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Marion Cotillard: New Christian Dior Ad!

Marion Cotillard: New Christian Dior Ad!

Marion Cotillard sits front row at the Christian Dior fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2009/10 on Monday (July 6) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old French actress is featured in Fall 2009 ads for the Lady Dior bag (pictured below), as photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Marion will also featured in a six-and-a-half-minute thriller that will hit the Internet this spring.

15+ pictures inside of Marion Cotillard during Paris Fashion Week…

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marion cotillard christian dior ad 01
marion cotillard christian dior ad 02
marion cotillard christian dior ad 04
marion cotillard christian dior ad 05
marion cotillard christian dior ad 06
marion cotillard christian dior ad 07
marion cotillard christian dior ad 08
marion cotillard christian dior ad 09
marion cotillard christian dior ad 10
marion cotillard christian dior ad 11
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marion cotillard christian dior ad 13
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marion cotillard christian dior ad 15

Photos: Francois Durand/Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • lmao

    Love her. Not loving her look here. She looks tired. Love the Dior ad.

  • clive


  • anne cariou

    At least she doesn’t look like a Hollywood whore. This woman has class! Showing huge breast seems to be an American hobby. Ah ah…

  • sweetie

    She’s beautiful :-)

  • kate

    She looks good and I like the dress. I think she looks a bit tired because she isn’t wearing much eyeliner or eye makeup. When I don’t wear eyeliner people always ask me if I am sick, because they are used to seeing me with eyes fully done.

  • Flok

    I’m French and all I have to say is that she is fugly. She is becoming more famous in the US than in France. She is so superficial…

  • vanessa

    she is so glamourous… and shes unbelievably talented… shes got the whole package!!!

  • debby

    I’m French and I hate her. She’s pretentious. She didn’t deserve her Oscar

  • col

    I’m french and I love her. stop judging her, people don’t care what you think about her (to flock et debby) .

  • il y en a qui disent vraiment de la m*rde!

    “She is becoming more famous in the US than in France” : ça c’est faux!

  • Davids

    She was unknown to me before Dillinger. I like her in that role she was a ride or die chick

  • Viva la France

    She looks very…French.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Not that stupid French woman again? How about someone tell her a man landed on the moon and Sep. 11 did happen.
    What a nut job.

  • French Girl

    J’adooore sa robe!!!

  • K.G.

    F*ck you pretend haters. Marion deserved her Oscar and is actually talented. Anyway, as much as I love marion, not loving her look here.

  • Flok

    To 9 > if people don’t care about what we are saying, why are you sharing your opinion? I’m sure they don’t care about you either.

    And she is actually becoming more famous in the US than in France. You just have to look at her upcoming movies to see that…

    As an actress, Marion Cotillard has talent, for sure, but as a person, she is very superficial and seems to be a dumbass in every public speechs she makes. She should think a bit more ’cause in every interviews she just gives the impression of being completely stupid.

  • Flok

    (And she is not THAT pretty! Look at those pictures: she is so creepy and fake!!!)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i seriously doubt that she said that about 9/11 and what ive heard is that it was taken way out of context 2 what she said which most of the times is the case when speaking in another language

    yeah, she does look tired but to me she still manages to shine =]
    dress is simple yet nice
    je suis en amour avec vous marion =D

  • fLO

    Thank God she got that ugly gap in her teefs fixed.

  • Gi

    What’s up with these haters! Jesus! I guess it’s true what I hear about French people. When the person is a unknown everyone likes her and then she becomes famous and everyone starts to hate her! THAT’s why she’s been doing American movies! Because French people can’t stop bashing her!
    She IS talented and she IS pretty. No one can deny that. And if you wanna know what a fake and superficial is like looks like look at Pamela Anderson or watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

  • dancer

    ugly and stupid

  • passing through

    She should go to Pakistan with the rest of the Pro-Benladin people.
    Funny she disses America but makes money here.

    Public Enemies opened poorly to 23 million crushed badly by Transformers and Ice Age and they are also struggling overseas with a 100 million budget to pay off. Poor Depp cursed by Cotillard and Bale. Critics were wrong that Depp will shoot down Transformers.

  • K.G.

    @passing through:
    oh shut up. Go back to your Brangelina post.

  • K.G.

    @Flok: @debby: @dancer: @fLO: @YES!:
    Same retarded hater.

  • boogie

    looks like a muppet and talks like Pepe Le Pew

  • i use free translation to bash

    Pretenders haters…… ?!

  • LuckyL

    Marion looks like a witch and she is so phoney. Many 9-11 families and Americans did petition to take back the Oscar from her and even the Academy said if they knew she said those cruel things about America,NASA and 9-11 she never would have gotten the award.
    She luck out because the real winners were Cate Blanchett and Ellen Page.

  • nina

    Why does everyone hate Marion Cotillard? Sure she said some things against America but so did Johnny Depp and no one is hating on him the way everyone is hating on Marion. She’s a great actress and deserved her Oscar. Her performance in la vie en rose was amazing.@LuckyL:
    How do you know she’s phoney, do you know her?
    And LMAO at Ellen Page and Cate Blanchett deserving the best actress award. Cate Blanchett didn’t deserve to be nominated for Eliabeth: The Golden Age, she was awful, no emotion or depth in her performance and Ellen Page was one note in Juno. Go back to that Angelina Jolie post!

  • nina


  • nina

    Oh and the Marion haters will be sooo pissed off when Marion gets nominated for next year’s Oscars for Public Enemies or Nine.
    Nine is an upcoming musical movie starring Oscar winners Daniel Day Lewis, Marion, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cru Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Oscar nominee Kate Hudson, and Grammy winner Fergie.
    It looks great and Marion looks like audrey hepburn in the trailer! suck it haters!

  • nina

    *Penelope Cruz

  • right&wrong

    Why don’t those haters take a closer look at the New World Order agenda? She is too smart for you haters. Wake up! Marion Cotillard has been acting for a long time, so she has talent. Oops! And, she is gorgeous. Oh, she has an incredible amount of class. Oh, well… Enjoy!

  • vika

    Marion is the public’s enemy. Nine is all hype but it will be received badly. Another nod and Oscar for Cotillard? LMAO

  • Audrey

    @Gi: Most of French people are really proud of her. Stop saying stupid things if you don’t know what your talking about.

  • Audrey



  • nina

    Marion will either get Oscar nominated for Nine or Public Enemies. She has gotten the reviews out of the cast in Public Enemies and has the Tony Award winning role in Nine.
    Nine will receive bad reception? Now I’m LMAO.
    Nine is based off of the hit musical 8/12
    and is directed by the Academy Award nominated nominated director of Chicago Rob Marshall and stars…
    2 time Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis
    Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard
    Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman
    Academy Award winner Penelope Cruz
    Academy Award winner Judi Dench
    Academy Award winner Sophia Loren
    Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson
    and Grammy winner Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson.
    It’s going to be the movie of 2009. Gonna win allllll the Oscars baby, you watch and see.

  • kara

    I’m French and I don’t know who she is. There are a lot of people I know who have never seen her movies so stop saying bullshit such as everyone in France likes her.

  • Lucy

    She’s so beautiful and has class.
    Go away haters.

  • French Girl

    @kara: Sérieux tu sors d’où?! C’est pas possible ke t’es jamais entendu parler d’elle!! T’as jamais vu Taxi?! La copine à Samy Naceri: c’est elle!! bon sa c’est vieux, mais ya plins d’autres films!! Jeux d’enfants avec guillaume Canet: elle est joue dedans aussi!! Non c’est pas possible de pas la connaître!!!

  • K.G.

    pathetic haters.

  • Blue

    I’m not a fan but she’s just doing her job and I don’t think she’s doing it bad. So what if she’s successful? Good for her.

  • suppress your appetite

    Gorgeous !

  • doppelganger


    I know her agent in the states: This girl is the modern day Audrey Hepburn, and boy can she act. (Just wait till you see her in “Nine” this holiday season.)

    And those 9/11 and Moon landing comments? Taken COMPLETELY out of context. The interview is in French, and much of what she told the reporter was muddled in translation. All she said was that she doesn’t always believe what the government tells her, and cites common conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Moon landings. She doesn’t condemn 9/11 or call out NASA — she just acknowledges that these theories exist. Plain and simple.

    If you’re gonna hate on the girl, make deadly sure u know what you’re talking about …