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Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Kiss Like Crazy

Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Kiss Like Crazy

Blake Lively and on-and-off-screen lover Penn Badgley swap some spit in New York City on Monday (July 6).

The pretty Gossip Girl pair could be kissing for the cameras or maybe getting in some PDA in between scenes!

The Upper East Side gang was filming their first episode of the upcoming season.

Anyone want to give Blake a hand? Her dress keeps on falling!

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Penn Badgley kissing like crazy…

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blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 03
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 04
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 05
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 06
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blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 08
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 09
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blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 11
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 12
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 13
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 14
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 15
blake lively penn badgley kiss crazy 16
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71 Responses to “Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Kiss Like Crazy”

  1. 1
    xero Says:

    So cute these two. It’s not about stealing someone else’s heart or giving your heart away or even someone being half of your heart. It’s about aligning your hearts front to back, back to front, and letting the love flow forward and through and back and through. Pulling like the tides of the ocean. That is true love. That is when you know :)

  2. 2
    Shyen Says:

    Can’t stand people kissing with their lips perk open!!! So disgusting! Please close the dayem mouth till the lips are touch then you can decide if your mouth needs to be open or not!!!

  3. 3
    allie Says:

    Thank you for posting!
    I really want to know if this is for Gossip Girl, or just making out for the sake of it!
    Either way, I love it!

  4. 4
    ivy Says:

    is he hungry? he’s trying to eat her face.

  5. 5
    vika Says:

    She looks old..Leeighton is the pretty one but her tape turned me off.

  6. 6
    xero Says:

    @Shyen: Gosh, really you feel that way? I like to feel like I’m being devoured by a kiss. It’s like suck as much in as you can take. I like that. Course I give as well as I get ;) Who wants a little peck?

  7. 7
    claire Says:

    EEWW! i love them but Penn is totally devouring Blake’s face
    that’s gross -__-

  8. 8
    jen Says:

    this news not about leighton ,what is wrong about leighton fans?
    Blake is so gorgeous ,in my opinion she is the most beautiful girl in the show.Same as my friends think.
    Leighton just so-so to me,even Jessica is more charming to leighton

  9. 9
    T Says:

    They are too freakin adorable

  10. 10
    fenny Says:

    guys ,you know what i find something ridicurous? In everything about Blake ,some leighton fans blah blah blah ,say leighton is better ,blah blah blah.How ridicurou!
    If you don’t like blake ,no need pay attention to her and no need blame her.
    I am Blakes fans ,huge fans , i never trash leighton ,even though i dont like her

    Blake is a such sweetheart ,she is gorgeous and elegant,I love her deeply

  11. 11
    mickey Says:

    they are adorable ,the most gorgeous couple.
    Blake ,gorgeous as usual.
    The reason I watch GG is Blake goddess

  12. 12
    Penny Says:

    I don’t think that Blake is gorgeous or elegant.

    Cause all I could see is she tries to show her fake boobs and her legs.

    Look like that’s all she pround of herself.

  13. 13
    mickey Says:

    show the boobs and legs on the show is not her meaning ,go to check what she said in ALLURE

  14. 14
    mickey Says:

    They kinduv dress Serena like a big old ***** with the boobs and the stiletto heels and the slips that she wears to the park and calls dresses——-Blake said to Allure

  15. 15
    T Says:


    You think Leighton is proud that all she’ll be known for now is being a foot jobber?

  16. 16
    scorpius07 Says:

    @ivy: I was just about to say that too…

    So say this IS for a scene in GG, can anyone tell me how many times that makes it where Serena and Dan get back together? Of course, not counting the one they faked in Eleanor and Cyrus’ Passover dinner.

  17. 17
    Halli Says:

    He’s eating her face

  18. 18
    cecily Says:


    This was PDA between scenes. Just Penn and Blake.

  19. 19
    Penny Says:


    U are too biased.

    If I said that Blake isn’t gorgeous, does that means I’m Leighton fan?

    In fact I’m not GG fan. But I’ve seen a lot of Blake’s pics that shows her boobs and legs. So I’ve just show my opinion. Is it wrong?

    FYi. I don’t care if Leighton’ll be known for now is being a foot jobber too. It’s her karma, and she deserves for what she had done.

  20. 20
    cindy Says:

    Am i the only one think blake is 10000000000000000000X beautiful on screen than the photos? what happen to this beautiful chick?
    but she still my fav actress .such a gorgeous and beautiful girl

  21. 21
    cindy Says:

    be friendly everyone.ok?

  22. 22
    Penny Says:


    So the way she drees at Met Gala, She didn’t dress by herself?

    I don’t think that GG Costume put it for her.

    I’m sure that they’ll know that the dress at Met Gala didn’t look good on her.

  23. 23
    mickey Says:

    She wore that dress at MET was amazing
    Stop blame her ,ok?
    IF you dont like blake lively ,why you read her news?I dont know why?
    she is beautiful ,has amazing body,why can’t show her body sometimes?

  24. 24
    deraj tsuj Says:


  25. 25
    koko Says:

    i miss adam brody and rachel bilson,every time i see them ,i dont know why?

  26. 26
    Penny Says:


    I didn’t said that I don’t like her.

    I did said that I think she isn’t gorgeous or elegant.

    But I start to hate her now, because of some of her fans that protect her like she can’t do anything wrong!

  27. 27
    nancy Says:

    Penny ,don’t be angry.
    Because some fans always want protect their idols,they do not like anyone trash their idols.I know the feeling ,b/c i love blake ,love her for a long time(from her first movie)
    I am sure you also have the idol,and you also want to protect her/him when someone trashs.
    I am in Asia ,in my country ,huge people love blake ,and i am the one of them .

  28. 28
    Shyen Says:

    @xero: hehehe… there is nothing wrong with a hot steamy wet kiss…. but don’t open your mouth YET till both parties’ lips are touched and the two kissers can figure if it will be some makeout session or just a peck…

    With these pictures, he is swallowing her whole!!! Do you see his mouth taking over her whole face basically? It looks like Blake wasn’t even going for that hot steamy wet kiss. kekeke

  29. 29
    james Says:

    No doubt,Penn has the sexual craving on Blake
    Penn stole my girl ,i hate him

  30. 30
    Ice Says:


  31. 31
    bestie Says:

    Dont mention those never-been zlisters here!

  32. 32
    Laura Says:

    I hope it’s not for the show, sorry Derena fans but I am a Serenate fan :D

  33. 33
    nel Says:


  34. 34
    james Says:


    This is not for the show ,I hope blake is single,so that i can….

  35. 35
    Felicity Says:

    they look really happy! perfect couple. amazing outfit blake has there…

  36. 36
    samantha Says:

    is it me or does blake look extra extra pregnant…

  37. 37
    jacky Says:

    I think the problem is the dress ,this dress is good for pregnant.
    I really think blake is a beautiful girl ,really gorgeous

  38. 38
    Amanda Says:

    It’s not for the show. Spoilers on E! say that Darena is done for awhile. Bring on the Serenate!!!

  39. 39
    cat Says:



  40. 40
    sweetie Says:

    Blake LIvely and Penn Badgley are gorgeous couple.
    they are amazing couple…they dont need to pretend to other people because you will saw that they are really inlove with each other..

  41. 41
    Chau Says:

    Ew….he does not know how to kiss. (BARF)

  42. 42
    karenina Says:

    ew disgusting this two.. her fake boob are all over the place like always..
    obviously leighton is much beautiful

  43. 43
    kate Says:

    Jesus thats one ugly kiss!

  44. 44
    K Says:

    blake lively is the best. she i such an amazing actress i <3 her!

  45. 45
    loveblake Says:

    I love how, after all the “why are you bringing up leighton and comparing the two, when there is not a word about her in this” comments, # 43, does the same thing. If you think leighton is so much more beautiful, then go post comments on her articles, stop trying to bring up stupid arguments amongst blake fans, you’re wasting our time

  46. 46
    cat Says:


    cant agree more ,i hate some leighton fans ,they are so disgusting


    Blake is the best

    Blake is so gorgeous on the GLAMOUR’S COVER

  47. 47
    cat Says:




  48. 48

    no one blake fan wants to compare blake to leighton ,B/C no need to compare ,always the loser likes this stupid play.

    gorgeous ,beautiful ,talented===blake lively ====perfect than perfect

  49. 49

    and i am so happy THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE will be released in UK after 2 days


  50. 50
    cam Says:

    They are the hottest couple ever,but Penn looks like want to eat blake

    from GG,i want nate and serena ,dan and serena over

    blake is gorgeous girl,penn is handsome

    PLUS why leighton fans ,blake haters here?

  51. 51
    cam Says:


  52. 52
    cam Says:

    Blake Lively ,you are the best all the way

    I cannot wait season 3

  53. 53
    frans Says:

    una de las perajas mas calientes y sexys de este medio

    tengan cuidado zac y vanessa que esta pareja dara de que hablar

  54. 54
    jessica Says:

    Hearing how rude some of you are being is truly sickening. If you don’t like her, fine, then don’t comment. Having an opinion is one thing, being downright cruel is very immature and there is no need for it.
    Blake seems like a very sweet and intelligent young woman (which she has proved MANY times) and she has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this cruelty.

  55. 55
    sophia Says:

    yeah it always looks like hes trying to eat her face, his kissing scenes are ALL like that its cringeworthy

  56. 56
    sophia Says:

    btw blake is gorgeous though my personal fave cast member is chaaace
    they should hook up

  57. 57
    Mmm Says:

    Penn has such a beautiful profile. He has some of the best cheekbones ever.

  58. 58
    krystel Says:

    I love them! They’re amazing together. So sweet :)

  59. 59
    xero Says:

    @Shyen: It looks like he’s pinching her lips closed with his. Hey, that’s a nice way to get a girl to shut up :)

  60. 60
    shannah Says:

    Ahh, I love these two! Blake is EXTREMELY gorgeous, and Penn is really hot! I hope they get back together, their romance in real life would be just like thing the show needs, real romance!

  61. 61
    lorna Says:

    ugh i hate blake she is a terrible actress, love GG tho. penn can do better.

  62. 62
    selena Says:

    he’s about to suck her lips off of her face.

  63. 63
    Hey Says:


    love this couple is great

  64. 64
    Just ME Says: Szohr and ed westwick

  65. 65
    Just ME Says:

  66. 66
    Just ME Says:

    She is gorgeous.

  67. 67
    sophie Says:

    omg they are so sweet together this is real life there not together in gossip girl

  68. 68
    sophie Says:

    aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet love them and team blake

  69. 69
    sophie Says:

    also love the rinestone blazer it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 70
    suppress your appetite Says:


  71. 71
    yemi Says:

    i cannot understand your probs,u don’t like them u shut d f up,u like them join d esteemed club.

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