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Natalie Portman is Nobu Nice

Natalie Portman is Nobu Nice

Natalie Portman walks out of Nobu Berkeley restaurant after having dinner in London on Monday (July 6).

The 28-year-old actress has been in Northern Ireland working on her next film Your Highness.

The comedy, which costars Spiderman‘s James Franco and Land of the Lost‘s Danny McBride, is about two spoiled and arrogant princes in a medieval fantasy setting.

Recently, Confessions of a Shopaholic star Isla Fisher has been in talks to appear in the film.

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Credit: Matrix; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • Sandy

    Strangely she looks beautiful here. She’s really a grown up woman. no little Natalie anymore. Very chic.

    Nobu is overrated and overpriced and sushi is so outdated.

  • anon

    Such a natural beauty…plus true talent, intelligence and educated. I really hope she’s one of the rare ones who ages gracefully with minimal cosmestic help so she doesnt come out looking like a cartoon version of herself down the road as most do. I bet she doesnt smoke either because she doesnt have that pursed lip (continually covered by cosmetic touchups) look and she has a very healthy look.

  • anon

    The antithesis of Lindsay Lohan…she has an old Hollywood glamour and grace about her.

  • stacy

    She looks really beautiful, but kinda sad.

  • Viper

    She is amazing as many said the other JJ shot didn’t do her justice she like many people have bad days and truly she makes up for them in the end. I love her look so stoked that she is in Ireland I so wish I was her right now. And I agree she is not the little Natalie we use to see she is a very dynamic woman who has come into her own in her career.

  • Sue

    Agree 100% with you Sandy… Natalie is great anywhere, anytime you see her!.. she has this innocent and classy look on her that no one can take it away!..

    Amazing, to see how she´s grown up… All the way from Leon till The Other Boleyn Girl.. she´s all a women!…

  • tim

    Just love everything about her.

  • laura

    How we miss her in movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She’s so beautiful talented and intelligent !

  • Katy

    She is beautiful, but does not know how to dress.

  • fan

    She is not looking happy and contented.

  • !!!

    Very cute!!

  • chloe

    I love her hair!!

  • Vinnyblue

    Natalie is going to film Your Highness in Ireland.
    Wish u the best, Nat.

  • ivy

    she’s so beautiful and has this quality about her that is just so elegant…complete opposite of a lot of the newcomers in hollywood, like megan fox.

    i’ve always found natalie portman so naturally beautiful…i mean, the girl looks gorgeous even w her head shaved!

  • Mario

    Love Nat!

  • irish girl

    Excellent comment. Natalie’s naturally stunning and conducts herself with grace and dignity.

  • Sally

    @irish girl: I completly agree. She is absolutely low profile, beautiful and talented. I admire her a lot, as an actress and her behavior as a person too.

  • Beergoggles

    Man, she look angry there. Like she could grow wartz! Serious P Offed face. Pretty bird tho.

  • Viper

    Natalie has had trouble over the years with Press in her face my guess is that she still has some shyness where media is in her face. I still see the beauty that she is can’t wait to view her new movie once it comes out.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She is beautiful and classy. They need more Natalies in Hollywood.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks beautiful
    i wish she would be seen more often
    i think she only gets like 2-4 posts a month
    i doubt i will see her movie but ill read a review 2 see how she did in it

  • Gasol_fan16

    Natalie is 100% beautiful!!

  • Viper

    I second that Gasol she is sheer perfection.

  • Viper

    I second that Gasol she is sheer perfection.

  • LAURA 16

    i Amigo bien hecho Gasolfan!! ii ano Pau Gasol!! I Felicitacionesa Pau en ganancia del compeanato! i primero un para ganar en Espana!

    Sorry. My English is no so good. Is why I write in Spanish. Gasolfan gave me the courage to post. I did not dare on last threads on Natalie and very scared from all the bashing on Natalie I did not like. It shocking how horribly jealous some get out of a person with talent and great looks and very smart as well. Gasolfan I thank you and I knew Natalie would have a new thread of her looking so much better tehn ever. She not ugly to start with. Beautiful and i mucha sophisticated. I’m very much so a fan of Natalie and Pau Gasol too. Gasolfan who knows? Maybe Pau and Natalie may end up together?? We should pray to Mary for this. no? Ohhhh!!! I like her outfit very much so too. So classy! Looks like a lady and not some pre teen.

    i horray Viva Espana. Abenico de i paz! Muchas graciaus Gasolfan.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Laura,
    Your English is fine! I wished I could write in Spanish and we could talk away on the board then and I would not get moderated! Sigh….So fusterating.
    Glad to see another Natalie and Gasol fan out their too! Yes. Natalie is very intelligent and speaks 4 or 5 languages and one of them is Spanish. I think Pau would appreciate a bright and talented girl like Natalie!
    I love her skirt and blouse too. I love her hairstyle as well. It looks a bit like 40′s old Hollywood retro style!! She is very sophisticated looking.

    Anyway!! Thanks Laura. Natalie would support your in Spanish and in English!
    Muchas Gracias!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Opps! My bad Laura.
    Natalie has a sheath dress on with a black cardigan on. I still love her look. The sandals are very cute too!

  • funkey

    Natalie shows how sophisticated she is all the time I think she shy’s away from press b/c they frighten her. I know she has had some bad experiences with paparazzi over the years. But, she has matured and into a lovely talented woman. Whomever she ends up with will be a very lucky man.

  • emmaa

    She looks fantastic here. Very beautiful

  • Gasol_fan16

    I agree with Funkey and sally.
    Natalie keeps a low profile and does not press herself out like the d-listers do. Natalie does not need to press it out. Never has. She is first class all the way and looks it too.

  • voice of reason

    Interesting thought Viper at this time Natalie should be well versed in the press, she does however look much better than her last pictures.

    BTW you really should do something about double posting, it seems to happen alot… maybe you have the same problem as @

  • Corinthians

    Pretty girl, but as an actress….MEH. Don’t know why so many are falling all over themselves really. She’s not a saint, just a good-looking mediocre star who does some charities like all the rest of them do. Not bashing her in the slightest, just not worshipping her is all.

  • Tommy

    Pretty girl and great actress.

  • funkey

    Damn VOR or is it Sybil, what’s your issue coming back b/c your icon Bilson isn’t around for you to praise her along with her trashcan boyfriend. So you come scanning for Gasol in hopes of what to start up trouble on other board comments. Your not a fan of Natalie you are only here lerking looking for Gasol I’m sure the woman doesn’t need you chasing her around to different topics when we all know your interest is to bash Natalie not to praise her. As for the rest of your comments they are as pointless as you are.

  • funkey


    Her acting might not be to everyone’s taste and that’s fine I don’t see her as mediocre at all she does variety in her movies. As for Charities she is in a crap load of them you will find her supporting several but, she isn’t like those who do PSA and don’t even come back to care if what they were PSA’ing for even paid off. She sticks to it and only does those she truly believes in. It’s ok not to worship her better that way you are not disappointed if she falls short on your hopes.

  • aaron

    i love this woman. she has had one of the best careers i have seen. she was a child star and never made any mistakes – from the professional to beautiful girls to star wars to closer to garden state to v for vendetta, she can do anything. i can’t wait to see what she does next. sheshould do a comedy. her rap video and her thing with zack galifinakis on funny or die are both hilarious.

  • funkey

    Her next flick coming out in December is Brothers and thus far it did get some good reviews and talk of Oscar potential

  • funkey


    Trust me your princess has no comparison to Natalie even in Natalie’s not so good movie. And where did you get your stats claiming everyone thinks her newest movie will tank. I’m sure in your Sybil brain of yours you wish it would so your Geek and his princess will have some outside chance of getting their D-listed movies seen. Believe me Takers with Trashcan Christensen will tank there is nothing but Jailhouse rock group in it and his gay ass to boot. No Oscar potential there.

    Do us all a favor just stick to your princess site you only prove you stalk people who make comments about your Icons and follow us around. The less we hear of you the better but please if you continue to post you’ll only bring up Natalie comments to over 100 by the end of the week if not more.

  • voice of reason

    @Funkey hate to say but if you spent time on the “brothers” board most are typing that movie does not hold much potential at the B/O because most at the site believe the trailer has given away much of the movie-some are already saying that they are not even going to watch it.
    This movie will recover it’s cost once it’s released on DVD, it does not have the support it needs to be a B/O giant which some Natalie supporters think it will achieve.
    As for “takers” I don’t think it will be a B/O giant either.
    I’m assuming that you think “brothers” has oscar potential all over it-amazing idea seeing as it has not been released yet. I’ll wait and get an informed opinion rather than some blog.

    Sorry I don’t do 60 posts in 2 days-that’s what you and Gasol do.

    As for your suggestion of not posting here-remember freedom of speech you and others were very happy to tell everyone else about when posting on a Rachel thread, which of course you made comments on because you dislike her, at least I make an opinion in regard to Natalie without name calling, and I actually do like her as an actress-not everything but some movies have been watchable.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Vor or VONR,
    Oh please give you speech a rest! No you don’t like Natalie and you made your silly opinion about Brother’s. Fine don’t watch it. Natalie does not a pshychotic head cases like you viewing her film. Love the thread on IMBD of Natalie being on foodtv. network on a cooking show and hoping she plans on making a vegan dish. Of course she would! Why? Making fun of her being a vegetarian? At least she has been a Vegan since she was 13 or younger and decided to do that on her own and not in the late part of their 20′s deciding to do all organic and not eat pork like your favorite Trashden couple. Anyway! I got your thread eradicated! Then, I posted something on your favorite prom couple. I hope you enjoy it! You keep bashing Natalie and I will b sure to keep insulting your idiols, Trasden and his little wastebasket Batsh*t!

    BTW! Natalie I told you looks great! I wished I could have shoved this pictures right in your UGLY face and lying mouth. Oh! You still have not done one thing. Show us your picture to see what a so called raving beauty you are. Ahem…Where waiting……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Just as I thought. Too chicken sh**! LOL!

  • funkey


    Please you post like 100 x a day on Rachel’s site you always remark on every single person’s comment you never give it a rest. Plus you have to come along for the ride to Natalie’s board and Why b/c your idol used to have a thing for her granted not so now. But, funny how most of his fans prefer Natalie over the deadhead prom twit he is with now. Excepted freedom of speech I’ll remember that next time you tell Gasol or myself to take our comments about RB to other boards. Enjoy what goes around comes around and your getting your karma right back at you.

    As for Brothers I understand it has mixed reviews on the Trailer but, Not the movie sorry to disappoint you many critics do like it. some people felt the trailer showed too much maybe, maybe not who cares at least she has a flick coming out all your twosome have is a 6min skit that was already rated as bad news for the can’t act actress.


    Amen sister Natalie looks great no matter what good day or bad.

  • voice of reason

    @Funkey Natalie is also in the same movie, as are many others you keep repeating the whole bad review thing but yet can’t give one link.

    Amazing that I was discussing “Brothers” not Natalie and had the same opinion as others in regard to the trailer, perhaps you should get Gasol and yourself over there and delete those posts as well.

    @Gasol once again you lie through your teeth I never said I was better looking than Natalie, your the one that has to keep telling people how great you are.

    Keep going I’m enjoying your rant and lies on Imdb.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ VONR,
    Sweetie. I never went on about how great I am or how I look. I did provide some pictures of me and some did not like and some did. Whatever. I actually look pretty much average. That’s okay with me. It is your past threads or some of your buddies went out to say I was ugly which, I’m not. I’m not as beautiful as Natalie and never will be but, I can admire her work and what she does. Looks and style too, ETC….. I was a bit angered you have the audacity to bash Natalie looks on a bad day where, your beloved Rachel has actually come out looking much worse. I hate to even word it like that b/c Natalie has never looked bad to me. She was upset and not happy and was obviously avoiding the press. Something Rachy never does! Words for thought.
    You can go ahead and call me a lair but, most know better. It is clearly that your not getting your way and sounding a bit frusterated on Natalie’s board. This is not your board. Most people that post on Natalie’s board like her. She does not get thay many posts as Rachel granted. Look at it this way. Rachel get’s a lot of hit’s. But, really? Are most of the comment’s positive? NO! The marjority of the hit’s Rachel gets are negative. You can clearly see that and it is not all me. I don’t even have the time to pose as others unlike you do to be giving Rachel the hits and I certainly do not wish to.

    Like Funkey said, “What comes around goes around.” A very popular song by RATT in the 80′s. I remember you too being so bold as to tell Funkey and myself to go back to Natalie’s board and post and give her the love. Why are you busy trashing Natalie then? Why are you not giving your prom queen Rachy the love then? Oh! No recent threads on her and your bored as sh** and have nothing better to do?? Go on. Keep the posts coming then. The more hits rachy gets the more popular they become it does not really matter if the comments are negative or good. Keep it up then. We can reach 100 soon! “WINK!”

  • funkey

    Spider your the only real liar here just like your gayboy who can’t tell the truth to save his life. And what your princess is not around so you can fawn all over her boo hoo. At teast Natalile is working which is something Hayden and your princess are not doing if you think selling cologne and sunscreen is work good luck to you

  • Gasol_fan16

    HA HA HA! Good Job Funkey! Can’t agree with you more! Here is more, “What comes around goes around!”

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol I also said that everyone was allowed a bad day in regard to Natalie but I guess you only choose to read what you want.
    You must have forgotten all the posts you made saying you are better looking than Rachel to the point in which you posted photo’s of yourself, or the whole I’m happily married blah blah I hope you are, I really do-but to be serious do you think anyone on the internet cares?

    Nope because like you typed you are a nobody.

  • @46

    This is about Natalie not a personal war seems your battling over what some chic name Rachel then move this discussion elsewhere. All your comments Voice of Reason seem to direct to 2 people whom I gather you don’t like then you bring remarks over to Natalie that are what not even about her but, two commenter you can’t stand. So either stick to the topic or move on we get it you don’t like those that post and don’t want to hear all the time who looks better then who.Personally I love the way Natalie looks and her style.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Speaking of a Nobody VOR! Your a total b*tch! You should talk? When is the last time your had some sex? You certainly sound like you are in need of it. You follow me around and stalk me day and night and post on Hayden and Rachel’s board on IMBD 24/7. I mean I was up till 1:00 am last night and still saw your posting. Your supposed to live in Australia? You are a stalker and stalk day and night. It is not enough your have the board on IMbd now, you wish to have this Natalie board too and your not even a fan of hers?

    I am married and blah blah blah. Your actually the nothing. Nobody that has no life and lives on the computer waiting to attack 24/7. No man would have a sybil like you! As nasty as you sound. It sure sounds like your in need of sex and can/t get it. Gee…What a pity.

    As far as Bilson. Yes. I have dressed better and looked better then her at times. Remember the Home Depot pictures of her in super trashy baggy jeans and carrying her dog around. She looked like she just stepped out of the trashcan or dog house!

    @ 46,
    You have no idea what this b*tch has put me through do you! I see your game and I defended you! SO STFU!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh! Before I run off to the store. I do actually have a life Spider34 or VONR reason or f**ked up in the brain. I tried being nice and your a total worthless slag and total a total f**KING b*TCH! You think Hayden would appreciate what your doing? He would just laugh at you. He can careless about his fan’s and certainly would hate stalkers. He may want his bodyguards around him when your happen to be near. Your CRAZY!

    Yes. I would love to just talk about Natalie on this board but, did I ask to get followed around by some damn freak? NO! Maybe, #46 can get off her can instead of b*tching and a griping and report Spider? Hmm?!!

    Spider is a worthless single bitter 40 year old stalker that has no life. Stalked Lola Skye and stalks people on boards she does not like. At least I sent my pictures in Spider. You still have not done it!! Where is your picture?? You think your all of that and all. Yes!!!!!!!! Still a coward!! Come on b*tch you cannot be the UGLY! LOL!

  • funkey

    Hope you got what you wanted off your chest Gasol_fan enough said for now.


    Get a life beyond this board and the internet life is short and seems you adore chasing people around for fun and games. Hint men are more fun then the internet.