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Kate Gosselin & Maria Shriver Team Up

Kate Gosselin & Maria Shriver Team Up

Kate Gosselin will be participating in Maria Shriver‘s upcoming annual Women’s Conference, reports USA Today.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s wife will be joined by Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards, Katie Couric, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and actress Kelly Preston at the October event in Long Beach, Calif.

The First Lady of California says she invited Kate at the suggestion of her teenage daughters, who watch the hit reality show.

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  • Kimberly

    great. now kate gosselin is going to think she’s almighty and powerful.
    poor gosselin children!

  • oy vey!

    Knew it was too good to be true. kate’s baaaaaack! ready for getting lectured with that condescending tone? thought not.

  • LuckyL

    Maria has awesome hair.

  • Lin

    Sick of Kate G! Why can’t she go away but no they got to pull some pr tricks to keep her name in the media.

  • anon

    What?? You mean of all the incredible women out there to pick from for this conference across all fields and Kate gets picked? I smell a backroom deal via thier mutual contact Ms. O. Oprah probably set this up with her friend Maria to help save or improve Kate’s and shows image without doing obvious interview on her show. Too convenient and coincidental for me. Oprah now owns Discovery Health Channel which through TLC runs J&K Plus 8. Im disgusted. Truly. I believe there many other women who were much more deserving.

  • Rosie O’donut

    So Maria Shriver’s daughters enjoy b*tches as their role models?

  • anne

    What can this ridiculous, narcissistic woman possibly offer to a women’s conference? Did Maria look into this odd choice? She is a horrible role model and seems to be all about greed and what others can do for her. What has she ever done for others?

  • Danielle

    Kate is overrated, alot of celebrities are. I just don’t care anymore, besides not everyone is narcasissitc, sometimes their is pushed over the edge and harassed, and emotional. So stop it anne, your just like the person you claim to loathe, so stop it. I know who you are. I complain about you enough on here.

  • marie

    @Rosie O’donut: Who said it was they’re role model???

  • kiddo

    ohhhh geez whats that ….

    Kate leaving jon in the dust. lol

    Octomom has got to be pi$$ed!

    I love it. ‘

    Hey at least she and Maria will have matching teeth.

  • kiddo

    I also have predicted back a few weeks ago, she will sell up, and move to Cali to get a show.

    Watch it in action. I feel she is as newsworthy as any of them today. They provide me with actual entertainment.

    Come on when have you ever laughed so hard at people. Hollywood cant write this stuff.

  • nicollee

    I get that people don’t like her…but really, criticizing her when shes trying to do good? when can she ever do something right?

  • Rhonda

    loser women unite! what conects them, they are fame whores!

  • elmo

    Kate Gosselin’s picture should be found along with the definition for narcissistic personality disorder. Hopefully for her children and Jon’s sake along with herself, TLC will force her into treatment but she will probably manipulate her doctor too.

  • elmo

    Shame on Maria Shriver for promoting child exploitation. I thought she was a better woman than that.

  • Melanie

    Didn’t Maria Shriver do a TV special a couple of years back about child prostitution in S.E. Asia? ……and now she’s teamed up with a child pimp.

  • Dianne c

    WE Conference “unites more than 80 internationally-acclaimed leaders, visionaries and authors”

    Follow Maria Shriver on her twitter account and send her a direct message that KG is not a leader and has no reason to be included amongst these great women.

  • CC

    Kate looks stoned.

  • KateIsPoop.

    Kate will be the life of the party telling Maria how exhausted-ish she is. Then Kate will ask what she gets for free. Then Kate will steal the centerpieces, slap Maria’s kids,. poop in a white lawn chair , sleep with Maria’s body guard and go through everyone’s purse. She’s a speeecial guest.

  • Lisa

    I guess Kate is giving the ball busters perspective on women’s issues.

  • Momof2boys

    ICK… as a California resident who once admired Maria Shriver, I have now lost a lot of respect for her with this one! Are you kidding me? My kids who are younger than hers like the show too but, they know better than to trade fame (and perks) for camera’s in your face!!! Those poor kids!

  • brenda

    “The First Lady of California says she invited Kate at the suggestion of her teenage daughters, who watch the hit reality show.”
    - I suggest you more closely monitor your children’s TV viewing habits. J&K could do permanent damage to the teenage mind.

  • not qualified

    how does a woman who had a clutch of fertilized eggs implanted in her uterus and later have a litter extracted compare to this list of women who actually achieved something? Kate can sweep up afterwards.

  • WaterKate

    This is sick.

    I go to this conference every year but I think I’ll pass this year. I will not support a child exploiter and I can’t believe Maria is this ignorant of Kate’s reputation.

  • kimmie

    Maybe she isn’t exploitive (not a word, I know) and narcissistic. She has a lot of good in her. There are many things she does well. None of us are perfect. Her personality is abrasive but that doesn’t negate her good points. I personally believe she loves her children and, though maybe misguided, is doing what she thinks is best for them. Sometimes we (all of us) make wrong decisions and choices…even really big important ones…hindsight is 20/20. I’m just glad all my life is not out there for people to pick apart as they are her.

  • keep tanning Kate !!

    Kate looks like a cooked lobster.

  • crumpet

    Oh good , another trip away from the children.

  • WaterKate

    @Lin: I agree. Go away. Far far away. I heard she might move to North Korea???

  • e

    Wow, I can just imagine Kate carrying onto Elizabeth Edwards and Kelly Preston how hard, unfair and exhaustive her life is and how people don’t know how to help her now. Everything will be all mine, all my and I, I. I with her.
    Kate’s a narcissist through and through. Free the Gossein 8 from being Kate and Jon’s cash cows.

  • WaterKate

    @nicollee: When she stops filming her kids lives . . . we will stop criticizing. Until then, she’s a child exploiter who deserves no privacy and no mercy. She’s selling 8 little lives. She od’d on fertility drugs and sold her children’s souls for money.

    I will stop when she stops. Period.

  • missy

    What Octomom’s not being invited! Why not, she’s as newsworthy as these losers.

  • Catherine Felle

    I am a huge fan of the show and love the Gosselin children. Sure Kate and Jon have made a few mistakes and their marriage failed, well add them to the list of millions of other American couples and parents. I think Kate should go and will make a good impact for women with multiple children, struggling to raise their children, and even new mothers who are teenagers. When my friend got pregnant at sixteen and could no longer go to school every day at 10 Am she would watch re-runs while she gave her baby a bottle or he took a nap. Certain things like Kate’s example help millions and the rest are haters!

  • ****

    maybe Vincent VanKate is going to teach these women how to paint flowers

  • Bette

    Maria needs to have a TALK with her daughters! Something is not right with them!

  • This Just In

    Kate will be giving a symposium on the proper use of a red spoon.

  • Sonia

    I can understand how Jon & Kate plus 8 might not be everyone’s choice of shows to watch. Not everyone is into the same programming, but, come on…not liking the show or disagreeing with the way Kate handles HER family is no reason to bash her into a hundred little pieces and wish such horrible things on her. How many people claim to be only concerned with the children, but how many of them would actually step up and financially take care of them? Okay so you say she should get a job to raise the kids…yeah she could but why should she struggle when she really doesn’t have to? Any damage that is being done to the family is by all the people who want nothing more than to bring this woman down…and for what? Could it be that maybe WOMEN don’t want to see someone get paid for just being a mother…or are resentful that she does have help. Not all of you Kate Haters can ever claim to be nice all the time, perfect parents, perfect spouses, perfect siblings, perfect neighbors, perfect people. If she tried to present herself as perfect on the show then what? Then everyone would think she is such a phony and want to belittle her for that.

  • Bette

    Can you see her talking to any one of these women???? Trailer trash, hick, no education, drinking, and child abusing attention whore! Does Khate even KNOW who these women are? Does she know that Madeleine Albright is a former secretary of state? Is she aware that Katie Couric is perfectly capable of ripping her into shreds? I doubt it since it is all about HER! She will make a TOTAL ass of herself. There is nothing she can do to prepare for this conference because therre is no time for a personality transplant and even a minimal education!

  • Yuze are Jell Us

    Kate will be selling her children’s pictures at 20 bucks a pop?……no thanks …..I’d rather have Katie Couric’s colon photos

  • kris

    Kate belongs at the Hustlers/Scam Artist Convention in Atlantic City, NJ

  • Vee

    e @ 07/08/2009 at 10:05 pm Wow, I can just imagine Kate carrying onto Elizabeth Edwards and Kelly Preston how hard, unfair and exhaustive her life is and how people don’t know how to help her now. Everything will be all mine, all my and I, I. I with her.
    Kate’s a narcissist through and through. Free the Gossein 8 from being Kate and Jon’s cash cows.

    i agree. How sad that Kate could become representative of anything that would make marriage cohesive. She emasulated her husband. No matter what the feminist climate may be about that situation (and I, myself, am an independent woman), marriage should be a TEAM. She thinks she knows it all. She forgot to give even a teeny bit of respect to her husband. Hope she goes to the conference to show women how they can fail their marriages, their husbands and their children if they dare resemble her.

  • SpoiledMom

    Someone needs to alert Maria’s daughters, not to mention Maria, that Kate Gosselin is the poster child for the most loathed mother in America! Kate certainly does not deserve to be in the close company nor presence of Maria Shriver, her Kennedy relatives, or anyone associated with this event period.
    Maria’s family has provided our country, with honorable charities. Maria’s father passionately began the Peace Corps; as well as before and after school programs for children. Maria’s mother Eunice, began and continues to work tirelessly with Special Olympics, among many other admirable contributions to society.
    Maria’s intensive, persistent work with the Alzheimer’s Foundation in honor and memory of her father, Sargent is commendable.
    Kate Gosselin has not provided anything to be included among the women of this conference. (unless she is “just a spectator” to what real women can do and accomplish)
    Maria is unprecedented and needs not tarnish her image with the likes of Kate Gosselin. Kate Gosselin clearly can not keep her own family together. Wouldn’t it be best she kept out of the spotlight and media–which I thought that is what she is supposedly doing—to take care of her “private family matters” and perhaps attempt a reconciliation with her husband and to work on keeping her family intact? Email Maria, the promoters of this conference, and the sponsors to have Kate marked off the guest list.
    Does anyone find it odd that Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards, and now SC First Lady Jenny Sanford, have decided their marriages are worth saving and a second chance, but Kate Gosselin didn’t waste one second filing divorce, as well as stating she doesn’t know what led to the breakdown of her marriage? This mother of eight had rather be single and fame worthy than to work on her marriage…not an attractive character trait. Although, Kate didn’t seem to have many in the first place.

  • silly putty


  • Papa Joseph Jackson

    even I think Kate Gosselin is a child pimp

  • Susie q

    Are you freakin’ kidding me????

  • VICTORIA # 1

    AGREE, NUMBER # 25. Count me out also. Alot of my friends have also decided not to attend because of Kate. I can’t believe Maria invited that famewhore to such a wonderful conference. She brings absolutely nothing to the table.
    The only reason her daughters watch the show, is for the children. Not for Kate, who constantly bitches and gripes and puts down her husband and screams at her children. Who wants THAT THING at the conference ? And why would Maria let her daughters influence her when she probably has NOT seen enough of these episodes to decide for herself. Or even ONE episode.
    Kate will put on a big act for sure, but if Maria reads any of this comments, or her daughters, just go back and archive Kate Gosselin, and read the ” the hate mail “. You ladies have chosen poorly, and will regret it. To bad you did not do your homework thoroughly before you extended the invitation. She is NOT what she appears. Just ask the neighbors, and her friends and family. They are sick of her snobbery around town and her demands of free gifts.
    If you expect a hugh turn out, I doubt you will get it, if Kate is there.

  • meg

    count me out also. i will not look at that chick’n little hair-do idiot lady any more. maria has lost my respect also. cannot believe she chose to listen to her children. california is going to the crapper with kate. let them keep her.

  • missy

    I think Kate fits right in with all these women. They are all losers, famewhores, victims and THINK THEY ARE IMPORTANT!


    ” SPOILED MOM ” IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Kate is the most loathed mother in the country. Maria’s daughters need to be aware of this. The only contribution Kate can bring to California, is to the Orange County Housewives, on how to be more arrognant and self-absorbed or how to get freebies from their sugar daddies.
    Maybe over the next couple of days, someone will alert them as ” VICTORIA #1 said ” and as ” SPOILED MOM ” has said.
    Well done, guys!!

  • Rhonda

    That must be one pathetic convention. Maria, I’m sorry my husband broke the state, want an IOU?

    Madeline not to bright–yea, its true 500 marines could have been killed when I wouldn’t let them kill the “entire” Al Quida network at a swearing in for what is believed the 9/11 terriorist. Could have got them all but I said NO, there are children in there and women too soo 500 marines had to slink away cause bitch said NO! The WHOLE gang was there people, all of them! Anyone who believes this bitch is a hero is an idiot.

  • Evangeline

    Speaks volumes to Ms. Shriver’s parenting skills, she would allow her children to watch a program where parents exploit their children for money. Then she validates it by asking the “pimp” to speak as a female at her woman’s empowerment conference A terrible call morally and most definitley a conflict with her role as first lady of CA..