you are such a conniver, a liar and a manipulator, you will never admit the dissolution of your marriage was YOUR OWN fault.

    When will you stop crying the blues and fess up to your own shortcomings? Stop believing this dribble about you as “America’s Sweetheart!”

    You are NOBODY’s sweetheart!

    No MAN wants to have anything to do with you. Your constant and consistent lies have sealed your doom!

    You have demonstrated with dependable consistency that you are nothing but a WEAK, shallow, thoughtless, self centered, hateful creature, and that NOBODY, no man wants to spend more that a few minutes in your company before getting as far away from you as he possibly can.

    And as for Angelina getting pregnant…she did not do that all by herself, you stupid and WILLFULLY ignorant Manustain.

    Angelina and Brad got pregnant together because BRAD WANTED her to be the mother of his children. NOT YOU! You know it, and the world knows it…so stop playing dumb and stupid. Try hard to stop being obtuse!

    Brad has not given you a second thought since he left your sorry, wide butt behind. Remember the Oscars? Not one moment of Brad’s time was spent even talking about your sorry, pathetic self.

    His LIFE (which he had none with you) with Angelina is so full and “RICH” his word….he is “proud of the family that he and Angelina have created TOGETHER” HIS WORDS! So, you – lying female dog….he is NOT stuck as you would like to think. He is “in Love” with his family. Something you know nothing of and will probably never know anything of.

    …Did you notice all the love he exhibited towards Angie in Cannes? And don’t try to counteract those words with your own sickening display of a fake relationship with John Mayer.

    Yours, – you know and the world knows, with Mayer was FAKE! .. But Angie and Brad’s relationship is GENUINE! You know it but you and your paid sidekick Huvane keep trying to describe it as otherwise. But you have not succeeded and will not succeed.

    Why don’t you & Huvane give up your senseless attacks against Angie and find something constructive for yourself to do?

    Instead of stalking Angelina and Brad 24/7 go get yourself a life. We understand NO MAN wants you, so stop chasing them and STOP trying to BUY them. It does not work. You are embarrassing yourself.


    There is NOTHING APPEALING about YOU!!

    Why don’t you give this world a breath of fresh air and just DISAPPEAR!!!

  • jennipoop anusstain!

    Her ugliness is not enough, she had to make her lips look like Donald Duck!
    Since BP left her sorry a*ss for Goddess AJ, this desperate pathetic Anusstain had to fill her paper thin lips with the filler, to prove that she has a voluptuous juicy sexy lips NOT!

  • trout pout

    Wow, now there is a lovely woman! Jennifer Aniston gets prettier by the day. She is a class act all the way.


    Why is Jen’s upper lip not moving when she talks? I’m concerned for her. She should have a doctor check it out. It could be something serious, like facial paralysis. I hope you take care of that and soon, Jen.

  • kate

    Oh yeah she is pretty. She has ancient beauty. Like a Trojan horse

  • eew

    her fans can’t stop b itching jolie and pitt in her thread and they are the one starting it – just read the comments. no wonder this triangle and comparison won’t stop, aniston fans can’t peacefully move on a thread without jolie and pitt. i guess that’s the only way they could get a hit, through bashing. PATHETIC!!!

  • Jen rules

    Boy, did BP ever make the biggest mistake of his life! Talk about trading down. Jennifer is the only decent person in the mix.

  • lol

    Her face is getting bloated and her fake tan is terrible.

  • ha?

    sick ppl everywhere

  • chin can’t act

    superficial old hag. cares about nothing but her looks.

  • chin can’t act

    Jen rules @ 07/07/2009 at 9:12 am

    i agree with you. BP made the biggest mistake of his life by marrying this old supercial old hag. thank god he woke up and dumped this shallow old prune.

  • Jen

    very pretty! like her outfit, its cute

  • Pining for Chris

    There’s me thinking this post was going to be loon free (yeah I know what was I thinking?!)
    Anyway I think she looks lovely, she’s in great shape.


    Hello, anybody knows? Is it a disease or or it something else like too much collagen? If it’s collagen does it mean she’ll have to do more and more as she ages? I’m really concerned for her. Should I email her rep to ask? Jen, I hope you take care of the condition soon. It’s new because you didn’t have it when you were on Friends.

  • San


    Love your post Bravo, it is so the truth. Jen is a big fraud, fake and a stupid fool. LOL

  • sade

    Jen is such a cool looking lady. She has risen above the public humiliation that Brad Pitt caused her and all because she was Brad’s wife so many AJ lovers hate her.

    She has impeccable comedic timing and her acting skills are great. Love Jennifer Anniston and look forward to this movie.

  • Whoohoo

    Hot Stuff!!! What a body. She has one of the best natural figures in Hollywood. No man hands, no big bulging veins down her arms, no giant head or forehead…

  • Dread not

    Nothing sexier than a self depricating woman, who is a stone cold stunner, and is supremely talented, to boot. This will probably be good movie… *sarcastic for Brangie Moonies* even if Jen is just playing another, Rachel Greene character.

  • an oldie


    They don’t hate her. They make fun of her because of her shenanigans and her cattiness. Shenanigans like the fauxmances and showmances to sell her movies and bottled water. Her cattiness in doing her interviews, throwing pity parties while at the same time taking public digs at her ex-husband and his partner. She’s no angel. She’s more of a joke and she only has herself and her PR guru to blame.

  • why buy the…

    At least Jennifer is legit and was married to Brad. Y’all notice he ain’t rushing to the altar with angie? Wonder why.

  • Not impressed by JA

    why buy the… @ 07/07/2009 at 11:17 am At least Jennifer is legit and was married to Brad. Y’all notice he ain’t rushing to the altar with angie? Wonder why.
    You’ll notice that Jen according to her father BEGGED Brad to marry her while there, he is rumored to be the one who BEGGED Jolie to marry him…Go figure. One look of Jolie and he put an end at this dead end marriage which was forced to him by the one who opened her legs on the first date to trap him
    Now she is not only BRAD’s ex, she is also the only he DIVORCED for a woman who don’t even seem to be in hurry to marry him…that tells a lot about Brad’s infatuation towards Jolie and not the one he refused to conceive with…they were probably celibate long before Jolie came in.

  • n.o.l.a

    why buy the… @ 07/07/2009 at 11:17 am At least Jennifer is legit and was married to Brad. Y’all notice he ain’t rushing to the altar with angie? Wonder why.

    So what he married her? She had to bully him into it and lie about wanting a family. Fact of the matter is….HE LEFT HER!!!

  • kola

    she very hot .. good.. looking forward for the movie


    Why is her lip not moving when she talks? You can see it clearly in her newest movies and it’s quite distracting from the scenes. Ben Affleck had a weird look at her when she did a scene with him. He was looking at her upper lip, and it didn’t move. Is it normal for upper lips not moving? I’m very concerned. Anybody knows?