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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Beach Beauties

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry: Beach Beauties

Halle Berry and her shirtless beau, model Gabriel Aubry, take turns taking their adorable daughter Nahla, 15 months, into the water in South Beach on Wednesday (July 8) in Miami, Fla.

Halle, 42, and Gabriel, 32, were seen taking Nahla for a walk along Miami Beach to chase pigeons.

On Tuesday, the couple and baby were seen spending some time swimming and splashing around in the pool of her their hotel.

FYI: Halle is using her Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller!

25+ pictures inside of beach beauties Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

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halle berry gabriel aubry beach 01
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 02
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 03
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 04
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 05
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 06
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 07
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 08
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 09
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 10
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 11
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 12
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 13
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 14
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 15
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 16
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 17
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 18
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 19
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 20
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 21
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 22
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 23
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 24
halle berry gabriel aubry beach 25

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  • HockeyGurL

    Beautiful baby, is it just me or does Gabriel look like Josh Holloway in the third pic ?

  • dundies

    adorable. but why was the child being passed around fully naked

  • dundies

    sacrifice LOL

  • Shannon

    Uh why is that baby in a public pool naked?

  • Magicha

    just want to show off their child

  • Mi

    what a beautiful family

  • Shannon

    I guess lol. What happened to Halle going on and on about not putting her baby out there? The Jamie Fox/SpikeTV backlash must of been worse then originally thought

  • Soulmate Love

    she’s so cute…

  • Mi


    you’re wrong

  • bleh

    beautiful family

  • mimilala

    OMG, this is such a beautiful family!!! They really amaze me. Other celeb families are cute but don’t compare to this one, in my opinion.

  • Rita

    Stunning; this family is just damn breathtaking…
    Gabriel Aubry, officially the hottest DILF out there. Look at the face and body!!!

  • K

    Dilf??? haha that’s a good one rita. I was drooling over his chest, sweet how he is holding her hand.

  • kar

    GORGEOUS family.

  • Isabella

    What a beautiful family. I swear, Nahla looks like Halle’s Mom. What’s wrong with having enjoying the sun even if it’s in public. Just because they are celebs doesn’t ean they can’t do things that normal citizens do. Angie takes her daughters to dance classes. Brad takes the boys to places and for some sweets. What is wrong with that. These celebs kids need to be normal and they have to get used to cameras being around them. I think Halle was more protective of Nahla ealier just as was Angie and Brad with Shiloh. But now, they know that this is just something they all have to live with it. You can’t keep your kid locked up. Afterall, you have to let them enjoy life.

  • willandgrace88

    The hat Gabriel is wearing is actually UnderArmour, not Hurley.

  • gorgeous nahla

    I love the on-going expression on Nahla, it’s almost saying “I’m the product of two of the most beautiful people in the world.” LOL

  • Stacy from iowa

    It’s so nice to see Halle so genuinely happy after all the guy bs she’s gone through.

  • Lillianne

    That baby is gorgeous.

  • nahla having fun…

    Yes and she is going to say I am going to pee in this water..and pollute
    it.. Why not!! No swimmer diapers or bathing suit for her…Photo op
    all the way here boy!!! Just like with Jen and Ben op what
    better place than a public pool…

  • Hula

    OMG, americans going on about naked people again.
    Af if a diaper would hold pee in a pool.

  • Mamá

    CUTIE *-*

  • anon

    She is a gorgeous baby and they look genuinely happy, so good for them.

  • LuckyL

    LOL I love this

  • Zoe Moon

    After seeing this gorgeous child, I want a little girl.

  • KinsleyKate

    The babys cute but Gabriel is so hot! Halle looks happy.

  • nora

    oooooooooooommmmmmmmgggggggg Gabriel is soo hot!!!

  • Lovely

    Gabriel Aubry looks just like his own delicious self!!! They are blessed to have one another and, also, that exquisite child. Gorgeous family and, yes, it is great to see Halle Berry genuinely happy and feeling loved in this longstanding relationship after legal marriages to black men who psychologically and physically abused her along with enjoying sexual relationships outside their marriages to her.

  • LuckyL

    Gabriel’s interactions with Halle do look particularly hot here.

  • becca

    GREAT looking family!
    and they seem happy too!

  • Lara

    Lil’ Nahla’s gonna be a beauty!

  • eva

    ya why is their kid naked? they sell swimsuits for babies you know…..

  • Eco Ethics

    what’s wrong with a naked bubby? So what if she pees in the pool, no one was ever poisoned by bubby pee. Diapers contain a lot of chemical s*** that’s potentially more damaging. Especially in landfill. I like the fact that they feel comfortable about her being naked and she feels more relaxed that way. Most young children feel more comfortable naked.

  • rocky

    OMG!! Will you look at that cutie in her bathing suit! Halle & her man are HOT!!!!!

  • Sency


  • Egg and sperm donors unite

    Lovely#28 and Isabella# ,SAY IT AGAIN!!!!

    WHEW!!! Halle is lucky-goodman,good looking man,healthy baby despite Halle’s being then 41 and having diabetes..

    NOW tell people why does Halle’s biological child looklike Halle’s MOHTER and Gabriel….could it be because the baby is for Halle and Gabriel. Halle has the same face shape as her mom. MJ’s kids look nothing like him or DebbieRowe.

  • Cammie

    Her daughter is cute, but I don’t think she is more gorgeous or exceptional, she looks like alot of mixed race kids. It would of been funny if she peed in the pool

  • Egg and sperm donors unite

    And Halle seems like,Nicole Ricthie,Jennifer Garner,Angelina ,a hands on mom…no nanny…Halle uses her mom as a nanny.Good!! Rich people enjoying and raising their kids.

  • Sally

    They look like an ad family: so perfect! Halle is so beautiful, Gabriel is really handsome and charming, and Nahla is so pretty too. A wonderful, gorgeous family. And these pics are amazing!

  • Jillie

    More pictures of Halle’s family outtings from today/yesterday. Funny how the pappis ‘knew’ where they were going to be? The same pool pix from yesterday have Halle’s boytoy sperm donor man candy looking p.o.d. at the papps in the pool and even shielding she/Halle-now photos of them all smiles.

    Surprised you didn’t show the ones of him flicking a double bird behind his back or him showing off his muscular body to get us gals to drool.

  • Concerned mother

    Beautiful family alright but I wonder about publishing naked pictures of a baby on the internet. There are some sick people out there and I would not like naked pictures on the internet of my little boy.

  • Emma

    OMG cutest baby ever!!! It does make me a little worried that she’s naked in a public pool tho…

  • Ladams

    Beautiful happy family!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    this is probably the best ive seen halle berry in a long time
    not since that jamie foxx thing
    she’s still not what she use 2 be but she looks nice regardless

  • athena

    Wow, they are a beautiful family.

  • Jojo

    @Egg and sperm donors unite: Are you serious? What an idiot you are. Paris looks a lot like Debbie. And Prince and Blanket look like MJ. They have his eyes exactly, and his nose pre cosmetic surgery.

    + it makes no sense for Debbie to claim they are not his kids, she obv just wants his money. If she mothered the two oldest children and Blanket was adopted, um how would Blanket and Prince look so much alike? The only possible way is if MJ fathered the both of em

  • youwillmissme

    Halle looks so normal without makeup and photoshop. Her body is blah!

  • Who cares?

    Who cares? More important things going on in the world than getting daily pictures of their trip to Miami. Does Halle and her publicity really think showing happy family pictures are going to change anything?

    Aubry’s still a whimp. Giving the papparazzis the finger hidden behind his back Pretty lame to me, he still doesn’t have the balls to take them on head on. Him acting like he always hates them is as much as act as Halle likes to carry on.

    Why even cover them?

  • pretty lame

    Pretty lame of Halle to have the photographers follow her on her vacation. Both she must be really desperate for attention. Gaybriel is still a baffoon and a coward.

  • sweetness

    I see a beautiful couple with a adorable baby..BUT I never see Halle and this man Gabriel happy being together. No doubt he looks like a man who adores his little girl. And she definitely loves her baby girl. only Gabriel and Halle look uninterested in each other.