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Kings of Leon: Girlfriends Galore!

Kings of Leon: Girlfriends Galore!

After playing a concert last night, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill holds hands with his girlfriend, model Lily Aldridge, as they are spotted out and about in Copenhagen, Denmark on Wednesday (July 8).

Other pictures include his brother Jared Followill with his fiancee, model Alisa Torres, and other KoL members Nathan (with fiancee Jessie Baylin) and Matthew (with girlfriend Johanna Bennett).

Tonight, KoL are expected to perform at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden.

20+ pictures inside of Kings of Leon with their girlfriends…

Just Jared on Facebook
kings of leon girlfriends 01
kings of leon girlfriends 02
kings of leon girlfriends 03
kings of leon girlfriends 04
kings of leon girlfriends 05
kings of leon girlfriends 06
kings of leon girlfriends 07
kings of leon girlfriends 08
kings of leon girlfriends 09
kings of leon girlfriends 10
kings of leon girlfriends 11
kings of leon girlfriends 12
kings of leon girlfriends 13
kings of leon girlfriends 14
kings of leon girlfriends 15
kings of leon girlfriends 16
kings of leon girlfriends 17
kings of leon girlfriends 18
kings of leon girlfriends 19
kings of leon girlfriends 20

Photos: Uffe Kongsted/Fame Pictures
Posted to: Alisa Torres, Jared Followill, Jessie Baylin, Kings of Leon, Matthew Followill, Nathan Followill

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  • cece

    so jealous of her

  • Woot!

    Gonna see them at Lollapalooza, can’t wait!!!

  • Ekaterina

    I still can’t believe I used to live with Matthew’s girlfriend in London (She’s British)

  • !!!!!!!

    where are matthews jeans from? please please let me know if you find out. thanks xx

  • tessa

    JJ they are all related not just jared.

  • Hey

    … sigh …

  • melissa

    Jared’s gf is wearing the linen short from Love 21 on forever 21 website btw

  • cosi

    girl w/chanel bag is beyond gorgeous

  • miss m

    I’m going to go out on a limb here..but it kindof seems these guys are into models?

  • greg

    @miss m: what guy isnt?

  • molly

    great band.

  • Gasol_fan16

    I love this band!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Your sex is on fire!! Ummm…

  • smeh

    you should tell us that all of the band members are brothers except for matthew, he’s the cousin.
    KOL rock btw :)

  • karenina

    the girl with the chanel bag is beautiful and the bag is so cool!
    the girl in pic #19 is FUGLY

  • Jessie


    She’s not ugly, Johanna is gorgeous! They all are in their own ways, the girlfriends are beautiful and so are these boys, they all look so good. These pap pics freak me out though, they’re getting BIG…

  • winter

    wow rock stars dating models. how progressive of them.

  • anonymous

    @ winter:

    Nathan’s fiancee is not a model; she’s also a rock star.

  • katie

    and johanna isnt a model either
    she used to be in a band

  • ella

    argh never noticed how skinny johannas legs are! gross

  • carey

    I love Nathan’s gf Jessie Baylin’s music

  • Ella

    With the exception of Jessie, none of the girls have careers. They are professional girlfriends that travel everywhere with the guys. Lily is very pretty, but she is a third rate model who doesn’t seem to get much work. Serial rock star dater too. Alissa is a “model” in name only. Johanna, also dated some other rock star and co-wrote a song years ago.

  • Crimson

    Thanks Ella! Was wondering where I’d seen Lily before, then I read your “serial rock star dater” and totally recognise her from my fanmad Incubus days. She must be thrilled with the attention she’s getting now. It’s win-win for her…her man is gorge.

  • rh

    Quelle surprise, Lily clearly loving the attention as usual whilst Caleb once again shoots daggers at the paps. Undeniably pretty but just as irrelevant as every other wannabe- Cobrasnake-hipster- model out there. Johanna needs to get off her nonexistent ass and a) eat and b) get a job instead of spending her time tweeting about how lazy she is, shopping, and getting her nails and hair done.

  • polkat

    saw them on sunday (5th) at open’er festival… amazing show, amazing band :)))))))))

  • Victoria

    Wish I was at Hultsfred right now :(

  • jk`

    Lily is working for H&M. That´s a good deal. I always saw her in the H&M catalogues, but didn`t know who she is. She is really pretty – a natural beauty.
    Than I was at a KOL-concert in Cologne Germany and after that somebody tell me that she`s Caleb`s girlfriend.
    A very good looking couple.

  • laura

    love Kings Of Leon
    post more stuff on them please !

  • bella

    I love Kings of Leon, but I am sorry but honestly outside of music, do you think any rock musician would get a model girlfriend. You have to wonder if these girls go out with these musicians to get attention.
    The models nowadays are not the same as models of the supermodel years (early 90s) or models like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, etc… They eat and actually model . . .nowadays so called models are skinny bobble heads that serve no purpose other than to stand there and look skinny and pretty.

  • sharene

    when you’re fat you shouldnt wear skinny jeans

  • Steventylerlover

    Is Liv Tyler still dating the drummer?

  • A

    @jk`: @jk`: If you look at JCrew online, Caleb’s gf Lily is also doing their latest campaign.
    They travel so much, it’s probably hard for the girls to have careers. They need gfs that can travel with them.

  • Someone

    where is lily’s black shirt and white jeans from? anyone? thanks..

  • carey


    No LIv Tyler is not dating the drummer. He’s with Jessie. Check her out, her music’s cool!!

  • jennifer

    I don’t have a problem with Nathan or Jared’s fiancee, but I find Lily and Johanna annoying – both of them just ride on the coat tails of rock bands. Lily loves attention and her modeling career isn’t exactly thriving and it’s obvious through the pictures (not just in this post) that she loves being photographed with Caleb. I actually have a few mutual friends with her (I’m from L.A. too) and from what I know she isn’t the very nice, and is basically a Corey Kennedy wannabe. Johanna use to date Alex Turner (from Arctic Monkeys) and now Matt. Her band broke up and I haven’t seen her doing anything. mehhh.

  • carey

    Here’s the link to jessie’s music

  • Ally

    I hope the girls stay current on their vaccinations.

  • Dear Haters,

    A lot of times guys like this want women who don’t have jobs and are comfortable focusing all of their time and attention on supporting their careers. These relationships are more symbiotic than you might think, so don’t hate, these dudes know what’s up, just don’t have the confidence for busy women.
    Further, these chicks could be very nice… who knows…

  • WORD

    HAHAHA chunky dude looks like a sausage in his clothes or a goth fat chick.

  • Charlotte

    Lily leaves me cold .She looks like the cat that got the cream , smirking in the photos. I think she a) knows she is pretty and loves it which is really off putting b) loves being photographed by paps and c) especially with Caleb who just happens to be the lead singer in the hottest band right now. Its not my business to judge but thats my opinion and as fan of the band since 2003 just had to voice it!

  • dee

    *siighh* ….ugh. so. jealous.

  • Brooke221

    Huge Fan!!

    The girls are all pretty, I think Lily and Alisa are ridiculously beautiful – I met both like a year ago and they are more gorgeous in person, they were so sweet and Alisa’s really funny – Lily is not a 3rd rate model, she works alot and isn’t a rock star serial dater; 2 musicians makes it “serial” ?? – so ignorant! Alisa did model and did some acting before she met Jared. I don’t know if she’s done anything since, but can you blame her? Obv Jared can’t he wants to marry her! I’d much rather wake up to Jared Followill every morning then be on the cover of Vogue! Jessie has a really good music career, she’s had songs in movies, and tours – she’s really good and so nice! Johanna was in a band and now writes; she’s not ugly at all she’s just much more under the radar good looking.

    The guys are smart and very picky, if these girls didn’t measure up to be “true”, “honest” and “real” women these guys wouldn’t be so COMMITTED to them – which they are.

    Who are any of you to judge them? Sucks you have to be negative to feel better about yourselves.

  • KT

    Johanna co-wrote one song on an Arctic Monkey’s album, that doesn’t really warrant being called a writer 3 years on. Her band got as far as recording demos before she left and is now unemployed by choice so she can do the whole rockstar gf thing, the same thing can be applied to Alisa – was a model, isn’t one now. Lily models but her reputation as an LA hipster who is known more for who she hangs out with precedes anything she has done. Jessie is the only one who continues to achieve a successful career off her own back without the need or desire to be associated with anyone famous and that’s to be admired.

  • Frida

    Woohoo, I saw them at Hultsfred wednesday evening =) They rocked!

  • alex gamez

    @KT completely agree regarding Jessie. she is the sweetest, most talented folk singer out there. and she has done so on her own talent and merit not her association with the kings.

    i’m sure all the girls have their charismas but since these are photographs i’m gonna judge their appearances when i say that johanna needs to eat more. if you look at old pictures from her life as a student in london, she was not as skinny as now. her legs have no meat on them…how is that sexy or attractive.

    in comparison, look at alisa, she looks so hot! she is curvy with some leg definition and cute figure. plus she’s got a gorgeous face! johanna’s face is not that pretty so if her body is also unattractive…where is the appeal matt? where?!

    a friend of mine said that matt must be stealing johanna’s food cause he seems to have put on some weight and jo keeps losing LOL!!!

  • toshi

    I used to follow Johanna’s twitter but I stopped because she’s whiny. She feels sorry for herself a lot of the time and she reads up on stuff written about her (why would you care if you’re not a celeb?) Grab a mitt and catch a clue; if you date somone famous and you’re a nonentity who lives vicariousy through you’re bf or gf, then you’re going to get negative comments from people, regardless. You get the impression she depends very heavily on Matt to live the lifestyle she has now, unlike Jessie who has always had her own thing going on. Jessie sounds really sweet and unaffected by fame.

  • T

    @#34- Lily’s jeans look like the 12″ Pencil Leg Ripped Jeans by J Brand.

  • N

    With the exception of Jessie, there is no way any of those girls would have the kind of lifestyle they lead now without hooking up with someone famous. Alisa doesn’t seem shrewd or calculated enough to want to use her association with Jared to gain attention for herself, Lily’s a hipster who has grown up around people who are famed for who they hang out with and that seems to have rubbed off on her and Johanna (plz don’t call her a “writer”, she’s unemployed) is using her connection with Matthew to build up some kind of pointless following on twitter where she mostly complains about things when she’s not bragging about her social activities – achieved not off her own bat but as a result of who she happens to be dating.

  • Charlotte

    @N i agree. its nothing about jealously as suggested by earlier posts i mean seriously as if anyone other than a skinny model would appeal to someone in a ‘rock band’. Its an age old cliche ‘rock star dates model’ and this band just seem to want to live that cliche.These certain girls they are dating at present really seem to be just as bad as football WAGs and live off their partners fame/money. exp Nathans girl who has her own music career. if they were famous in their own right for a talent/skill/ they would earn a bit of respect.

  • MG

    @N I wonder if Johanna is aware that if she wasn’t with Matt she wouldn’t have nearly as many followers on twitter? I noticed she uses her association with the band as a way of keeping their fans interested in her which seems a bit desperate to say the least. Why does she feel the need to get up on her soapbox to clarify tabloid stories about KoL when they themselves clearly don’t care about the trash written about them?
    She tweets about reading books or watching BBC channels in a pseudo-intellectual manner, hoping people will be fooled into thinking she’s doing something constructive instead of shopping, sleeping, getting drunk and not working.
    Lily’s twitter is utterly pointless, she has nothing to say to gain people’s interest in her either as a person or a model. She comes across a dim and two-dimensional. Alisa deleted hers because she never used it and when she did, she never mentioned Jared (wise girl) and Jessie I can’t fault really.