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Angelina Jolie Jumps Off A Plane

Angelina Jolie Jumps Off A Plane

After taking a flying lesson and successfully landing, Angelina Jolie disembarks and jumps off the wing of her plane in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 9).

The 34-year-old flew around a Cirrus SR-22 single engine plane while papa Brad Pitt was seen riding his motorcycle. Angie has been taking flying lessons for the past five years. What a fun hobby to learn!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie jumping off a plane…

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angelina jolie jumps plane 01
angelina jolie jumps plane 02
angelina jolie jumps plane 03
angelina jolie jumps plane 04
angelina jolie jumps plane 05
angelina jolie jumps plane 06
angelina jolie jumps plane 07
angelina jolie jumps plane 08
angelina jolie jumps plane 09
angelina jolie jumps plane 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • jd09

    I hope that’s me when I’m 34 with six children…or at least a model of what I aspire to.

  • soopx

    Love You Angelina Forever.You Gorgeous Lady.

  • catty

    Jared, pretty sure Angelina has had her license for quite some time. She is not taking “lessons” anymore. What she is doing is logging in some flight time with a co-pilot to keep her license valid.

  • susie

    black widow,.

  • soopx

    Wow can you imagine flying a Plane.Only Beautiful Actress Angelina
    can master Flying a Plane.Proud of You Lady.

  • SAndy

    I agree…I see she is back to wearing the same ol same ol…. black of course

  • SAndy

    Oh boy more pics of big foreheads and spider veins

  • http://justjared susieqt

    Hi BAMPZSKV’s!!!

    Angelina’s beautiful as always. :-)

  • eekomeeter

    Oh wow, she’s in black, how different! Se must think she’s fat. So Pitt rides motorcycles and she flies planes. Guess they don’t take into consideration they have 6 kids at home.

  • soopx

    Thanks !! Jared. Nice seeing you posting threads of Angelina Jolie.
    Good Night JPs…

  • trout pout

    Angie is only 34? I would say she was closer to 40 ish.

  • jason

    #9 Jealousy is eating you up.

  • drunkard

    @SAndy: better than seeing botox brad every single day

  • mary

    Yea fun hobby but also expensive hobby!!

  • Dolce and Gabbana

    Angie is hot always. I think she has the sexiest lips.

  • to 11

    @trout pout: have you seen her next to brad? if she’s 40 brad must be 60

  • Debbie

    The JP’s have the neatest toys!

  • so eekomeeter

    I am a pilot and so is my partner and we have 2 kids. Are you saying that we don’t have consideration and love and care for our kids? How stupid you are.

    Get your hours in Angelina, keep your skills sharp. Live your life.

  • mmsic

    Not only beautiful and gorgeous,but also talented.Brad is really a lucky guy!!!

  • ALexanderina

    cool another Angie’s thread, thanks Jared

  • kate

    And JJ has the worst grammar skills in blogland. …”taking a flying lessons…”

    Keep it up JJ and I’m going to be so over you. Pay attention – it’s your damned career for crying out loud.

  • Neil

    Not complaining but isn’t a second thread of the same flying event sorta of redundant?

  • a modern woman

    Thank you Angelina for being all that you can be. You never whine or complain or express self pity or denigrate others or invite others to denigrate anyone else, you just do what you do, which is to be the best that you can possibly be. You work hard and take care of business and know your life’s priorities. Family first for you and everything else falls into place.

  • LuckyL

    SO hot

  • mmsic

    @mary: I guess that is better than spending 50 thousand dollars just for “hair”,right?

  • to Neil

    Jared needs hits. Answer to your inquiry. He is inviting the hagettes to rush here with their negative bitter jealous comments. They should be busy buying advance tickets to A New Day-9/18/2009. Megan Fox’s new film on that date is already selling quite a few tickets aready.

  • drunkard

    some of you (most of you , reallY) are idiots. saying “so hot” and whatever else. the pictures are blurry and distorted. Yeah, she’s hot but not so much in blurry ass pix. how could you even tell what her face looks like in these ? Lame! Hope we get more pix of her flyingg… like as much as we get that idiot on his bike pix. ha!

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Beautiful smart and trying to save the world
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • irma

    Thank you Jared you are spoiling us. Who can top Angie, she is # 1 in HW & in Brad’s heart. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • irma

    Do you know if they are going to have IB premiere in London this month? Goodnight fans. God bless you all.

  • mmsic

    @to Neil: I hope Megan Fox beat the crap out of the ex’s movie.Don’t get me wrong,I never like MF but come 9/18/09,for sure I will be rooting for her!!!

  • hey mmsic

    It takes a lot of effort to keep an ageing leather skinned tv girl blond when she has naturally very dark brown locks, and good extensions are expensive bought hair which have to be carefully applied in thinning hair to look natural.

    Angie’s natural hair like her late mom’s is so so long. No $50,000 hair for her. Just wash and dry and put in a ponytail. A busy mom’s easiest hairstyle.

  • yolly

    Angie is looking good & flying airplane.

  • Neil

    timi @ 07/09/2009 at 11:40 pm

    Don’t you have a toilet to visit you loathsome spam-bot. You have been flagged.

  • ladylurksalot

    Wow, Jared, 3 threads in one day? You’re spoiling all of us J-P fans! Thanks! You’re also giving the trolls a meltdown, but that don’t bother me none!

  • jolierocks

    Awesome! You’re my hero – always N forever! :D

  • Lily

    Thanks, Jared. I started taking flying lessons three months ago, and I’m getting prepped for my first solo flight. I have the best instructor ever.

    I also ride an HD Dyna Low Rider – have for several years. AJ is my role model. A bold life is the only way for me and my husband.

    I wish the Jolie-Pitt family all the happiness in the world. I suspect they already have that, and more.

    God bless.

  • ok

    Black makes her to look tough. She looks like she is in the good mood.

  • mertz

    awww i just finished posting in the other aj brad thread. thanks jared. she’s totally bad a$$ and a mother to boot, and she shares her heart. man. always been a fan and nothing will change that ever. i wonder what haters are going to say about this AGAIN…like they didn’t already get their gripes the other how many ever threads jared posts. it’s kinda gross…maybe like how i usually post in an aj or brad thread but i don’t do it to be negative. if i don’t want to read or look at something i don’t click the hotlinks. i mean it’s commen sense by now. it’s not like she’s doing anything controversial…but here comes the she’s ruined the world rumours. gah. get the hell over it. it’s been 5 years.

  • ok

    She still manage to look casual and presentable though…

  • Vee

    Two new threads–thanks, Jared! I still wish you would get rid of specific click. It is driving me crazy–really, driving me AWAY.

    Anoble, vickifromtexas–I haven’t heard from you two in al long time. Hope all is well.

    Irma (#31)–thanks for the heads up on the IB premiere–hope they will be there.

    Go BAMPZSKV fans!

  • eli

    love her!!!!
    nice to see a real actor & that she is doing something other than tanning, higlighting hair or shpping

  • mertz


    lol. i like your comment though. my cousin is studying to become a pilot and he’s already flying all over the state of new york and i think he’s a crazy mother f’r (sanest, level heded, even tempered, wise dude) but i mean that’s just me cause i’m scared of everything…so anyone who goes out there and lives their life and follows their dreams and conquers their fears will always get lots of respect from me, even if i don’t know them personally. so yeah. good for her and all those like her. bad a$$. there’s also nothing like a girl riding a motorcycle or doing all those daredevil things. cool in my books…but then again i don’t matter much. lol. here comes the haters. i’m sure they will make this thread…once again. lmao.

  • ok

    Jared, you could have picked a better photo..

  • mertz

    eli @ 07/10/2009 at 12:24 am love her!!!!
    nice to see a real actor & that she is doing something other than tanning, higlighting hair or shpping
    lol. or always primping a brand. she’s her ownb brand b*tches and she pimps herself. you tired of the “hollywood staple” of tanning, hilighting hair, and shopping, or mani pedis and all that other bullsh*t eli. gosh i never noticed it was becoming such a constant. i am right there with you though. high five.

  • hag

    love this woman! brad and and angie have been together for as long as he was married to manny!!

  • loveAJ

    Good to see Angie flying again. I think Brad’s parents are in LA with them. Sunday is the twins’ birthday.

  • gyllenspoon

    I admire Jon Voight more.

  • Passing Through

    Another new thread? Crap…now I have to re-post my comments…

  • Passing Through

    # 129 drunkard @ 07/09/2009 at 11:21 pm
    Living up to your name, I see. I read the blogger posts and news articles, plus reader comments at quite a few sites about the Moneyball sitch and not a single one lay the blame at Brad’s feet or said he’d been a PITA. Did you not understand that the e-mail made it clear that Brad hadn’t even signed on to do Moneyball until AFTER Soderbergh came on board and created his vision of the movie? That Amy Pascal KNEW what Soderbergh was planning way back in April? Brad signed on to work with Soderbergh.

    So what if he wanted Frankel off the movie? Big whoop. It’s notable only for the X-related hilarity of Brad not wanting to work with anyone who had X’s stench on them. Stars get other actors, producers, directors, etc., thrown of movies all the time. Some actors even use their husband’s clout to do so…like…say your hubby had a friend who hired you for a movie written by a first-time director. And let’s say that director thought the continuity and flow of the story was more important than how his boss’ friend’s actress wife was lit and wasn’t overly concerned that she didn’t come off as peaches-and-cream glowy, softly lit to mute the harshness of her mannish features. Let’s say said “actress wife” calls her hubby while he’s overseas working with his friend who’s producing the actress’ movie and throws a fit and claims this first-time directory who WROTE the words she’s uttering, doesn’t have a clue how to make a movie…plus his lighting is too harsh and she doesn’t look serenely beautiful in the daily rushes…and he needs to speak to his friend the producer and get him to replace the director…who wrote the movie and knows more about it than anyone else on the planet. The producer friend and his partner, who’s also a friend of the husband’s and the director of the movie both are currently working on, agree to HALT the production, pull the director, then spend a number of weeks finding a replacement who can take over in short order, all the while filming their own movie in Europe. The producer finds a replacement, the movie resumes finishing…the actress and the husband part ways 5 months later…the movie comes out and bombs big time…then the actress proceeds to trash the movie and call it “the worst experience” of her life and trashes it multiple interviews – all before the movie goes to DVD, which then caused the DVD sales to be all but non-existent. The produder and his partner lost a boatload of money for their parent studio, but the actress wife felt no remorse and never felt she’d done anything wrong. Surely even you can see how this makes what Brad did as no big thing. Brad has never trashed any of his movies – even the ones that sucked (Meet Joe Black!).
    But hey, you keep spinning your wheels. Maybe eventually you’ll be able to put your little red wagon in drive and get from Point A to Point B in a straight line. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. And most importantly, do not pull anymore tall tales out of your ass. Been nice chattin’ with you…