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Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Railroad

Nicole Kidman: Rabbit Hole Railroad

Nicole Kidman waits by a railroad while filming scenes for her upcoming film Rabbit Hole in Queens, New York on Tuesday (July 7).

The 42-year-old Aussie actress had mentioned that she got pregnant after swimming in a waterfall in Australia, and ever since, tourists have been flocking to that Australian town hoping to improve their fertility. Nicole attributed her pregnancy to the waters of Kununurra, following the birth last year of Sunday Rose.

“There is something in the Kununurra water. I never thought that I would get pregnant and give birth to a child, but it happened on this movie. Seven babies were conceived out of this film. We all went swimming in the waterfalls, so we can call it the fertility waters now,” Nicole said in an interview.

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  • someone

    She really looks great in these pictures, love her darker hair!

  • dani

    Wow Jared more Nicole! Thank you! Love this beautiful, classy and talented actress.

  • lioness

    Love Nicole!! Her daughter Sunday is 1 year old now. Happy Birthday Sunday!

  • http://love45 arlene

    es bonita ,pero tiene que eliminar el botox completamente para ser lo que fue siempre una gran actriz y la mejor pagada y por cierto ayer cumplio su hija sunday rose parece que no le celebraron nada.

  • Annie


  • lioness

    Love Nicole!! Her neck looks 60 years old now. Happy Birthday crepe neck this Sunday!

  • CJ

    So graceful and beautiful…..She really does seem to have it all. Good for her.

  • chloe moely

    WOW she hot old looking overnight.
    those matronly clothes don’t help either. Another
    Kidman flop I feel.

  • nat

    I have a question. The kids she had with Tom, live with her or with Tom?

  • angel



  • daisy

    Do people seriously not get that Nicole was JOKING abbout the waters in Kununuurra?? She even said she was joking. You just perpetuate it by printing it again!

  • nat

    @angel: why do they live with Tom and not with her? I have notice that she never mentions her adoptive children.

  • yutre

    stunning wman and great actress!! i love her!!!

  • anoano

    What’s up with the duck lips that both Nicole and Jennifer Aniston have been wearing lately? Both had very thin lips so very obvious they plumped them up, but it does not suit them at all, end sup looking ridiculous, like they were kicked in the mouth and it swelled up. Funny how if they left stuff alone, they would likely look 10x better than they do, but no, they play around with their faces and looks worse because of it.

  • taco

    oh gosh anoano..what sad life have you spening 10 mintues of your time analyzing kidman and aniston lips..go out and see friends my dear.

    anyway: kidman is a great actress, botox or not she is one of the best actress alive..and in movies history of course

  • laurie

    Hey pasty face Granny

  • Karon

    I LOVE HER!!!! You go girl. And your husband is gorgeous and talented!! Beautiful daughter, god bless.

  • MK

    She looks happy. Her eyes tell it all. Contentment with her life, finally.

  • happynowweee

    Nicole managed to film an entire film in New York without parading her child around in front of the paps. Her film is completed now or will be within a few days. Nicole and Keith really do protect Sunday. She’s a lucky baby. Other celebs don’t bother to protect their child and you all know who i’m talking about.

  • ?

    For all of our sake, please don’t let Tom Cruise’s beard, Katie Homely, swim in that water. We’re sick enough of having to look at L. Ron Hubbard’s Rosemary baby all the time. Nothing personal against Suri except her dumb mother and alleged father who ruined his career.

  • dian

    It seem every time nicole kidman opens her mouth she says something more stupid then the time before

  • FYI Stupids

    The character is a grieving older woman who lost her baby and is now about to be divorced.

    Exactly, how glam was she supposed to look? The director, make-up, and costume made her look as she should, a woman taking the train to NYC to work.

  • Butterfly

    dian, at least Nicole speaks proper English, unlike you. ….stupid then the time…… Your stupidity shows……..should be….. than the time before! :)

  • Love me some nicole!

    Thanks for posting pics of Nicole. Such a talented actress and such a lovely person.

  • offspring

    she is the best

    Nicole forever!!!

  • ALWAYS beautiful

    I’m hoping for some new pictures of Nicole. Keith and Sunday They are such a cute family and I miss them when the pictures stop like they have recently!

  • min

    I don’t know what’s wrong with America, but we just love Nicole Kidman here in Asia . . . all you get from America is criticisms about Nicole. What we see in her is the beautiful, natural, shy, kind, willowy, talented, actress. They can’t even judge a good movie. Australia was a beautifully shot, directed & historical film . . . and we love it.

  • melody


    Nicole is joking and she said that she won’t make other believe there are something in the water.Wow““

  • Hung-Hio

    I love her!!

    very well said min. here in asia nicole is so much loved and respected!!

  • dianelll

    Qh butterfly do you get payed to go on the kidman site to see that nobody makes a mistake in their spelling. How stupid you are

  • Marcela :)

    Ohhh she looks so so beautiful ! ^^’ WONDERFUL !
    and looks more natural now, and doesn’t exist nothing more beautiful than her red hair !! ^^’
    Nicole all of us in Brazil love you !!

  • rose

    #12, i believe it’s because of scientology. they were raised in this religion, so i think they’d rather live with those who follow it too.
    But Nicole does see her children! She doesn’t talk about them to protect their privace. Though Tom is not like that with Suri, he never talks about them too.
    I think they might have an agreement or something…



  • letícia brito


    nic <3

    cada vez mais linda e talentosa!

  • Maruja

    Era guapa hasta que empezo con el Botox. Pues yo no me ponia Botox en la cara si me pagaran milles de dolares. Ahora es mas conocida por el Botox que por sus peliculas. Usar el Botox no era una buena idea ahora que toda la gente piensan en Botox cada vez que la ven. Es la actriz mas Botox-ifada de Hollywood. La cara de Botox.

  • suppress your appetite

    Love this girl

  • Ederson

    dian, you’re spelling wrongly: It’s THAN not THEN.

  • Ederson

    Not to mention that you should say IT SEEMS not IT SEEM. Shame on you!!!!!!!