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Michelle Obama: Hello Yellow!

Michelle Obama: Hello Yellow!

Michelle Obama brightens the mood with her sleeveless yellow dress alongside President Barack Obama at the G8 Summit in Rome, Italy on Wednesday (July 8).

President Obama, 47, and Michelle, 45, were hosted by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and his wife Clio. The First Couple arrived in Italy after visiting Moscow.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Michelle’s bright yellow dress — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama working out a yellow dress…

Just Jared on Facebook
michelle obama hello yellow 01
michelle obama hello yellow 02
michelle obama hello yellow 03
michelle obama hello yellow 04
michelle obama hello yellow 05
michelle obama hello yellow 06
michelle obama hello yellow 07
michelle obama hello yellow 08
michelle obama hello yellow 09
michelle obama hello yellow 10

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  • Shelly

    The kid looks like she rolled right out of the hood in the pics on Drudge. Anyone see the report yesterday that the First Lady of the US is making “skin” in again? We want our FL flasing all kinds of skin, showing her boobs when she meets kids at an orphanage and carrying a SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR purse when she’s out and about? BO needs to retract his statement that he didn’t want his kids hounded by the media (which is exactly why he was elected BTW) because he’s sure *horing the oldest every chance he gets. And before any of you libs go nuts – I’m not now nor ever was I a Bush fan.

  • Stacy from iowa

    I totally agree with the belt comment. She does not need a belt to hold her boobs up. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT.. err… the BELTS!

  • Rhonda

    2 million Americans have lost their jobs since Barry put his hand on old Abe’s Bible (his family doesn’t own one) and swore to protect and defend America. Whose gonna protect us from Barry? HANG TIGHT, barry’s, gone in 2012!

  • Rhonda


    Did you have a problem with Letterman calling Sarah Palins 14 year old a slut?

    Do you think the baby Trig jokes are funny?

    Thought so, Obama girls are fair game. That older one with her boyfriend, really is bad news. What a little slut and she’s gonna have a big ass like her manly mother.

  • Shelly


    But it’s different when they’re trash talking Pail and her family. They’re open game, right? Did you forget that? No one is supposed to say one untoward word about the mighty BO and his family. I think the sooner you remember that the better off you’ll be. (ALL of this said with 120% sarcasm of course!)

  • Shelly


    Oops, typo. Obvously supposed to be Palin. Sorry!

  • http://aol susan

    I like Michelle and what she does as the First Lady. I also respect her and her educational background, however, I do not like her choice of clothing during this trip.
    She dresses more like she is on summer vacation. I would have preferred a much more sophisticated look for this trip similar to what the Russian President’s wife wore. When you go and visit an area with nurses dressed in long ‘gowns’ like nuns, you DO NOT wear sleveless dresses. In several areas of the world, that would be considered disrespectful! Do away with the plastic belts, all the sleveless dresses and dress more elegantly.
    BTW…I am entitled to my opinion, and I don’t think here clothing is appropriate for this trip.

  • luvvy

    Hi ghetto Rhonda, how you doing? Good to see that you’re still around spouting your venom…. get it off your chest girl, before you implode.

  • Rhonda


    What do you think the odds are of Just Jared showing the pics of Malia Obama and her boyfriend?

    Doubt if David Letterman will have a top ten on the slutty first lady showing all “the skin” and the getto princess.

    Did you see the picture of Obama trying to talk to the president of Russia and Medivey (sp) basically says “talk to the hand” the state owned media doesn’t show those pictures but “hot air” does if your interested.

  • silly putty

    duh….what boyfriend?? I don’t see any photos here of Malia with a boyfriend.

  • Rhonda

    @silly putty:

    of course you don’t see any pictures “here” you silly wabbit!

  • jenny

    i have no problem with the truth, but most negative posters are just so obviously jealous and still P.O’ ED, that Obama won, i laugh every time i read their post, i love their pain, and the first daughter( yes, i said first daughter) is just walking with a guy, why is that ghetto, and makes her dirty? i guess every child in the white house before them are those things too, they have a very close family, i trust their parenting.

  • E

    Who is going to defend us from the Rhondas?? Good God, Woman…get some help.

  • Ariana

    i love obama and his family and the first pic is so cute of him and michelle holding hands :)

  • BrightinLA


    Oh, Linda. You just wish you lived in LA.

  • Mother Hubard

    She looks nice in sheaths.She is wide so sheaths,no belts are best.Yellow is a good color for her.
    I have a ?What did
    HILLARY CLINTON,and even
    ROSLYN CARTER & BARABRA BUSH wear?????Clothes from Target?Goodwill?Oh something your neighbor ran up on thesewingmachine from a Butterwick pattern?

    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lay ojf MO ‘s dressing.

  • Jacob

    The yellow dress shows her ghetto booty, gutt, and wide hips. I’m sure that Obama’s team does not want that. They want her to look an uncle Tom type of a woman. Besides, yellow is a terrible color for a woman with a big ass and wide hips.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she does look rather nice
    i usually think she dresses like an old lady but that dress is looking nice on her
    hopefully she stops with the old lady style

  • lookiehere

    Rhonda is a nutty person that is just a low class jerk

  • just me

    Love the look. Beautiful, bright, sunny just like she is. I LOVE this family.

  • puhleeze

    Only taste Michelle Obama has is in her mouth. Very tacky taste. She wears the most inappropriate outfits during official occasions.

  • Halli

    Rhonda and Missy are one in the same…

    Ignore them, they’re old pedophiles who are obsessed with Malia Obama. Checking out an 11 year old child???


  • KIm

    I thought Michelle Obama is an educated woman? Doesnt’ she know the word formal? SHE LOOKS VERY CHEAP WALKING AROUND IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WEARING SLEEVELESS CLOTHINGS THAT ARE SO TIGHT….



  • Orchid

    67 Jacob @ 07/09/2009 at 4:03 pm

    The yellow dress shows her ghetto booty, gutt, and wide hips. I’m sure that Obama’s team does not want that. They want her to look an uncle Tom type of a woman. Besides, yellow is a terrible color for a woman with a big ass and wide hips.
    When one is big at the lower half of the body (she is!), then dark colors should be used, so instead of black at the top and white at the bottom, ideally it should be black, or other dark color, at the bottom and white, or other light color, at the top.

    ANY light color for the lower part of HER body is not recommended, until she has lost weight and inches by eating less and exercising.
    Of course she does what she wants. If she doesn’t care about all the wellknown rules of dressing, she’ll just go on looking like she does now, rather overweight next to him, and wearing wide plastic belts, often over cardigans, practically under her armpits.

  • claudia

    Thanks, Michelle!
    For using brazil’s flag colours!
    They are beautiful and shine like you!
    You’ve been a great surprise for the world!
    A real woman!
    Love you

  • jay

    Her style is disgusting! She looks like $hit most of the time…what is wrong with her stylists????? And the bare arms???? Very unprofessional for most of the occasions…..Wide Belts, Large flowers, bare arms in conservative settings, loud colors unflattering to her skin tone??? Gotta Go!

  • suppress your appetite

    love her so much