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Jennifer Garner: Pink Explosion!

Jennifer Garner: Pink Explosion!

Jennifer Garner is pretty in pink as she runs some errands on Monday (July 6) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress will next star in the directorial debut from Ricky Gervais (UK’s The Office). The story centers around an alternate world where everyone tells the truth until one man figure out he can lie. The comedy, which opens September 25th, also stars Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill and Patrick Stewart. If you missed it, check out the trailer.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s pink explosion…

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jennifer garner pink dress 01
jennifer garner pink dress 02
jennifer garner pink dress 03
jennifer garner pink dress 04
jennifer garner pink dress 05
jennifer garner pink dress 06
jennifer garner pink dress 07
jennifer garner pink dress 08
jennifer garner pink dress 09
jennifer garner pink dress 10
jennifer garner pink dress 11
jennifer garner pink dress 12
jennifer garner pink dress 13
jennifer garner pink dress 14
jennifer garner pink dress 15

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  • -

    wow. she looks very pretty in here.
    i love natural beauty moms like jen and angie.

  • Pretty in pink

    A fun change up for Jennifer. She looks cool and comfy.

  • Pretty in pink

    A fun change up for Jennifer. She looks cool and comfy.

  • Jess

    Love those black shades.

  • Jolie she aint

    Jen is such a far cry from the real natural beauty……Angie!

  • irish girl

    She’s a sweet lady, but she needs to step it up a notch. I have millions less than she has and I dress much, much better when I’m out in public.
    Between the torn underwear, scabby knees, and Wal-Mart styled fashion, Jennifer is a fashion don’t.
    As an aside, JJ are you trying to give me a HEART ATTACK? When I flipped to this page I had that little evil face to the left looking at me. I nearly jumped out of my seat! It’s almost 1 am…. go easy on us fella!

  • What’s up

    Yuck, JJ, not for the Jen post, but The Unborn ad. Please!

  • Gracie

    Agree a bit #6. she could step it up, hire a stylist and so on. But she doesn’t.

    I know a ton of people with a lot of money, doesn’t really mean they have good taste in furniture or clothes, just means they have money.

    Fashion sense or no fashion sense, still makes Jen and Ben a great couple.

  • Elane

    The dress would better if it was fitted and not baggy because if makes her look like a frumpy old mother. Can Jennifer Garner please stop styling her hair like her 3 year old daughter, it’s bad enough that her hair is wet but wearing barrettes in your hair like a 3 year old is ridiculous when you are approaching 40. If I were Ben I would stay away from the ugly toe too, you never see him with her.

  • suri

    She has fat legs ewwww, she looks so fuglie in that Pepto Bismol dress. It looks like she has diarhea. She need to have that baby already, I think she been preggers too long, her stomach is huge.

  • suri

    She has fat legs ewwww, she looks so fuglie in that Pepto Bismol dress. It looks like she has diarhea. She need to have that baby already, I think she been preggers too long, her stomach is huge.

  • ed

    Jen G. – Violet called and she wants her dress back!!! That dress is puky and ridiculous for a woman approaching 40. Does she think she’s 13? Wow…And wearing that color out in public just SCREAMS look at me! look at me! I want attention.

  • mertz

    lmao at this dress. i do like her though :(. i wish she was a better actor so i could like her more. and she’s pretty too/cute/young looking for kind of an old lady. maybe dress would have worked with a belt or something, maybe as an up and down. dress isn’t working. colour’s good though.

  • linds

    Ridiculous dress. Absolutely ugly. And she wears barrettes. Worst dress list for sure.

  • raven

    what would make trolls happy, don’t like when jennifer g. wears jeans, don’t like when she wears a dress. Jolie Pitt Trolls, only happy if a pic of Ang in black.

  • What #10

    #10 whata talking about fat legs? Just making comments. If her legs were any thinner, they would be calling her Tori Spelling.

  • asha

    She looks like a soccer mom. I love her but she needs to work on her style. I mean look at Angelina, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, and Nicole Richie. They all look amazing when they are out around town. Get a stylist Jen.

  • veronicas

    shes pretty, really down to earth mother

  • molly

    Dear Jenn…
    Grannie want her dress, shoes and body back..please foward.

  • Good

    She looks cute for once.

  • uglysexy

    she totally looks like she dropped out of the business

  • anjelus

    my god she is soooo hot and she looks amazing in anything

  • mertz

    what are you talking about raven…i don’t know who you’re referring to when you say trolls but i’ll just say yes i am an aj fan, yes i like jen garner (lol more than jen anniston probably), yes i am glad when i see aj in black as per usual form or wearing something different, i like jen wearing jeans (although sometimes she totally wears bad jeans), and i like her in dresses. i just like her…but sometimes her clothes don’t do her a favour. so what. i’m vain. sue me. she seems pretty normal for being a rich hollywood person.

  • lizzie

    u guys do not understand anything, she wears ugly things on purpose lol

  • mary

    I’m starting to believe that she wears ugly things on purpose b/c that dress is pretty bad and not age appropriate. She seems to have a fetish for being in her teens? Isn’t she almost 40? I have nothing against her and I think Ben and Violet are fabulous but I have to say her style is just really, really off for someone who just bought a $20 million dollar house. She should see a therapist. Whoops, I forgot, she already does.

  • mary

    BTW, JJ those unborn movie ads are sickening. take them off please!

  • Pippi

    She is so beautiful and sweet. I love her! So glad to see her no matter what she wears. She is so adorable. I love when she smiles. I like her hair and btw she is not wearing barretts. So very real…no wonder Violet, Ben and everybody who knows her love her so much. What’s not to love? She is perfection unlimited.

  • mary

    She is without a doubt the most unpretention woman in the business. This woman is what all young woman should strive for and try to pattern their professional and personal lives after. Naturally gorgeous and adorable.

  • linds

    Pink is definitely her color. She looks so adorable.

  • Charyn

    She looks likes she was dressed by a 3 year old fashion and hair stylist called Violet Affleck. Jennifer Garner is a walking fashion disaster she doesn’t even try to look good, I don’t expect her to wear make up and heels when she is running errands but b!!tcch please stop looking like you live in a trailer park and can only afford to shop at Costco when you are rich and famous and live in a mansion that is bigger than most parks.

  • suri

    I wish she were my mom.

  • jenna

    What a geek.
    Ben must be dying from her.
    Maybe not, he’s a geek too.

  • mailey

    this is a dress for a 5 year old.. not for a woman pushing 40. sick of seeing her mug. she’s been on here too much.

  • #1Fan

    She is such a natural beauty even without makeup. Ben’s mom was right for encouraging Ben to marry Jennifer Garner because she is the perfect match for him in every way. I cannot wait until the occupy the White House. Ben will be president one day I’m sure of it.

  • mela

    poor ben- Jennifer Garner has really let herself go!

  • stefano

    shes so beautiful!

  • Jen rocks

    Jennifer looks like she is having fun in a fun pink dress.

    Screw the people that say that dress is for a 5 year old. better than all black.

  • kasey

    #1 Fan #34, you really are delusional. Ben for President LMAO, LMAO, LMAO, LMAO.

  • Sally

    I love her face. It’s so beautiful and sweetie. A natural beauty, so easy and soft. I don’t like the dress, but who cares? She obviously don’t. She doesn’t look any concerned about our opinion or about Hollywood crap. She is just a woman trying (and getting) to live as normal as she can. She could be gorgeous by showing all dressed up, but she just don’t care… you’re funny here. Sometimes you judge people by vanity, and other times you, the same of you, judge people by not have vanity. It’s insane. Can’t you see? Jen is lovely as she is. I’m glad she is more concerned about be happy instead to prove you anything about her looks. She don’t need it at all.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She looks like a peasant. Garner is the most homely person in Hollywood. She’s got the worst body and lacks any glam or class.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    This is NOT how a movie star is supposed to look like. She looks like a hillbilly.

  • lakers fan in boston

    finally jen changed out of her jeans
    when she wants to she can look nice although that dress looks like something a little girl would wear
    but she’s definitely looking better than usual

  • bekky

    Hey Jennifer put the band aid on your knee and it looked terrible. Stupid girl.

  • paris hilton

    wtf is he wearing oops i meant she

  • man in the moon

    How old is that idiot posting as #41 and 42 *YES*? What a silly name. So dumb. The nerve to say Jen has no class, she has more class in her little finger than you and the horse you rode in on. Nothing wrong with a hillbilly, some of my best friends are hillbillies. However none of them are idiots. ROFLMAO.

    Mailey #33 are you not in control of yourself, nobody forced you to look as her gorgeous pics. Is the scroll button broker on your keyboard?

  • Pippi

    Elane #9 you wrote you never see Ben with Jen. Did it ever occur to you that maybe it’s Jen you never see with Ben? I read they purposely avoid posing together (including walking the red carpet) so as not to be in tabloids (gossip rags) that line their pockets with lies like *a source close to them* said bla bla bla. Makes perfect sense to me. Most popular couples try to avoid appearing in tabloids and trashy website.

  • mary

    I think you’re wrong there Pippi. I get the red carpet thing. That’s fine. But there’s a considerable difference when you look at their first pictures of them when they first dated before she got pregnant, etc. Walking, at a ballgame, etc. They were so touchy feely and genuinely happy looking. Now, they walk around looking like zombies, Ben always walks ahead of her and she’s always reaching out for him or touching him. It’s just different. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with their marriage, I’m just saying it is what it is and there is a BIG difference. We’ll see but I doubt they’ll be together for the long run…

  • mary

    Ben used to look like he was really into her. Now he looks like he’s just not that into her. But he’s into his kids for sure. And his career. And Matt. And his mom. And then Jen? Maybe in that order.

  • Louise

    I LOVE Jen Garner, but the poor thing has no style whatsoever! It’s not even that she doesn’t have a great body etc. I think she looks pretty damn good for a mother of two. It’s merely that the dress is so damn ugly! She just needs a bit of style advice is all…. I’ve seen her look fab at premieres etc. so it can be done! She’s very pretty. Maybe we should just give her a break, seeing as she’s out running errands. Why must she dress up for us whilst going about her mundane, everyday errands?

  • Dawn

    Natural? She got botox on her lips, a nose job (raised narrowed tip) and her chin looks slightly shaved (it used to look like Jay Lenos…very long). Most celebs do it but don’t be deceived, she is not 100% natural.