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Angelina Jolie: Back To Flying Lessons

Angelina Jolie: Back To Flying Lessons

Angelina Jolie is back in the pilot seat, taking a flying lesson aboard a Cirrus SR-22 single engine plane on Thursday (July 9) in Burbank, Calif.

While Angie was high in the sky, Brad Pitt took his motorcycle out for a spin in Los Angeles.

Life & Style has more details about the princess-themed ballet class Angie took Zahara and Shiloh to at the Creation Station in Studio City, Calif., on July 6.

A parent at the class shared, “Zahara and Shiloh were so cute — they were holding hands and sitting side-by-side. Zahara was a little more coordinated, and she was trying to help Shiloh. She was taking on the big-sister role! [Angie] was so encouraging to them — you could see the light in her eyes when she was watching. I was trying not to stare, but she’s just so gorgeous in person, even more than on the big screen.”

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  • pokeman

    they have broken up. oh wait, that’s not me talking that’s the haters talking.

  • jessalyn

    She’s stunning.. What a beautiful family.

  • dri

    LOVE THEM, beautiful family.

  • gem15

    Glad to see she’s back to doing what she loves, taking care of her children, flying and humanitarian efforts. Movies pay the rent and fund the humanitarian causes.

  • to sandy

    @SAndy: do you say the same for Brad ?

  • CJ


  • OMG

    Angie back to flying,you go girl, let those other lame 40yr old keep filming straight to dvd movies.

  • to sandy

    Btw, Angelina probably was flying away on a mini vacation (lmao) because she already has a Us and Uk Pilots License

  • bdj

    Mama Angie is one of a kind. A Mom, Partner, humanitarian, great actress and flies her own plane. I ain’t mad at her.

  • yay

    Jolie PItts is the best family


    the troll is funny she posted within seconds of this thread,lmao, go find a bridge and do the world a favor

  • bdj

    Baby Jane can walk and flip her hair at the same time. There you go hens something to be proud of.

  • OMG

    LMAO, bdj she can barely do that

  • OMG

    Can you see deadend jen trying to fly a plane,lol

  • Sofia

    Brad Pitt’s arms are soo WOOW!!.
    They’re a beautiful family :D

  • Karen

    I thought the comment from the parent was very telling. I will go by those accounts. I have never heard a negative thing about she or Brad from anyone who has ACTUALLY MET THEM.. the negative comments come from those who have never met them in person..or have not been the same room with them.. But for the people who have it is alway really positive and they always talk about how nice they both are and that they are really down to earth.. I’m sure that goes against what some people want to think and believe about them.. but I think the personal accounts are on the money.

    Just as I thought.

  • sharon

    Brad looks sooooooooooooooooo hot.

  • Los Angeles Local


    What does Jen have to do with this??

  • Karen

    OH man I just noticed she is wearing jean.. I know crazy.. but we don’t see her in jeans anymore.. and yeah babe got some back..

    Go Angie.. I know that she and Brad have both said they have to keep their skills in check.. What a wonder hobby they can share together..

  • anon

    I love that Angie still makes time for her own interests and hobbies. I would love to learn how to fly a plane just for the feeling of freedom!

  • meowtime

    I get so nervous everytime she starts flying again….i just know one of these days i will turn on the news and see “Angelina Jolie dead in plane crash”….i just couldnt take it…she needs to stop this whole flying thing its dangerous and she has 6 kids…

  • OMG

    If i want to bring her up i will ,if you don’t like it its not a thing you can do about,now stop wasting my time and find something to do.And by the way i can’t see her riding a tricycle with breaking out in hives,lol

  • ebmo

    I cannot believe how the troll morons wait all day for Angelina / Brad news…..seriously has anyone notice they are ALWAYS within the first 5 posts? Its really strange! Don’t these people have lives other than to wait all day about news about someone they claim to hate?


  • teri

    Love you Angelina, you are such an insperation to so many women.

  • jenny Shimizu

    Going their seperate ways…again.

  • please

    aww a fake concern troll,worry about jennypoo getting run down by a NYC bus.

  • ebmo

    Angie and Brad both can ride motocycles, fly, travel take their kids to school and to ballet PLUS be a VERY active role in humanitarian efforts.

    X “suntans”… fact I do not think I have ever seen her do anything else.

  • teri

    Simply adore Angelina and the woman she’s become. All couples have problems and I’m sure if there is one they’ll work it out. Don’t ever expect Brad to run back to fat face, she’s just not mother material for his children. Poor Norman even tried to make a break for it.

  • awwwwww

    Angie is a super woman.

  • OMG

    she goes to mexico embo to get drunk

  • ebmo

    Karen @ 07/09/2009 at 6:09 pm I thought the comment from the parent was very telling. I will go by those accounts. I have never heard a negative thing about she or Brad from anyone who has ACTUALLY MET THEM.. the negative comments come from those who have never met them in person..or have not been the same room with them.. But for the people who have it is alway really positive and they always talk about how nice they both are and that they are really down to earth.. I’m sure that goes against what some people want to think and believe about them.. but I think the personal accounts are on the money.
    Precisely! Everyone who has MET them has wonderful things to say about them. Those ragloids quote “an inside source” because it is their way of printing lies to sell rags and protecting themselves from lawsuits!

    Just as I thought.

  • groundcontrol

    bdj @ 07/09/2009 at 5:10 pm
    Aaron Sorkin game for ‘Moneyball’
    Columbia taps scribe for baseball drama
    By Steven Zeitchik
    July 9, 2009, 04:15 PM ET
    Aaron Sorkin (Getty)
    Columbia is taking another turn at bat with “Moneyball,” hiring Aaron Sorkin to write a new script for the project.
    The studio wants to move forward quickly with the new iteration of the baseball drama, with Sorkin set to turn in his draft as soon as August.
    Brad Pitt remains on board to star in the Michael DeLuca-produced pic, but Steven Soderbergh will no longer write or direct, and is not involved in the film in any capacity.

    “Moneyball,” based on Michael Lewis’ best-seller about the Oakland A’s and their new approach to evaluating talent, was set to go into production in June with Soderbergh behind the camera.
    But the plug was pulled at the last moment after Amy Pascal and other execs deemed a new Soderbergh script different from what they had originally signed on for. At the time there was a possibility it would be shopped elsewhere, but Columbia has opted to make another go of it with the “West Wing” creator.
    Sorkin is believed to have a close relationship with Sony. The A-list scribe recently completed “The Social Network” for the studio, colloquially known as the Facebook movie.
    The writer also has experience writing tales set in the sports world, creating the critically well-received “Sports Night” for ABC a decade ago.
    WOW!!! Thanks, bdj. Great news. I usually love Sorkin’s work. He probably did his best stuff on coke though. Sports Night has quite a cult following.
    DAVID FINCHER is directing Sorkin’s Facebook script, The Social Network. Maybe he’ll be through in time to do Moneyball. Woo Hoo!
    In any event, I am sure the sports world will be excited. AARON SORKIN, BRAD PITT, DAVID FINCHER on Moneyball. Can you imagine? Maybe they can find a part for ED NORTON. Every male in the USA will be there on opening weekend. At least the straight ones. What am I saying? The gay community will be out in droves if they are smart enough to give Brad a shower scene and put it in the trailers.

  • Karen


    Yeah she is amazingly beautiful.. Don’t be jealous. Everyone can’t be her.. so don’t hate.. just play up your average features and don’t be angry because there are beautiful people in the world..

    but let me help you understand what you obviously don’t.. the thing that makes her most beautiful is not her arms, veins, hair, lips or body.. It is all that she is on the inside.. and because you are such a negative person and your insides are dark.. you will never be as beautiful as she is..

    and you will never understand the attraction of that kind of beauty..that is on the inside..

    Now run along… School is over…

  • ebmo

    OMG @ 07/09/2009 at 6:23 pm she goes to mexico embo to get drunk
    Well we gotta give her credit…she has that AND sticking her ass up for photographers mastered!

  • mslewis

    HA!! You had to bring that up, right? You have absolutely ZERO concern about Angelina. Please stop acting as if you do!! You are such an evil b!tch!!

    Airplanes are safer than driving a car, especially in L.A. Also, there is a pilot right beside her.

  • groundcontrol

    to sandy @ 07/09/2009 at 5:57 pm Btw, Angelina probably was flying away on a mini vacation (lmao) because she already has a Us and Uk Pilots License
    Pilots have to keep up their licenses by getting in the required hours every so often.
    Angie has mentioned this before and how she was rusty and had been unable to keep up. When she was asked about taking the kids flying with her, she mentioned that she wouldn’t do that at the time because she hadn’t been flying regularly. I think this was last summer or before when she said this.

  • http://JUSTJARED Ellen

    I love Angie and her family….

  • oh coven past time to retire

    Brad’s Moneyball film is back on with a new writer and new script due next month. Sony/Columbia really want to mke this film with Brad. He is hard at work on this project.

    Angie has to keep her flying hours up to date just like Brad was flying on Long Island. It is part of their license requirements. All intelligent humans know this to be true, that excludes you coven members. LOL

    It must be so hard for the few members still left in an ageing rom com hasbeen coven to see these pixs of this family in LA, getting out and about like everyone does. Their rush to come here with their lies is so over the top that they are manageing to drive away the few fans the ageing rom com hasbeen still has. Keep it up, Travelling or A New Day or whatever the crappy named film the ageing one has coming out in September will have even fewer fans than Management did. Meagan Fox’s film is opening the same day and will do mega business. Just watch.

    Errr, both are doing what they have always done. Living a happy and loving and productive life together. So nice, so very nice.

  • pokeman

    coco @ 07/09/2009 at 6:04 pm oh look– its the veiny morticia adams and her cracked fish lips.
    yes, a fish lips that women willing to pay thousands of dollars to get it. i wish mine is naturally full and have her morticia looks.

  • geez

    This woman is fearless.

  • Hannah

    lol @ #23
    Of course she has time for her own hobbies and interests. Do you seriously know how many nannies/cooks/maids she has?

    Anyways…she looks very pretty taking the girls to class. Can’t believe how big they’re getting!

  • Claudia

    I love Angelina.

  • snowy

    she’s so cool. she isn’t only a mother, an actress and a humanitarian, she’s a pilot!!!!

  • BBfan

    Don’t know how true, but a couple other blogs reporting MONEYBALL is back on with Alan Sorkin (West Wing, American President) directing and Brad is still starring. So looks like the family will be on the West Coast awhile.

  • Rayal Watcher

    Nooooooooooooo Angelina don’t fly! The world needs you what would we do without our royal couple. This makes me so nervous and unhappy. Angelina please reconsider and take lessons when the children are older. Angelina the daredevil is there nothing she cannot do??

  • jolie-pitt fan

    @meowtime: You are not a fan don’t pretend to be one. God bless Angie,Brad & their beautiful kids.

  • BBfan

    Oops. Sorry Groundcontrol, I hadn’t seen your post when I wrote mine. Yours has more info obviously!!

  • the real lou

    Are these idiot trolls for freaking real?Angelina and Brad are doing THE SAME things they have done since they hooked up in 2005.She’s taking flying lessons and he’s riding his bike in LA (eyes roll) Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.You haters/trolls really need to give it a rest and get a damn life.

  • plez

    Good for Angelina. She loves to fly. Good that she is keeping her hours up.

  • to Karen @ 07/09/2009 at 6:

    I agree totally with you. I’ve worked in a collateral media field and know a lot of film crew types. I’ve never heard anyone bash Angie and Brad unlike some other A listers. They have always said that Brad and Angie are down to earth, know everyone’s name on the set, remember personal conversations about kids, spouses etc. People who have met them are also highly complimentary. I also have a friend who works for the UN and he said Angie has the respect of everyone there. That her commitment to the refugees is real and deep and not for self-promotion as many say.
    It is only those that can’t let go of their pre-conceived prejudices that hate on this family.

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