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Brad Pitt is a Motorcycle Master

Brad Pitt is a Motorcycle Master

Brad Pitt is spotted riding his motorcycle on Wednesday (July 8) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The theatrical version of Brad‘s upcoming movie, Inglourious Basterds, will reportedly be five or six minutes longer than the version shown in Cannes. “Cannes running length was at two hours and twenty-five minutes. I think this is a little over two hours and thirty minutes. Something close to that,” Eli Roth told MovieWeb.

“I want to see a prequel. Both Brad and I want to be in it,” Roth revealed. “Brad and I were in Cannes screaming, “Prequel, prequel, prequel!” He even has two sequels planned. He’s not necessarily going to make these movies. But he has at least four our five stories centering on these characters that span through the fifties and sixties. He knows exactly where these characters are going. He has this whole universe mapped out in his head.”

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  • Not impressed by JA

    Hot dad ! Hope the twins are getting a big B-day on sunday

  • gabi

    sexy dad!!!!

  • http://deleted alessia

    new bike? and are they still in LA?


    He is one Hot Cookie

  • susana

    Another week and the only thing he does is riding around in his bike.

    Is he even living with his family?

    He never gets photographed with his kids or with Angelina Jolie.

    Bet those rumors about them living apart are true.

    He enjoys being alone more than anything.

    It looks to me wants to be bachelor once again.

    Once an a**hole , always an a**hole. He never was commited man and he never will.

  • reply

    hehehehe he is alone?again? nice bike and nice HELMET. threw jolie’s(his ex girfriend and his ex baby throwing) new gift away VERY SOON , that helmet. at least that last gift #1DAD necklace was around his neck for one month or alittle more. now look 7 months in a raw and he is STILL wearing his sweetheart’s(Jen’s gift) necklace. that’s such a big showing of love , you know ! hehehe

    wonder when is the split’s OFFICIAL announcement. run Brad run. Your ex girlfriend(Jolie) is camping in Studio City near you. she tries so hard to tell you still cares about her and you are still with her. Keeps ignoring her. you are doing a good job not falling for her tricks again. hehehehe

  • Jane

    I wonder how many bikes does he has (ten I guess) & has he ever riden the Harley that Angie got for him? I have never seen a picture of it before.

  • teri

    Love me some Brad in the morning. Looking good as always and can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • brauteseth

    Brad Pitt finally wakes from hotness hypnosis, starts to realize that Angelina is batshiat crazy. good for him. LOL
    He looks hot in that bike.

  • teri

    Oh I forgot the twins birthday was coming up this Sunday, hoping we get some pictures! We’ve only seen the twins twice since birth.

  • lollipop

    Food for thought: Movie goers spent 50 Million dollars to go see a movie about a dog but there are thousands of homeless in California? Stars are paid $800K per episode on TV? What is wrong with this picture?

  • QuincessMDee

    His butt is touching the ground in that bike. Nice bike. :)
    I like his Ex-girlfriend more. She is hotter. their girl Shilo is cute.

  • teri

    He’s just riding his bike people, calm down. That doesn’t equel to splitville. Everytime some baby jane fan says this a picture of them together appear.

  • teri

    I don’t ever see Brad returning to his ex because he looked so sad and lifeless. At least Angelina gives him room to venture without the guilt trip.

  • http://justjared Kristen1985

    love tarantino. hope this movie will be as good as his other movies.

    brad looks hot. and the bike looks really comfortable.

    where is angie? we never see these two together out and about anymore? show some love and go to dinner date.

  • Emma

    I want to see Maddox and Pax and Knox and Vivienne so much

  • briseis

    Oh lord, bunny boiler fans at it again about the separation shite. Doesn’t it get old for you people? 2009 is half over yet you’re still on the they’re separating/breaking-up train just because Brad and Angie are not seen together. Why don’t you hold your breath, wait for the announcement of a break-up (like Brad did when he and his fugly ex split up on Jan. 7, 2005, FOUR and a HALF freaking years ago) and THEN rejoice. For now just STFU.
    BTW, Jared, thanks for the new pics.

  • reply

    Brad got a new X teri. that’s Miss Angelina Jolie. wonder if we should call him X2 as you call Jen X. think NOT cause at least he was married to Jen and he still talks really nicely about him and he still cares more about her gifts than his new ex girlfriend. he couldn’t even talk nicely about Jolie even when they were together , let alone now that they have split and she is his new ex girlfriend. we can call Jolie his EXGF if you like. just like how Gwyneth , juliett and Gavin and … are to him. or we can call her Octomom of his kids. after all he only left Jen cause she didn’t want to have his babies not because he didn’t love her and he only was with Jolie cause she wanted to have his babies not cause he loved her. you admited it , remember. she was nothing more than Octomom to his kids during their short relationship , he even got botherd mentioning her name during his last interview. hehehehe now she is only EXGF to him. hehehehe

  • jenny Shimizu

    Brad is a love em an leave em kind of guy. It’s a shame that there are all those beautiful kids in the middle of it this time.

  • lovealwaysjen

    His face is all lumpy looking…talk about filler!

  • la sigh.

    Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? LOL!!!

  • OMG

    Lol,I was going to say the same thing,the troll was on the last thread spillig the same garbage and here she is under another name getting samcked down again,lol

  • NativeNYker

    You can never have too much Brad!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • pitt-iful loons

    @teri: Make up your little pathetic minds. Loons always say that Brad and Jen didn’t spend a total of 5 years together because they were always off doing their own thing…NOW you say she was too clingy for him to do his own thing?

  • heonlymarriedjen

    Still no pictures together Brad is so tired of her!

  • OMG

    Let’s see how many names the troll can post under in 30 minutes,lol

  • poorloons

    You silly loon goons are so freaking out that you haven’t seen the fake ones together in months! And when you do it will only be with the kids between them like in the beginning. It’s over and now just for show until their handlers and managers get the details worked out on what story to leak by “inside sources”. Bahbahbahbaha

  • debra77

    OH boy.. got up to check the site and was greeted with my Brad on a bike.. He looks wonderful..

    I see the nutters are up early with thier usual.. he is not with his family.. he wants attention.. I just find it funny that every other celeb is allowed to be out and about EXCEPT Brad/Angie.. they have to stay in the house to please these as$es.. And God forbid they are not photographed together.. Well we all now the tune.. Seperated..

    I think we fans should get ready for more.. Brad has the IB premier in London in 2 weeks. So we all know they will be here saying that Angie will not be with BRAD.. I mean really How many premiers have they said this about.. How many years of this insane chatter.. Blah blah blah

    You have to give the credit.. they are consistent.. But being a consistent IDIOT is really nothing to brag about.

  • huh

    JJ! Another pic without them being together? I really am starting to believe the rumors.

  • OMG

    Debra its one nut job that escaped from the pysch ward,lol,she was on the other thread all last night reciting from her maniston hand book,lol

  • liverwurst

    @debra77: You pathetic. I mean what else can you say about the situation really but to blame it on the “nutters”. The truth of the matter is you’re worried. They won’t be at the premiere together and you know it. Hollywood rumor is Brad needs some space and feels this Brangelina thing has hurt his career and helped Angies. His management team are working on scenarios to leak to the press as a feeler on how the public will react. Remember millions are at stake and it’s all been about the money.

  • just for show

    It’s all business now. Their contract is up, working out the loose ends.

  • just for show

    @OMG: You’re an IDIOT. Debra is one of yours… *eye roll*

  • OMG

    I was agreeing debra troll,lol,reading comprehension slow this moring troll,I see you,re bringing out all of your aliases,lol,how about DEADEND JEN,or NOT THE MOTHER OF MY KIDS,or how about JOHN MAYER’S COW,lol

  • reply

    just for show @ 07/09/2009 at 8:11 am It’s all business now. Their contract is up, working out the loose ends.


    hehehe I know. The Contract must be up soon.

    that’s actually a good THEORY. SO Brad gets dumped by the same studio that Jolie was working this year and now he doesn’t want to get photographed with her and ignores her sorry a**? i’m loling at Brangelina’s l**ns. they KNOW something is up with them but they are TOO WORRIED to admit to it. he didn’t even let her to live in his home or use his car and his BG , she had to rent a house in Studio City and rent new car and hire a BG for herself. POOR EXGF. he MUST hate her alot. He didn’t treat Jen at all like this after their divorce , not even now . But he already IGNORES her. heard he HAS Dissed their relationship in new EMPRIE magazine interview. sounds to me he doesn’t even WANT those kids ANYMORE. Maybe he knows he is NOT THE FATHER OF BIOS’ BABIES.

  • exit stage left

    All I can say is where there’s smoke there’s fire. Remember when Brad and Jennifer Pitt had the rumor mill going about their split. (you should cause the loons always quote “the marriage had been over for some time”) well here it is again. I know Angie thought having all the kids would tie him down however in Brads own words he says he doesn’t “believe in forever with just one person” that “relationships run their course” and this one apparently has done just that.


    Poor deadend jen

  • exit stage left

    @exit stage left: I meant to quote his “title” of Angelina in a recent interview I saw on youtube. “the woman I’m with right now” as in NOT FOREVER.

  • Lisa

    Wow he is soooooo GORGEOUS on that bike. Wish I was underneath him…not the bike lol

  • just for show

    @OMG: Sure you were…read your reply to her post again, idiot! *eye roll*

  • Jenny Shimizu

    @OMG: Yeah, looks like Jennifer dodged that bullet. Who in the h*ll want kids with this love em and leave em loser? Look at Ange now, everyone including Jen are laughing their a*ses off! LOL!

  • http://justjared Empire

    L&S has afew quotes from his Empire interview.
    He talks about how hard it is to live with 6 kids and how he misses his freedom once in a while.
    He said he feels sorry for himself sometimes.
    He even talks about how their kids are the only thing bonding them together.
    The funny part is the interviewer asked him about that famous necklace and you know what was his answer?!
    He said it is from a friend and then said next question.
    He said relationship are not meant to last forever and he doesn’t live in a fantasy world of happily ever after. ouch
    That must you hurt alot when you finally get to read it.

  • jorge

    If Brad leaves Angelina he would be the biggest loser.

  • OMG

    Lol,making up lies and sh it articles is freaking priceless,lol,I see the meltdown of maniston freakoids are in full force,oh be a dear and post the link to the breakup announcement like brad did
    When he dumped the barren one,thanks

  • louisa

    Wow the haters sound psychotic. They’ve always been creepy but now they sound insane and really scarey.

  • Not impressed by JA

    OMG @ 07/09/2009 at 8:36 am Lol,making up lies and sh it articles is freaking priceless,lol,I see the meltdown of maniston freakoids are in full force,oh be a dear and post the link to the breakup announcement like brad did
    When he dumped the barren one,thanks
    all this noise and cicumvolutions and deflection because of this :
    awwww. So sad. Don’t cry Anistonr*tards. Better luck next time !

  • lylian

    Empire @ 07/09/2009 at 8:28 am
    YAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sweetheart, the JOKES on YOU!!
    tick tock tick tock tick tock. 4.5 years and still Brad and Angelina havent announced their split.
    tick tock tick tock. Oh fancy that, its been 4.5 years they’ve been together with no announcements of a break up. Not before the Oscars, not after the oscars, not before Salt, not After Cannes. And now its after their managers work out the details of their break up and after Inglorious B??
    OK, whatever you say. tick tock tick tock tick tock. Keeping watching the clock losies. Keep watching the clock. Like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of your life….

  • reply

    OMG @ 07/09/2009 at 8:17 am
    he married her and was with her in childless marriage for 7 years. now look at Jolie , he threw all these kids at him and he never asked her to marry him and now what is she to him , just another EX GIRLFRIEND. she couldn’t hold him in this relationship with 6 kids for 4 years while he was commited to Jen for 7 years in a childless marriage. Now you say who hit the dead end sooner and who is laughing her a** off while the other one is left alone with 6 kids under 8 while their daddy doesn’t want them and doesn’t even let them in his home. Their mother had to rent a home nearby. OBVIOUSLY he loves/loved Jen more than Jolie. Cause he married her , he would never leave their child if they had one , he wouldn’t find happiness in riding his bikes more than being with her and their kid if they had one , he always expressed his love for her in interviews while he ignores Jolie and most of the time he doesn’t even mention her and gets uncomfortable mentioning Jolie’s name , and he stayed with Jen for 7 years while he couldn’t stay with Jolie with 6 kids for more than 4 years. And he threw away that band with Jolie’s name in it and that new helmet Jolie bought for him while he still is wearing the necklace Jen gave him. hehehehe OBVIOUSLY He loves his 5 year old X wife more than his new EX GIRFRIEND JOLIE. Cause he still mentions Jen and calls her sweetheart while he only mentions Jolie when he is about to talk about how tired he is and only when he wants to diss their relationship. hehehe

  • OMG

    Thanks not impressed,that has got to be the ugliest picture of aniston in years and that is saying a lot,I wonder who her next contract boyfriend will be how about pauley shore,they look alike,lol

  • OMG

    Lol what is this troll talking about,lol,now angie is renting a house in cali and brad is wearing deadend necklace,lol,just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier,lol