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Katie Holmes Searches For Mini-Me

Katie Holmes Searches For Mini-Me

Katie Holmes attends a casting call to search for a “mini Katie Holmes” in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday morning (July 7).

The 30-year-old actress was joined by production staff for her new film, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Accompanied by security staff, Katie was seen walking on set in Docklands Studio.

Later this month, Katie will be taking to the stage in a pre-recorded tribute performance to Judy Garland on the hit reality competition series, So You Think You Can Dance.

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katie holmes mini me 01
katie holmes mini me 02
katie holmes mini me 03
katie holmes mini me 04
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Credit: Photonews; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ?

    That’s cute. How long are they gonna be in Oz?

  • karenina

    mini katie? for what?

  • it’s robo-bride

    For once she actually has dressed age appropriately and in something that is half-way flattering to her body. I wonder if she is in costume for the movie? She normally exhibits no fashion sense whatsoever!

  • Mrs. Cruise looks Chubby!

    Wow! What the heck are they feeding her down under? Maybe she’s gaining weight for her role.

  • glad katie is eating again

    i loved the joey potter pudgy look. cute.

  • Katie washed her hair!

    She doesn’t look like crap, for once. Good for her!

  • irish girl

    I agree with the OPs, she looks good. Her coat is cool.

  • TOMKAT Passion!
  • Carrie

    She’s still gross and I can’t stand her. Robotic piece of crap.

  • MK

    less greasy than the last weeks… She’s looking good on these pics

  • zk

    I just wanted to comment on “celebrity”……on this day, we watched Michael Jackson’s memorial. A tribute to a TRUE star.

    He was a real talent and the very definition of ‘celebrity’.

    To see someone like Katie Holmes, after watching the memorial, just makes me think “who the hell is she?” ….she’s nobody.

    I don’t care that she married a whack alien-worshipping former movie star or that she has a child. She is not a STAR.

  • Of course

    there’s no compare between Michael Jackson, who was the best in his fields, who had talent beyond measure, even though he was maybe weird and maybe a criminal, so there’s no compare between him, a real star, and a nobody, a no talent, a gold digger as katie holmes, who would now be working at Walmart if she had not marry Tom Cruise, and who has now 2 or 3 fans.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it seems to me that all of the sudden she got interested in dancing
    her her looks cute in the pics but the outfit isnt

  • sniffles

    She looks good in these pictures. I would have to agree that she is looking more her age in these photos. You can actually see that she DOES have a butt.

  • sniffles

    She looks good in these pictures. I would have to agree that she is looking more her age in these photos. You can actually see that she DOES have a butt.

  • jen

    sign me up mini me here i come!

  • katie who?

    Katie who?

    she is just a wannabe that happens to be married to Tom Cruise- whose career is slowly going down the drain.

    she’s a no talent bimbo that has a brat

  • alexandra

    why don’t they just use suri for her mini-me?

  • Annie

    And Tiny Gay Man had to pay how much for her to do this movie?

  • jared fan

    I think she looks great here! Like her hair and the clothes. I like her hair pulled back a lot! And she wasn’t pudgy on DC, just a normal teenager.
    #5 she doesnt look heavier to me at all. Sometimes it’s just the camera angles.

  • anon

    very lovely

  • cupcakes

    I like her outfit…..very pretty

    thanks jj

  • pam

    God bless her and her family. Beautiful actress in and out and she’s a good actress. Cant wait for this film and I love Guy Pearce.

  • mike

    she’s hot

  • lurker

    looking good,Katie

  • semperfi

    Katie looks fresh and sweet. Wow they’re in Australia? its cold there right now and nice to see her hair growing long.

  • manette


  • boogie

    lovely and talented to boot

  • benicio

    Her character in the film is gonna end up dying a horrifying death.

  • abc and 123

    So did anyone notice any scientologists at Michael Jackson’s memorial? Where was Lisa Marie? She was writing so much about him before online. Ya know why none of them were there? Because the family can’t stand scientology. And the absolute truth is that Lisa Marie was married with 2 kids to Danny Keough before high level influential people in the COS told her that she needed someone who was more powerful as a mate, like Michael. That she needed to flow “power to power”. Her husband had never made it as a musican and eventually went on to become very sick. She divorced Keough in 1994 and married Jackson only months later in that same year of 1994. She was made to believe that she must get Jackson into Scientology , as the church believed it would bring a new public awareness for them and change it for the better. It was all a part of a campaign to bring in celebrities. And she did it. She divorced her husband and married Michael Jackson. But the real reason why they divorced so suddenly and quickly was because Jackson would not accept scientology as his public and only religion!!!! So she failed. She cut her losses and divorced him. And even though what she wrote about him online recently was very heartfelt and I’m sure there was some love there, it doesn’t mean that this is not 100% true. This strategy was dreamed up by a group of scientologists at a place called Gold base who have nothing but time on their hands and an obsession with public relations. And that is why I think Lisa did not attend or sing at his memorial, or any other scientologist speaking out in his favor. Because this incredible man did not like scientology. And he was unwilling to make it his fight like the church wanted him to. Remember what Lisa’s dad , Elvis said about the church? “They just want my fu*king money”.

  • ruby

    Katie is a gem and she’s blessed with a special family.Whole fam are gorgeous.


    May Christ the King up above in heaven bless this beautiful family with abundent wealth,health and fame as great as Christ himself—amen

  • pr person

    Pfffffttt…Holmes who can’t sing or dance (or even act for that matter) performing a tribute to Judy Garland?! What a joke!!

  • To Simonette Alanes

    Oh come on. Aren’t all equal in Christ’s eyes according to Christian doctrine, so why should he bless this family any more than another family.

    Furthermore Tom and Katie don’t believe in God or Christ. When you get to the level they are at in the Scientology Church believing in a diety such as Christ is greatly discouraged. This is one of the reasons why Kidman was so uneasy with this so called cult religion as she is a devout Roman Catholic.

    So given that they don’t believe in God, doesn’t this mean they won’t ascend to heaven under Christian doctrine? They will go to hell with the rest of the nonbelievers right? Since the only way to heaven is through Christ himself.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    Agree Number # 35. I still have a hard time believing that Katie can accept Scientology as her ” something “, being that she also was a Roman Catholic as Nicole Kidman. Funny that Tom chose both women as his wife, and both had the same religion. I also am Roman Catholic and would die before stepping foot NEAR that cultish Centre. After reading everyone’s link’s about Scientology and what they do to people and how they ” groom ” their children, Katie could make her own horror show, just out of that knowledge and scare people under their seat.
    Observing how her personality has changed over the last few years since Suri’s birth, I sometimes wonder just how happy she is within the Scientology Centre. Or does she do it just to please Tom. The saddest part of all, is little Suri, who has no choice in the matter and must do what her father says. She will never know the difference until she is older and wiser, unless brain damage seeps in from their tactics. Katie does look better today, but the pictures are almost identical. Whoever said she is “pudgy ” is silly. First they complain she is stick thin, and a few days later they complain she is fat. The poor girl can’t win. Her hair looks cute pulled back, and I love her coat.

  • logan

    # 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29

    SAME IDIOTIC poster!

    Pitiful one. LOL

  • ivy

    Ive seen this tv show when I was a lil girl so Im excited with this remake especially under Deltorro,Pearce and ofcourse Katie Holmes.

  • :]

    Gotta be honest she is lovely even with no speck of makeup.

    Love her distress jacket.

  • Reed Richards

    Your opinion, #34.

    You don’t know what she was easy or uneasy about, #35. You don’t know her.

    How has her personality changed, #36.

  • allie

    wow I just realize how the trolls are really nuts.

  • tess

    I heart Holmes Sweet Holmes

  • beltway

    Katie is beautiful and so admiring a mom and wife.Top of that she’s good to everyone so it will be great if she’s back in movies full force.

  • Annie

    Nothing but a disgusting pig with NO talent.

  • dianelll

    To # 35 and 36 i know you are a real kidman fan so when you are spouting about scientology why don’t you do the same about a religion that molested young boys

  • Abc and 123

    #45 DIANELL well you got your wish!
    In northern Ca. Gabrielle Williams was convicted of rape and sodomy of fellow sea org member and the church was ordered to pay her 700,000 in return for not going to police and keeping it a secret because he was upstat . Gabrielle is now a California state registered sex offender and his profile can be seen here: Oh and guess what, he STILL CURRENTLY WORKS FOR THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. I guess if you make the church a lot of money your allowed to be a rapist.
    There is t Donald Anthony Strawn who is currently incarcerated in Florida for molesting his two step daughters and will remain for 30 years. He was a scientologist since the early 80′s and was convicted in 1995. With the threat of expulsion the church would not let the mother go to the police because only they could “cure “his abberation”, which they did not. So thank Scientology for protecting an 11 year old and 13 year old girl. Your really saving the world. They have tried to delete him from the record books but the internet is a tricky thing, it keeps records and you can still find him if you google his name. He was very high up on the bridge which means he had completed most of what scientology teaches.
    Wally Hanks, president of Mace Kingsley Scientology school. Pedophile. Church would not close down, why would they, he was giving them 7000 dollars a month? It has now thankfully closed. The church finally had to because so many girls were coming forward with sexual abuse and beatings. Astra Ashcroft was one of them. Google her if you can confront it Dianelll.
    Ben Kastle, who grew up in scientology and is married was recently arrested a few months ago for gross sexual imposition with a 14 year old girl.
    Then theres James Barbour who molested a young girl who he was suppose to be teaching her. He also plead guilty in a court of law and served time for this crime. And there are SO many many more. So Dianelll, get your shi* straight before you come on here and make it sound like scientology is any better than anything else. THEY’RE HAND HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDSTOO! These are not unproven accounts from angry X members, these have gone to trial. Who protected these children??? HUH? Not their so called church? Not even their scientologist parents! And these men are registered sex offenders AND THE CHURCH HELPED THEM COMMIT THEIR CRIMES! THEY SHUT OTHERS UP! THAT IS SICK! And damn you for being so stupid before you make such an irresponsible comment like that. Scientology has hurt MANY PEOPLE. AND IF YOU DON”T KNOW ITS BECAUSE YOUR EYES ARE GLUED SHUT AND YOU DON”T WANT TO KNOW! But us in the real world do something called research before we SPOUT OFF OUR MOUTHS. Scientology harbors rapists! And you are too stupid to know that!

  • dianelll

    # 46 Well I must of hit a nerve your still spouting off about Scientology but not a word about the young boys that got molested in the catholic and if you think families was not hurt by that you are the worset idiot in the world

  • daisy

    she looks so beautiful

  • ninjas

    Looking forward to this movie! Luv the Cruises<33

  • jj thank you

    as always

  • Abc and 123

    Are you actually defending these scientologist pedo’s? I don’t have to say what those priests did were WRONG and hurt people, but do I actually have to explain to you dianelll that other people who are scientologists and active in the church also did the same exact crime and are equally unforgivable? Because in your statement you implied Catholicism is so unmoral because of the priests doing what they did, but hey, at least scientologists aren’t that bad because no one has molested anyone. Well I believe these children would BEG TO DIFFER!
    All insults aside, I am stunned that you have to attempt to make fun of me because it “touched a nerve”. Well, hell yes it touched a nerve. You singled out a religion who was wrong in what they did for trying to cover up for those priests, while also saying that scientology, WHO HAS DONE THE EXACT SAME THING, is somehow BETTER? That shows me that you seriuosly are NOT aware of the wrongdoings the church has been a part of. I never heard you acknowledge that these scientologists were ever in the wrong. Only the Catholics, why so selective? If scientologists did the same thing you spoke out about, should’nt they incur the same ire? Because a scientologist doesn’t get the memo that people are going to jail left and right for rape and molesting charges. In scientology its called spreading entheta and if you tell anyone, you get in trouble. Thats how the church does damage control amongst its followers. So almost all scientologists DON”T EVEN KNOW IT’S EVER HAPPENED! It is hard for me to believe how you don’t see the pont I’m getting at. It’s hard for me to understand how a human being with a soul and compassion for their fellow man wouldn’t feel sympathy for the family involved in these situations. You only want to talk about the priests and leave scientology out of it. Well, its too late and the damage has been done. And simply dianelll, by your one sided view on this, it can only bring me to the conclusion that you wrote that out of ignorance for a church that you are most likely a member of.