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Matthew Fox is Shirtless

Matthew Fox is Shirtless

Matthew Fox visits the Colosseum on Wednesday (July 8) in Rome, Italy with his wife, former Italian runway model Margherita Ronchi, their son Byron, 8, and his mother.

Later in the day, a shirtless Matthew stood outside on the balcony of the Hotel Excelsior with his mother waiting for President Barack Obama‘s motorcade to pass by.

Foxy will be returning this fall for the sixth and final season of the hit ABC drama series Lost.

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Matthew Fox

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  • ew

    ew he smokes

  • flying

    it’s ROME not ROSE <3

  • Meli

    Matthew is soooooooooo sexy.
    I can’t wait until January for LOST.This is torture!

  • Mary

    Good God that man owns his last name. Although I really wish you would stop shaving his chest. Bring back season one’s hairy chest. That was really sexy. Man I could stare at him all day. One very very lucky wife.

  • d

    hes soooooo damn hott!! and his wife is ferocious, go figure. no surprise there

  • kate

    The man is smokin’ hot – almost enough to overlook the cigarettes (almost). But he totally rocks a pair of jeans, he loves his son, and he holds hands with his wife. He’s got allllll the bases covered. But going shirtless when you know the cameras are watching is kind of bogus.

  • kaila


    and love LOST!

  • austin

    Does kinds make you concerned though that they only have the ONE kid. Perhaps all is not well in their world after all !!

  • austin

    Sorry that should have read “kinda”. Nevertheless, the one kid is a sign that they are not “together” as one might think.

  • *******

    I thought they had two children…. It’s a possibility the other child is older.

  • anrait

    They do have two kids – The little boy & an older Daughter I think she’s 11 or 12 – She must have opted out of this trip. Maybe she’s with her mum’s relations in Italy.
    Their pretty good @ keeping their kids out of the spotlight, The last picture I saw of this son – he’s was only about 4 or 5.

  • Marie

    This man is perfect.
    As #6 said, handsome, rocks his jeans and a white T, holds hands with his wife, is adorable with his son and takes his mom to visit Rome.

  • michele

    Liked it better when he didn’t wax

  • tinamarie

    So what if they did only have one kid. That doesn’t mean sh*t. I know lots of people who only have one kid and the only thing it means is they only want one kid. What a dumb a** thing to say. He’s smoking hot by the way..Have always liked this guy.

  • Someone *please* make him put a shirt on.

  • midnight girl

    sigh…Oh Matthew!!! So f***ing hot and adorable. Love him.

  • ……

    Sorry to disagree with you Tinamarie @ No. 14 – I have to agree with Austin here, just the one kid, doesn’t mean they only want the one kid, usually means the couple are barron (infertile) and the one kid was either a mistake or a freakin miracle of nature. Go figure. Anyway, with a fugly name like Byron, perhaps it is a blessing here that they weren’t able to have more.

  • Crzylatina

    The wife is so fug and looks kind of nasty. Maybe that’s why he’s such a ho when he’s in LA. And what’s up with the constantly crabby mug? Not rich enough yet?

  • sigh

    I wonder how to get a guy like that to marry you. ;-(

  • elodie

    hot and cute!

  • KatieB

    Who’s the bald dude in the black shirt? Don’t tell me big bad Matty travels with a bodyguard.


    Matt is so fu… hot! umm his wife doesnt know gym exist?? *so cruel*

  • Notafoxfan

    Why does this man always look so unhappy? For crap sake, he’s in Rome, on vacation with his family and made a pile of money last year with very little effort. Maybe its all that waxing? Why is he still doing that, I thought it was required for Speed Racer? Looks like a bit of Sawyer jealousy to me or is he still hoping for a romantic lead movie career? Bah!

  • gvantsa

    What he will visit next time?

  • Duffynolandanotseanmyveronica

    LOL… oh, Duffy! You’re ever so priceless. Why so obsessed with the man’s paycheck, you loser?

    He looks pissed at the papparazzi taking pictures of his son. And yeah, he makes lots and lots and lots of money, more than you will ever see. Suck it.

  • Jen

    Wow, he’s way, way hot, but I totally dig him w/ the chest hair & thought he was way sexier w/ it. But he’s still smoking hot, but I’d rather he’d stop smoking to be honest. But its hot to see him strolling hand in hand w/ his wife, that’s sexy. Can’t wait until the final(sobb) LOST season comes in Jan! He’s just s smoking hot man!

  • tonya

    Geez his wife looks like Bugs Bunny. Can he not pay for a cosmetic dentist for her poor woman. What is it with the actors in Lost having fugly, plain wives. Cute kid though.

  • xAgm8293

    Ew. Really unattractive.

  • Rena cute

    Foxy is the most smart,sexy,strong,intelligent,kind,gentle guy in whole world !!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention SEXY ?

    MARRY ME,MATTHEW ! I want to have your baby.

  • Rena cute

    Foxy is the most smart,sexy,strong,intelligent,kind,gentle guy in whole world !!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention SEXY ?

    MARRY ME,MATTHEW ! I want to have your baby.

  • Mel

    His wife is the ugliest woman I have ever seen~!! She looks twice his age and looks like a witch with her Black-Died stringy hair! YUCK!! The name RONCHI definitely suits her! lol What was he thinking? I can’t help but wonder how she got on the model circuit, but the operative word was PAST model!! lol I just bet he gets gorgeous women throwing themselves at him all the time, and he is probably VERY tempted when you compare them to that old bag! lol He HAS to be in love to look at that face daily~ lmao

  • suppress your appetite

    eh eh eh hehehehe

  • Sas

    wow… you are a ugly person. who talks like that??

  • Arthur

    I wish he wouldn’t shave his chest!