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Gabriel Aubry is Shirtless Sexy

Gabriel Aubry is Shirtless Sexy

Shirtless model Gabriel Aubry throws his adorable daughter Nahla, 15 months, up in the air as they relax with mama Halle Berry (pictured below) on Wednesday, July 8, in Miami, Fla.

FYI: Gabriel is wearing an Under Armour cap and Hollister swim trunks (he picked them up while shopping at Westfield Mall with Halle back in May in Century City, California).

15+ pictures inside of shirtless sexy Gabriel Aubry

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gabriel aubry shirtless 01
gabriel aubry shirtless 02
gabriel aubry shirtless 03
gabriel aubry shirtless 04
gabriel aubry shirtless 05
gabriel aubry shirtless 06
gabriel aubry shirtless 07
gabriel aubry shirtless 08
gabriel aubry shirtless 09
gabriel aubry shirtless 10
gabriel aubry shirtless 11
gabriel aubry shirtless 12
gabriel aubry shirtless 13
gabriel aubry shirtless 14
gabriel aubry shirtless 15
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gabriel aubry shirtless 17

Credit: Juan Garces, Kadena Pix; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • me

    I’m so jealous of that baby right now. lol. He’s so sexy! Wow! Look at that body.

    But they’re such a beautiful family!!

  • Iggles

    Wow, he is ridiculously HOT!!!!

    Go Halle! She is super lucky. Their baby daughter is so cute! What a lovely family.

  • jaxon

    Everyone raves about Gabriel. I think he’s built weird. A man is supposed to taper down into an inverted V. He has big old wide womanly hips.

    However, he do make the prettiest babies……..

  • jaxon

    Oops, forget the inverted. Just broad shoulders v’ing down to narrow hips. Gabriel has big hips.

  • mela

    that child is absolutely stunning! she is so exotic looking! i predict that child will be a great beauty when she grows up

  • E

    Nahla is beautiful..she’s gonna grow up to be even more gorgeous than her mom
    she got her dad’s blue eyes/dirty blonde hair and hopefully she’ll have halle’s amazing body

  • mileyisadumbhillbilly

    He kind of resembles Robert Pattinson. Gorgeous daughter!

  • meh

    Dayum Gabriel is the hotness!

  • E

    Halle and Gabriel should have more children..but I don’t know if any could top Nahla in terms of beauty

  • Shyen

    Nahla is adorable! She laughs just like her mommy, Halle Berry!! Halle and Gabriel do make beautiful kids together. Majority of mixed kids are beautiful… Look at Halle Berry herself!!!

  • april

    @mileyisadumbhillbilly: He doesn’t look anything like Rob Pattinson.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    What an adorable, precious baby!!

  • http://Celebuzz Laura

    Baby is georgous!…beautiful!…but he could put 20 ibs. on and get buff to siut me…too skinny…needs to lift weights!
    Halle does not look happy….and she always cuts her hair off
    when she’s unhappy?… before baby was born she was all smiles and had long hair and she looked beautiful….something is up!

  • Yikes!

    Please, this man is way better looking then Robert Pattison..and Gabriels body is far more superior. Im sorry, Rob is cute and all but he is for the young and playful…Gabriel is for the grown and sexy :)

  • Cuter

    @Yikes!: Totally agree-Gabriel is far better looking than Robert Patt. I think RP is kind of odd looking. The daughter is stunning and seems to have inherited the best of M & D.

  • Zoe Moon

    Halle is so such a lucky woman. A beautiful daughter and a gorgeous man. I want what she has, lol!!

  • LuckyL

    LOL someone is comparing that ugly old vampire to this hottie? PLEASE

    And men are straight up and down rectangles.

  • LuckyL

    Obviously some people just seem to be mixing up men with narrow hips to the standard male. And too buff is a turn off to me! I used to not even be into this guy at all! Wow, maybe it’s seeing him being such a loving partner that’s got me into him!

  • LuckyL

    Omg, men don’t even understand how much more it makes a woman fall in love with you to see you be such a loving father to you all’s beautiful children.

  • laura

    Nahla is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful little girl.

    Her parents aren’t bad either.

  • LuckyL

    I can’t wait until they have another little one!! I love Nahla

  • kprocks89

    gabriel looks better with his shirt ON. but he does make pretty babies. nahla’s so cute!

  • julie

    YUMM.. he’s hot!! pity he isn’t available! he’s wayy too hot for Halle!! I think she’s amazing but her golden days are way past her

  • ricpor

    Honestly, I don’t think that Nahla is cute. She looks like Halle’s mom. Seriously. And RPattz is way hotter than Gabriel. Are you guys blind? Besides, look at the whole packaging what makes a man hot – like talent, gorgeousness and brain. What does Gabriel has in his resume? Modeling. Get real for once!!!

  • anna

    FYI: Gabriel is wearing an Under Armour cap and Hollister swim trunks (he picked them up while shopping at Westfield Mall with Halle back in May in Century City, California).


  • http://jaded! Just_Jaded

    It’s definitely photo-op time! You can always tell because they flood the blogs with their pics. So fake and he looks extremely gay yuck! So the paps followed them to Miami? yeah right. They do not hang around the beaches of miami. Why do these idiots have a naked baby in the pool anyway??

  • leanore

    He has a NASTY build and Halle looks just awful. I just don’t see what people see in the daughter, her features are not attractive at all.

  • greedy betch

    @ricpor: You’re 12 arent you? Rob hotter than Gabriel? Gabriel is handsome, Rob could never be concidered handsome. Hes cute on some days, but the older he gets……

  • me2

    Now that is a purrrrrrfect looking baby. She is the prettiest of all the babies in Hollywood. Beautiful skin color beautiful blue eyes and beautiful curly hair. Girl is going to be a heartbreaker.

  • Dave1

    Why does she looks so mean and unhappy? Surely the paps she invited are not getting on her nerves? lol

  • http://hohoho Vince

    The same person keeps posting this stunning, beautiful crap. You’re not very convincing. She’s average looking…deal with it

  • LuckyL

    Can the ugly Patsy fans leave and stop posing repeatedly? Thanks.

  • Reine

    People keep saying Nahla’s eyes are blue, but in the pictures I’ve seen they look hazel. I don’t think they’ve been blue for some time now, as a babies’ eye color often changes as they get older. No matter her eye color, she’s a very pretty little girl!

  • cas

    looks like a happy family

  • nina

    so cute!…he looks so cute with his daughter…they make a pretty picture!!

  • Gracie

    Anyone looking at the baby’s butt or commenting on her nakedness is sick. Babies can walk around na*ed even on a beach, it is not a crime, you are the sick one for focusing on that, could you be a paedo? It is a family outing and they are having a good time, what is wrong with that? If you don’t want to see, then log off or go somewhere else, it is that simple.

  • Jane

    @Just_Jaded: Don;t be stupid. They went on vacation so their pictures are everywhere. The paps didnt follow them there, Miami has their own set.

  • ava

    why is Halle covered up in every picture, even while in the water she has that red tent on, wonder if she’s peggers and those criticising his body get a life, on your best days you couldn’t look like him on his worst, some people have to get real, acting like a model that gets paid millions for his looks is not amazing looking, losers criticising just for the sake of putting people down and making their pathetic lives feel a little less pathetic.

  • Julian

    She is really a lovely beautiful little thing.

  • mertz

    they are just too cute for their own good. gosh. sexy and cute. too much goodness.

  • diz-l

    Nahla is beautiful. Gabriel Aubry is hot. She’s so lucky

  • Sally

    He looks a very dedicated father. Great to see that! And Nahla is so lovely. Well, I think they all are absolutely gorgeous, as I already said before in another oportunity. But this never seems enough in their case. :)

  • Sally

    @diz-l: I agree with you, as I said, but not just lucky. She is gorgeous too. My opinion, of course, but I think she is amazing.

  • Not impressed by JA

    They are stunning, all of them !

  • CJ


  • loli

    #24- this little girl is the cutest thing i ever saw! And Robert Pattinson is NOT hot! He is just avrage looking guy with great menagment team! Halle`s husband has much better face and muuuuuuuuuuch better body than Pattinson! And cleaner hair:)

  • Lil

    They should make another baby, they did such a good job with sweet Nahla :) Little boy would be awsome to see !

  • Ridingfinest/Blue

    Yeah right! Average just like Emme & Maxx.

  • http://URAdummy Lisa

    @Not impressed by JA:

    Again…..same person posting under different names…this stunning, gorgeous B.S.! The least your dumb@ass could do to make yourself less obvious is to not put a space before your exclamation point you nitwit. All three are average especially halle and the daughter. She looks awful without makeup. He’s a model but apparently just from the neck up because his build is weird.

  • cr