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Katie Holmes Launches Dizzy Feet Dance Scholarship

Katie Holmes Launches Dizzy Feet Dance Scholarship

Katie Holmes walks around on the set of her new movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark on Tuesday (July 7) in Melbourne, Australia.

The 30-year-old actress recently teamed up with So you Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe, director Adam Shankman, and show judge Carrie Ann Inaba to launch a dance scholarship called the Dizzy Feet Foundation.

Katie, who will recreate Judy Garland‘s ‘Get Happy’ on SYTYCD on July 23rd, will dance on the show to help introduce the foundation to the public.

“I think its important for children to experience music and dance,” said Katie. “Every child should have the opportunity to discover what it is they like and have access to the very best in that pursuit.”

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Credit: Boz; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • KJ


  • Mousse

    There’s a lot of “no no no” that I feel when I see her pics.
    That lady has to get herself together instead of trying to fulfill some (sell created?) roles?.

  • logan


  • silly putty

    this new movie is gonna be a joke with her in it!

    what were the directors thinking? Probably tiny Tom must have had some part of it. lol

  • whore tinea

    she’s sooooooo beautiful and she can act to boot


  • lioness

    I’m sorry, but she looks horrible! She doesn’t know how to dress either! I read a blog the other day where this guy said, What was TC thinking?? He had 2 of the most beautiful women in the world (Nicole and Penelope) and then married Katie homely!!

  • L

    Poor thing isn’t aging gracefully.

    I’m counting the days until she leaves this country!

  • L

    #6 – Tom Cruise thinks?

  • whore tinea

    TC was thinking about who his next beard would be besides Xenuvia

  • Lauren

    pfft, don’t blame her, she was fine before tom.

  • dabu

    Back to looking awful again.

  • Lauren

    pfft, don’t blame her, she was fine before she became TC’s beard

  • It’s robo-bride

    Has anyone else noticed that she always has that iPhone in her hand? Didn’t Tom say that he doesn’t own a cell? She even has it when she is with him. Always looking at it even when she and Suri are doing their mock imitation of wonderful mother playing with daughter. The only other celebutard I’ve seen holding the cell phone in her hand as much is Paris Hilton.

  • Annie


  • CJ

    He went from Nicole to this? Yep, Tiny Tom has lost his mind. And why does she insist on wearing clothes that are so drab and unflattering?

  • LisaJane

    Am I the only one who see’s a bump? In the second picture.

  • Jennifer

    WOW Katie is looking HOT.

  • Richard Reed

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Katie’s pregnant. Everyone here on the staff has been postulating like crazy that it’s a boy. We want Hubbard to be born again and I don’t think he’d mind being short this lifetime. As long as he can come back and take over so David Miscaviage can take a hike. Man, that guys a d.i.c.k.! Have you read the St. Petersburg times recently? There’s a series of news stories of how the head of our church beats and abuses his own sea org members! . It’s called the truth rundown. If Hubbard comes back, then Miscaviage can kiss my a.s.s.! I must say, the article is as factual as can be! I hope I’m not next!!!

  • Meream

    I don’t want to sound mean but she looks as old as Nicole Kidman on the previous post. :-/

  • What happened to her?

    Horrible as usual. Ever since she got with Tom, Katie looks terrible. She was so pretty before and wore great clothes but now its horrible clothes and she looks worn out, out of it, unhappy and miserable. She needs to get away from that crazy man. He’s killing her.

  • Suzy

    He had 2 of the most beautiful women in the world (Nicole and Penelope) and then married Katie homely!!

    Oh my goodness! I totally agree!! I guess he ran out of women stupid enough to do whatever he tells them to do! He left Nicole because she wouldn’t stay a Scientologist and then he ditched Penelope (or she ditched him) probably for the same reason.

    Katie Holmes was the only one stupid enough to get involved with him and now look at her! She has gone so far downhill in the past couple of years that she looks dead.

    She gets paid to stay with him but its gonna be the death of her. She should take her beautiful baby and run like hell.

  • CJ

    #21….You are SO RIGHT!!!!!

  • Can u do us a favor

    To all the Austrailians here:

    Can you please keep Katie Holmes. God knows we don’t want her back in the states!!

    She’s nothing but a beard for hire who sold her womb and had a baby for a man trying to prove that he’s straight. She’s a money grubbing PR wh*ore. Don’t even get me started about that arrogant, obnoxious, idiot Tom Cruise. What an horse’s a**! Going to TV to tell women with PPD that theres no such thing or saying that all Psychiatrists are bad. What a total looney-tune!

    Too bad these two creeps brought that cute kid into it. They are both pieces of garbage and terrible human beings.

    While you’re at it, keep Cruise in Australia too.

  • max

    - there can’t be a very big brain in that tiny dwarf head

  • Wrong Foundation!

    she should spend her time and tom’s money on Autism Speaks

  • amy

    I’m sorry, but Katie’s body is so out of proportion. She maybe tall and slim-ish, but her legs look like lincoln logs. HUGE!! Not an attractive figure at all. So much for having a “dancers” body. LOL

  • sarahh t

    Katie definitely looks pregnant. If you remember, she carries big and her legs and butt were sooooooo big. That would at least explain Katie’s largeass leg units. So sorry for the kids to be born into the crazy train that is Tiny-Tomkat!!

  • logan

    Yep, another beautiful shot of alien worshiping Katie Homely. My some people just get better as they age. NOT!!!!

  • mary anne

    No amount of dancing or “funny” movies, broadway, babies or even dance “scholarships” for the less fortunate will ever lift the title of GOLD-DIGGER from Katie’s large head. Katie will forever be known as another idiot in Tiny-Toms orbit. A title she wears proudly as long as there is money to be spent.

  • larrimee

    Katie dear knows exactly what she is doing with Tom. She can do and star in whatever she wants, because Tom has the bucks to BUY her way in show business. NO WAY is Katie ever going to Take the baby and run away. She is a freaking no talent media/money ho. Katie is right where she wants to be. In crazy Tom’s wallet.

  • LuckyL

    She looks like a wolverine. She should stop spending Tom’s money. She has stump legs.

  • sue

    Here are the Tomkats, trying to drum up fan support in Nicole& Keith’s homeland. So typical of Tom and Katie. I’m surprised the Tomkats didn’t swoop down on the M tribute and proclaim BFF’s forever, complete with those fake tears and couch jumping tactics. They so love hogging the spotlight.

  • ssummer ttime

    Does Katie even realize she has absolutly zero respect in Hollywood circles?? What an idiot. How she must worship the mighty Tom-Dollar!!!

  • dianel

    I don’t know why you obsessed kidman fans run down the Cruises katie is not the one who left her kids to marry a druggy alcoholic hillbilly

  • beltway

    good luck with karma few haters changing their names

  • faye

    classy and a sweet beauty

  • hell is real

    She pulls off being lovely even with no makeup. Unlike the trolls who are ugly in and out.

  • 911

    God bless her and her family.
    America,Australia,the world loves their family.

  • NOT “together” in Australia
  • gerard

    Penelope Cruz and Kidman are pretty? that’s a joke!

  • &

    Katie is not shallow nor lives to please the paps and media. She is confident being herself and standing tall and pretty.
    She is working and not on some fashion event or glamorous Hollywood night. Kudos on her being confident without having makeup on and she is a natural with a cool attitude.
    Many stars and regular ppl with no makeup are soooooo scary looking.

  • duran duran


  • chanel

    Katie and Suri will never have peace from photogs do they. This is a closed set but the cameras are 24/7 which is so wrong.

  • summer

    Trolls complain when Katie is beautifully put together and they also complain when she is normal and casual. No win situation when some lowlives only hate. Im so glad Im not a hater not really missing out on a life that is miserable,hateful and judgemental. You dont ruin this family but only end up hurting yourselves.

  • anonymous

    She looks pale but very cute nonetheless plus she puts her family on top of everything which I admire most from her and Tom.

    They are also the nicest person and duo amidst the mean spirited people in Hollywood and this world.

  • twilight

    When will her dance charity and Judy Garland tribute air?

  • texrose

    I love her for keeping it real. She can do what she wants and feel beautiful. She’s not a pretender putting a show for the paparazzis and magazines which frankly dont deserve any cent and attention from us.

    She’s not a cookie cutter or fashion slaves like those Hills girls,Posh,Beckinsale,J-Lo and many others.

  • ronnie

    iish… She really has tree trunk legs

  • LuckyL

    summer @ 07/08/2009 at 1:55 pm
    Unattractive= unattractive at all times. Shining sh** does nothing.

  • LuckyL

    She has the face of an old woman.