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Angelina Jolie: Back To Flying Lessons

Angelina Jolie: Back To Flying Lessons

Angelina Jolie is back in the pilot seat, taking a flying lesson aboard a Cirrus SR-22 single engine plane on Thursday (July 9) in Burbank, Calif.

While Angie was high in the sky, Brad Pitt took his motorcycle out for a spin in Los Angeles.

Life & Style has more details about the princess-themed ballet class Angie took Zahara and Shiloh to at the Creation Station in Studio City, Calif., on July 6.

A parent at the class shared, “Zahara and Shiloh were so cute — they were holding hands and sitting side-by-side. Zahara was a little more coordinated, and she was trying to help Shiloh. She was taking on the big-sister role! [Angie] was so encouraging to them — you could see the light in her eyes when she was watching. I was trying not to stare, but she’s just so gorgeous in person, even more than on the big screen.”

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164 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Back To Flying Lessons”

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  1. 76
    jan Says:

    I want to see Megan Fox copying that.

  2. 77
    bdj Says:

    Hail to your hairness
    She does not need to walk and act at the same time, Just use her Rachel hair and fly away.

  3. 78
    debra77 Says:



    I think Brad has had it a bit harder then Angie.. She is a beautiful woman. .but I don’t see looks hindering her work or her ability to get parts.. the camera loves her face..

    Brad has played a lot against type. If you look at his film choices he has not done the traditional “rom coms” that one would expect someone with his looks to fall into. If you look at a lot of the “IT” men out there they are all falling into the “rom com” formula.. playing to type. My favoriite Brad films are not .. Legend of the Fall or Troy.. I loved him in roles like, Snatch, Burn, 12 Monkeys, Seven, Fight Club, Kalifornia, Jesse James, Babel… those roles where his talent was at the fore front.. not that he was not SEXY as He!! in those films.. I just got so caught up in the story his beauty became secondary… And looking at some of the fims I named you can see that he was not the main “STAR”.. so he does not have huge Ego.. many actors would not do a role unless they are the lead character..

    I have to say I really love the work he has done in the last 5 years.. Amazing choices.. Stellar performances all.. So no he has not taken the predictible path.. no he has gone off course and I am so glad to trample through the brush with him..

    Angie too has made films that highlight her unique quality.. I remember an interview she gave after taking the role of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. she said she had talked to someone and they told her if she was going to do a comedy.. that film was more inline with who she was.. And I have to agree. She is much more funnier then she gives herself credit for.. One of the reasons I liked the movie so much was First the chemistry between them.. but the comedic timing of them both.. We all know that Brad can do comedy.. but Angie shys away..She was just so cute and funny in that movie.. I would love for her to do more films like that.. but she can kick ass like no one else..

    They both have made great choices and again I love how neither has t be the lead to add to a film and make their performances unforgettable..

  4. 79
    Neil Says:

    This must be another qualification level. As far as I know she is already a licensed flyer.

  5. 80
    amy Says:

    I was about to go out to work and I check this site once more there is Angie with her plane. We are getting spolied with the jp’s pics . They are one hot couple.

  6. 81
    I agree Says:

    @Neil: she is and in one interview she talked about having just got an instrument rating so I think you’re right.. she’s going to another “level” of flying :lol

  7. 82
    I agree Says:

    Jolie also told reporters on Tuesday about her recent pilot-license upgrade and the possibility of flying en famille. ” I just got my instrument rating, so we’re moving forward with that but we haven’t had a lot of time because of the kids and with Pax coming home,” she said.

    “I wouldn’t fly the kids at this moment. I would only fly the kids if I had been actively flying for a few months and when I’m not at all rusty.”

    Jolie, a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHCR, insisted she will continue her campaign for justice around the world, even though there have been concerns for her safety: “I don’t want to live inside a box. I will be smart, but I will lead a very bold life, and I will learn about the world.”

  8. 83
    Jill Says:

    # 83 Neil @ 07/09/2009 at 8:32 pm
    This must be another qualification level. As far as I know she is already a licensed flyer.

    She is. Maybe she wants to do like John Travolta and qualify to fly jets.
    Did you know that guy has a runway right outside his front door instead of a pathway? He parks his full-size jet right next to the house and whenever he wants to go anywhere, he walks out the house, climbs on board his jet, taxis down his private runway and zooms off. Beats having to drive to the airport.

  9. 84
    um Says:

    @lakers fan in boston: She is not in the red carpet makeup done and she is riding what she wants to ride ,

  10. 85
    mertz Says:

    congrats to her doing what she loves again. i don’t have the guts to ever do that. me=scardey cat.

    good on z helping shi! they are so cute. yay jp’s

  11. 86
    jaxon Says:

    I’ve heard people say over and over that she is more beautiful in person, which is hard to believe since she is already impossibly gorgeous.

    Also so glad to hear that Zahara and Shiloh are bonded to each other. It would be so easy for jealousy to grow there. I give credit for that to Angelina and Brad. They are building a family based on love not blood. I admire them for that. I bet there is a lot of laughter in that house. And a lot of HARD WORK!! The idea of getting six kids ready to go anywhere exhausts me just thinking about it.

    I truly despise the buckles on car seats. Imagine having to strap in six every damn day!

  12. 87
    Dani Says:

    I love Angie, she is so gorgeous

  13. 88
    Richard P Says:

    Angelina is super woman.I love her

  14. 89
    passby Says:

    Angie is living her life like we are…she is not worry about the haters or the tabloids. She has her family and that is her priority. You can tell she knows who she is and she is comfortable in her own skin with makeup or without makeup. The woman is naturally beautiful.

  15. 90
    sammie Says:

    jaxon @ 07/09/2009 at 8:59 pm
    Why wouldn’t Shiloh and Zahara bond? They’re sisters. Just because some siblings are adopted and others are biological doesn’t mean they can’t love each other.

  16. 91
    ALexanderina Says:

    Thanks Jared. Hey I wouldn’t mind getting in a plane with Angie as the pilot, that would be so cool

  17. 92
    elizabeth Says:

    Tks JJ , wow you spoiling us.

  18. 93
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Way to go, Angie! :D I agree, she’s so gorgeous it’s hard not to stare.

  19. 94
    jorge Says:

    Wow Angelina flying again. She’s really incredible. A beautiful woman, mother, partner, humanitarian, pilot, a good actress. She’s really a multi-tasker. God Bless Angelina and family.

  20. 95
    checkin Says:

    I am so proud of Angie. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t take on. She doesn’t let fear get in her way. She is a real trouper.
    Always beautiful. I love her.

    I am LMFAO at those pics of deadend -jen. If she is trying to copy Angie from the Mr.and Mrs. Smith role from that delicious film 05 Oh man..Fagetaboutit!!
    and pls GMAFB!! what a freaking howl. She looks like an ole sot who hasn’t a clue how to act.

    no wonder ppl feel sorry for her she is pathetic.

    Angie Rocks!

  21. 96
    YOU/ME Says:

    Soooooooo happy to see Angie back to doing things like this!!! I miss seeing her flying planes, riding motorcycles, and generally thrill-seeking, its so much an essence of who she is. Yes she is a mom, and a great loving wonderful one….. but this……this is also a great and wonderful part of who she is :)

  22. 97
    Jenho Says:

    Love me some Jolie-Pitts. Brad and Angelina are two lucky people, to be so in love and have such a beautiful family.

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  23. 98
    Jane Says:

    Since Angelina is flying a plane, does this mean she is leaving Brad and the kids? Every time the Jenretards see Brad on a motercycle, he is leaving Angelina and the kids.

  24. 99
    TWEET Says:

    angie…your the best mom & pilot ever!!!!

  25. 100
    AJ Fan Says:

    I like everything about Angie. I always thought she was one very cool chick so when the x started her crap about Angie being uncool i lmao as the word COOL belongs to `~the Jolie.

    Does anyone here know if Angie is the only female celeb who has her pilots license? I guess i didn’t do the greatest job googling so didn’t find it. I would like to know as am having a debate with my cousin who says lots of celeb’s have their airplane lic. which i just don’t think so? Anyone?

    That in itself as well as Angie riding a 700 pound Harley Davidson (she is so tiny) but moreso the airplane pilot ..Talk about cool. Shes the one!
    No wonder so many insecure women are jealous of her.

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